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Beyond - Legends [DDC 2018]The Journal of Marcus Indupar (Son of Talon Tantiss)

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Title: Journal of Marcus Indupar (son of Talon Tantiss)

    Author: Jedi_Lover
    Genre: Friendship/Romance
    Rating: PG-13
    Time Frame: 57 ABY and beyond
    Characters: OCs (the Tantiss family), Skywalker and Solo families.

    Note: This is a 1/2 year DDC that starts on July 1st and goes to December 31st. This DDC is a variation of my last five Talon Tantiss Journals. This story will start 8 years after the end of the last Talon Tantiss Journal and it is from the point of view of Talon’s son, Marcus Indupar. There are 8 previous fanfics in this series of stories, so although I am going to attempt to write this year’s diary so everybody can understand it, I don't think I will succeed.

    If you are interested in reading the previous stories, the first book in this series is called Second to None . That was a L/M love story, but it also explained the origin of Talon’s father Mark Tantiss. After that fanfic I wrote The Journal of Mark Tantiss. This covers the time from Wayland, Byss, and the discovery of the Eye of Palpatine. This was followed by the fanfic Second To None: Sacrifices. This story has Talon as a young man and details Jacen’s brush with the darkside. This is followed by The Journal of Talon Tantiss (part1) then The Journal of A Very Married Talon Tantiss (part 2), The Journal of Talon Tantiss: Jedi Knight and Reluctant Vornskr Owner (part 3), The Journal of Talon Tantiss (Part 4) Secrets Revealed, and finally [DDC 2017] The Journal of Talon Tantiss: [Part 5] Secrets Revealed-Vol 2 (updated 12/11/17)and finally [DDC 2017] The Journal of Talon Tantiss: [Part 5] Secrets Revealed-Vol 2

    57 ABY

    Entry 1

    I turned twenty-one years of age today and for a birthday gift my father bought me a highly encrypted datapad that can be used for journaling. He told me that he has kept a journal for the last two decades and my grandfather has kept a journal since he was only days old (my granddad is a Luke Skywalker clone that was ‘born’ as an adult with military flash training…long story).

    I’m not really the journaling type, but dad appeared so excited about the gift I told him I would use it.

    I am not sure how this should work. Do I write Dear Diary…I really think it is wizard that I am king of the Indupar Crown Worlds, but I truly wish my mother would stop pressuring me to marry and give her a grandchild and, of course, an heir to the throne.

    No, starting my journal in a passive aggressive manner would be childish and unbecoming of royalty.

    Most likely this journal will be read hundreds of years after my death by either aged university pedagogues or zealot theologians of the Bright Path (State Religion of Indupar) all who have a general understanding as to who I am and what I accomplished during my tenure as King...but…just in case I fail as a ruler and my name falls into obscurity, I shall attempt to write this journal in a way that somebody who has never heard my name could follow and understand my journey through life.

    So here it goes. My name is Marcus Odaj Indupar. The public believes I am the son of the late king Odaj Indupar and his wife Queen Kaie Aiti. The queen was pregnant with his heir when Odaj died, but the baby unfortunately miscarried. Kaie believes the stress of her husband’s passing led to the death of her child. When the Queen miscarried she discovered her twin sister (my mother) Ema Aiti was pregnant.

    I know what you all are thinking, ‘how convenient’. This sounds like the plot from some dreadful fantasy novel. I would agree, if it weren’t for another key player to my life story…the H’Drachi Seers. The seers have been living in the Indupar royal palace since before I was born. These cameloid looking aliens can use the Force to foresee the future and they have taken to meddling with the future feverously for the last five decades.

    Upon the death of the late king, the seers foresaw the late king’s cousin Olaf Racine gaining the throne of Indupar and bringing great chaos and pain to his people. They convinced the then pregnant queen to flee Indupar and ask for the protection of the Jedi Knights. The seers knew that my father—tasked to guard the Queen and her sister—would fall in love with my mother. They predicted my conception and later they convinced my mother to switch places with the Queen and pass me off as the prince. My true father, a Jedi Knight named Talon Tantiss was never told my mother was pregnant. He discovered my existence by pure happenstance when I was two years old. He was told to stay away for my own safety and that is what my dad reluctantly did. It wasn’t until my twelfth birthday when I officially was made king of the Indupar Crown worlds that he was allowed to become a fixture in my life.

    Shortly after I was crowned, a rich vein of stygium crystals was located on Ec Pand (one of the worlds under my rule). The crystals are used to make cloaking devices. Whoever controlled the crystals could rule the galaxy. Since I have no ambition to be Supreme Ruler of the universe, I made an agreement to sell the crystals to the Galactic Alliance. In return the Jedi Knight were sent to Ec Pand to protect these invaluable military assets. To be honest…that is an extremely simplistic explanation of how the Jedi Order ended up garrisoned on Ec Pand, but the full story would fill a novel.

    As I said earlier, my grandfather is a Luke Skywalker clone. Although, he is barely recognizable as the Grand Master since his genetic code was tweaked to make him bigger…among other modifications. He grew a beard, died his hair and irises to disguise his resemblance to Skywalker. He had two sons, Jaden Tantiss and my father Talon Tantiss. Since my grandfather is a Skywalker clone my family is genetically related to the Solo/Skywalker families. I see the Grand Master as my great uncle and his children as my cousins. Only my family knows about my relationship to the members of this great Jedi dynasty.

    Ack…I am already tired of writing. Maybe my father won’t ask if I started to use his present and I can quit journaling with a clear conscious.

    Entry 2

    Nope, I am not that lucky. My father asked if I was journaling. I told him. “Of course, Dad.”

    Entry 3

    My personal assistant, T’Zana Tasuta, came to my quarters today to personally inform me that the Dragon Queen II—Flagship of Queen Tenel Ka Djo from the Hapes Consortium—has dropped out of hyperspace quite unexpectantly and was now in orbit above Indupar.

    My personal assistant freely comes and goes through the servants’ entrance of my quarters unannounced, so much so that I often joke that she’s my roommate. Usually her coming and goings conform to a schedule, but this particular visit was unanticipated. For this reason I was surprised to come out of the shower and find her standing at the doorway of my bed chamber. Fortunately I had a large towel wrapped around my waist to protect my modesty. She blushed profusely as she averted her eyes and gave me the report.

    “Did the Queen Mother say why she is here?”

    I can see T’Zana’s jaw tighten, a clear sign of irritation. “The Queen Mother is not onboard. It is Princess Allana who requests an audience with Your Eminence.”

    “Ah,” was all I said. T’Zana does not realize Allana is my cousin, all she knows is the young princess loves to visit Indupar and make a big show of being seen with me…usually in an effort to make potential Hapan suitors jealous.

    “Shall I have our planetary defense Force fire a warning shot across the bow of her ship?” Her expression remained neutral but her voice dripped with sarcasm.

    “Ouch, jealous much,” I joked.

    Upon hearing that comment her expression went from neutral to annoyance. I can’t help but tease her. T’Zana is a beautiful, dark haired, tanned skinned human about my age. We have known each other for eight years, ever since my soldiers rescued her and dozens of other poor souls from slave traders. In fact, I led that particular rescue mission. When I first saw T’Zana I was appalled at the extent of her abuse. She was beaten, tortured and mutilated in the most horrific ways. I was determined to give her the best medical treatment Indupar could offer. She has prosthetic devices to replace her crudely amputated legs, arms and eyes. She was also given psychological counseling and physical therapy that lasted for years. Faint scars on her face are now the only visible reminders of the cruelty she endured. Her plight touched me so much that I offered her training to become my assistant. She accepted and for the last five years we have been inseparable.

    She shook her head adamantly. “I am not jealous, Your Majesty.”

    “But you don’t like her?”

    She shrugged the question off.

    “Allana is my friend. I would hope you two would get along.”

    She sighed deeply. “Sire, I have nothing against Princess Allana personally. It is her culture that is disturbing. The assassinations, the backbiting and the overall mean-spirited demeanor of her psychotic and treacherous countrymen are dreadful.”

    “Nothing personal, though,” I goaded with a wide grin. I moved to my dresser and pulled out clothing to wear. I looked over my shoulder to my friend. “Please turn around while I dress. I don’t want to encourage you to break any vows of chastity.”

    She gave a derisive snort before turning her back on me. “No need to worry, My Liege, I am a faithful Sister of the Bright Path. Not even the royal jewels can sway me from my commitment to the order.”

    “Royal jewels. That’s a good one Taz,” I chuckled, using the nickname I had bestowed upon her years ago.

    I pulled on my undergarments and trousers before addressing my assistant. “Should I wear the full dress military uniform to meet the princess or perhaps my Indupar Knight armor?”

    Taz tried to suppress an eye roll but she couldn’t quit pull it off. “Your armor.”

    My brow rose. I was expecting some snarky reply and not a useful answer. “I think so, too. Is it because I look dashing, but at the same time dangerous?”

    Her lips drew into a tight line to hide a grin. “No Sire, I recommend it because it comes with an armored codpiece. Women with Dathomirian bloodlines are known to be aggressive with men.”

    I laughed loudly. “Yep, Jealous.”

    “Protective,” she corrected me.

    I threw up my hands in surrender. “Fine, you are protective.”

    Of course I know the truth…she’s jealous.

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    Happy wriggles! Marcus has his own tone/voice. [face_mischief] And so does T'Zana. I love her already. She's come through a lot & has such a vibrant personality, and (yes) she's jealous [face_laugh] ;)

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    Thank you for reading. I am sort of going for a Courtship of Marcus Indupar type of story. Since I never plot anything out I am not sure what is going to happen. I appreciate your comments!
    Entry 4

    I watched as Allana’s shuttle landed smoothly in the Royal Palace docking bay. I was standing near the main corridor, hands behind my back, and rocking on my heels. I was trying to look casual, but I have to admit I am always a little anxious when my cousin comes to visit. T’Zana was right when she said Hapan culture is dysfunctional. Wherever Allana goes, so do assassins. I have to double security whenever she’s on planet. So far we have prevented three assassination attempts on Indupar alone. She has survived a dozen more on Hapes. Fortunately, she has a highly trained and exceedingly loyal personal security detail, which is assisted by spot-on intelligence provided by my Seers through their precognitive Force visions.

    The shuttle boarding ramp lowered and a dozen highly armed royal security guards marched down the ramp. They positioned themselves in a half circle around the shuttle, facing out, their blaster rifles held at port arms. Next, the commander of her personal security detail, Deke Tavik, exited the ship. He was wearing a dark blue military uniform with an overabundance of military campaign medals littering his chest. He smiled broadly as he moved to my position, hand extended in a greeting. He grasped my hand in a firm grip and pumped it enthusiastically.

    “Good to see you again King Marcus.”

    “The pleasure is all mine Commander. I have doubled my guards throughout the palace for the Princess’ safety.”

    He released my hand and moved back a step. “Good…ummm…have the Seers seen anything in the time stream that I should be concerned about?”

    I grinned. “Not this time. I believe after the third failed assassination attempt the Hapan royals realized attacking Allana on Indupar was futile.”

    “She does appear safest when she’s with you,” he said slyly as he put his comlink to his mouth. “All clear.”

    I caught movement in the corner of my eye and turned to watch Allana exit the shuttle. She wore an elegantly tailored strapless gown that showed off her toned body and soft curves in a way that caught the attention of every man in the docking bay. As she walked down the ramp her shoulder-length reddish-gold hair swayed around a flawless face, with high cheekbones and full lips. When her piercing grey eyes locked onto mine she gave me a playful smirk. Gods! That woman knows how she affects men…and I hate to admit…I am not totally immune.

    In fact, nobody within the docking bay was unaffected by her grace and beauty. I could sense through the Force a mixture of strong emotions emanating from the men within the bay.

    Commander Tavik projects a sense of almost fatherly love for the nineteen-year-old princess and a shipload of overprotectiveness. From my male guards I could sense attraction and in a few of my more randy soldiers there was wanton lust. I should be disgusted by their inner emotions, but I really can’t blame them. She is exquisite.

    Tavik gave me a nudge. “You know, if you marry her, I can finally retire.”

    I chuckled. “I doubt that. You still have her little sister Teela to protect.”

    He shrugged. “Marry them both. They can be sister wives.”

    I gave an involuntary shudder. “No thanks. That is just….so wrong.”

    He laughed boisterously at my discomfort. “I’ll let you two get reacquainted,” he stepped aside so I could greet the princess.

    “Thanks,” I said dryly as I stepped forward. I walked up to Allana thinking I would kiss her hand in a formal greeting but she had something else in mind. She pulled me into a warm embrace before she kissed me on the cheek. It was a platonic gesture but at the same time enough to get tongues wagging. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear. “Who are we trying to make jealous today?”

    She pulled away far enough to look me in the eye. “I’ll tell you later. Can we go to your quarters, I feel vulnerable out in the open.”

    I took a step back and offered her my arm. She linked her arm in mine and smiled seductively. “Why thank you, King Marcus, you are a true gentleman.”

    I guided her out of the docking bay and down the opulent corridor leading to my personal apartment. I gave her a sidelong glance and smiled. “You look beautiful today. I think half of my men are going to have to take cold showers after seeing you.”

    Her bottom lip stuck out in a mock pout. “Only half?”

    I suppressed a grin. “Oh, the remainder of my men weren’t immune to your charms…they simply are considering other options to quench their…ummm…rising desires.”

    She giggled as she leaned in until our bodies were touching as we walked. “How about you? Are you going to have to take a cold shower?”

    I snorted sarcastically. “No, I’ll just visit the royal harem. I have people for that.”

    I guess she didn’t like that answer because she playfully punched my shoulder with her free hand.

    “Ouch.” I pretended to be wounded. “Taz was right about Dathomir women liking it rough.”

    Her eyes narrowed when I mentioned my assistant. If I didn’t know better I would think my young cousin was jealous.

    “What is with you and her?” she asked.

    I shrugged. “Nothing romantic. She is my personal assistant.”

    He made a humph sound. “I don’t think she likes me.”

    “When did it matter to you what a servant thinks?”

    She stopped and turned to me. “You say she’s a servant, but I know that is only technically true. She has more sway over you than any other woman in the palace including your mother, so don’t pretend she means the same to you as your groundskeeper.”

    I flashed a disarming smile. “You’re right. She is my friend and I care for her deeply.” I offered her my arm again. "Shall we?" We resumed walking in silence until we arrived at my quarters. I keyed the door entry and ushered the princess inside. When we were behind closes doors I turned to her. “So why are you here?”

    He moved to the apartment’s sitting area and flopped down on my couch. “You’re right, I’m trying to make someone jealous.” She paused in thought. “Well not really jealous, as much as worried.”

    I settled down next to her. “Who is it this time?”

    “Duke Aveskum.”

    My brow furrowed in confusion. “Wait, I thought Kjon Aveskum liked you, why make him jealous?”

    “Not him, but his father.”

    Now I was really confused. “You want to marry the father?”

    “Eww, no!” she said hotly. “I had my people approach the Duke about setting up a meeting between me and his son Kjon, but he refused, stating his oldest son Raten should be the one courting me.” She made a dismissive wave of her hand. “It’s some old Hapan royal tradition that the younger sibling doesn’t marry before the oldest. For example, my little sister would be highly discouraged from courting or marrying before me. It’s not absolutely forbidden, but it is customary.”

    “What’s wrong with Raten?”

    She made a sound of disgust. “He’s a cretin.”

    I sat back in my seat and thought about it. “So how does your visit here help you out of this predicament?”

    She blushed slightly. “I just want the Duke to know that I have other options if he doesn’t want to give Kjon permission to court me.”

    “Ohhh,” I said slow and sardonically. “So I’m your backup suitor, your alternate paramour, your secondary supplicant.”

    That comment got me another smack to the shoulder. “It doesn’t have to be that way. You’d be my first choice, but you’re not interested.”

    I slouched back into the seat cushions and sighed. “Allana, you want to marry me because you know I won’t kill you. That’s not a good bases for a relationship.”

    Her eyes met mine without apology. “Not having to worry about your spouse plotting your demise seems like reason enough to me. You have no idea what it’s like. Your people adore you. They literally believe you are their god. They worship the ground you walk on. You don’t have people plotting to kill you daily. It would be nice to be able to sleep next to a man and not worry about him smothering me with a pillow at night.”

    I leaned forward in my seat, elbows on my knees and stared at the floor. “It’s not going to happen. I’m sorry.”

    She crossed her arms across her chest and glared at me. “Is this because we’re related? We’re second cousins. Most royals marry their second or third cousins. We are genetically diverse enough to prevent recessive genes from getting passed on, but we are close enough genetically to prevent something scientists call outbreeding depression.”

    I gazed at her slack-jawed. “Stang, Allana, did you spend all your free time doing holonet searches on ‘How to convince your second cousin that you won't conceive a two-headed baby if you marry’?” I didn’t wait for an answer but waved her off. “It doesn’t matter. That’s not the reason anyway. Ninety-five percent of the past Indupar Royals married within the family.”

    “Then why?” she persisted. “Don’t you like me?”

    I heaved a sigh. “Allana, I love you. You’re family…but put aside the threat of assassinations and the risks of consanguineous unions…have you thought about the logistics of being married to each other? The Hapes Consortium is in the galaxy’s core and the Indupar Crown worlds are in the outer rim. Half the galaxy separates us. Where will we live? Am I to live on Hapes? Would you move to Indupar? It just wouldn’t work.”

    Her chin trembled ever so slightly. “My mother has survived as long as she has because my father is a strong Force user who helps protects her. I would like to find a man who can do the same for me.”

    “You already have that man. How many times has Commander Tavik saved your life?”

    She looked down at the ground sadly. “More time than I can count,” she finally admitted before smiling sadly. “He’s a good man. He’s even offered to kill Raten Aveskum for me.”

    I began to laugh, but knowing Deke Tavik…the offer was probably real. “I hope you turned him down.”

    “Yes.” She sounded a bit disappointed.

    I leaned over, wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a friendly hug. “Allana, I will do my best to protect you. My seers and I have prevented assassination attempts in the past and we will continue to do so.”

    “Thanks,” she said dully.

    I nudged her with my elbow. “Come on, we can have fun. If you think Hapan spies are in my palace we can give them something to talk about.”

    Her lips curved into a dangerous smile. “What do you have in mind?”

    I grinned back conspiratorially. “We could go out dancing, maybe take in a play…and then we can return to my bedroom and…” I paused for dramatic effect. “Jump up and down on my bed while you moan loudly ‘King Marcus you truly are a god…in bed’. I could kick the headboard against the wall and wake the neighbors. That will get the rumors going.”

    She shook her head with a roll of her eyes. “Don’t your grandparents have the suite next to you? I think your plan will only get me banned from the palace.”

    I chuckled softly. “Then how about some lightsaber practice? Maybe I’ll let you win.”

    “Okay.” Her smile held a hint of smugness. “And I will win, but not because you let me.”

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    Loved the snark and genuine sharing of concerns and options and TRULY HILARIOUS suggestions about how to get the gossipers talking. [face_mischief] [face_rofl]
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    Love to see Marcus writing this. T'Zana is lovely and should be a nice wife.
    Alanna not. She should stay on Hapes and perhaps Deke?
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    Oh my … poor Allana. I would shoot myself if I were a royal on Hapes … or I'd shoot other royals. Would probably depend on my mood, but I think I like the latter option better. It's more satisfying, you know. [face_thinking] ;) [face_devil]
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    Thanks! I hopefully this will work out for Allana.
    Deke is married and as old as her grandfather, but I do have a possible beau lined up for Allana.
    Hapes was one messed up place. If Jacen and Tenel Ka could have been together openly Jacen would never had turned to the darkside in the profic novels.

    Thanks everybody for reading.
    Entry 5

    I had Allana’s luggage delivered to the guest bedroom in my suite so she could change into a sparring outfit.

    She exited her room wearing a sleeveless, green, formfitting, dragon hide outfit that ended just below her knees. Around her waist was a brown leather belt where her lightsaber hung. She held her arms out to her side and spun around. “How do I look?”

    I stepped forward and placed my hands on her hips. “It is perfect with the exception of one thing that has to come off.”

    Her brow went up in surprise. “Ahh…what thing?”

    I reached down and unclipped her lightsaber. “This. Practice sabers only.”

    “What?” She tried to grab the saber, but I pulled it back and out of her reach.

    “Oh no, those are the rules. I am only allowed to spar with you with practice sabers. Not after what happened to your mother.”

    “My mother lost her arm because of a defective lightsaber. I don’t have that problem.”

    “Nope, sorry.”

    “Oh please! I spar with real lightsabers at home all the time.”

    I placed her saber on the sitting room caf table. “That may be so, but I have been told sparring with you using real lightsabers is absolutely forbidden.”

    “Told by who?”

    “Your commander of security.”

    “Tavik?! He doesn’t have authority over you….or me.”

    “That may be true, but I will abide by his wishes. He is responsible for your safety and I am not going to put him in position where he has to worry about you more than he already does.” My lips twitched with amusement “Besides, Tavik told me that when it comes to you there is a ‘you break it, you buy it policy’ in effect.”

    “He said what?” Her voice was low and sharp.

    I snorted a laugh as I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and guided her to the door. “Come on, practice sabers will mean you don’t have to hold back. It’ll be fun.”

    Entry 6

    Practice sabers were fun…for Allana. She is GOOD! She got past my defenses three times, which resulted in a nasty welt on my stomach, leg and backside. Not only was that physically painful, but embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not humiliated about being outdone by a woman. What bothered me was the audience we acquired while she did it. Along with the two dozen or so Indupar Knights and apprentices in the viewing chamber, Commander Tavik and my grandfather were also watching the match and I am fairly certain they were wagering on who would win. That isn’t surprising. There is a long-standing rivalry between Commander Deke Tavik and my Grandfather, Mark Tantiss. The two men have known each other for over forty years, with their friendship going back to the time they were ‘Jump Buddies’ in Void Jumper School.

    Getting back to my story, every time Allana bested me Commander Tavik would say something like, ‘Ouch, you’re going to feel that one in the morning’ or ‘Wow, this is a royal beat down!’

    Eventually I realized my lightsaber skills weren’t up to par. I called for a timeout and asked her if she wanted to do hand-to-hand combat. The huge grin that spread across her face gave me a hint that I probably was in trouble. When we announced to the observers that we would spar without sabers my grandfather groaned and slapped the palm of his hand to his forehead. It was then I remembered that Jacen Solo was an expert at martial arts and submission holds…skills he probably handed down to his daughter.

    Great,’ I thought sarcastically.

    Allana circled around me like a sand panther ready to strike. “Don’t worry Marcus, I won’t hurt you…much.”

    I would like to say I held my own and defended myself with grace and dignity, but that would be lying. I was on the defensive for most of the match. I blocked the majority of her spinning kicks and punches, but had difficulty going on the offensive. She was much faster and more skilled than I was. My best chance was to bring the fight to the ground and use my larger muscular frame and height to pin her to the mat. “Allana, let’s wrap this up,” I said between kicks. “The first person to bring the other to the mat wins.”

    “Sure,” said before performing a serious of kicks and punches that ended with a devastating leg sweep. My feet came out from under me and I would have crashed to the mat if it weren’t for the Force. Levitation is one of my strengths and I was able to stop my fall and ended up hovering face up about 25 centimeters above the mat. I gave Allana a smug grin. “I didn’t hit the mat.”

    She didn’t even hesitate. She jumped on top of me. I couldn’t compensate for the additional weight and momentum in time and my back smacked the mat. I lay there stunned for a moment with Allana splayed on top of me, belly to belly.

    A split second later I could feel a spike of emotion through the Force causing Allana to roll off me and return to a defensive position. I thought she was going to attack me again, but she didn’t. Instead, she was searching the crowd, her expression guarded. I stood and gazed in the direction she was looking. “What’s wrong?”

    She gazed at me in astonishment. “You didn’t feel that in the Force? A surge of anger?”

    I thought back to what I sensed and chuckled. “That wasn’t anger…it was more like a mixture of envy and jealousy coming from every unmarried woman in the room.”

    Her eyes narrowed and I assume she was either reaching out in the Force or trying to remember exactly what happened. She eventually smirked. “Not all of them were women.” Her grin grew wider. “You have a male admirer.”

    “What? Who?”

    She pointed to where a lone man stood. When he noticed we were staring at him he blushed and quickly walked away. “Edric?” I said under my breath. Edric Kjek was one of my top Indupar Knights. He’s a highly educated son of a wealthy and influential family on Indupar. “No, I really doubt that. ” I turned to Allana. “I’ve worked with him before and I’ve never sensed any type of attraction or jealousy.”

    She shrugged. “Maybe he’s good and shielding his emotions…or maybe he’s never had cause to be jealous before.” She gave me a toothy grin. “Has he ever been in the room when you had a gorgeous woman lying on top of you?”

    I ran a hand over my chin as I pretended to contemplate that question. This irritated Allana to no end. “Why is that a question you need to think about?”

    I smiled mischievously. “I’m trying to remember if Edric was ever invited to any of my royal orgies.”

    That response was rewarded by another leg sweep and this time my back did hit the mat.

    “I’m joking,” I said with a chuckle.

    She crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. “It’s too bad. That Edric fellow is cute…and muscular.” She sighed. “What a waste.”

    I got to my feet still laughing. “Allana, with Edric’s good looks, muscular build and Force skills…I doubt anything is going to waste.”

    As we ended our sparring practice, I saw my grandfather hand over to Deke Tavik a handful of high denomination credits. It is encouraging that my grandfather had the confidence to wager I would win. It is too bad I didn’t live up to his expectations.
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    LOL! I liked that bit of verbal and literal sparring. Edric sounds promising for Allana.
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    Allana has girlpower
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    Thanks I am glad you enjoyed the entries.
    She has been trained by Jacen and Tenel Ka and who knows who else. She is a force to be reckoned with.

    Entry 7

    Allana spent a week on Indupar and Ec Pand. Although she devoted a large chunk of her time to be seen with me, she also visited the Skywalkers and everybody else at the Jedi Temple. When she returned to Hapes I had mixed feelings. I enjoy her company, but at the same time it is exhausting to host a royal guest. My schedule is always full and when I have any free time I just want to relax in my living quarters and watch a good holodrama.

    Entry 8

    T’Zana came into my home office the day after Allana left Indupar. She had my white military dress uniform draped over her arm and a smirk on her face.

    “I see the Princess left you in one piece. I expected to see marks all over your body.”

    I groaned. “Don’t remind me of our sparring match.”

    Her brow shot up. “You sparred with her?”

    “Of course we sparred. Why else would I have marks on my body?” I groaned when I realized what she was hinting at. “Ha, ha,” I said sarcastically. “No, there was no Dathomiri mating bondage. Not that it would be any of your business if there was.”

    “That never crossed my mind, Sire. Allana is only one-fourth Dathomir blood. I truly doubt she would follow their primitive mating customs. Of course the Hapan culture is highly matriarchal with men subservient to the women…” She trailed off leaving me to interpret that comment as I will. She pointed to the clothing she carried. “I need you to try this uniform on. You haven’t worn it in years and it might need alterations before the formal ball next month.”

    I made a sound of disgust. “I really don’t want to go to the ball.” I grimaced, realizing I sounded like a petulant child.

    Her gaze was full of understanding. “I know, Sire, but you have to attend. The whole purpose of the event is to find you a suitable mate. Your mother has invited every marriage minded woman of the proper social status to meet you.”

    I dropped my head to my desk in frustration. “I don’t want to be the main serving at a meat market.”

    She stifled a laugh. “Perhaps some of the young ladies would be more interested in your mind and sparkling personality and not necessarily your…meat.”

    I snickered. “I love the way you phrase things.” I stood and walked around the desk and took my uniform out of her arms and placed it on my desk. “Taz, I don’t want another woman coming between our friendship. We have too much fun together.” I reached out to put a hand on her shoulder but she stepped back out of my reach.

    “Sire, I love your company, but you need to find someone who can give you an heir…and that’s something I cannot do.”

    “An heir.” I sighed deeply as I returned to my seat. “You sound just like my mother.”

    “We are both women who have your best interests in mind.”

    I gave a grunt of annoyance. “Will you at least help me practice my ballroom dancing?”

    She smiled warmly. “That I can do, Sire.”
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    Adored the snarky banter! You are amazing at it! [face_rofl] T'Zana is so sure she cannot be a suitable mate? [face_thinking] Hmmm. ;)
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    Marcus going to the ball in his dress-whites should be stunning
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thank you! I really appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment. T'Zana and Marcus have a unique relationship that will unfold throughout the story.
    He is a handsome man like his father.

    Thanks everybody for reading.

    Entry 9

    My mother visited me today. I love my mother, but the constant hints that I should marry and give her grandchildren have gotten tiring. It’s not like she’s old and going to die soon. At the age of forty-six she is in great health and will probably live for another forty-six years. I didn’t know what the big hurry is…and that is exactly what I asked her when she came to my apartment.

    “Marcus, you need an heir,” my mother said simply as she sat on my couch. “If you die without children the throne will go to the next in line…which is a member of the Racine family.”

    I shook my head in confusion. “Do you mean the former king’s cousin, Olaf Racine? He abdicated and put him in self exile in lieu of facing charges of slandering and defaming the crown.”

    She sighed deeply. “It appears that Olaf outsmarted us. He abdicated in such a way that he can’t inherit the crown, but his children can.”

    “Mom, he doesn’t have any children.”

    She scoffed. “He corrected that problem as soon as he left Indupar. He married and had a daughter. When his wife died last year he remarried and now he has an infant son.”

    “So what?” I said defiantly.

    She blew out a breath and threw her hands wide. “You know the seers predicted that Racine would terrorize the Indupar Crown Worlds if he became king; what if he ruled through his children?”

    I sat down next to my mother and gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry mom. I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.”

    She huffed in frustration. “Young people rarely plan on dying.”

    The way she said that put me on edge. “Did the seers say something to you? Have they foreseen my death?”

    She shook her head. “You know they have problems seeing you in the time streams. The Tantiss men are an enigma to the seers…and the situation is only getting worse.”

    This was not a complete surprise. The seers started having difficulty seeing me in the time streams since I was a boy. My grandfather believes clones or the offspring of clones cause shatter points that change the future. For this reason the seers sometimes can’t predict our futures. I accepted that explanation for the longest time, but recently I have had doubts. My grandfather is the clone, so I would think the seers would have the most difficulty seeing him in the time streams, but that’s not the case. They only occasionally have problems seeing grandfather and my father…it is me they have real problems with.

    “How is it worse?”

    “They recently told me the time streams have become more murky than usual. They can’t see anything in the near future. They can only see the futures hundreds of years from now, but they don’t have the ability to see what actions precede these various futures.”

    “In other words,” I said dryly. “They can’t meddle like they used to. They don’t know how to make a particular future come to fruition.” I chuckled. “Maybe that’s a good thing. Nobody should have the power to pick and chose a future of their liking.” I stopped wondering how we got onto this topic. “What does this have to do with me making you a grandmother? What are you really worried about?”

    She averted her eyes. “I can never hide anything from you. It’s frustrating living around Force users.” She took in a long calming breath before turning back to me. “Our government has been contacted by the lawyers of the Racine family. Olaf may have given up his right to the throne, but he retained his title and lands on Indupar.”

    I shrugged. “And?” My brow rose in surprise. “Are you suggesting that he might want to return to Indupar and attempt to resume his position as Earl? His name is synonymous with treachery. He would be assassinated within a day.”

    “No, he’s too smart for that. He wants to safeguard his title for his children.”

    “How so?”

    “If a royal abandons his property on Indupar his title, buildings, and lands will be forfeited in twenty-five years. Olaf’s been gone for twenty-two, but his daughter can inherit it all when she turns eighteen years of age next year. He requests that she be allowed to attend the royal finishing school within the palace so she can prepare for her life as a royal.”

    I leaned back in my seat and thought about the situation. “And you oppose her presence within the palace?”

    She frowned slightly. “I don’t trust Racine. He might want his daughter within the palace walls so she could kill you.”

    I barked out a deep laugh. “Mom, other than cousin Allana, I am the most guarded royal in the galaxy.”

    She didn’t look reassured.

    “Can I simply say no and tell her she can’t come to the palace?”

    Mom shrugged. “You could, but that could open the door for a lawsuit. He could bring forth his accusations again. He would have nothing to lose at that point.”

    I ran a hand across my eyes. “Have you discussed this with dad?”

    She let out a frustrated breath. “You know I try to avoid contact with your father when your step-mother is in her current condition.”

    I coughed to cover a laugh. “Yeah, Zylie is a bit moody and jealous when she’s pregnant.”

    “You think?” my mother said sarcastically.

    “It’s the hormones,” I snickered. “She’s not that way normally.”

    My mom rolled her eyes. “Unfortunately she’s appears to be in a perpetual state of gravidity.”

    “Mom, this is only her third pregnancy.” I was going to say more, but decided to drop the subject. I knew it was difficult for my mother to live in the same palace with my father, his wife and growing family. My parents never married and after their two-week whirlwind romance in which I was conceived they have never been together as a couple. I know my mom still loves my father. I can feel it through the Force. Unfortunately, my dad can also feel my mother’s lingering tender emotions for him…so he does his best to avoid contact.

    For the longest time I wanted my parent to reunite, but that wasn’t to be. My father moved on and married Zylie Karrde and have two children. Last month I was told there was a third child on the way.

    “If I allow Racine’s daughter to come to the palace, that doesn’t mean he’ll be joining her, does it?”

    “No, he knows the people of Indupar abhor him. I doubt they’ll even accept his daughter’s presence.”

    “Well,” I said softly. “If I allow her here we need to assure her safety.”

    She stared at me gravely. “So, you are going to allow her to move to the palace?”

    “You said yourself it would cause problems if I refused.” I looked down at the ground and thought about it for a long pause. “Olaf may not have any nefarious motives. He may just want what’s best for his children. Anyway…she is the true heir. It’s bad enough that I usurped the throne…she deserves to come to the palace and become skilled in her royal duties and protocol. She is Lady Racine and will rule over her province next year. We want the best for her and her constituents.”

    Worry darkened her expression, but she didn’t argue. “I will have our people talk to Racine’s people and make the arrangements.”

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    Interesting diplomatic tangle there with Racine's potential schemes. [face_dancing] on the Tantiss' growing family. :) Talon and Zylie are having more kids! I know the grandparents are constantly overjoyed. ;)
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    Mark and Kira are ecstatic about their new grandchildren. Family is everything for them.

    Entry 10

    I went to have dinner with my father and his family tonight. I rang the doorbell and was eventually greeted by my father’s wife, Zylie. “Marcus!” she said happily before she remembered that she was supposed to greet me formally until the family is firmly behind closed doors. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as her eyes glanced down the corridor warily. “King Marcus!” she corrected before motioning me to enter. When the door closed she folded me into a warm hug.

    I have read many stories involving evil stepmothers, but Zylie Karrde breaks every stereotype. She is beautiful, kind, and selfless. In all honesty, I truly believe she loves me like one of her own children.

    “Thanks for inviting me for dinner,” I said as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I stepped back and gazed at her baby bump. “Are you still not wanting to know the sex of the babies?”

    “No!” she insisted. “Why do Force users keep wanting to do some Jedi sonogram probe on…” She suddenly went quiet as she looked at me with a horrified expression. “Babies! Like in more than one?”

    I fought to keep a straight face. I cocked my head to the side and gave my best expression of surprise. “Yeah, didn’t you know?” I put a hand on her belly. “Triplets.”


    At that point my father came out of the kitchen and smacked a firm hand on my shoulder. “Marcus, are you upsetting your hormonally challenged and overly emotional stepmom?”

    “Yes,” I said slowly while flashing a guilty smile. “Sorry, Zylie, it’s one baby.”

    Zylie made a frustrated sound before she lightly punched me on the shoulder. “You can’t do that. You are a Force-adept and a seer. Don’t freak me out like that!”

    “Marcus!” came a cry from the living room. My seven-year-old half-sister Kirina came running in to see me followed by her four year old little brother, Maxwell. Kirina is the splitting image of her mother with dark brown hair and eyes. Max, on the other hand, looks more like my father with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. My father said Max might end up with blue eyes like his. According to my dad, when he was young his eyes looked hazel. They were blue in the center with brownish specks around the edge of the iris. As he grew older the brownish pigments faded and his eyes took on a bluer hue.

    I look just like my father. We both are tall (over two meters in height), have blue eyes and blond hair. My father just turned forty years of age, but he is in great shape. He likes lifting weights in the gym with my granddad.

    As the kids got to my position, I knelt down and grabbed them up in a hug. “Nice seeing you two.”

    Karina gave me a kiss on the cheek…a sticky kiss. When I got a better look at her I could tell she had chocolate on her chin. “Did you sneak some dessert before dinner.”

    She shook her head adamantly. “No.”

    “Are you sure?”

    She pointed to our father. “Daddy gave me some.”

    My dad put a finger to his lips. “You weren’t supposed to tell.” He gave a mock expression of annoyance. “Operational security is sloppy in this household.”

    I laughed and lowered my siblings to the ground and then hugged my father. “Thanks for inviting me to dinner.” I glanced over to Zylie who was preoccupied with the kids and then lowered my voice to a whisper. “You are cooking, right?”

    Dad gave me a knowing look. “You know I am. Making you eat Zylie’s cooking could be construed as attempted regicide.”

    “Her food is not quite that bad.” Okay, that’s a lie. I hate to say this, but Zylie is a lousy cook. According to my father she has never ever made a meal that wasn’t burnt.

    Luckily for her, my paternal grandmother is a highly acclaimed chef that taught dad how to cook when he was a boy.

    “Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes. It’s Ferroan spinach and Bantha steak pinwheels with white sauce.”

    I grinned broadly. “My favorite.”



    It was an enjoyable meal. I like hanging out with my family. For the longest time I was separated from my father in order to keep my paternity secret. So now whenever I have the chance to spend time with my dad, I do.

    After dinner Zylie went to give the kids a bath and put them to bed, allowing my father and I some alone time.

    He handed me a glass of sparkling juice and he guided me to the living room where we sat across from each other.

    “So what did Allana want?” my dad asked as he sat down on his couch.

    I shrugged noncommittally. “It was her usual ploy to get a royal suitor nervous and bend to her will.”

    My dad sipped his drink and nodded. “I heard your mother is planning a big ball for you to meet some nice ladies.”

    I rolled my eyes. “Yeah.”

    “Don’t knock it. You might find somebody you like.”

    “I guess.” I was obviously less than thrilled.

    He put his glass down on a side table and leaned forward, gazing at me intently. “Are you upset over your mother playing matchmaker or is it something else?”

    I stared at the top of my juice glass in thought. “I like how things are now. I don’t really need a wife. I’m not ready to settle down and have kids.”

    I was surprised by my father’s response. “Then don’t. You don’t have to get married until you are good and ready…but there is no harm in meeting single females.”

    “I suppose,” I said reluctantly. “Mom thinks I need an heir to prevent the Racine family from one day regaining the throne.”

    My father rolled his eyes. “That threat will still be there even if you have a dozen kids. If you could be assassinated, so could any of your children. There are easier ways to safeguard your throne.”

    “What do you suggest?”

    My father shook his head. “I’m not suggesting anything. The obvious answers reek of the darkside.”

    I was confused for a moment, but then I realized what my father didn’t want to consider…a preemptive strike. Kill Racine and his family before he could kill me.

    “Dad, Olaf Racine has been living a peaceful existence in exile for almost twenty-two years. I really doubt he woke up one morning and decided to kill me. I don’t think there is anything to worry about.”

    My father finished his drink and set his glass on a side table. “I think you’re right. Don’t let your mother pressure you into anything.” He glanced over to me with a tight smile. “But with that said…your mother has but a lot of effort into planning this formal ball….so I would really appreciate it if you went.”

    I let out a groan. “If I have to.”

    He chuckled. “You don’t have to, but it is going to be embarrassing for your mother when all these marriage minded ladies show up and you are a no-show.”

    I grimaced. “Yeah, I would never hear the end of it.”

    “So, you’ll go?”

    “Yes, Dad. I’ll go.”
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    Wonderful sweet family time with Marcus with Zylie and Karina and Maxwell. LOL on the chocolate too. Never can have too much chocolate! Enjoyed the father/son talk, full of honest affection and weighing of options, and successful persuasion about the ball. ;) No, Marcus certainly does not need to hurry up and marry, and who knows? He might actually meet someone nice. [face_mischief]
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    Thanks. I like happy stories. Talon always wanted to have a big family and now he will have four kids. Thanks for reading and reviewing.


    Entry 11

    Today was the day of the big ball. T’Zana was fussing with my white Full Dress uniform, straightening my Void Jumper Wings over my half dozen military campaign medals and pulling my red sash taunt to smooth out wrinkles. This particular uniform had a stiff high-collar that dug into my neck uncomfortably and I wasn’t looking forward to wearing it throughout the night. She finished her primping and took a step back to get a good look at me.

    “Absolute perfection. You’re going to have to fight the women off.”

    I checked myself out in my bedroom mirror. “Thanks, Taz.” I tried to sound upbeat, but was unable to disguise my depressed tone.

    I saw her frown in the reflection in my mirror. “What’s wrong, Sire”

    I looked away, not wanting to look her in the eye. “Nothing, I’m just nervous. I could be potentially meeting my future wife today.”

    She smiled broadly. “That’s the idea.”

    When I didn’t respond she pressed the issue. “Really, what’s wrong, Marcus?”

    I noticed she used my first name instead of the usual Sire or Your Majesty. That was her way of letting me know she was asking as a friend and not an employee.

    I turned to her and frowned. “Taz, you seem thrilled at the prospect of pawning me off to another woman. I thought you would be upset.”

    I could feel her surprise and confusion radiating through the Force. “Why would I be upset? I want you to be happy, to find somebody to love and marry and hopefully have a family with.”

    “I wanted that for you also,” I said in a low voice. “But you decided that wasn’t for you. Why do you want me to travel a route you refused to walk?”

    Her brow shot up. “What does my decision to join the Sisterhood of the Bright Path have anything to do with you getting married?”

    I forced a casual shrug. “I guess your decision doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

    I turned to walk away but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back to face her. “I have never knows you to be a coward, Marcus, so don’t start now. Speak your mind. Don’t make me guess what you’re thinking.”

    My shoulders slouched and I heaved a heavy sigh. “We’ve been together for eight years Taz. You’re my best friend. I thought at one point we might end up as more than friends. Then I discover you joined the sisterhood and made vows of chastity. You never once discussed it with me.”

    Her chin angled up to meet my gaze. “That’s because it was my decision, and mine alone.” Her expression softened as a weary sigh escaped her lips. She sat down on my bed and motioned for me to join her. “I didn’t discuss it with you because I knew you would try to change my mind.” Her voice waivered and I could tell it was a struggle to keep her composure. “I knew you wanted more and I also knew I couldn’t give it to you.”

    I shook my head. “What exactly is ‘it’?”

    She looked away. “A relationship.”

    I blew out a frustrated breath. “If you weren’t interested in me in a romantic way there are better ways to turn me down than joining the nunnery in the Royal Monastery.”

    She ran her hand over her face in frustration. “I sometimes wonder if you say things you know are wrong just to get a reaction out of me. I didn’t join the nunnery. I am not a monastic nun. I am a mendicant sister of the Bright Path. We are not cloistered, but live and serve outside the Monastery.” She gazed at me in disbelieve. “You are the leader of the church. How can you not know this?” She threw her hands up in frustration. “Never mind. To answer your question, I didn’t join the sisterhood to avoid you. I did it for my emotional well being.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “I know you don’t understand, but my therapist does.” She reached out and gently put a hand on my knee. “Marcus, I can’t be in a romantic relationship with anyone...I am too broken. All of the psychotherapy in the galaxy can’t undo the damage that years and years of childhood abuse and sexual violence have thrust upon me. The thought of being intimate with anybody appalls me. It is one trigger that I know I will never overcome.”

    My jaw went slack by this revelation. “What do you mean? We’ve been intimate.”

    She cocked her head to the side as an incredulous expression crossed her face. “Marcus, unless you did a Jedi mind trick and then a memory rub on me…we have never been intimate.”

    I blushed slightly. “We’ve danced, we hang out on the couch and watch holovids together. Stang, you helped me dress today. How is that not intimate?”

    “Sex, Marcus. I’m talking about sex.”

    “Oh, that.” I didn’t know what to say. I knew she was emotionally devastated by her abuse, and for that reason I never initiated anything romantic with T’Zana. I figured when she was ready she would reach out to me. I always thought that day would come…until she joined the sisterhood. “I’m not expecting that from you.”

    “I know. You would be willing to accept what little I can give…and I don’t want that for you.” She gave my knee a squeeze. “Marcus…I found my place in this world…a place where I am comfortable. As a sister of the church the pressure is off and I am free to be your friend and assistant. But…I want for you what eludes me. Through you and you’re your future wife, I believe I could vicariously feel the joy of marriage and family.”

    I looked down at the floor feeling a little overwhelmed by this all too serious conversation. I faint smiled crossed my face when I thought of a way to lighten the mood. “Vicariously, huh? I didn’t know you liked to watch, Taz.”

    She let out a groan and gave me a backhanded slap on my shoulder. “You are thinking of voyeuristically.” She stood, grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed. “You know the difference between those two words. Now I know you’re just trying to get a reaction out of me.”

    I flashed her a boyish grin that always made her smile. “Taz, I just don’t want to lose you as a friend. I’m just afraid that any wife of mine may object to my close association with another woman…especially one that is my best friend. Things will become complicated when you add a third person into the picture.”

    She smiled widely. “Then you will just have to chose the right woman to be your wife…one who isn’t jealous that her husband has a friendship with a holy sister of your church.”

    I straightened my uniform jacket as I looked myself over in the mirror. “Well, I guess that excludes Princess Allana.”

    Taz raised an eyebrow. “She’s jealous of me?”

    “Yes. She came out and asked me what my relationship was with you.”

    She looked at me coyly. “And what did you say?”

    “I told her you are a friend that I care for deeply.”

    She nodded then looked down at the floor. “Have things changed between us?”

    “No, of course not. I love you, Taz. You’re my best friend. Nothing will ever change that.”

    She glanced up and smiled warmly. “I’m glad.” She reached out and took my hand in hers before pulling me to the door. “Come on, let’s find you a wife.”

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    Excellently candid talk. Taz is very open and clear about her choices and the reasons behind them. Marcus naturally is confused and wants her to have happiness and to have chosen her path for the right reasons. [face_thinking] Of course she wants him to have a complete and fulfilling married life and a wife who wouldn't object to a platonic friendship with a lovely other woman ;)
  19. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    I know it may seem like a strange relationship, but it is based on the friendship I had with my best friend. He was traumatized as a child from his mother abandoning her family. He spent time in a mental health facility because he got really depressed and tried to commit suicide. He hated women and didn't trust them. He was not in a good place. I would invite him to join me and my friends going places, but he declined. We ended up in class together for a semester in tenth grade and we slowly became friends. We ended up going out every weekend all through high school. He was even my prom date. We both joined the military after school, but we would try to see each other whenever possible. But he never got to a place where he could have a romantic relationship with anybody. We never held hands or kissed. He was like my brother. When he died in a car accident I thought my heart would break. I get teary eyed just writing that and he died over 30 years ago.

    So, Marcus and Taz is based on that type of relationship.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to review.


    Entry 12

    Tonight was an excruciating long evening, but at least it was interesting. It started with the usual pomp-and-ceremony. There is a blast of trumpets followed by an announcement of my arrival. I then took part in the formal reception line. T’Zana was first in line. The guest introduces him or herself to her and then she turns to me and makes formal introductions. The guest then goes down the reception line which consists of the Queen Mother (who is really my aunt), Commander Dentii (Queen’s consort and technically my step father), my War Master and Supreme Guardian of the Realm (my grandfather…and yes, he made up that title) and the Master of the King’s Knights (my father).

    Parents accompanied many of the young women. In that case, their mom and/or dad would precede their daughter down the reception line and introduce them. There were a number of sisters, even identical twins that moved down the line. It appears that some families wanted to stack the odds in their favor when it came to marrying off one of their daughters to the King of Indupar. One father brought all four of his daughters to the dance. The youngest was barely the legal age of consent on Indupar (it is fourteen years of age for females and sixteen years for males. It is an archaic law that harkens back to the day of arranged marriages…I really should change that law. Fourteen is just way too young to marry.).

    Some of the young ladies were gorgeous…absolutely classic beauties. Others were more the girl-next-door variety. There wasn’t a particular ‘look’ I was searching for because I put a heavier emphasis on personality.

    As the last of the guests trickled in, Taz gave me a nudge with her elbow and whispered to me. “Your cousin is here.”

    I looked around while muttering, “Allana?” I then clamped my mouth shut. Taz doesn’t know Allana is my cousin.

    Her brow went up and she gave me a curious look, but didn’t comment. She pointed to a young lady with a slim figure and long blond hair entering the ballroom. “Lady Racine. She wasn’t expected to arrive until next week, but I recognize her from my research. That’s definitely her.”

    My cousin tentatively approached with eyes cast down. She was one of the few young ladies arriving without a chaperone. That’s not surprising. I am sure her father would be shot on sight by one of my overly zealous guards or religious followers if he set foot on the planet.

    As she neared the reception line she glanced up and our eyes met. I smiled warmly. I have no resentment toward my cousin, but she obviously thought differently. I could feel abject fear radiating out from the girl through the Force. It was so intense that both my father and grandfather came to full alert, focusing their attention on the young lady. When she realized she had fallen under the scrutiny of two very large and intimidating Indupar Knights her fear intensified. She suddenly stopped, looked down at the ground, fidgeted in place for a few seconds before she slowly began to back away.

    “Lady Racine,” I called out to her. I was hoping to encourage he to move forward to meet me, but, unfortunately, calling out the name ‘Racine’ was probably not the best move. A number of guests suddenly turned and glared at her. That was too much for the young lady. She spun and fled. I pulled my comlink out of my pocket and called my door guard. “Edric, please detain the young lady trying to leave…gently. Take her to my quarters. Tell her I want to talk to her.”

    “Yes, your Highness.” I saw the young Knight intercept the woman at the door and motioned for her to follow him. I was relieved that Lady Racine went without a fight.

    I went to step out of the receiving line, but Taz put up a hand to stop me. “I’ll go talk to your cousin. She obviously believes you hold some animosity toward her and her family. I think she will be less intimidated by me.” She smiled knowingly. “Also, you are not going to use this incident to avoid socializing with the ladies.” When I didn’t move she made a shooing gesture. “Go, she was the last guest to arrive. The reception line is over. It is time for you to meet and greet the guests in a less formal environment…meaning you need to get out there and dance.”

    I sighed deeply as I looked around the crowded dance floor. My eyes met those of the orchestra conductor as he gestured in a questioning manner. He was waiting for my signal to begin. I reluctantly raised my hand indicating the start of the ball. I turned to talk to Taz, but she was gone. My father came beside me and gave me a good-natured grin. “There are a lot of beautiful ladies in attendance. Try not to break all their hearts.”

    I gave a snort. “I don’t think that will be a problem. I’m no Talon Tantiss when it comes to the ladies.”

    He frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    I shook my head and chuckled. “I do know how to do a holonet search. Imagine my surprise when I put the name Talon Tantiss into the search box and pushed enter.”

    A blush warmed his face as a low groan escaped his lips. “They are all rumors. Remember that.”

    “Oh I believe you,” I lied smoothly. Stang! The man fathered me when he was a teenager. He definitely was no Jedi monk.

    As I looked across the room to the dozens and dozens of young ladies smiling at me expectantly, hoping for a dance, I wished I did inherit my father’s obvious luck with the ladies, because right about now I would rather face an invading army than a night of mingling.
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    Wow, on Lady Racine's reaction and Taz is starting to put 2 & 2 together :p LOL A night of mingling worse than an invading army? =D=
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    Caught up on reading after some very busy weeks. Love the families
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    . Marcus is a bit shy, unlike his father.
    . Thank you. I am glad you like it.
    Entry 13

    As I said in my last entry, the night was interesting. First, I have my “Cousin” show up and then when she sees me she freaks out like she expected me to point to her and say, “Off with her head.” Then I had four hours of dancing. Some of my dance partners I found charming, others not so much. I guess there is a lot of pressure for the young ladies to land me as a husband because many hinted that they would do anything—and I mean anything—to get an invite back to my quarters. There is nothing more unsettling than getting sexually propositioned by a fourteen-year-old girl. Ugh, I shudder just thinking about it.

    By the end of the night I just wanted to get out of there and into a hot bath. So that is what I intend to do. I am drawing a bath and afterwards I will call Taz and see if she found out what is bothering the young lady Racine.

    Entry 14

    Taz just left. I called her over after I got cleaned up and dressed for bed. She poked her head into my bedroom cautiously. I don’t know why. I called for her, if I was entertaining a young lady in my bed chamber I definitely wouldn’t want an audience. I swear, she looked disappointed. “Nobody caught your fancy?”

    I gave a dismissive snort. “If anybody did I wouldn’t be bedding her on the first date. That would be unseemly for a royal.”

    Now she snorted. “I agree it would be out of character for you, but most male royals throughout the galaxy don’t have a reputation of chivalry like you do.”

    “Perhaps some royals behave badly,” I said softly. “But, I represent the Church. Our holy doctrine preaches love and fidelity; it wouldn’t look good if I am running about ravishing young ladies.”

    She smiled at me warmly. “Did you meet anybody you would like to meet again…a love connection?”

    I shrugged as I tightened the sash of my bathrobe. I was wearing sleep shorts, but I was shirtless under the robe and I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious with all this talk about romance. I walked over to the small couch and motioned for her to join me. As we sunk into the seat cushions I sighed deeply. “I didn’t have any love at first sight moments, but there were a couple ladies whose company I did enjoy.”

    She raised a curious eyebrow. “Who?”

    I thought back, trying to remember the names, “Lady Enolia and Princess Kyline.”

    Her brow went up. “Oh…what attracted you to them?”

    I think I surprised my assistant. The two ladies named were not classical beauties, in fact, Princess Kyline was plain looking and Lady Enolia wasn’t even human, but a light skinned Zabrak with long braided hair and fierce looking facial tattoos. “Princess Kyline is an amazing conversationalist and is very committed to her people and charity work and Lady Enolia…” I paused slightly and blushed. “I found her intriguing.”

    Taz smirked. “Intriguing…or exotic?”

    I tried to suppress my own smirk. “Maybe a little bit of both.”

    Taz gave me a knowing look before smiling brightly. “Shall I set up a second date?”

    I waved her off. “Not now. I don’t want this to look like a competition. Let all the ladies return home. I’ll send out thank you notes for their attendance. In a few weeks we can discuss inviting some women back. Right now, I want to hear what happened with Lady Racine.”

    Taz nodded. “I reassured your cousin that she is welcome to the palace. I set up a room for her in the executive guest quarters. I had one of our people go to her hotel to fetch her possessions. I gave her my commlink number and tomorrow I plan on showing her around the area.”

    “Do you want me to accompany you?”

    “No,” she said with a shake of her head. “She is still nervous about meeting you. Her father warned her that you and your mother might still be angry about his allegations prior to his self-exile. He warned her to be cautious around you. If she were to be killed, you could strip the Racine family of their fortune.”

    I couldn’t help but laugh. “Why would she believe such drivel? I’m king. I can take her family’s fortune right now and nobody could stop me. Also, if I wanted to keep her family from their lands and credits I could have had her father killed years ago.”

    She gave me a forced smile. “If you ever do meet her, I would suggest not using that argument to allay her fears.”

    I had to chuckle. “You’re probably right.”

    She put a reassuring hand on my arm. “Just give it time. I’ll show her all the great charity work you have done and hopefully I can completely dispel any lingering fear she has. Also, you should call her by her first name. You saw what happened when you said the name Racine in public. She wants to be called Lady Viktora.”

    “Okay,” I glanced over to Taz. “What do you think of her?”

    She shrugged. “She’s pleasant enough although a little anxious. Her story is a bit sad.”

    My brow went up in surprise. T’Zana’s life is the saddest story I have ever known. She was mistreated and neglected by her addict parents. Then those same parents sold her into slavery as a young preteen. She was abused horribly before sold to a group of sick and twisted criminals who would surgically remove limbs and graft on new ones of various species to be sold to equally cruel and perverted clients for their pleasure. When my soldiers attacked the slaver compound we found T’Zana post-surgery. Her arms and legs had been amputated and who knows what would be grafted on in their place.

    Thinking back to that day has always disturbed me. Nobody should have to endure such suffering.

    “Marcus!” Taz’s voice cut through my musing. “You are zoning out on me.”

    I shook the thoughts out of my head. “Sorry, you were saying she had a sad story.”

    “From what she told me, her life was fine until about two years ago. About that time her father became distant and irritable. It was a change in his normal demeaner. He would snap at her, he would stay out late. Her parents would argue over his coming and goings. About a year ago Olaf Racine came home and asked his wife for a divorce. She said her parents fought bitterly until the divorce was final six months ago. Her father immediately remarried and shortly later announced his new wife was pregnant. It was too much for her mother. Viktora found her dead from suicide not long after. She overdosed on sleeping pills. She then went to live with her father and stepmom. The baby was born seven months after they married.”

    “Wait,” I raised my hand in a halting motion. “So, the baby was conceived from an affair?”

    “Yes, but she doesn’t know if the affair started before her parents separated or not. Her half-brother was definitely conceived during the separation.”

    “That is a sad story.”

    “There is more to her tale. Her stepmother tolerated Viktora until the baby was born. After that things changed. Weeks later, her father is arranging for Viktora to live on Indupar. She believes her stepmother didn’t want her around and her father kowtowed to her wishes. She is also being used to retain his claim on his ancestral lands. If Viktora is here, then the lands are not abandoned. She’s positive that as soon as her brother turns twelve her father will name him the heir to his title and possessions, leaving her out in the cold.”

    “Damn,” I muttered. “First, he tells her that the King of Indupar might hold a grudge against the family, then her stepmother has her sent here anyway…alone. What jerks.”

    She nodded sadly. “It is a cliché evil stepmom story.”

    “Not all stepmothers are evil,” I muttered, feeling lucky that my father’s wife has always made me feel welcome with her and their growing family.”

    She gave me a curious look before standing. “I should go, Your Majesty. You are dressed for bed and I am sure you are tired.”

    “Can you stay?” I realized that sounded like a proposition, so I quickly clarified. “For a short time. We can watch a holodrama. Isn’t your favorite show coming on soon?”

    She grinned before dropping back into her seat. “Yes, The Gray Knight is on tonight.”

    “I’ll call down to the kitchen and have them bring us some snacks.”


    A broad smile spread across my face. This was my favorite past time. Hanging out with my best friend and watching a holo. It beats dancing any day of the week.
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    Marcus' interest is aroused by women who are not just "pretty faces". :) Enolia and Kyline seem like they have some depth of character and are not just out to make a "good match." Viktora's story is unfortunate, indeed :rolleyes: and I am happy both Taz & Marcus' sense of outrage and compassion is stirred in her behalf.

    I think that is a wise idea: let everyone go home and then call back the ones he wants to see again; more discreet. [face_thinking]

    Unwinding with a 'vid & snacks ... perfect way to destress after the obligatory dancing. [face_laugh]
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    great discussion between Taz and Marcus about the women and the sad story. And a nice evening to end that discussion
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    Marcus is nothing like his father. He doesn't have the same luck with women. Of course he is in a unique position. He is the planet's equivalent of the Pope. He can't be sleeping around.
    Thank you. I know people might want to see Taz and Marcus together I am basing the relationship on me and my best friend. We were extremely close, but we never were romantic. We went to movies and amusement parks and even the World's Fair together. We would date other people romantically, but always ended up together and hanging out.

    It was a very unusual relationship...and that is what Marcus and Taz have.


    Entry 15

    I went over to my Grandparent’s apartment today for lunch. I love my grandmother’s cooking. She was a premier chef when she lived on Coruscant, but then she, along with my grandfather, moved to Indupar to be near me. She is the best cook in the palace and that is saying a lot. I employ some of the best chefs in the galaxy.

    I not only like going to my grandparent’s place for the good meals and company, but I also get to visit my pet vornskr, Dak. I wish I could keep the animal in my place, but my mother is terrified of him. I don’t know why. I realize Vornskrs are normally huge monsters with a mouthful of teeth and bad temperaments, but Dak is a runt that was hand raised by my father. He is only about 0.5 meters in height and probably 35 kilograms…and he’s lovable. He absolutely adores sitting on your lap…if you let him…which I wouldn’t recommend. He might be tiny for a Vornskr, but he is way too heavy to be a lap animal.

    He also loves ramming his snout into your groin…which is probably why my mother no longer wants him around her. Dak got sniffing where he shouldn’t be sniffing and upset my mother. As a result of my pet putting his nose where it shouldn’t mother told me to get rid of him. Luckily, both my father and grandfather offered to take him. My grandfather won out because he is now semi-retired and has more time to spend with Dak.

    When my granddad opened his apartment door I was just about knocked over by my overly excitable Vornskr runt. “Dak!” I yelled out while petting his bristly, stripped fur.

    “He misses you,” Granddad said as he let me in and closed the door behind me.

    I gave him a hug and then stepped back and took a deep breath taking in the aroma of my grandmother’s cooking. “Is that game fowl I smell?”

    A broad grin crossed my Grandpa’s bearded face. “Yep. My favorite.”

    He slapped his big meaty hand onto my shoulder as he guided me into the apartment’s main entertaining room. “So,” he said softly. “Did you meet anybody you liked last night?”

    I gave a groan of disapproval. That was something I didn’t want to discuss, but I guess there was no way to avoid it. “No.”

    He shrugged, before giving me a knowing look. “Did you end up spending the evening with T’Zana?”

    I averted my eyes but answered truthfully. “Yes.”

    He signed. “You are not going to find a girlfriend if you are always around her. You have no incentive to find somebody else for companionship.”

    “Unless I want to find somebody to have sex with,” I shot back somewhat heatedly. “You know our relationship is platonic. Taz is a Sister of the Bright Path. We are friends and I know we will never be more than friends. She has made that quite clear.”

    “Ahhhh,” he groaned softly as a blush heated his face. “I realize you two aren’t…umm…you know.” Granddad looked away, obviously uncomfortable with the change of subject. “Your family just wants you to be happy and find someone you can have a family with.”

    “I know…and one day that will happen. I am just not ready for that level of commitment. I have a kingdom to rule. The Indupar Crown Worlds added three more planets under my domain. That is a lot of responsibility.”

    “True,” he said as he dropped down onto his couch. Dak immediately jumped onto his lap eliciting another groan from my grandfather as his clawed paw pressed down on his groin. “Dak, you’re not a pup anymore.” The vornskr ignored his protests and settled down to sleep. Granddad chuckled as he scratched behind Dak’s ears.

    “My cousin showed up last night.”

    His brow raised. “Really? Allana? I didn’t see her.”

    I shook my head. “Nope.”

    A look of disgust crossed his face. “Teela? She can’t be older than twelve. Jacen sent his youngest daughter?”

    I laughed. “No, the lady Racine.”

    “Oh really? How did that go?”

    “She was the young lady that ran out in terror when you and dad turned your attention on her when she approached the reception line.”

    “Ouch. That good, huh.”

    “Taz went after her and smooth things over.” I sat down next to him. “How is the training going with the new Void Jumper recruits?”

    “They are a good batch. I would lead them into combat any day.”

    I shook my head. “That’s not going to happen. Your combat days are behind you. Grandma’s orders.”

    He gave a snort. “You could countermand her orders.”

    “Oh no, no, no,” I chuckled. “That is definitely not going to happen.”

    He grunted. “You do know that as a clone I am literally only a few years older than my own sons. I am more than fit to continue on combat missions.”

    My grandfather is right. He doesn’t look like a man in his seventies. I have seen him in the gym and he still can outlift me. His age is not the reason I forced him into retirement. “Grandma is not in the same situation as you. She is over seventy years old. Don’t you think she should be able to spend her golden years with you by her side and not having to sit home alone and worrying if you’re coming back from a combat zone?”

    “Yeah,” he muttered grudgingly.

    I know I shouldn’t bring up the subject of my grandmother’s mortality…because I know exactly why granddad keeps asking for combat missions. He doesn’t want to outlive my grandmother. Although they are technically the same age, she was around thirty years old when he was created in a cloning cylinder. My Uncle Jaden, who is a doctor, once told me that aging is caused by a number of factors such as environmental damage to cells, the buildup of free radicals, telomere shortening, oxidative stress, cellular senescence or stem cell exhaustion. The main factor is time. The longer you live the more damage to your body. Grandfather was born an adult about forty-five years ago…and that’s when the effects of aging began. He knows he might outlive his wife by thirty years and the thought horrifies him. I’m not saying he is suicidal…, he's not suicidal. I don't know what I am trying to say. I just think he can't face the situation.

    I decided to change the subject. “How is our Vong battalion of Void Jumpers? Was their last antislavery mission successful.”

    “Yes, they freed over one hundred slaves. They transported them to Indupar for counselling services and to reunite them with their loved ones.”

    “How many slave masters were arrested?”

    Grandfather was slow to answer. “None. They fought to the death.”

    I knew that was probably a lie. Oh, the official report may have said that, but I doubt there wasn’t one slave master that didn’t try to surrender. My Vong warriors were originally Vong Shamed Ones—slaves, and because they were once slaves, they have very little sympathy for slave masters. I am sure they have a take-no-prisoner approach with their antislavery missions. I probably should look into it, but I am not really motivated to do so. I think I hate the slave masters just as much as the Vong do. My Vong warriors lie on their official reports and, in doing so, give me plausible deniability. I am sure Uncle Luke would gravely disapprove of my lackadaisical attitude when it comes to stopping these possible war crimes…but Uncle Luke’s best friend didn’t suffer abuse like T'Zana did.

    I was about to comment on the situation but grandmother called us all to the dining room table for lunch.

    I'll write more later.
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