Thriller The Sins of the Saints

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    [link=]A blinking monitor in a dark room. Puzzled face, reading what it has to say, as if another enigma could give them wisdom . . . [/link]

    Open file/
    file 499JJ211453/12

    password ************
    security-log in . . . .
    complete . . .

    Europol Case File 449JJ211453/12
    Protocol of Chatroom 432/ Contact between the individual codenamed "Philistine" and a Unknown Individual (5674) from Emden, Germany.

    03:44:07 ZoZodiac77: HEY! Missed you!
    03:44:12 Cobinsky_Z: Missed you, too. Sorry. Was away. Am on a trip.
    03:44:18 ZoZodiac77: A trip? Where?
    03:44:20 ZoZodiac77: Why haven´t you told me?
    03:45:15 Cobinsky_Z: No time. It was something urgent.
    03:45:22 ZoZodiac77: Where are you now?
    03:45:40 Cobinsky_Z: Nepal
    03:45:45 ZoZodiac77: You´re kidding.
    03: 45:58 Cobinsky_Z: No. I´m not.
    03:46:04 ZoZodiac77: Why Nepal? You´re from the US I thought?
    03:46:30 Cobinsky_Z: I wanted to meet someone. Looks like I missed him.
    03:47:00 ZoZodiac77: Who?
    03:49:00 Cobinsky_Z: Someone
    03:49:12 ZoZodiac77: So secretive?
    03:49:17 Cobinsky_Z: Better that way.
    03:49:55 ZoZodiac77: You´re frightening me, Jacob.
    03:49:59 Cobinsky_Z: Sorry.
    03:50:20 ZoZodiac77: I´m frightened anyway. It´s okay.
    03:51:01 Cobinsky_Z: Why are you frightened?
    03:51:07 ZoZodiac77: Jerusalem
    03:51:22 Cobinsky_Z: Yeah, I heard about it. Bad. Pretty bad. How many victims are there so far?
    03:52:00 ZoZodiac77: 100.000 +- Still counting. They have no idea what happened. No idea at all what is going on. Nobody can even get near the site. Fallout.
    03:52:25 Cobinsky_Z: A nuclear explosion I heard.
    03:52:57 ZoZodiac77: Yep. But who did it? Extremists? Other countries? This is bad. So bad, Jacob. It could be IT. Could become worse. Could become . . . anything.
    03:54:01 Cobinsky_Z: I know.
    03:54:21 ZoZodiac77: You´re still here. Good. I thought you logged out. You know the Mayan´s thought 2012 would be the end of the world?
    03:54:37 Cobinsky_Z: Read it. Sure. Probably they were right.
    03:54:55 ZoZodiac77: Then we should all pray. I pray a lot lately.
    03:56:22 ZoZodiac77: Still there?
    03:56:25 Cobinsky_Z: To whom?
    03:56:40 ZoZodiac77: God. Of course
    03:57:12 Cobinsky_Z:: Aha.
    03:57:37 ZoZodiac77: Aha? An Atheist?
    03:57:42 Cobinsky_Z: Notatall
    03:57:45 ZoZodiac77: But?
    03:58:27 Cobinsky_Z: I have some inside information about god.
    03:58:37 ZoZodiac77: Really? Funny you. What is he like?
    03:58:49 Cobinsky_Z: Who?
    03:58:59 ZoZodiac77: God?
    04:00:04 Cobinsky_Z: You do not wanna know.
    04:00:23 ZoZodiac77: You are strange today.
    04:01:12 ZoZodiac77: A joke, right?
    04:03:01 ZoZodiac77: Hello?
    04:05:31 ZoZodiac77: Hello???
    04:06:36 ZoZodiac77: Jack?
    04:06:48 ZoZodiac77: Jacob? Are you still there? I can see you´re online

    04:34:09 Cobinsky_Z: Who are you?
    04:35:40 ZoZodiac77: Ah, you´re back. What do you mean? In a philosophical way?
    04:35:45 Cobinsky_Z: Who are you?
    04:35:57 ZoZodiac77: Is that you Jacob?

    04:37:03 Cobinsky_Z: Jacob is dead

    User Cobinsky_Z
    is now offline . . .


    [hl=black][color=white][b]The Sins of the >
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    Apr 2, 2007
    These four setting are not exclusively where you have to start. If anybody comes up with a great character whose natural starting point is somewhere different, I am fine with it. But in these four spots the first for story-sequences begin and take place. Each got it´s own focus and hopefully once I play it´s own flair.

    Use them as a guideline or inspiration when you create your characters. Or simply regard them as a teaser for what´s to come.

    [color=blue][b]Hamburg, Germany [/b][/color]

    Europe has been largely spared by the effects of the Change. But recently strange things have began occurring in the Old world, too. And here they seem to spread much faster than anywhere else. The worst case so far is Kiel. The German coast town vanished. At least it´s inhabitants. From one moment to another 250.000 people were gone. Nobody can explain it. No hints to the whereabouts of these people have been found, so far.

    In Germany the government and people are still trying to understand the gravity of that event. And near Kiel , in the second largest city of Germany, the people begin to worry they might be next.

    The rainy, clouded City of Hamburg with it´s huge red-light districts, the massive harbour and the cozy family districts is a City of many faces and many different facets. From students to policemen, from families to scientists all kinds of characters live in the metropolis by the sea and would fit into the coming events playing out in Europe's largest harbour city.

    Note: All players playing Germans must at least have the ability to speak enough German to communicate with other Germans. Once non-native speakers are present all dialogue will be done in the original languages, to simulate the effect of foreign languages.



    [color=red][b]Boston, USA [/b][/color]

    Harvard, Whitehead, MIT. Boston is a city best known for it´s bright minds and scientific elite. What few now is that Professor Dr. Thomas Moore has also set up the Project Prometheus here, a research project with nearly unlimited resources and only one goal. Investigate and deceiver the Change and what causes it. But the Professor is not the only point of interest here. The recent fights inside the Irish Mafia that has ruled the cities underworld for many years have given rise to concern. In addition a strange series of vanishings keeps the police busy. But the true concern among the officials is the wave of suicides throughout the city, that have brought a lot media attention to the town. Could the Change have come to the east-coast? To Boston? People begin to worry and whispers in the dark seem to announce the coming of something terrible. Hospitals get patients with strange illnesses. Crimes with no reasonable explanation seem to occur. And here those who seek answers begin their journey into the dark . . .

    Boston, Massachusetts is a setting for those who want a look into the investigation around the so called [i]Change[/i]. Investigators of all kinds and variations, are they from a Government or private in nature might feel drawn to Boston and it´s mysterious events. Boston makes a perfect starting ground for players who wish to go into this direction.



    [color=crimson][b]Corben´s Inn, USA [/b][/color]

    They call it the loneliest road in America. the Route 50 ends near the small town of Ely, Nevada in the White Pine County. And half an hour before reaching the small town, one finds a rest-stop with an integrated small motel. Also a gas station and a dinner. It had many names through the years, but is these days called Corben´s Inn and is a sleepy little place, where seldom drivers stop or tourists rest, before making their way to the heart of Nevada. Not too far away is the ghost town of Ruth and more than one photographer has been drawn to Corben´s Point to sleep at night, after having shot all day there.
    The characters will all find themselves there, in the diner. Each an>
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    Apr 2, 2007
    So, the drafts for CS are coming and I´ll answer them all over the next few days. Some questions keep on surfacing regulary. So I decided to answer them officially. Saves my time and keeps us all on the same info-level.

    Thank you all for the interest you showed so far. :)


    Is there a player-limit?

    No, I do not plan on installing a player-limit. Actually I intentionally left room for many people to join. Obviously my capacity to manage players has limits. And when I reach them, I´ll have to turn people down. But I am not there yet. If it happens, I´ll probably recruit a Co-GM or begin to choose between the pending CS. Anyway, for now I accept all players who show they care about the game. I reserve the right to not approve any players who I feel won´t fit in, also.

    All CS send in so far are worked on right now and on their way to be approved for the game. I am actually thrilled about the high quality of characters so far. Looking forward to see them alive and written.

    How long will the game last?

    The Sins of the Saints has no fixed point where it ends. There is also no limit to posts or chapters. The whole game is as much about world creation as it is about plot. So I am sure I´ll always find something interesting to tell, once my plotlines are all played out (and I got enough in my head for a few years). I think we can play until everybody has lost interest or dark powers shut us down.
    There will be an Episode structure. So there will be ?ends? of stories. Only that more will follow. Think of it like a TV show.

    Can I join later?

    Yes, absolutely. I mentioned the Episodes above. At the end of every Episode I will allow new players to join. If someone knows he needs to take a break, no problem. Simply skip an Episode and rejoin later. This will hopefully serve our needs and bring us the joy of concluding our stories, without the advantage of an ongoing game. Joining while Episodes are running will be limited to the cases where that makes sense.

    Is this a Sequel to Aria of the Soul?

    Nope. I actually have no idea what was planned for Aria by ramza. I took one element, the Nepal setup and reimagined it for me, as it served me as an inspiration while creating this. You can consider my Nepal story to be my bow to Aria of the Soul. But my plot and Aria´s have no points of contact. Even less than one might think at first sight.

    Is it based on any known franchise?

    Nope. It is 100% my own creation. Actually inspired by several articles and books I read. None of them fictional. And surely flavoured by my great love for serveral German, English and US shows . . .

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Important GM Note

    Wow, I seriously had not expected that kind of response to my game. When I logged in today I got 12 CS submitted. Which pulls the submission rate a good bit over 20 and I got at least four people who wanna send in their drafts until next year. The problem that produces is obvious, is it?

    I would love to take in every character out there and give him a place in my game. I really would. But all of us who have been around for some time might know that things do not work like that. If I take more players than I can deal with, this game will suffer from it and eventually die. Especially with that many players making so much effort, I am not ready to let this happen or even risk it.

    So, I´ll work on a solution. That could go two ways.

    1. Co-GM recruitment begins now. Please let me know if you are interested. I am only looking for an experienced Co-GM, though. People who have a few games under their belt and at least GMed one. That is not because I am a snob. Sins of the Saints is simply not the material to learn GMing.

    2. If No.1 does not work out: I have to choose. Not everybody will be able to join. When spots become free I´ll introduce characters from waiting users. I do not like waiting lists. But it might be necessary evil in this case.

    So, if you got a response from me that is commenting your draft, working on it or saying I´ll comment on it soon . . . you are accepted and will be in. All other will soon get a PM by me.

    Thank you all for the interest. I have not gotten a single CS I would lot call good and some of the best I have ever seen.

    Most important of all. Have a nice and peaceful Christmas!

    Your GM


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    Apr 2, 2007
    From the GM

    I am proud and happy to announce that I could win a Co-GM for our game as well as a NPC-GM.

    My official Co-GM for Sin of the Saints will be a personal favourite of mine: Republic_Anvil.

    And our NPC-GM, therefore a GM who takes over several NPCs to give them extra attention and depth will be my longtime collaborator LordTroepfchen.

    Thanks to these additions to my team I was able to accept a few more sheets. Anyway, even with us three now forming a team, our capacity can deal with no more players than already accepted.

    Whoever has not received a PM by me discussing CS details or stating that he is accepted will not be able to join us for the game opening. But don´t be too sad. I have already established a waiting-list and when the next Episode begins, I´ll allow new players to join.

    Thank you all. And from now on, the finalization of character-sheets will begin. I´ll also create a roster, soon.

    Enjoy whatever remains of your holidays, friends!
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Finally . . . test by time and approved by the Fin

    For Hamburg . . . Für Hamburg . . .

    Name: Laura Blohm
    Age: 25
    Nationality: German
    Faith: not very religious, but a reformed Evangelic by tradition of her family
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: None really, she studies to become a biologist, can ride a little and reads a lot. Has friends and dances a lot. A normal girl.
    Equipment: The stuff a student has at home and some more elaborate things her father bought her, instead of being there. Her latest toy she got for her birthday instead of a call . . . an [link=]Macbook Air[/link].
    Bio: Laura was born into what the Germans call "Bildungsadel", the elite of eductated people in Germany. Her father a Professor for Linguistics and Math at the Humbold University Berlin and her mother a famous opera singer from the former German Democratic Republic. Her world was filled with culture and elaborate ideas and talk from early childhood on. She did what was her only option as a teenager. She rebelled. Running away from home to accompany metal bands through half of Europe, getting tattoos or piercings and hanging around with all the wrong people. Not the really wrong people, only the moderate wrong people, obviously. She was an angry child, not an idiot.
    When her mother died in an car accident, her rebellion became suddenly pointless. The rumors of suicide because of her mothers ties to the STASI of the DDR ripped her soul apart. the press made her life a living hell. The only rebellion left, was to not allow them to triumph and become something else than damaged little girl.
    Her father did not care about these things and nobody else was there, either. Only her elder brother Robert brought her back on the right track. And Laura was as good at getting back to the "top" as she had been in running from it. While her father buried himself in work, so did she. She made her "Abitur" with a clear cut 1,2 and began studying Biology. Simply because she liked the clearity of science and dreamt about one day working as a scientist. It fascinated her for afew month. then it became boring, actually. She has regretted her choice since then. Several times, actually.

    But Hamburg -where she studies- is far away from her father and all his friends and she fell in love with the harbour-metropolis. She has made friends, contacts there since then. And loves to party until the break of dawn to visit the fishmarket then, like true norther partygoers did for decades.

    Always a wild one, she has lately become a little more settled. Especially when she met Mark. They fell in love on a party and have been together for three years now. Through Mark -who studies Biology, too- she also met the Professor she now works for as a personal assistant. A job that has as much as scientific side, as a personal one. Babysitting was always part of the job description. And Laura loves kids, so she actually enjoys that. Her and the single mom have actuallybecome good friends. Depsite 20 years of age difference.

    The other spehere of social lives she is in is her living community. A place of many personalities, who all get along. Somehow. A japanese exchange student, the intersting guy called Thomas (who she has a forbidden crush on) and her best friend Maria all share her flat with her. If nothing happens, something is always going on there . . .

    The events in Kiel lately frightened her. Two of her friends have gone missing and she has not yet reached her boyfriend. Shocked and still trying to find out what happened through the media, suddenly Laura has realized the Change is no longer a problem outside Europe. It could hit anybody, any moment. And Hamburg is only 40 minutes away from the town that has just vanished.
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    Dec 9, 2009
    GM Approved :D

    Name: Alex Rouse
    Age: 20
    Nationality: English (UK)
    Faith: Open (Christian -see Bio)
    Appearance: [image=]
    6'0, 166lbs slender build with Caucasian skin. Green eyes and buzzed brow hair.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Regardless of circumstance or situation, Alex can cook. Anytime, anywhere. Wit and humor also fill out his arsenal. Decent computer knowledge from working in his parents shop, he has also been told he is a good listener...when he chooses to listen.
    Equipment: Shoulder bag containing a small sketch pad and journal, various pens and pencils, small reading glasses case with square, black rimmed glasses inside.
    Bio: Alex has finished his first few weeks as a fresher at UEA and is preparing for his holiday plans with his friends. His thoughts are somewhat always on his father though, still sick from something...its certainly not cancer again, but maybe something even worse. This would be the first time that Alex wont be home for the holidays, with his father in the hospital there?s no one to come home to, and besides he had planned this trip before setting out for uni in the first place. Alex was raised in a good home, his parents owned a small shop that does computer repair, selling parts and services, and from the age of 14 he would work the counter with his father and learn the family trade. The shop was small enough but business was good, and he enjoyed the work, but you were more likely to find Alex upstairs in the kitchen. His cooking was always a mash up of sorts, taking whatever was available and somehow creating a meal with it. As university approached, a real shaking of his beliefs began, reading several different points of view about karma and religion always intrigued Alex, and he was raised with a set of Christian morals, but he still wasn?t content with calling himself Christian.

    What if something else was out there? What if there was a god and we were living like this? Why hasn't he done anything to stop it? And then with everything that?s been happening on the news, and his father, his worst fears came to be...what if he was right?

    He gathered his things and thought nothing more on it, trying not to stress himself out any further, after all he has a holiday in Vegas to look forward to, and at least nothing has happened there, as far as he knows.

    On route to Las Vegas Alex and his father Mark make a routine stop at Corben's Inn for a bit of fuel. Mark could not fly in his condition anymore, the 9 hours were long enough coming from over seas, so the father and son decided to rent a car and drive the rest of the trip. Corben's point was a spectacular sight, a lookout over the entire desert it seemed. Once inside Alex found a table and took out his sketchpad, eager to draw the landscape before him. His father cam and sat across from him at the table.

    "Looks like we're stuck for a bit, the petrol shipment is late."
    Alex's eyes remained focused on the paper, drawing away.
    "I suppose that gives us a chance to fuel up ourselves eh?
    * Hard coughing *
    "You alright dad?"
    "I'm fine, just a sick old man is all."
    Mark held a small smile as best he could while looking at his son.

    As the waitress took their orders the pair sat waiting. Waiting seemed like it was all anyone could do anymore.
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    Oct 24, 2009
    An Honor, Fins, to be named your Co-Gm in this endeavor.

    Name: Priyadarshini (Riya) Mackenzie
    Age: 26
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Aniyvwiyai (Cherokee), Scottish
    Faith: Native American (Active Belief)
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Archery, Survival skills, Hunting Skills ,Combat Reconnaissance skills.
    Equipment: Cell Phone, 9mm Beretta M9, Purse (with usual purse-ly items), Firesteel Folding Knife, Scooter.
    Riya was born to Duncan Mackenzie and Indu CloudDance. Duncan, a Scottish Architect developer, met Indu, a Cherokee school teacher, while he was negotiating with the tribal council on the construction of a new hospital. Over the course of the project they fell in love. Indu became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter. The elders gave Indu's daughter a traditional Cherokee name Priyadarshini, and Indu chose to give her daughter her father's last name.

    Riya's father left when she was three, as he had a falling out with her mother. As the two were never married, Riya belonged to Indu as according to Tribal law. Indu's grandfather, Riya's great grandfather, helped raise Riya. He taught her of her heritage and how to live off the land and to respect it.

    He died when she was sixteen. Riya took it very hard as she was very fond of her Great grandfather.

    Riya had lots of friends growing up, and out of those, Eric, was the closest. They met in grade school and had been joined at the hip ever since. They watched each others backs as they navigated the precarious waters of high school. They were there for each other through rough break ups and bad test scores. Eric was there to help her pull out of the depression her Great-Grandfathers death had put her in.

    Riya and Eric had plans to go to Massachusetts to attend college. Eric had a full Athletic Scholarship to the University of Massachusetts and Riya had been accepted with a partial Scholarship to MIT. It shocked everyone, including Riya, when Eric suddenly turned down his Scholarship and joined the Marine Corps.

    Eric urged Riya to attend MIT, but his words fell of deaf ears. As far as Riya was concerned, where Eric went, she went. They had always been there for each other and it was her opinion that he would need her to watch his back even more in the Military.


    They both placed high in their scores and got involved in Combat Reconnaissance. They managed to stay together throughout their tours of duties, and saved each others backs more then once. Six months before their re-up, they had decided to make the Marines a career, Eric went missing while on leave. He was visiting a friend in Richmond Virginia, and never came back. The Corps started an investigation but never turned up anything.

    Riya took it hard. She had come to realize the love for Eric she had in her heart was more then just that of friendship. She had never told him for fear she would ruin that friendship, and now he was missing. The circumstances leading up to his disappearance were very unusual as he had vanished into thin air, together with 70 other citizens of the town. Nobody knew where they went to. Bodies were never found.

    She finished her tour and was discharged from the Corps. She has since moved to Boston, finding work as a waitress in a dinner, close to a project called Prometheus. So far it has been her only lead into what is happening, and maybe the only way to find out what happened to Eric.
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    Jul 23, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Camden Fossett
    Age: 24
    Nationality: American
    Faith: Baptist
    Appearance: He has blond hair, with striking blue eyes. He is very tall, but always wears a grin.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Just Graduated Medical School
    Biography: He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, graduated from high school with all A?s. He went to medical school, but his shyness has slowly taken hold of him, and he has problems conversing with his patients. Before he graduated, he headed out towards an evening walk, which he did regularly. While walking, a young woman passed him. She was wearing high heels, and the heel got stuck in a hole. Camden helped her out of it, and then they started talking. She had wanted to become a nurse, and happened to be going to his same school.

    They dated over the next year, her name Carly Jenkins, and she revealed to him that she had married a man at eighteen, but he had divorced her at twenty. She had one sister, a girl named Elizabeth, who also attending their wedding. Their wedding was a lavish one, where they invited everyone in their families. After their marriage, Camden graduated medical school earlier than though. He went on to Boston, taking Carly with him, where they worked at a famous hospital. In Boston, he noticed changes, gradually differences in the world. He has started to begin to think the world ending, and facts are building up. He doesn?t blame God, and knows that if the world is ending, it is meant to end. But he realizes he never got to have children, live a long life with his wife. He and his wife, while juggling a job, have started to discuss whether having a child in this would be the right thing.
  10. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Name: Rufus Jordan Jameson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Religion: Roman Catholic (unclear how much he believes in it, but raised in a very religious family)
    Appearance: [image=]
    Inventory: Zippo-Lighter, Cigarettes (always), [link=]Smith & Wesson 386 Sc [/link] with manstopper ammo, Mobile, some money, black medium coat, bible of his father, bottle of Lagavulin, old car, digicam and actually a lot of stuff in his bureau in NYC, which is now in the quarantined area . . .

    Biography: Rufus was raised with the awareness of the the Great Battle of Good and Evil. His father was an exorcist and Rufus was only twelve when he died in the Battle against some sort of demon. He missed his father ever after, blaming the strange visitors he sometimes had for this. But alqays felt the need to step into his fathers footsteps. That need somehow dominated all his life.
    He went to the police academy. Only to find his fathers work reflected there. Did nobody realize how many occult murders there were? How many child-abusers showed signs of influence? He had no expertise in such things, but believed to know enough. It was everywhere. So, he fled to the only place where he knew these things lived and he could handle them. Or so he thought. He went into hiding at the bottom of a bottle.
    His work suffered. He had once had the ability to talk people out of things. To make them do the right thing. Now, he turned more and more to the rude methods of his colleagues.
    All changed with Marie Steward. The little girl was abducted and the moment he entered the room it was her father. And for all the worst reasons thinkable. But who believed a drunken detective? He had to deal with it himself. Resulting in a man dying from bleeding, after he had lost five fingers and a save and disturbed little girl he brought the mother.
    He would have been send to jail, wouldn´t the media have made him a star for this. So, they took the other road. Giving him medals and promotions. He never turned up to the ceremony. He wasn´t a cop anymore. He was just another guy in hell.
    Damaged goods.
    Now he drifts through life, earning his money as a private eye. The Change made him afraid. To see the darkness so exposed, so selfassured it was no longer hiding . . . was this the end? He had to know.
    And his investigations have brought him from L.A. to New York. Tallahassee to Nepal. Yeah Nepal. That´s actually a rather long story. About a king and a long-legged beauty who just might not be what she appears to be . . . a long story . . . did he mention the mysterious killer hunting him . . . anyway . . . they don´t allow to smoke there . . . that´s indeed a problem . . .
  11. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002
    GM Approved

    Name: Talbot Kincade
    Age: 32
    Nationality: Scots-Irish American
    Faith: Talbot has renounced religion, but does not label himself in any way. He's somewhat of a solipsist, believing the world to be a story, where he is the central character. Thus, the world ends when his life ends.
    Appearance: Talbot enjoys wearing expensive white suits and a white fedora when he is not in his army dress uniform or combat attire. He stands at about 6'2" with a slim, athletic, build. His hair is dark brown and slicked back. He has amber colored eyes and pale skin.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: As a demolitions expert in the U.S. Army, he is very very skilled with the process of creating explosive devices. He has master knowledge of chemicals and reactions as well as how to bond them in order to make a wide variety of munitions and explosives. He possesses great electrician skills, often wiring his own bombs himself. He is also a very skilled marksman, noting the need to protect himself should his explosives fail. He also has somewhat of a photographic memory when it comes to his job, this is one reason he's such a good chemist and electrician.
    Equipment: He never goes anywhere without his .50AE Desert Eagle XIX, which he picked up from a murdered Israeli fighter during his time in the country. He also has his standard issue M9 pistol from his army platoon. On occasions he will wield rifles, but he prefers the freedom of movement from his two pistols. He carries a lot of ammunition for both weapons in pockets on the inside of his coat and vest. The other items he always carries are a variety of explosives. Grenades and C4 are his most common choices for their easiness to carry. When given time to prepare, he can bring larger items that he'll wear a pack or other luggage items in order to carry.
    Personality: As stated, he is a bit of a solipsist. He is also obsessed with blood and death. The only reason he enlisted into the armed forces was because of the rise in wars, noting the availability for people like him to have fun. He relishes in killing, and never forgets the faces of those he has killed. He views others who do their jobs to their fullest with respect, while holding cotempt for soldiers who have no stomach for killing. He will kill anyone to get what he desires, and what he desires are more ways to kill. However, when in public, he wears the face of a kind gentleman who is always eager to please those around him.
    Bio: Talbot was borne to a loving family in Dayton, Ohio. His childhood was filled with plenty of love and adoration. His parents doted over him and treated him as if he was all that mattered to their world. This over-affection allowed young Talbot to do pretty much all he wanted. While out in a field near his house one day he was playing with a friend when a rabbit scurried past them. Talbot, holding a fairly large rock, tossed it at the creature just to see what would happen. This impulsive decision would form the foundation for his later years. The rock landed on the poor creature's head, the resulting crush looked like a mini-explosion. From that point on, Talbot enjoyed seeing small creatures die. They were just toys to him, and his parents always bought him any toy he wanted.

    As he grew older, he began to enjoy other aspects of killing, learning early on to succeed he would have to wear a face of kindness to those he met. Of course no one would see through his deception, he was the main character, he was the only one that mattered in the whole world. He became obsessed with chemicals and explosions after seeing the effect they had on inanimate objects. He enjoyed the smell of burning ozone and the destruction and chaos they brought. An accident when he was 18 blew up his family home and his parents. The sight of their torn and burnt bodies set something off in Talbot. It was at this point that he realized it wasn't their world, but his world. He was the central figure of the world, of course he was the most important thing to hi
  12. starwarsbeauty

    starwarsbeauty Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 1, 2005

    Name: Vashti Schick
    Age: 21
    Nationality: American
    Personality: Cheery but has a tendency to be quite timid.
    Faith: follows "the Truth". Extreme
    Special Skills: Bible knowledge
    Equipment: Anything in her purse. Her Bible and her father's tracts. Anything she can find in the diner.
    Vashti. It means beautiful and is also the name of the woman that Esther replaced as King Ahaseurus' wife. She refused to be paraded around in front of his friends at a banquet. That is when he started searching for a new queen.

    My parents named me after her for three reasons. The first, they thought I was a beautiful baby, but what parent doesn't think that. The second, they would teach me to stand firm in my beliefs even in the face of trial. And the third, I was always shirking away from any attention I was given.

    Those three reasons describe my life. I am 21 and live in the small town of Ely with my parents. My father is Adam Schick, the minister for one of the few congregations here, and he has quite a following. People would follow him to the ends of the earth. My mother is my father's shadow, but only out of fear. She married him young and believed every word he ever said. She taught me everything he ever wanted her too. I am well versed in the Bible, my father's teachings, and the art of homemaking. Everything changed when she got pregnant and miscarried. Father said it was because she wasn't faithful enough. Mother didn't believe that and she started studying for herself, learning that most of what Father said wasn't true or even in the Bible. I'm not allowed to say anything about her studying. To express doubts in my father would be to bring severe persecution on yourself.

    About me? Well, Ely and the Corbin's Inn area are all I've ever known. I've never been anywhere else. I am allowed to work at the Corbin's Inn diner as a waitress but only so I can further spread "the Truth". Father thinks people will recognize me or see his tracts and ask me questions about our beliefs. Mother says it is so I can learn about the rest of the world from the people who come through and maybe someday, one of them will help me leave.

    Many sorts of people come through the diner and tell me all kinds of things about the world. Father says the bad things are God's way of bringing judgement on the sinners and the good things of God's way of rewarding them. We never have to worry about being judged. We follow "the Truth" and will always be spared.
  13. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Oh, this was approved.

    Name: Samuel Lyon
    Age: 35
    Nationality: American
    Faith: None (Forced Cathlocism)
    Appearance: At 6?4? and 240 pounds, Sam is in no way a small man. Since his time in the military, Sam?s brown hair has grown long and he has grown a substantial beard. Sam has brown eyes.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Former Marine and Special Task Force operative, master of deception of both himself and others, close and ranged combat
    Equipment: Beretta 92F, M12 Holster
    Bio: Samuel Lyon was destined to be an army grunt before he was born. Both his parents were military trained and neither was especially brilliant. But, Sam seemed to inherit all of his parent?s good traits and also developed cunning not apparent in either. After a few tours of duty as a Marine, Samuel was trained in the same program that produced the type of operatives that commonly infiltrated hostile organizations. Sam?s focus was combat-oriented, high-clearance ghost missions. In his life, he has been repeatedly broken and put back together, leaving his emotions hidden behind a considerable layer of muscle. Sam was granted leave of the military after suffering a bullet wound to the shoulder. With no college education, Sam moved back home, to Boston, and found a job as a handyman for MIT. The school provided him with lodgings just off the campus, right across from both a church and a pub. On a promise he made long ago, Sam began attending church, along with physical and veteran therapy.
  14. ThreadOfFate

    ThreadOfFate Jedi Youngling

    Dec 26, 2009
    Fin Approved!

    [blockquote][b]Name:[/b] October Vince
    [b]Alias:[/b] Oct, Vince
    [b]Age:[/b] 32
    [b]Nationality:[/b] American
    [b]Faith: [/b] Nothing really. His job took a toll on October, but his faith was Catholic.
    Tall, solid, and muscular isn't much to go on. October has a plain look usually dawning on a simple v t-shirt that is white or pastille colored shirts along with pair of worn looking jeans. Usually the jeans have a rip or two near the jeans. He'll dawn upon a dark jacket occasionally that has lots of pockets with places to hold things. However being in forensics he has to wear his work jacket most of the time which is black with that giant word that states the obvious FORENSICS. How cliché it gets. Still he has to wear that over his clothes and the white or blue latex gloves as well as the shoe coverings. This is what his closet consists of. The same shades of color.

    Still despite this simple look he has a smooth jaw line that's covered with stubble that threatens to become more, but he shaves every other day. Preferring that little bit of hair breaching the surface of his face. His hair is somewhat wild and never cooperative but too short for others to notice the tangles. He is never satisfied with it. Always trying to do something new with the hair but he always just returns to the same old bed head style. His eyes are a shade of brown that most commonly reminds people of dark wood that's been polished. He doesn't know why it reminds them of this, but for some reason everyone seems to describe his eyes as that. October's got gentle looking eyes and soft as they are he looks fairly strong. With very strong looking muscles that give him that six-pack look, but his hands are the opposite. When he touches someone or holds open a door they looks gentle compared to the muscles above like they're cuddling a kitten.

    [b]Special Skills/Areas of Expertise:[/b] Forensic Science, Astute Observation, Deductive Reasoning, Range Weapons know-how, Piloting.
    [b]Equipment:[/b] CZ 85 Combat Pistol (Always on his Person), Pilot?s License. At his home, he owns a hangar with a [link=]Citation CJ3[/link] Aircraft docked. Inside his plane is a locked footlocker, stashing away a .22 Long Rifle with stores of ammo for his rifle and pistol.

    He does it for the truth, because he heard all the lies too many times. He knew that it was painful to hear the lies constantly so he decided it was time that he found out the truth. So he took his time to tell himself that it was okay to take the high road. Why would you ever lie to him? This sweet face that fell in love with the countless other folks. Haunting him the black coats behind him that want him. He just want to be alive and to be alone. Who would want October to come in June?

    Born in New York, his father was always designing a house her would never stay in and always leave his son with the nanny who constantly left him alone in a room to play. His father made a lot of money but he was the only one able to pay the bills because October's mother couldn't help. He was eight when his mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. October started getting into trouble when he was nine, the mental disorder took a heavy toll on the boy. He began acting out for attention and to get the other kids off his back. They're brutal when they're that young always making fun of him and getting into fights over name calling.

    When October turned 12 he found out that his father was having an affair. Accidentally picking up the phone when his father was telling the Anna Williams that he loved her. It wasn't long after that he began hating him and in an even shorter time that October realized that there was a divorce. Thirteen was the age he was when a new mother began coming into his life and barely a year later a new baby boy. He didn't understand how this could all move so fast, how far his life could slip between his fingers. A half-brother and step-mother that seemed to betray his father>
  15. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Approved by the Fin...

    Name: Markus Jethro Flinkmen Christianson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: 6?, American Indian (Lakota dominate in appearance)/Caucasian mix, black medium hair, swimmers build, with sea blue eyes. Wears brown cargo pants, crimson shirt, black cargo vest, and dark round sunglasses with side vent covers.
    Possessions: Glock 37 MARINER .45, survival knife (Rambo version), and Blackberry, compact Laptop, and computer tech. Small personal sound nullifiers good for 200 yards size of a pager, wrist watch with laser and electromagnet, canister of knockout spray, and?stuff?

    Born in a calmer time of world history, at least by comparison he grew up with his father mostly as his mom died when he was six years old. Although he enjoyed the benefits of his minority status he largely ignored his roots beyond what few tidbits he heard here and there, largely due to that he wanted to follow in his European father?s proverbial footsteps into the field of medical sciences.

    Having graduated pre-med he found that the life was not for him, or rather that blindly following his father was no better than his half-brother?s running away to the ministry, and that he would have to earn his father?s pride in another manner. Applying himself he came to join the SIS, or British Intelligence Agency, as a tech inventor in one of the remote labs in 2009.

    Three years later when the ?Change? occurred he has been using his friends in the agency and whatever pull he can find to try and locate his family. Knowing that the time would soon come to set out on his own to either find them or what had become of them he has created several catches of material around the world of technology that he might need.

    His half brother, an evangelical priest, has not been heard from since the outbreak and quarantine that occurred in New York where he had been holding a revival. It is unknown whether or not he escaped before the quarantine went into effect. His father had been returning by car from a trip to a medical ethics convention held in Warsaw Poland, and hasn?t been heard or seen since passing near the German coastal town of Kiel that had vanished inexplicably. As for the only part of a past that does more than sadden, but scare him, is his daughter. Last he had been able to get any sort of message they had been in Hamburg where his Ex-wife was a professor in genetics. A dangerous pastime when the ?Change? finally hit Europe hard, communications between them had been lessoning, but he had to know.

    When he got the job of working with a European task force labeled ?The Change? Taskforce he was thrilled, quickly prepped and set to fly. For the taskforce is based out of Bremen, not more than an hours drive from Hamburg according to a few map programs. Soon?soon he would hold his only true fear?soon.
  16. WISE_JEDI12

    WISE_JEDI12 Jedi Knight star 2

    Feb 7, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Nick Costa
    Age: 38
    Nationality: American
    Faith: Raised Catholic but is not very religous
    Appearance: Relatively short at about 5'8, has a semi muscular frame, brown hair close croppedd, brown eyes and a constant five o'clock shadow. He wears blue jeans tattered at the hems, military issue tan boots, a white t-shirt slightly brown from dirt, and a red button down flannel shirt. He also carries a small ruck on his back holding all his wordly possesions, on top of the ruck there is an olive green sleeping bag.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Fluent in Arabic, is an ok shot, a black belt in Judo, excellent at improvising traps
    Equipment: 2 Gallons of Water, $200, 3 MRE's, a Swiss Army knife, and a couple of lengths of rope and a tarp.

    Nick was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. He lived a semi-normal life until his parents got divorced, at which point Nick sort of snapped a little. He became more withdrawn rarely leaving the house only to play sports and go to school where he excelled at both. After finishing High School with a 4.0 and many scholarship offers Nick took some time to decide what he wanted to do, he joined the military, specifically, the Green Berets.

    Nick was in fine shape for Boot Camp thanks to his sports career but when he got to SFAS he considered quitting really quickly, but he persevered and the instructors took note. After getting through the tough beginning Nick really began to shine, he displayed quick thinking and adopted the "Unconventional Mindset" key to work in Special Operations faster than anyone else. After getting through Selection Nick chose to train as an 18C, Special Forces Engineeer, where he learned how to build things than right after he learned how to blow them up.

    After graduating at the top of his Engineer class Nick attended Language School and achieved a fluency rating in Arabic, at which point he entered active duty. He served on more than combat tours than he cared to remember before he was finally allowed some peace and quiet having been selected to be a Cadre Sgt. for incoming Green Beret trainees. Strangely though Nick felt very odd in his time off and he started to have flashbacks and nightmares about some of his missions, at that point he knew something bad was coming.

    During his next rotation overseas Nick's whole team was killed and Nick had to flee sixty miles to the nearest country. He recovered from the physical wounds of his ordeal but never the mental ones and he was subsequently discharged due to his failure of a psych test. When he returned to civillian life he found himself unable to adjust and as a consequence he began drinking heavily. After about a year he got even worse and took to just wandering around from town to town doing odd jobs here and there and usually sleeping in the woods.

    That was until he was in Boston doing landscaping work when he saw a flyer advertising a Veteran therapy get together at a local church which he recently decided to start attending if only to snag a free meal every now and then.
  17. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    GM Approved!

    Well, here we go.

    [b]Name:[/b] Alex McRea
    [b]Basis:[/b] Man who has maybe played a few to many rounds of Resident Evil, and seen a few to many Romero "... Of the Dead" movies. Believes events are leading up to a number of pop culture "days" not least of which is Z-Day (Zombie Day). Anticipates V-day (vampire day) as well due to events from Tokyo.
    [b]Age:[/b] 26
    [b]Nationality:[/b] American
    [b]Ethnicity:[/b] Caucasian of Scottish descent
    [b]Faith:[/b] Non-Denominational Christian. Not incredibly faithful in regards to mainstream Christianity.
    [b]Appearance:[/b] 5'9", in shape but clearly has been overweight in the past. Short cropped brown hair and hazel eyes. Exhibits slight Southern Drawl.
    [b]Special Skills/Areas of Expertise:[/b] Firearms, Improvising equipment.
    [b]Equipment:[/b] (doesn't carry everything all the time, but being a Zombie Obsessed and Paranoid man, he's prepared)
    [li][link=]Civilian Tavor-21 Modified into MTAR-21[/link]; Uses 5.56x45mm NATO in STANAG-compliant, M16 type magazines, with standard capacity of 30 rounds. Shoulder strap[/li]
    [li][link=]Heckler-Koch HK SL8 Rifle[/link]; Uses 5.56x45mm NATO, adjusted to accept STANAG-compliant, M16 type magazines, with standard capacity of 30 rounds. Has shoulder strap, has made makeshift 'back holster' for his Vests.[/li]
    [li][link=]Mossberg 590[/link] 8 round underbarrel tube magazine, 12 gauge. (often within reach, has a special holster inside the cab of his truck for easy access)[/li]
    [li][link=]Berreta 90two Handgun[/link]; uses 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum in 15 round staggered clip. Side holster. He generally keeps this on him at all times when possible.[/li]
    [li]2 x multi-purpose combat knife; 20 centimeter (7.9 inches) blade made of high carbon steel, coated for corrosion resistance and is 43.3 centimeters (1.42 feet) when sheathed. Balanced for throwing and has a slight recurve at the tip.[/li]
    [li]When not in "Normal" clothes he has a lot of all black military surplus BDUs and a few load bearing vests.[/li]
    [li][link=]Sixth Generation F-100 XLT with camper shell[/link]. Painted black, equipped with snow tires for the "Inevitable trip north where the Zombies can't survive the cold"
    [li]Truck is stocked with MRE's, Ammo, and survival equipment.
    [/li] [b]
    Bio:[/b] Alex is a peculiar soul. Raised in Fayetteville North Carolina, a Military city right on the edge of Pope Airforce Base and Fort Bragg he has always been surrounded by Military personnel and equipment. As a child he'd fall asleep at night hearing the soldiers testing mortar rounds, finding himself soothed by the rhythm of impacting shells. He got Military Surplus clothes for his birthday, ate MRE's as snacks, and watched War movies with his father. He was as close to a military child as one could be without actually having a parent in the Military.

    But Alex was also a child old of the 90's and a teenager of the 'oughts. Popculture was a matter of life, you couldn't live in the times without being exposed to its nuances. In 96 it was Resident Evil, the starting point of his addiction to the Zombie Survival Horror life. After Resident Evil, he grew obsessed with Zombies, it was small at first, but it grew. Romero's "...of the Dead" films expanded his repertoire, and left imprints on his young mind. Then come 98, he experienced Metal Gear Solid. While not of the Zombie genre, its military tones touched upon his childhood, drawing him in.

    The Romero films, and Metal Gear Solid were all ripe with pop culture, MGS prided itself on subtly breaking the fourth wall though it was often less then subtle. As time moved on, Alex became more absorbed in the concept of Zombie Day. Resident Evil 2, then 3 filled his minds with thoughts of Biological weapons bringing about the Zombie Apocalypse. Eventually the Romero remakes came and went, 28 Days later added to his growing obsession>
  18. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Godot
    Age: Unknown, but seems to be in his mid-20s
    Nationality: Unknown, but he speaks with a Midwestern accent. Godot has only been seen in the Boston area.
    Faith: Dystheist ? Godot strongly believes that some kind of god exists, but that this god is devoted to causing suffering, strife, and evil
    Appearance: Godot dresses himself in a black coat, black collared shirt, and black pants, with a red tie and black leather gloves. He also tends to wear a grey trenchcoat over this outfit. He stands about 5? 10? tall, has a medium build, and long black hair. His face has never been scene, and is obscured by an odd mask of his own creation
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Godot is either a master of stealth and infiltration or an actual wraith, given his ability to seemingly manifest out of the shadows.
    Equipment: Twin black berettas and ammunition ? allegedly.
    Bio: Godot?s past is shrouded in mystery ? assuming he has a past at all. Considered a wraith by many who have encountered him, Godot may or may not exist, and he isn?t terribly sure which is the case.

    Some contend that he?s suffering from an extreme case of amnesia ? a peculiarly eccentric mental patient who simply hasn?t been properly diagnosed. Others will tell you he is a wraith, sent by some unknown power towards an unknown end. Still others posit that Godot does not exist at all, and is merely a combination of hallucination and the Bostonian public psyche manifesting itself.

    Godot himself can neither confirm nor deny any of these rumors. He merely knows that since he became conscious - assuming he can be described as conscious - he has been tasked with hunting down and eliminating Caleb in all of his manifestations. Who is Caleb? Caleb is Caleb, and not even Godot is certain of the details beyond that. He is only sure that he must kill Caleb, wherever he may be found, and stop his spreading. Should he fail, Godot believes the results could be dire.

    If Godot can even believe.
  19. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    FIN Approved!!! (Sorry it's taken me so long to post)

    Name: Father Joseph Genesius McEneny
    Age: 43
    Nationality: USA
    Faith: Catholic
    Appearance: Haggard for his age, Father McEneny is soft about the middle and greying. He keeps his wavy brown hair shaggier than his superiors would prefer, but always neat. His brow is furrowed more often than not, these days, and his full-lipped mouth has been drawn down into a frown, but his clear grey eyes haven't lost any of their clarity. Freckles poke out between the wrinkles beneath his eyes.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: A Catholic priest, Father McEneny trained as an exorcist over a decade ago. As a joke.
    Equipment: Various religious implements.
    Bio: Father Joseph McEneny isn't proud of the circumstances under which he became pastor of the Church of St. Thomas - the parish's previous pastor has been brought up on...charges. He was transferred, and McEneny was promoted. No one said another word about it. Joe has tried his best to be accepted fully into the community, but has been met with resistance at best and open scorn at the worst; rejecting the accusations made against Father Roselli, they were loathe to welcome his replacement.

    Things have only gotten worse with the recent troubles in the world. Try as he might. Father McEneny has been unable to guide an unusually large number of his flock away from suicide in the recent months, and he has begun to doubt himself as much as everyone else does. He prays, and he preaches, and that's all a man can do. He also seeks to serve his community, despite the scorn of some. Like many US communities, Father McEneny's has been impacted by foreign wars. Along with Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins, Father McEneny has started an interfaith Veteran support group in the basement of St. Thomas. They meet twice weekly. Cookies and punch are served.
  20. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Fin approved and [hl=black]Fin improved [/hl] . . .

    Name: John ?Johnny? Henley
    Age: 52
    Nationality: US American
    Faith: Christian-Catholic
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Singing, guitar, songwriting, but actually also PR, Media and all the things coming along with fame . . . he can ride and shoot pretty well, being son of a farmer from Wyoming.
    Equipment: An old Martin dreadnought guitar, mobile phone, 5.000 in cash and clothes for two or three days in a traveler-case, an Ipod.
    Bio: Johnny Henley, of Jay Henley as the people of the USA know him was among the great voices of the US. Coming from a small farm in Wyoming and born with a natural feeling for music and tunes he never wanted to be anything than a singer. And that was what he became. When he was 16 he began playing in a band. When he was 19 he recorded his first album and toured with 19 with the greatest stars of their time. He collaborated and recorded with the great in his business and generations of US considered him to be their speaker, through his songs. Songs about simple men and needs. About the everyday people. Awards kept on coming, highs and lows did not stop his career. And it all came with a price. Addiction to pain pills (after a riding accident on one of his ranches) and a growing alcohol problem made it difficult for other people to deal with him. Friends distanced themselves and even his wife wanted to file a divorce twice.
    She left him, eventually. But only because her illness took her away from him. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Johnny went to the church and prayed. He prayed a day and a night and when he came out of it, he went to his wife and stayed with her. He did not drink, nor take pills. He accepted his pain and only cared for her until her death. After that his music got a more somber, more sad tone. But his comeback as a sad poet of American tragedy hit the nerve of the time. And his tunes became sort of the US hymn of the Change. Something he did not care about too much.
    When his last great tour was running he took a week of to go the very inn Jay Henley had once met Rose Henley. The Corben´s Inn, near the tourist favourite Corben´s Point. A viewpoint he had asked he to marry him.

    This character will use the voice of the birlliant and loved Johnny Cash as his, simpoly because I love Cash and his songs, especially the late ones, fit what I am trying to do here so well. His biography has been kept vague at some points intentionally, because I want to explore these parts in flashbacks throughout the story. All of this, obviously, was Fin approved!

  21. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    So, let me introduce myself as your Co-GM or Third GM, first. I´ll take over several plot-relevant NPCs and play with them under the other two GMs guidance, hopefully giving them a little extra life.

    I also got a "real" character approved. Let me introduce . . . Fin approved . . .

    Name: Thomas Schröder aka DJ Dexter
    Age: 29
    Nationality: German
    Faith: Evangalic, but not very much
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Anything related to his work as a DJ, inside a studio and outside. He has a brown belt in Karate and has studied medicine, but never took his practical year. Pretty good dancer.
    Equipment: Mobile, cigarettes, lighter, Acer Laptop, credit card, a VW Polo IV, swiss army knife (with his keys), and several pills, most of them illegal. Ipod with 200 GB. A DJ equipment with about 400 albums and naother thousand at a huge wall at home . . .
    Bio: Thomas was always a guy who did not break the rules, but bend them. If they broke in the process that wasn´t his problem. He was only responsible for himself. His divorced parents thought the same, so why shoudl he feel anything else. He went thoruhg school, began studying medicine and selling pills as a side job on Raves. Always a maniac for electronic music he remixed tunes of friends in his cellar at home and soon had a reputation, being allowed to do shifts on GOA parties and became a solid artist behind the turntables. His reputation grew, so did his luck with girls, his friends and his quality of living. Now he could be a doctor, but actually earns more money as DJ Dexter on the many parties between Thursday and Sunday morning in the shady little clubs at the harbour, where he can make music for everybody, from millionaire to homeless. He loves that and it was excatly there he met Laura. Laura Blohm. DJ Dexter had many woman, but Thomas wanted only one. Her. Too bad she was not single. Too bad he hated her boyfriend.

    Too bad he did not care . . .

    [i][b]As a GM I have been given the following NPCs to play . . . [/b] [/i]

    [image=][b]Karl Emmanuel Weber [/b] - Billionaire and founder of the biggest corporation for green energy in the world.

    [image=][b]Albert[/b]; A man who suddenly appeared on the list of the worlds most wanted men and is hunted by several nations. Rumors have it, a very special agent shared by these nations has made them aware of Albert´s activity.

    [i]The list will surely expand soon . . . [/i] >
  22. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    GM Approved! :D

    Name: Sharon Cosner
    Age: 46
    Nationality: American
    Faith: Lapsed Catholic - she was raised as one, but no longer observes anything religious barring Christmas, and that is more for the obligatory food and gift-giving than any belief in its divinity.
    Appearance: Tall (1.78m/5'10"), wiry and muscular, brown eyes, mid-length dark brown hair, tanned skin; a woman some describe as 'handsome'.
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: Pistols, knives, electronics, gadgetry. Also baking. Sharon could bake for a living if she wanted.
    Equipment: A couple of Leatherman knives, mobile phone, various little tools in her car
    Sharon's early life was fairly unremarkable: she was raised in Chicago in a perfectly ordinary household, went to a perfectly ordinary school, and graduated from a middling-ranked college with an ordinary degree. And then her life diverged from 'ordinary': rather than get a job and work her way up the corporate ladder, she was recruited right out of college by the CIA.

    In hindsight, the corporate ladder would have been the better option, but Sharon didn't know it at the time. What began as a bright, promising career as an intelligence officer ended in flames a handful of years later, courtesy of a stupid rookie mistake. She was young; she fell in love; it was unfortunate for her that the man she married turned out to be using her to obtain secrets for the KGB, a fact which she discovered when the CIA hauled them both in for questioning. Sharon was named his accomplice - unknowing, perhaps, but still guilty of negligence at the very least - and only the collapse of the Soviet Empire kept her from spending the rest of her days in a cell as a traitor. Instead, she was 'generously' allowed to resign in disgrace.

    What happened to her now ex-husband, Sharon never knew or cared to find out.

    After that, life was hard. The CIA made life difficult for her - she might be out, but they kept very close tabs on her nonetheless to ensure she didn't 'go rogue'. She knocked around the country doing all sorts of work - she was a copy editor, a waitress, a mechanic, a receptionist (twice), a teacher, even trained to be a paramedic for a while - but she never stayed in any one state for very long, constantly moving in an attempt to keep ahead of her trackers.

    But in a few years, it appeared clear to everyone who knew Sharon - and doubtless the CIA too - that she was merely a wanderer and no threat to anyone, let alone the agency. They left her alone to her own devices.

    And so Sharon's life continued - unremarkable, as her upbringing had been. She moved every few months, finding some kind of work to support herself wherever she went. Somewhere in Seattle she developed cancer, received treatment, and moved on once she recovered. Her family received Christmas and birthday cards from her every year, always bearing a different postmark. Eventually her travels brought her to Corben's Inn - she hadn't meant to stop there, but her car broke down. To pay for its repair, Sharon wrangled a job as a waitress and resigned herself to staying there for a while.
  23. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    There is actually a good reason why I have two characters. One I am not allowed to talk about. So you will have to trust Fin because this is Fin approved:

    Name: Jackson Clay
    Age: unknown, but late fifties apparently
    Nationality: Unknown, but assumed US citizen
    Faith: Roman-Catholic
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise: He has developed unusual fields of expertise in his life. All of which are to be revealed in-game, at the GMs demand.
    Equipment: He is wearing an old-fashioned suit, which has seen it´s best of times. Has his small travelling suitcase with him at all times and wears a hat. Boots. No mobile. Actually not a lot of stuff at all. An old German Walther P 38 [image=].
    And a hunting-knife in his leather boot [image=]
    Bio: Little is known about Jackson Clay and where he came from. Actually it seems as if he did not exist before he turned 45. What is known is that he is a devoted catholic. Even though with a certain tolerance for all christian religions and a lack of tolerance, bordering racism, to all other religions. Not matter what they are. He wanders the US (also people who would follow his sightings, would have spotted him in Europe two, very occasionally, but why should someone? Follow his sightings, I mean) stay for himself. Does not talk much. Does not do much. Visits churches. Searched for missing people and seems never to run of dedication or cash.

    Name: Angela Janssen
    Age: 37
    Nationality: US American, German father
    Faith: Atheist
    Appearance: [image=]
    Special Skills/Areas of Expertise:
    Equipment: Mobile, various credit cards, Mercedes SLK, various everyday stuff, including a very nice penthouse-flat, bought from the money of her Ex-husband.
    Bio: Angela was born as the daughter of a US mother and a German father and was raised in Germany. Her bilingual uprising was always an advantage but she decided against anything that had to do with languages and studied medicine instead. At least in parts this was a rebellion against her father who left the family around that time. She became actually good at what she did. Smart and eager to learn, she usually exceeded in all she did. Although she never found passion for anything.
    She turned to the fields of surgery, as she felt she was not good with patients and surgeons usually had little contact with them. Her hands were calm and her Professors soon took her as his protege and from there she soon found herself in the US studying in Chicago and learning from top surgeons. She became one herself, even though her lack of social skills (and unwilling to sleep with the right men) made her an outsider, soon.
    She began working in the Boston County hospital. Becoming friends with some colleagues. Occasional boyfriends left her with occasional short-lived heart-ache and she advanced through the ranks until she was the hospitals first choice for difficult operations. These days she lives a satisfied, but rather empty life. When the change occurred she was simply shocked. disturbed. Change. That something could change was a possibility she had not considered possible for such a long time . . .
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    GM Approved

    Name: Vladimir Dragovitch Volkovskii, alias John Morris
    Age: Unknown
    Nationality: Unknown; Eastern European, presumably.
    Faith: Listed as Agnostic. Carries certain customs of Eastern Orthodox churches, however.
    Appearance: Tall and broad-shouldered, black hair, green eyes and aquiline features. Quite pale. Enjoys wearing darker clothes - generally a black suit and a trench coat.
    Areas of Expertise: Espionage, interrogation and a knack for finding the truth. Volkovskii, AKA Morris, has uncanny accuracy at darts.
    Equipment: A fully-stocked briefcase. Hidden inside is a combat knife for close calls.
    Bio: It is unknown where the man known only as John Morris came from - clearly educated in Great Britain, he nonetheless carries strange thoughts and mannerisms often associated with the so-called "Old Country." Though his true name is certainly Russian, many of his habits and customs seem to be informed by old tradition in Romania. A freelance investigator, Morris specializes in the procurement of delicate information. He takes great pride in his one-on-one dealings with so-called "targets." Morris is a bit of a mystery - he prefers to work at night, and has a taste for theatrics. It can be assumed he's had some basic psychological training and some black-ops experience, possibly with the GRU or Spetsnaz. Sighted in former Soviet satellite states, Morris seems to be offering his services to up-and-coming revolutionaries or unstable governments. After a stint in Sarajevo in the early nineties, he went underground for a while. Stories surfaced of Morris engaging in strange, ritualistic tortures of prisoners and targets. One story posited that Morris even went so far as to drink the blood of an enemy general. Despite his usual reputation as a master mercenary, this story spread along with stories of vampirism. He finds himself currently unemployed and searching for some very delicate information.
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    Name: Lilith

    Gender: Female, nominally - both, possibly

    Age: Appears to be in her mid-twenties

    Appearance: Dependent upon your expression of beauty, she can modify her features to account for this, but generally she adopts the most natural version of beauty - long, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and pale white skin.

    [image=] [Among others]

    Inventory: A thick robeskin, to preserve modesty, shaped like a snake of sorts, curling around her left leg and around her waist, up her back, and around her chest, curling around her neck. A gold ring on her right index finger. A tattoo on her inner thighs, the two halves which meet when sitting together.

    Persona: A softly spoken woman, winsome and coy, with little undertones of darkness to her. An intelligent woman enshrined by beauty.

    Biography: Lilith was born before Eve, it is said. She was the first woman, the second human to come to existence, after Adam. But, she was too wild and uncontrollable for Adam to tame, and she fled Eden, foresaking the demands of 'God'. Cavorting in the Red Sea, Lilith fell pregnant, and informed the three angels named Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof of this fact - and they departed to inform 'God' as so. What happened next has been shrouded in time, and what truly happened, has been shrouded in the Legends of Man. The truth is truly unknown, maybe even to Lilith.
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