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Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by haruwindsong, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. haruwindsong

    haruwindsong Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 2, 2004
    Well, the boards for the locals have been awfully quiet of late. Where is everyone? What have you been up to? I've been rebuilding the Jedi costumes for my nephew, Mike (in Ft MacMurray) and me using raw silk (don't ask about the cost). Mine's just about done. I still have to make Mike's shirt; no dickie --- that's just plain silly under the tunic, as far as I'm concerned. I've bastardized a shirt pattern to get the wrapped look for underneath the tunic. Mine's shirt's brown.
    Then there's Bobbie and Robin, both of whom want new outfits (their cost, I make --- Jedi seamstress am I). I've also got a jumpsuit pattern, plus fabric and guidelines for building my X-Wing pilot flight suit. Bobbie's putting together the chest pack and sleeve com-unit for me, and tailoring my helmet. Doggone nuisance having a smaller than average head!
    Anyway, for those of you who will be out for the Sidney Xmas parade, see you there. To the missing-in-action, time to come back out of the woodwork people. We're losing one of our members (TR0773) to the Toronto crowd in the New Year so the rest of us really do need to get out there and promote the local groups. We should try to meet in person at least twice a year, too. It's good to see who's who at the zoo.
    On the final note, how many are looking at attending CIV? I have space for one more person. Get your memberships NOW. The hotel rooms are booking up fast, and trying to get "shoulder night" space (Wed before CIV) is becoming almost impossible. We had to book at the Westin for the Wed and are moving over to the Marriott Thurs morning.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.