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Saga The Martyrs (reposting lalala)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by _Derisa_Ollamhin_, Apr 9, 2003.

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  1. _Derisa_Ollamhin_

    _Derisa_Ollamhin_ Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 31, 2000
    Just before the battle for Endor, as she revealed the data that had been gathered on the Empire's new superweapon, the second Death Star, Mon Mothma said, "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."

    This is their story.


    Chapter One: Casualty of Circumstance

    "It can kill a planet?" the spy gasped out, his fur matted and dark with drying blood. He coughed again, and the communit fell from his hand as he slipped into unconsciousness.

    "Ber'en? Ber'en!" Urgin scanned the comm frequency again, trying to recapture his friend's signal, but the communicator had clicked off, and he hadn't even had time to triangulate on the signal. Somewhere on Imperial Center, one of his unit's operatives was dying, and there was nothing he could do about it. I hate Coruscant! He met the eyes of the other three agents, but they all knew Ber'en's chances of survival were not high, if he'd been caught outside of Invisec without the proper papers.

    Crammed into the tight confines of the cargo compartment, there was little Urgin Rah'fe, the data retieval operation's second in command, could do about it. Ber'en had missed the pick-up, the ship was due to lift off in less than ten minutes, and they didn't even know where he was. Shaking his shaggy head, Urgin sent a coded message to the operation's base in the alien sector, detailing the loss of the operative, and hoping against hope that Oversight would see fit to recover Ber'en, but not holding out much hope. Snivelling cowards won't risk it, they leave that to us..

    The hatch of the storage compartment lifted, and the last two members of the team clambered in, the unit Commander toggling the hatch shut behind her. Urgin tapped Major Lifa An'Tredin's shoulder as she reviewed the comm record in tense silence, her green eyes flashing up to his at the last notation: Ber'en's call.

    "Take the team in, Urgin," she breathed, pulling her combat vest on over her rusty fur, "I'll get him."

    "Sir-" her second-in-command began, but she cut him off with a look.

    "Ber'en stayed behind to finish retrieving something that looked big. Really big. I have to make the attempt, Urgin." She finished checking the charge on her blaster, a compact but powerful Viper model, and slipped it into the camouflaged holster. Her whole ensemble had been dyed and painted to blend into her coat, but it would only pass a distant glimpse, not a close examination. The mere possession of a charge weapon would get her detained if she were caught, and her lack of identification would preclude any hope of her escaping summary punishment, just for not being human.

    Urgin refused to argue: she was the Unit leader, and her instincts had kept their team intact on many missions. She was prepared for this contingency, it would seem: she probably already had a secondary route off Imperial Centre, and that was more than Urgin had, so he had to let her go and do what she could.

    She untoggled the door, her eyes sharp on her unit. "Urgin has the command, I'll meet up with you at the second way point. Astin," she caught Urgin's littermate's glance, "You begin deciphering that data, and follow the An'Tredin Protocol." This was their term for the making of a separate, untraceable copy of all data retrieved, for the Major's secure records: a measure of surety against the occasional political manipulations of the information they stole from the Empire. Politics and status were all-important to the Bothan elite, and more than one Intel team had been hung out to dry by their overseers far up the line. Lifa An'Tredin intended to prevent that happening to her group, and had used the Protocol on more than one occasion to do so.

    The slicer nodded an affirmative and crouched down behind his terminals, as Lifa slid out into the night, leaving her team to hope she would succeed in her dangerous and unsanctioned solo mission.

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