Discussion You get to choose ONE actor to play ONE EU character in the sequel trilogy. Who is it?

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  1. Jedi_Lantern Jedi Knight

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    Depending on how the writers decide to incorporate/ignore the EU, the character you pick may be altered a bit to suit the stories' needs

    I select Nathan Fillion to play Dash Rendar! Harrison/Han will be awesome, but I'd like a younger smuggler type main character as well


    Please lock/delete if this thread doesn't differentiate itself enough from an existing thread :)
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  2. Darth Claire Force Ghost

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    Maybe Jessica Chastain for Mara but....she's a bit young especially when Hamill is like 60 something but hey....Luke can score with anybody :p
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  3. DarthBreezy Force Ghost

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    Should probably go in the Official EU thread.
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  4. bstnsx704 Jedi Master

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    Just give me two hours of Sam Rockwell dancing with some spaceships and stuff in the background and I will be more than satisfied.

    EDIT: Oh, you want a cast member for an EU character....seeing as I know nothing about the EU, just make Sam Rockwell some generic guy that Luke talked to for half a second in one of the books, and give him the on film role that I described above.
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  5. markdeez33 Jedi Knight

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    Keanu Reeves as Quinlan Vos
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  6. Eeth-my-Koth Jedi Grand Master

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    Michael Cera as Thrawn
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  7. Ryus Jedi Master

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    Julianna Moore as Mara Jade. (can think of others who'd be great for her too though)

    She's also at the medium age to be either Mara's force ghost or her alive, if they (hopefully) retcon her death (cause it should have been Tenel Ka anyways)

    I can totally see her playing Mara in her younger spin off movies, as a plus she looks kinda close to Julianna Moore (height and body shape wise any how) who can play her in the sequal trilogy... hey, if Obi-wan can have two actors... :p
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  8. PrincessKenobi New Films Manager

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    This is better suited for the EU thread
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