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Before - Legends The Saber of Naga Sadow( Qui-Gon, Bastila, others) kotor related 35 preTPM

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by yuna_kenobi, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. yuna_kenobi

    yuna_kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 1, 2006
    Title: The Saber of Naga Sadow
    Author(s): Yuna_Kenobi
    Timeframe: 35 years before TPM
    Characters: Qui-Gon, Dooku, Yoda and everybody else
    Genre: Action, Adventure
    Keywords: Kotor, Qui-Gon, Epic Battles
    Summary: A Jin family legend spurs Qui-Gon on nearly fifteen years of searching
    Rating: PG, sci-fi violence, minimal romance and some intense images
    Notes: Don?t read if you don?t understand KoTOR at least somewhat

    Qui-Gon Jin looked around the attic of his family?s small apartment. He saw a book, amidst the garbage that got thrown up here. It was an old holo-book, an the dark moldy leather cover and the chilling wind beating the transparent plasteel windows gave the scene at least to five year-old Qui-Gon a horrific depiction.

    But no amount of Fear would deter him; he had heard a rumor from his cousin. He had to know the truth. Or was it just a rumor? A joke made from the incapability of his mind? His cousins were too nice to do that. They were after all girls?

    But he had to know. And now he held his only chance to know?for all his life had been so far, he felt a boundless elation.

    Then he heard a scuffling behind him? He whirled around, if it were mother he would be stuck in his room until standard summer ended. It was his Grandpa, in his pajamas. He spoke in his old and fragile but somehow firm voice, ?It?s past your bedtime.?

    Qui-Gon nodded. ?But Grandpa, I had to know.?

    The old man grinned, ?You?re just like you?re sister.? Then he frowned. ?Before some Jedi washout killed her?? a tear trickled down his face. ?Oh, you didn?t come up here to listen about siblings you?ll never see.? He sat down across from him in the cramped attic space.

    ?It started a long time ago. About 20000 years ago a man named Naga Sadow fell to the Dark Side. He had been a Jedi and so this lose was greatly felt by them.

    ?As time passed many more Jedi joined his cause. Soon he had amassed an army bigger than all others in the galaxy combined. But then the Sith Lords disappeared and the fleets with them.?

    Qui-Gon spoke up, ?Where did they go??

    His Grandpa smiled. ?No one knows, but later two men named Revan and Malak found how they had done it.?


    His Grandpa leaned back. ?We don?t know. Because the Sith returned and they destroyed the histories of that era and killed everyone who knew. Then the Sith disappeared and the thing that they had used was destroyed. The only knowledge that survived was, ?The saber of the Star Forge?s master lies with him.??

    Qui-Gon thought about this. ?What is the Star Forge??

    ?I believe personally that it was the thing they used to create their fleets. But I don?t know.?

    ?But what does his saber have to do with anything??

    His brow furled. ?Some say the Myth Stone on Korriban, which had the last of the knowledge about Revan and Malak, also says that the Saber is the key to the Life, Death and use of the Star Forge.? He patted Qui-Gon. ?Now off to bed.?

    Qui-Gon looked up at the young padawan. ?Yes?? he asked in his fifteen year-old voice.

    The padawan looked at him a moment, expecting more. ?The council wishes your presence.?

    He stood up to his full height of six feet and three inches and stepped away from the meditation mat and strode to the door.

    Qui-Gon stepped from the council chambers in silent elation. He must have been the youngest padawan to take the trials and succeed. He made his way to his rooms to start his preparations?

    That night at diner Yoda came up to him. ?Come with me, you will.?

    He followed the Elder Jedi Master. As they came to the youngling training rooms he asked, ?Yoda, are you asking me to take a padawan??

    The old Jedi turned to him. ?A Master you are, a padawan you need.?

    ?Yoda, I?m not going to be taking an apprentice yet.?

    The Master revealed no surprise. ?Very well.?

    Qui-Gon looked out across the sand dunes of Korriban. He thought to himself, Where is it?
    Then he touched the Force and leaped from the cliff, he dropped at least two hundred feet.
  2. WyoJedi

    WyoJedi Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 2005
    Interesting start. I like how you are weaving this legend of Naga Sadow's saber with Qui-Gon's life. I look forward to seeing where you go with this story. Well done.

  3. Healer_Leona

    Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Jul 7, 2000
    I agree. Fascinating to tie KOTOR and Qui-Gon together. :)
  4. yuna_kenobi

    yuna_kenobi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 1, 2006
    OOC: been waiting to put this story up, and now the updates are one a day...ish *nervous grin*[face_peace]

    Qui-Gon turned on one heel and saw the most horrific thing he could have ever imagined. A man, no a woman with melded body parts. Part of a Rodian face as well as a human woman and a twi?lek female. Its left arm was mechanical and its right was either an Ilthorian or a Rodian arm.

    And it held a lightsaber in each hand. Without warning it slammed into him with both lightsabers and he barely survived the encounter. He ducked under the twin blades and sliced its arm off. Its Rodian arm tossed the saber to its left leg.

    The, know, one footed creature was not at all comical. The creature gritted its teeth. In doing so the stitches between the twi?lek and the woman?s face ripped and the mismatched noses tore away from each other, and blood frothed.

    It launched a second attack and pain erupted up and down his left arm. The wound was seared by the lightsaber and he didn?t need to worry. But a third assault hit and his saber was knocked from his hand.

    The creature jumped for him and it was all over?

    Qui-Gon woke; a pain that he had steeled himself for never came. Some kind of wrapping was on his arm. He was in some camp and was lying on a pallet in the sand. A fire with incense on it burned at the center.

    He should be dead.

    Then he heard footsteps. He turned and saw a young woman with a mask over one side of her face and blonde-brown, burned hair. Her figure was that of one who hadn?t had much to eat in years and yet had worked out quite well. ?You?re awake.? Her voice was not in a question and her tone was gravelly and old.

    He nodded. ?Yes. Who are you??

    ?Does it matter?? She put her ladylike hands on her hips as if she were his mother.

    ?Yes. And why did you save me??

    She turned and put her hand out. The fire vanished. ?I am, Bastila Shan.?

    Qui-Gon stood up slowly. ?So you nest here. Waiting for Jedi to kill??

    She scowled. ?No.? Qui-Gon laughed. ?So where is Naga Sadow?s Lightsaber?? he asked.

    She circled opposite him in a defensive stance. ?I don?t have it. I have no need of it.?

    ?Where is it?? Qui-Gon doubted that she would tell him.

    She looked him hard in the eye. Her multi-tone voice could be explained later, now he would find out where the Saber was. ?Let me show you.?

    Qui-Gon stood on the deck of a Space station. Bodies of people Qui-Gon had never seen where littered everywhere. At the center of the deck were two women. They spoke briefly.

    Bastila whispered. ?Goodbye Earia.?

    ?Goodbye, Bastila and Jade.?

    Then Bastila handed a lightsaber to Earia. ?Hide it.? Then she whispered something, even softer. ?Make it so someone who is a great Jedi can find it. Only a good person.?

    Earia nodded. ?I will leave clues of the Force on Dantooine. Only a Jedi with the true gifts of the light could see them.? The women bowed and turned and left the room.

    Qui-Gon looked at Bastila. ?Now, why did you save me??

    She looked at him, without an ounce of humor in her voice. ?Whose face do you think that creature has on the left side of its face?? Qui-Gon?s mind reeled. To have such a thing done to someone and let them live? She looked him in the eye. ?I could never have it on my conscience that I let another person be destroyed by my creation.? She looked at him, her face softened. ?Find that Saber. Bring back the Star Forge and destroy the Sith.? She spoke more quietly, ?And help me kill my demon.?

    He looked at her, the tears in her eyes evident. ?I will.?

    -More To Come-
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