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Resource The Plot Bunny Thread: Managed by Jade_Max.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by shanobi, Aug 26, 2002.

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  1. Twilek_Aide

    Twilek_Aide Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 21, 2002
    All I ask is that you credit me, if you find my bunnies interesting. You don't have to pm me (I won't be able to pm back anyway - due to my lack of posts).

    1. AOTC/AU, Padme/Anakin, Queen Jamalia/Anakin, Set on Naboo, Romance/Mystery
    What if, the kiss at the lake retreat was just a dream. A fragment of Padme's imagination. What if, Anakin falls in love with Queen Jamalia? But what if, Queen Jamalia isn't who she seems? What if she's connected to Palpatine in some way? And what if, Padme is the only one who can see past the deception?

    2. Comedy/Humour
    What if, Dia Passik is put on trial for her murder crimes. But the best lawyer, Nawara Ven refuses to support her. So when Dia's friends run out options (because Wedge and company are on leave) and an un-experienced fellow pilot is forced to be her lawyer. Will Face kill him? Will Wedge find out? Will Nawara get fired? Oh, the possiblities..
  2. Darth_Sidious_1983

    Darth_Sidious_1983 Jedi Knight star 1

    Jun 6, 2005
    Another one in detail, inspired from several fanfics (no title):

    This plot bunny is an attempt to put spins on the characters of Palpatine, Padme, Qui-Gon, and the Sith Rule of Two. Forbidden love is the theme, and it goes further than in the movies.

    1) Starts a year or so before Palps kills Plagueis. We know that the Sith also prohibit attachments, in their own twisted way. One day, and for some reason, Palps decides to have a fling with Padme's mother. At first, Palps could care less about the woman, that is until he senses something very, very strong in the Force from afar. Apparently, his soon-to-be offspring will have the highest midi count (set in story to be equal to Anakin's).

    Palpatine does not know that Plagueis is experimenting with what will become Anakin. He is more worried that Plagueis will kill him personally and pluck his soon-to-be offspring for his own. In the process, while setting in motion a plan to kill his master in his sleep, he becomes attached to that offspring. Palps later on sees that Plagueis is too distracted with his experiment to pay attention to the offspring far, far away.

    2) Palpatine goes ahead with his plan (dispensing of Plagueis) and then senses the birth of his offspring. He rushes to Padme's mother and sees that his offspring is a daughter: Padme. He convinces her mother to release the infant for Sith training, but never mentions the Sith.

    3) To be consistent with the age gap between Padme and Anakin, the end result of the Plagueis experiment is delayed somewhat. Once Padme is old enough for this age gap, Anakin is born and Palpatine senses it.

    4) More years pass by, and Padme has become proficient in "all aspects of the Force" and politics, and knows everything about the Sith without being a formal Sith apprentice. Palpatine has clearly gone beyond merely breaking long-established Sith tradition by spilling Sith secrets to non-Sith apprentices.

    5) I like this quote on Palpatine's Wookieepedia bio:

    "One of Sidious's more trusted non-Sith agents, Kinman Doriana, who was present for these events, indicated?or at least believed?that the original plan was to use the occupation of Naboo, which they expected to last for months or even years, to create turmoil and paralysis in the Senate, which Sidious and his agents could have used to devastating effect. The eventual goal, to lever Palpatine into the position of Chancellor, would likely have been achieved nonetheless, but more gradually."

    Palpatine's first plot should unfold over a number of years per the above. Naboo, however, isn't the target of the blockade or following invasion, and the Trade Federation is busy with other things. Palpatine plans to get a new Supreme Chancellor elected, but does not stand himself because he plans to have a sabbatical on Naboo and elsewhere after the blockade.

    He succeeds, however, in having Valorum assassinated in the middle of the crisis and framing the assassination on whoever is responsible for the blockade and following invasion. Perhaps the Corporate Alliance?

    6) Padme's final test is to kill her own (now elderly) mother. The three of them see each other again, an argument erupts, but before Padme does the deed, Padme lets both her parents know of her attachment towards both of them (even her mother) and of her intention to kill her father at some point.

    Palpatine is satisfied by the fulfillment of the test and of her daughter's desire to kill him, but then still denies her formal Sith affiliation. Despite this, Padme isn't overly concerned, especially after discussing with her father his plan for the Sith to rule the galaxy.

    "Treachery is the way of the Sith" goes out the window between these two, with Palpatine attached enough to his daughter not to betray her, and with Padme letting him know of his end and her intention to become the Sith Master once the plan is fulfilled.

    7) Informally, Queen Amidala has actually exceeded her father in Sith skills and political cunning. However, she allows him to formally take up as m
  3. ida_dida

    ida_dida Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 16, 2010
    how about a fic, that is set at the beggining of AotC.
    Padme gets injured during her assasination attempt and loses her memory.
    then the council sends anakin to protect her on naboo...and then the story beggins.. 8-}
  4. vader_incarnate

    vader_incarnate Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 29, 2002
    [li]I've been reading too many comic books. Particularly superhero comics where you have to worry about protecting your secret identity to protect the ones you love. Hence, someone finds out about an attachment that a Jedi shouldn't have and kidnaps the attachee in question in an attempt at blackmail. I was thinking about this as a Clone Wars era fic where Padme gets kidnapped and a Separatist sympathizer attempts to hold it against Anakin, but it could also be OT and work as a Luke/Vader story.[/li]

    [li]Either related to that previous or completely different, Jack the Ripper hits Coruscant. Women of ill repute begin turning up mangled and dead about Galactic City, and it's up to your favorite team of Jedi to bring the killer to justice. [hl=black]Little do they realize, though, that the killer is himself a mad Jedi, taking the Code's discouragement of attachment to unprecedented levels of fanaticism and brutality.[/hl] I saw this as a Siriwan story, where catching the bad guy helps them find the truth in their emotions towards one another. Particularly Clone Wars era, to add yet another layer to the mistrust of the Jedi throughout the galaxy. Could also work as a Master and Apprentice mystery story with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan and Anakin, or whatever your favorite Master and Apprentice pair may be.[/li]

    [li]Someone finds out that little Leia or little Luke is Force-sensitive during a routine check-up where they take a blood sample and run a midichlorian count. The little Skywalker (Skytoddler? Skycrawler?) is kidnapped in an attempt to blackmail the guardians or cash in on a bounty from the Empire. Can Old Ben Kenobi save the day? (Bonus points if it's Leia that's kidnapped and Artoo saves the day.)[/li]
  5. Goddess_At_Heart

    Goddess_At_Heart Jedi Padawan star 2

    Mar 20, 2010
    Okay, I'm stll kinda new [face_blush] so don't judge me. I'm doing this because I have trouble writing but I have lot of ideas that will go to waist if I don't share them.

    If you find my Bunny intresting PM me and I all I ask for is some credit.

    It's an AU, 'cause in my mind the YV war never happened :p .

    Jaina & Jacen are around the age of 20 and are Jedi Knights, Luke sends them on a mission along with Anakin, Tenel Ka. (I'm not a fan of Zekk but if you like him I don't mind if you use him too) The action starts when Lowie and Tahiri are kidnapped from there rooms on Yavin IV, Luke sees this as a problem against Jedi. The four of them go, promising to be careful (but their Solos so that won't happen :p ),and of course something goes wrong. And from there I will let you run your imagination....[face_blush]
  6. Lordabc123

    Lordabc123 Jedi Youngling

    Jul 5, 2007
    Ewoks invade the universe.
  7. Binder-lover

    Binder-lover Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 3, 2003
    I was thinking about how Yoda and Grover from Sesame Street are both voiced bythe same guy. R2-D2 and C03PO have been on Sesame Street before, so...

    Some time during the Prequel Trilogy, Yoda is replaced with Grover, who wishes to both help the Jedi and get back to Sesame Street. If he uses 'Near' and 'Far' as a demonstration for something that'd be cool. ^^ Bonus points if Grover's teachings actually help them.
  8. madman007

    madman007 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 22, 2007
    Actually, that might work better with Miss Piggy, who is also voiced by the same guy as Yoda. Can you imagine? "Ohhh....Lukieeee!"
  9. Juliet316

    Juliet316 JCC Game Winner star 10 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 27, 2005
    *peeks in*

    Hello! I don't know if anybody remembers me, but I used to post some wicket plot bunnies on this thread. I figured I would repost a few and see if could interest a few more victims authors.

    What if after TPM, Qui - Gon was alive, but the Jedi (Or Palpatine, or the authorities on Naboo) decided to place him in Carbonite as they deemed his injuries to severe to survive the trip back to Crouscant anyother way? What if his Carbonite slab was lost in transit and found years later?

    Which era he's revived in is up to the author. Saga, YJK, NJO, Legacy, whichever.

    2. What if Luke never told Leia she was his sister in ROTJ or never knew that she was his sister? If author chooses the latter what if Luke and Leia were about to marry only to be interruppted by a rather rabid R2D2 or a confused 3PO? (Please don't have L/L sleep together if you choose this one, depsite them not knowing about their relationship)

    If the former scenario the author secret can be blown anytime between Truce at Bakura and Legacy of the Force. But Leia cannot find out she's Vader's daughter in ROTJ.

    3. What if Jacen was killed in Star by Star and Jaina was brainwashed by Vergere? Meaning yes, Anakin Solo is still alive in this scenario. 'Ships are up to author.

    What if An amnesiac Anakin Skywalker or an unsuited Darth Vader from PT times feel into OT times? (anytime from shortly before ANH to shortly before ESB) What if he was cut off from the Force (if it's an unsuited Vader maybe it's punishment for his evil deeds)? What if the first person to encounter him was our very own scoundrel, Han Solo?

    And what if Anakin or Vader was around prior to ESB, he flirted with Princess Leia (JUST FLIRTING! NO kissing or anything close to that infamous twincest kiss with Luke in ESB! If Ani flirts with Leia it's just enough to stoke jealousy in Han. That is all).

    One caveat, Ani or Vader which every version you choose must be returned to his own time, memory, Force abilities and all by the end of your story.

    5. What if Luke was the one that lead the Myrkr mission?

    6. What if Jacen had turned out to be the Sith'ari?

    That is all for now.
  10. Binder-lover

    Binder-lover Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 3, 2003
    XD That's just as funny!
  11. StarEyed

    StarEyed Jedi Youngling

    Jan 15, 2007
    How about this one?

    What if the Council denied Obi-wan's request to become Anakin's master? In fact they didn't make him a padawan at all. Nor did they send him away. Instead they sent him to the creche with the other Younglings.

    After all, at 9 or 10 years old that's where most of his age group probably are - they have another 3 or 4 years in which they can be chosen as Padawan. And Anakin's going to stick out enough as it is. The council might feel that he would settle in to the Order far better if he was with his age group. Not only can he get to know his future peers but he will also get training from people used to dealing with children his age.

    And if in two or three years Obi-wan still wants Anakin as his padawan? Then Obi-wan will have the experience to be a proper teacher - and Anakin will have the connection to the Jedi Order that he needs.
  12. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    This is a Legacy one.

    While hiding out in the Maw during the NJO, the Jedi younglings embark upon an adventure of their own where they ultimately discover a parallel universe and meet their alternate selves. Together, the children and their copies do some pretty neat stuff, but eventually, the kids from the SW universe that we all know have to leave. As they leave, one of them accidentally sets something off that gave every child some sort of attachment to their alternate selves thru the Force. The other side is unaware of this. Then, later, Valin unknowingly uses the Force in a manner that triggered for everyone to switch places with their alternate universe selves. To make matters worse, the process altered the way the Force flowed thru the people it affected and made them slightly insane.

    I want the story to focus mostly on the adventures of the kids and then how that universe is vastly different fromt he SW that we all know.
  13. KotORBF2Female_Revan

    KotORBF2Female_Revan Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 21, 2009
  14. ida_dida

    ida_dida Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 16, 2010
    i have had this idea:

    1) Anakin never became a jedi, he was found by Palpatine in a very young age. He was not met with either Padme, Qui-gon or Obi-wan.

    2)He helped Palpatine to overthrow the republic and now they rule together.

    3)Padme, now that the senate doesnt exist any longer, is working with the rebellion and is one of its highest members.

    4)Obi-wan, after the order 66 in which his master was killed, also works with the rebellion.Now that the jedi are extinct and their rules no longer exist, after he met Padme he fell in love with her and now they are together.

    5)Anakin in order to scare people, wears "the mask".So no one has ever seen his face.

    6)Padme loves him, not as much as Obi does though o_O

    The plot....

    One day, at the rebel base were both Padme and Obi wan because they were planning an attack towards the empire.But they were revealed because of some spies.Many died and Padme was captured while she tried to save Obi Wan who was unconsious. So, they take her to the emperor, he asks her for informations but she doesnt reveal anyhting.So he handles her to Vader so that he would "break" her.Vader is stunned by her beauty and pities her though he doesnt show it. he is mean and cold with her but he doesnt hurt her physically.One day though he forced chocked her until she lost conciousness because she had gotten on his nerves. :p

    After that he apologized and he treated her better though he still asked her about the rebels. One day, when he ship had landed on a planet, Padme manages to escape but gets hurt doing so.Vader finds her and treats her but he doesnt wear his mask. She sees him, but she thinks she is dreaming and then falls asleep.After her rescue Padme is intrigued by Vader and starts having a sympathy for him.Obi Wan on the other hand, tries to find a way to rescue Padme. Padme is starting to have feelings for V. Another day, they came very closebecause V was holding her tenderly but that moment was ruined because Obi Wan had just aborded ont he ship. She asks him not to kill him, V sees that she has feelings for the jedi and leaves. they fight, V gets seriously injured and Obi, because he was blinded with hate for V and was anxious for Padme makes a mistake, V gets some ground and manages to throw kenobi out of the ship. He survives though.When V returns Padme thinks that he had killed him but she still helps him with his injuries. And then the man behind the mask is revealed....

    i have even though about the ending but i cant write it here :cool:

    i hope this seems helpfull for some..
  15. Solus_Cheese

    Solus_Cheese Jedi Youngling

    Dec 2, 2009
    All I ask is that you credit me if you like mah bunny. <3

    Bear with me. The hook comes later after some expo.

    Okay, what if some Sith dude somewhere (doesn't have to be Palpy, but w/e) found the Chosen One first, while he's just a very little child, probably a baby. Thinking that "bringing balance to the Force" means equalizing the number, thus, killing many Jedi to make the number equal, he thinks this is a sweet deal. However, he also knows that the Chosen One is pretty much destined to be found by the Jedi, most likely on his homeplanet Tatooine. That's no good. He doesn't want the Jedi training this uber powerful dude for years and then have to deal with turning him. That's a lot of work. So he clones him, and puts the clone in Shmi's place - he's so young he's hoping she won't notice, and takes the clone for himself. Thus, the Jedi, thinking they find the Chosen One, actually just find his clone. Meanwhile, the Sith dude guy trains the Chosen One, basically teaching him that, because of his destiny, he is invincible and cannot die until it is complete, driving him to do crazy stunts knowing he'll get out of it alive. As well, the Sith dude probably messes with the Chosen One's face to keep him looking totally different from his clone.

    It askssuch probing questions as: Is it still your destiny if you're a clone? What if you're destiny isn't what you think it is? Is your destiny split between two persons? Will sliced bread still be invented?

  16. madman007

    madman007 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 22, 2007
    I want to tackle another epic story but I wanted to bounce off some ideas with people first. The only reason I'm doing this is because there is so little done in this subject - pro and fanfic alike.

    As far as I can research, I have yet to come across a story that involves Mara Jade taking on Jaina as her student. This takes place just after Survivor's Quest and right before NJO. Most places I research like Wiki or Wookie only give simple statements about it. It just says Mara took Jaina in as her student after her marriage...and then the NJO happened.

    First off, does anyone know of any fanfic that covers this so I can get an idea of how to go about it?

    I plan to involve Mara and Jaina in a peace mission to a group of ex space pirates who are more of a cult. Jaina starts hearing voices in the Force while there. I speaks to her about a long lost Queen and the pirates believe that Jaina IS their Queen reincarnated. Chaos ensues.

    That's about all the idea I had so far. If anyone can contribute more, PM me with ideas and I'll be sure to give credit where it's due.
  17. G__Anakin

    G__Anakin Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2006
    That is an interesting idea. I would consider co-authoring with you; send me a PM if you want to discuss either the story or co-authoring together. Feel free to search my profile if you want to check out my writing style; all my decent fics are listed there.
  18. neosildrake

    neosildrake Jedi Youngling

    Aug 14, 2010
    Ok, here I am, new and with a bunch of plotbunnies. As this thread is already several years old, there might be similar or equal bunnies around. I am, however, too lazy to seach through 85 pages of possibilities. THus, if something sounds familiar, please bear with me, maybe point it out and if you can, direct me to the fiction.

    I already wrote most of these bunnies about 3 years ago on affnet, but as you might know, they have the tendency to re-structure their page and unfortunatelly my stuff always gets lost.

    So, here we go:

    40 years ago Qui-Gon Jinn went unchosen, because of his rebellious behaviour and was send to the ArgiCorps. The night before the transport, however, he left the temple and never returned.
    Now young Obi-Wan Kenobi is send to the AgriCorps because noone wants him. Yoda is sad, but rules are rules. On their way the ship is attacked by space-pirates and the passengers are captured and sold as slaves. A stranger comes by and saves them. A bond is formed between the stranger and Obi-Wan and when they find out that they have much in common, they decide they should stick together.
    Thus shall begin the story of Jin Quon and Ben Keno on their quest to help those in need and bring true balance to the force.

    Possible Alteration:
    After Xanatos fall, Qui-Gon leaves the order, becoming one of the Lost. Years later Jin Quon and Ben Keno travel the Galaxy to learn and teach and help those that seem to be forgotten by the Republic.

    - free-lancing Grey "Jedi"
    - stuffy hardliner codex Jedi Order
    - corrupt and selfserving Senate
    - Anakin? Maybe...

    After Melida/Daan Obi-Wan left the order, because he found that the order had become too selfserving, too dependable on the money of the Senate, too blind and deaf to the plight and pleas of their fellow beings. Instead of following the will of the force and working for the good of all beings, they cling to overaged traditions and serve the will of the republican credits. Which is also the reason why unchosen ones are send to the AgriCorps or to another Corps - cost reducement.
    20 years later rumors appear of jedilike warrior-monks, who help troubled planets and fractions even outside the republic.

    - unchosen ones start missing, believed to be victims of pirates and slavers
    - Grey Obi-Wan, Maul and Anakin
    - Qui-Gon send to find out what's behind the so called Benduhi

    Maul survives Naboo and returns to Sidious. In the years to come he learns that his master wants to "exchange" him for Skywalker. Not happy with that he plots his masters downfall. Sidious however is aware of Mauls plans and now Mauls only hope for both revenge and survival are the Jedi he has been teached to hate.

    - It is up to you if Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan survive Naboo, however, only one of then can die (but none has too) and the other has to become important to turning the Zabrak from Maulus to Paulus.^^

    In a stroke of genius Count Dooku -aka- Darth Tyrannus gets rid of his master Palpatine -aka- Darth Sidious. Now he's the Sith Master and Assajj Ventress becomes his apprentice known as Darth Assina.
    With Anakin uninfluenced by Sidious, with no terrible dreams of death as well as his mother safe, what happens now. How does this possibly change the Saga?

    Other possibility is the "Oops"-factor, in which Palpatine looses his grip on Anakin and falls down the shaft during the climb on the 'Invisible Hand' [face_whistling] , leaving a still alive Dokuu suddenly as the new Sith Master.

    ... That's it for now.

    CU, have fun and smile
  19. neosildrake

    neosildrake Jedi Youngling

    Aug 14, 2010
    Ok, another few of my plotbunnies, found in an old zipped storage folder.

    An idea sprung from a pic I saw somewhere. It looked like a AotC/RotS Obi-Wan frozen in Carbonite.
    What if Obi-Wan was put into Carbonite by Sidious order, to get him out of his way, as leverage against Anakin and, of course, as a trophy.

    - can happen when he's captured by Ventress, by Dokuu, on Geonosis or after the battle with Grievous when order 66 is given.

    But the ship that should bring the frozen Obi-Wan to Sidious secret HQ was attacked by space pirates and declared destroyed. Of course Sidious is not happy, but at least Kenobi is out of his way.
    Obi-Wan, believed dead, meanwhile drifts frozen through space / hangs frozen in some rich mans treasure room (who doesn?t know who it is). Many years later he is found again by someone (who also does not know who he is) and revived by accident.
    His re-awakening sets things in motion that will bring the fall of the Empire.

    - Because of this, Obi-Wan obviously didn't battle Anakin of Mustafar.
    - Depending on when Obi-Wan is put in Carbonite, Anakin might not become Vade, or might fall earlier. He might or not might marry Padme and Luke and Leia might or might not exist.
    - If Anakin did become Sith, he has to be redeemed.

    After Xanatos fall, Qui-Gon leaves the order and later falls to the Dark Side (similar to what happened to Dokuu). He later becomes Darth (enter any name you like), apprentice to Darth Sidious (instead of Maul).
    Obi-Wan is send to Bandomeer, kidnapped by slavers and sold to the Hutts. He meets Shmi Skywalker and manages to flee with her.
    Back at Coruscant, Dokuu decides that Obi-Wan is worthy of training and takes to young boy as padawan.
    Then things develop pretty much similar until the Naboo-crisis. Obi-Wan and Dokuu are send to negotiate and later meet Sith Qui-Gon.

    - when Obi-Wan and Shmi flee, Anakin isn?t born yet
    - Anakin is born on Coruscant and raised at the Jedi-Temple, de does not need to play a major role in the story because of that
    - Dokuu battles Qui-Gon
    - up to you if Dokuu, Qui-Gon or both survive this battle
    - up to you if Qui-Gon is redeemed, or can be redeemed
    - Obi-Wan is knighted

    What if Shmi was once a padawan learner, but during a mission her master was killed and she was kidnapped and mindwhiped by slavers. Later, after Anakin was born, she got her memories back. How would Anakin develop with knowledge of the force and basic (albeit secret) training by his mother. Would they still be slaves? Maybe Shmi and Anakin, with the help of the force, have already got their freedom. When Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan arrive years later, how would things like this change the story?

    Qui Gon died and the Jedi council decides that Obi Wan is not ready to take the Jedi Knight Test yet. Because of that he cannot train Anakin and the young boy is denied training at the temple. To keep his promise to his dead master, Obi Wan quits the Jedi Order to train Anakin on Naboo. Palpatine, sensing his chance, tries to sink his ?claws? into both of them, but despite how much Obi Wan is disappointed with the Jedi Order, he will not fall to the Dark Side and he will not allow the Sith to manipulate Anakin either.

    - Palpatine thinks that with Anakin on Naboo, he will have an easy game with converting the boy... he will be badly mistaken
    - Obi-Wan does not trust Palpatine (especially not with Anakin), for whatever reason (maybe a comment about Qui-Gon that sets him off)
    - Anakin feels strange around Palpatine, like the man wants something from him... ewww! He's OLD!
    - with the help of Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan free Shmi
    - showdown with Sidious, where Obi-Wan kicks ass big time and Anakin rescues his mother from the Sith Masters apprentice

    Ok, that's it again for today. I have a few more, but I need to make them representable first.
    A few of my bunnies/challenges are x-overs with other genres. Are they allowed?

    CU, have fun and smile,
  20. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    This one is kind of vague, but let me explain it:

    In Doctor Who, there is a wonderful episode called "Turn Left." In it, the Doctor's companion Donna goes to a fortune teller who encourages her to think about the circumstances that made her meet the Doctor and then coerces her into thinking about what would happen if she'd made one decision differently. In that case, it's turning rigbt at an intersection to go to a different job interview. The rest of the episode is based on the consequences of her not being there to help the Doctor at certain times.

    I've worked out a similar scenario and will be writing both the story and the resulting sequel, but I'd like to see someone do their own take on this. To give you an example, the one I will be using is Qui-Gon was not the Jedi assigned to Naboo. You might do something like Anakin losing the podrace.
  21. neosildrake

    neosildrake Jedi Youngling

    Aug 14, 2010
    So, I gathered a few more plotbunnies from under my couch.

    Obi-Wan is Palpatines son. Early in Palpatines training under Darth Plagueis he had a love affair with someone. While the Sith embrace strong emotions, love is not something they are supposed to feel, because it?s too un.... and too often backfires. Hate and anger are the emotions to cultivate not love and compassion. Plagueis finds out and manipulates Palpatine into killing his love, something that twisted and threw him deeper into the darkness (similar to what happened to Anakin). But the child in her whomb survived. What if Sidious finds out who Obi-Wan was after Naboo? I?m pretty sure he started a thorough inquiry about the one who was to train the chosen one.
    Please no evil Obi-Wan here.

    Instead of getting send to the AgriCorps on Bandomeer, Obi-Wan is send to another Corps. How would his life proceed?

    Sub-twist: What if Obi-Wan was send to a part of one of the different Jedi-Corps that allowed/forced him to stay at the temple? To live amongst the Jedi but never to be one. To be confronted with what he lost, percieving himself a failure, while noticed but not acknowledged by Jedi, Padawans and younglings.
    - If avoidable, please no turning evil Obi-Wan.

    An Obi-Wan is Anakins older brother ? bunny.
    Shmi was pregnant when she was 14. She gave birth to a son, but on their way home their transport was attacked by pirates. The child was saved and ended up with the Kenobi-family. At age 3 it was given to the Jedi, when his parents died and his younger stepbrother was taken in by the rest of the family. His mother Shmi was captured and became a slave on Tattoine. Years later Anakin was born on Tattoine and identified by Qui-Gon as the Chosen One, but is he really? What does constitute to a balance? Anakin has power, but his lack of control is not exactly encouraging. Obi-Wan might have less raw force power, but his control is superior. Every prophecy has multiple way of being read and interpreted after all.

    Obi-Wan and Anakin have a new mission. Busting a weapon/spice dealing crimesyndicate. They have to go undercover in the lion?s den. But there?s a certain problem. To get near the boss and his henchmen they have to go as women! Unfortunatelly or fortunately (depending on pint of view) they are too good looking for their own good.
    Mishap, mischief and hilarity welcome, but no crack.

    That's it for now, but I have more for next time.

    CU, have fun and smile
  22. PonyTricks

    PonyTricks Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 25, 2003
    I am taking this one. Seriously. [face_batting]

    And I've already typed up the first post, and here is the link!
  23. Jade_Max

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    Jun 28, 2002
    LOL only you PT could do it justice :p
  24. neosildrake

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Well, what do you know, I have found another bunch of bunnies on my HDD.

    Obi-Wan and Anakin are not human. One of them can (but not has to be) be more human-like (Chiss, Zeltran, Zabrak or similar) but the other has to be less human-like (f.e. like Duros, Nautolan, Mon Calamari, Wookie, Bothan, Lepi or even Kushiban or similar).
    I would like to see Obi-Wan as Kushiban :D . Imagine him as Anakins master, sitting on Anakins shoulder and communication mentaly, via translator or by colorchange. How do they get their negotiating done? Or Imagine Qui-Gon with a Kushiban Obi-Wan padawan! And which prophecy ever said something about a human chosen one?

    Mace can see shatterpoints and he sees the future when Anakin falls. Deeply disturbed as well as devoted to the order he decides to change this future in the most drastical way, by eliminating the danger. Unfortunately in his mission to preserve the current order and change the dark future, he fails to notice that he?s about to jump headlong into the darkness. What if in the end he fell to the dark side and joins Dooku or becomes Sidious apprentice instead of Anakin, who, thanks to Obi-Wan did not suppress his feelings of brotherly love and devotion for Anakin, does not turn to the dark side. Can they stop Darth Sidious and Darth (enter any name you like here)?

    Padawan braids... seem innocent enough, right? But how do species manage who do not have hair? Do they pin fake braids on them? Get Twi?leks or Nautolans their appendages colored/beringed? Do the padawan braids not show a distinct favourism towards humans or at least being with hair?

    AU to Episode III-VI:
    Palpatine?s plan to destroy the republik fails, when Anakin does not arrive in time to help him, the Sith Lord actually is killed by the Jedi, sent to arrest him.
    However, that brings the full force of the senate and the republic down on the Jedi, because they could show no proof that Palpatine was the evil mastermind behind the whole Clonewar and Seperatist-movement.

    The Senate decides that the Jedi-council has too much power and influence and they actually fear that they want to overthrow the Senate. So order 66 is issued, but this time by the Senate to eliminate the supposed threat.

    Many Jedi were killed, but since Anakin has not finished his fall to the Dark Side and was informed of what really happened, many Jedi also escaped ? Mainly the younglings and young Padawans, while most of the masters die, defending them and giving them time to escape.
    The remaining Jedi flee from Coruscant to a hidden location, deciding to bid their time untill they can proove their innocence.

    After the first turmoil settles in the republic and everything seems to calm down, an alliance of non-humans see their time come to break the ?human superiority? as they call it. (It?s that humans species have, in their eyes, more influence in the senate, the republic and on many planets.)

    Human in this case applies to every species who looks human or with distinct notable human ancestry.

    With the Jedi out of the way those fanatists and anti-human ideologists take over the republic in a coup. Humans now have become the new enemy of the republic, as they are blamed for all the conficts that have arisen the the last years ? weren?t the clones created from human DNA? Wasn?t Palpatine a human? Wasn?t Dooku a human? Wasn?t the Jedi that killed Palpatine, Mace Windu, a human? Weren?t humans responsible for most of the trouble, since most humans voted in favour of war? Of course most of those anti-human talks do completely lack logic, but fanatists never are known to be very logical.
    After nearly two decades, humans have become a species of ?lesser worth? and do no longer hold much influence outside their homeplanets. But the humans built a resistance, a rebel alliance (there are also non-humans there, who side with the humans).

    The republic has built a superweapon to destroy the rebellion once and for all ? the Death Star and the rebels nearly despair as first
  25. neosildrake

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Me again, with another batch of small Obi-Wan centered plotbunnies.

    Anakin kills Sidious in RotS and fullfills the prophecy but dies in doing so. Padmé also dies of broken heart after given birth to Luke and Leia. Luke and Leia grow up in the temple as part of the next generation of Jedi. The code has changed slightly to reinforce the depleted ranks of the Order. Obi-Wan, being grief stricken by the loss of his force-brother takes a leave of absence for unspecified time from the order and becomes the Lost 21st.
    6 years later a group of younglings is kidnapped on a supposed completely safe and harmless excursion. Luckily for them Ben aka Obi-Wan stumbles upon a slaver ring who deal with force sensitives.

    When he is rejected at age 13 and supposed to be send to the AgriCorps, instead of meekly comlying, Obi-Wan runs away. He is then hurt in an accident, brought to a hospital and a DNA check reveals that he is high royality! Will he be able to adapt to his new live as crownprince? At least it?s better than becoming a farmer and his abilities in the force could be a great asset.

    Padmé is not the nice girl everyone thinks she is. Over the years she has become influenced and corrupted by Palpatine, who wants to use her to get Anakin to become his apprentice. Obi Wan has to rescue his love stuck padawan from the clutches of Padmé and the scheming Sidious. But can he do it, especially when he is in love with Anakin (optional developing slash m/m possibility here), who only has eyes for the queen of Naboo and doesn?t want to listen to reason? What will Obi Wan do to save his Ani?

    Obi-Wan dies on Mustafar, but his soul, his force-essence, is drawn to the dying unborn Luke Skywalker. While Lukes and Obi-Wans essences mix, Obi-Wans soul takes over because Lukes own soul is not fully developed yet. Thus Obi-Wan is reborn as Luke Skywalker.

    That's it for now.

    CU, have fun and smile
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