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Star Wars Limited Run OPEN Elite League Limmie 311: Golden Slumbers

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, Jan 3, 2024.

  1. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Elite League Limmie 311: Golden Slumbers

    For the last 50 years, Elite League Limmie has thrilled sports fans across the galaxy. Its popularity is rivaled only by podracing. It reaches from the edge of Wild Space at Bakura across the galaxy to Erlinar; from Nubia in the Core, into the Inner Rim at Carratos, and back out to Kashyyyk.

    Though the obsession of quadrillions, only a select, privileged few roam the fields, the best at what they do by any measure. An even smaller number coax the best performances out of them. And only the true elites of the galaxy hold the shares that control these teams. Even those who work the stadiums, report on the games, or have the smallest contact with the Elite League teams belong to an exclusive club.

    There is a buzz to this season. It will be the 50th since this era of limmie began: one defined not by a locked set of teams, never changing, a cartel of the powerful. It was in 262 that Commissioner Kayl’hen opened the Elite League to the best teams in the galaxy, dropping those that didn’t perform, promoting the up-and-comers. In doing so, she revitalized the sport, turning it from an oligarchy to a meritocracy.

    In 311 ABY, Elite League Limmie will put on its biggest show yet to celebrate half a century of bringing the best boloball in the galaxy to fans on thousands of systems. Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard is determined that this will be the most exciting season of his tenure. He has turned his eyes outward once again to find teams that will deliver the spectacle that he covets, one that will bring even more credits to the League—and the teams lucky enough to play this season.

    But beneath the pageantry, there is ferocity. No matter how the ELL wants to dress it up, Elite League Limmie is what it always has been: a bare-knuckled, no-holds-barred fight for the greatest trophy in the galaxy, the Galactic Cup of Limmie.

    Last season, no one knew this as much as the Ord Mantell Scrappers, who play with grit and fire all season, as if they’d come straight from the junkyard that gave the team its name. They have set the bar for success—and now the rest of the galaxy is coming for them.

    The krayt dragons have been awakened.

    Elite League Limmie is not an RPG about sports...unless you want it to be.

    It is the story of the beings whose lives touch the greatest sports teams in the galaxy. It takes place centuries after the events of the films. You have a blank canvas to develop a character and tell their story. Sports are merely the backdrop for your imagination.

    You can be anyone:
    • Player
    • Coach
    • Team staff
    • One of the trillions of fans of the sport
    • Being who puts the cheese on the nachos (yes, this really happened once)
    Your creativity is the only limit on your character.

    You get to write NPCs connected to your limmie team to support your posts (as long as your post is still from the point of view from your main character). This gives you the freedom to tell a story as epic or intimate as you want.

    ELL is a sandbox game. There will be few GM prompts. Your main GM interaction are game scores, released weekly. These determine the contours of your story. When you post, you give your team an edge for the next game through the possibility of a higher score.

    Collaboration between players is encouraged. Your team will play every other team at least once. This creates built-in opportunities to work with other players.

    There are rules of the sport, but they’re not super important. You can draw inspiration from almost any real world sport. There’s no right way to play limmie.

    This is a short-term game. It will last about three months.

    All player and team sheets must be approved and posted by January 14. That's when the regular season will be announced. The first game of the season will be January 21. The Galactic Cup Final, which crowns the season champion, will likely take place in mid-April.

    At the end of the season, we’ll start a new thread for the next season. You can continue with the game or leave it then.

    How to join

    PM @Trieste with a completed character sheet:

    Birth year:
    Physical appearance: (You can use an image or a description)
    Relation to team:
    Brief biography: (All you need are a few paragraphs)

    You’ll create a team with Trieste’s help and work on a roster. Once you’ve got your team, you can customize the players and staff if desired.

    All players must submit a character sheet for approval, even if you’re a returning player.

    Side stuff
    We have an out-of-character thread in the Role Playing Resource form, Out of Bounds. It’s like Hooper’s: just jump in at the most recent post and don’t worry about what came before. Everyone’s welcome, even if you don’t play in the game.

    We also have a library thread. You'll post your team roster here. It also hosts season stats. You can find past season results there. Dive in if you feel inspired!

    In conclusion…
    Yes, this really is the 50th season of this RPG. With luck, it'll be the best one yet.

    So game on. ;)
  2. SWNerd11

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    Dec 19, 2017
    IC: Dawn Solo
    Elite Limmie League 311
    Santhe Stadium, Coranet City, Corellia

    What the frak am I doing?

    The 71 year old Corellian looked out the window of her office near the top of the tower that overlooked the Rebel’s home pitch. The field below held a special place in her heart. Nearly 50 years ago she defended the goal that was directly below her window. That rookie season was perfect in every sense of the word. The Rebels went wire-to-wire, not losing one match in 264. Two short seasons later she signed to the team that would define her career.

    “You know Dawn, if you wanted to be a professional limmie head coach again, I could have arranged that.” A familiar voice chuckled behind her.

    Dawn responded without bothering to turn around, “Who said I wanted to be a professional Head Coach again?”

    “Well, you could have said no.”

    She hung her head and slowly shook it as she turned back around, “If only it was that easy, Ves.” Dawn looked down at the diminutive holo image of her close friend Vesper Lynd that emanated from her desk top. “You know as well as I do that once this sport gets into your veins it always finds a way to drag you back in.”

    “It definitely has that effect,” Vesper agreed reluctantly, “It also seems to be hereditary.”

    Dawn couldn’t hide the grin that curled the corner of her lip, “You definitely passed it along to your kin.” Vesper’s son Dorian was the last player Dawn had drafted eleven years prior and now her daughter Miranda was coming up. “So how is the view from my old office?”

    Vesper had taken the same career path that Dawn had, working her way up through the coaching ranks to the Front Office of the Monarchs. “It still feels like your office. But can you explain the bolo-sized hole in the wall?”

    “Ha Ha Ha!” The distant memory caused her to have a good belly laugh, “That is a relic from the Setarcos era, something that Greenly gave him… I think.”

    “Figures. If it wasn’t the results of your temper it definitely would have been hers.”

    The old friends both had a good laugh. The first good laugh Dawn had had in a long time. Solo took a deep breath and turned back towards the window overlooking the Rebel’s pitch. “I hope my cousin isn’t too mad at me for pilfering some of her players and staff?” Gemma Sal-Solo had taken over as Head Coach of the Monarchs, following a long line of former players which started with Dawn in ELL 286. When Solo was offered the job at Corellia she called on what has been dubbed the 3M Squad to help her get her footing back in Elite Limmie. Mara Singus, Maggie Adams, and Mar’gaery.

    Vesper just shrugged, “I’m sure she’ll get over it. Plus she knows that the talent you contracted over to Corellia deserve to be in the ELL and not wasting away like the rest of us.”

    Dawn knew in her heart that all the players she pulled over deserved to finish out their careers at the Elite level. She scooped up a nearby datapad and started looking over her roster. 9 returning Rebels, 5 former Monarchs, and 1 rookie who skipped her last collegiate season. She graduated early from the University of Bakura, Cape Suzette with a degree in astrophysics and was immediately offered a contract with the Rebels without entering into the rookie draft. Dawn had been following the career of the young offensive forward since she could pick up a boloball. “You know Ves, I’m going to be moving one of your Middies to Corner Forward opposite our rookie.”

    “I don’t know if he’s going to like that.”

    Dawn turned back to the holovid of Vesper, “Listen sister, he was undersized in the backfield and was getting overrun in the middle ten years ago. I doubt he’ll argue with his Auntie Dawn. Besides, how can I pass up the chance of having a Lynd on either corner.” The infamous Solo grin curled the corner of her lip.

    “You got me there.” And with that Vesper’s image faded away. Dawn set the datapad down, slumped into her chair, and turned back towards the window. She propped her feet up on the ledge and buried her face in her hands.

    What the frak am I doing?

    OOC: Trieste Approved

    Corellia Rebels
    Home Field:

    Santhe Stadium

    Character Sheet
    Dawn Solo
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 240 ABY
    Physical appearance: Athletic build, 1.68 m, blonde hair
    Homeworlds: Tralus
    Relation to Team: Head Coach
    Brief Biography:

    258 ABY - Goalkeeper for the University of Corellia – Bella Vistal Renegades, attending on an ROTC Scholarship
    262 – Graduated and recruited by the Talus Gemini, Junior League Limmie
    264 – Contracted by the Corellia Rebels, Premier League Limmie. Helped them to their perfect season.
    267 – Signed as a Free Agent with the newly formed Rydonni Prime Monarchs, PLL. Named to the HSN All-Conference Stars.
    268 – Monarchs got promoted to the Elite League Limmie, but after a poor start was moved from Goalkeeper to Midfielder.
    270 – Named as Midfielder of Team SoroSuub in the HSN All-Star Game and Nominated for Salbukk Award.
    271 – Deployed as part of the Rydonni Defense Force in the 4th Galactic Fleet. Married Tev Undolo.
    272 – Returned to finish out the final year of her contract. Retired at the end of the season due to her husband’s traumatic on field injury.
    273 – Hired by Setarcos to be an Assistant Coach in charge of Midfielders and Goalkeepers.
    279 – Named Head Coach of the Byblos Red Wings
    280 – Returned to the Rydonni Prime Monarchs to be the Assistant Head Coach and Won the Galactic Cup
    286 – Promoted to Head Coach of the Monarchs
    289 – Won the Langann Award
    292 – Named General Manager of the Monarchs
    293 – Won the Grames Award
    302 – Monarchs are relegated to the Premier Limmie League and Solo is dismissed and returns home to Tralus. She starts a limmie academy for underprivileged youth to help keep them out of trouble.
    303 – Returned to the University of Corellia - Bella Vistal Renegades as their Head Coach.
    311 – Hired to be Head Coach of the Corellia Rebels

    Team Sheet
    General Manager:
    Wofu Goodwill Contract Year: At Will
    Head Coach: Dawn Solo (Corellian, Female)† Contract Year: At Will
    Offensive Coordinator: Maggie Adams (Human, Female) Contract Year: 315
    Defensive Coordinator: Mara Singus (Human, Female) Contract Year: 315
    Midfielder Coach: Mar’gaery (Zeltron, Female) Contract Year: 315
    Head Trainer: Contract Year:
    Team Physician: Contract Year:

    Goalkeeper: Fella Teadhors (Corellian, Female) Contract Year: 313
    Right Corner Back: Rollsen Carteph (Human, Male) Contract Year: 312
    Full Back: Liddy Powe (Zeltron, Female) Contract Year: 313
    Left Corner Back: Alexia Cady (Human, Female)* Contract Year: 311
    Right Half Back: Liam Rhys (Corellian, Male) Contract Year: 312
    Center Half Back: Cara Kryze (Human, Female) Contract Year: 313
    Left Half Back: B’rel Sivett (Human, Male) Contract Year: 312
    Midfielder: Ollie Peel (Human, Male) Contract Year: 311
    Midfielder: Javefar Tippet (Hapan, Female) Contract Year: 313
    Right Half Forward: Borr Manis (Corellian, Male)** Contract Year: 312
    Center Half Forward: Rucon Ortz (Human, Male) Contract Year: 311
    Left Half Forward: K’sha Adelle (Human, Female) Contract Year: 312
    Right Corner Forward: Dorian Artys Dunross Lynd (Bakuran, Male) Contract Year: 313
    Full Forward: Kenna Brynn (Corellian, Female) Contract Year: 311
    Left Corner Forward: Miranda Aurela Siona Lynd (Bakuran, Female) Contract Year: 313
    (* designates team captain)
    (** designates assistant captain)
    († designates current PC)

    TAG: @Trieste
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  3. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008

    Kick. Snare – Hi – Hat. Kick Kick. Rinse, Repeat.

    The roar of the venue crowd seemingly passed into nothingness as Cecilia S’rily’s drumsticks hit their stride like a raging locomotive, the mesmerizing sounds of a full group performance blasting all around the crowded venue as they had so many times before in years past. Sludgy quitarra riffs, a driving rhythmic section, shared lead vocals between herself and Horstag the Devaronian co-frontman. The Twi’lek had been sitting on a drummer’s throne for so many years she had lost count, performances which had once scared her as a child now becoming utterly routine after hitting the big-time. So much so that she barely noticed the nerves anymore when she walked onto stage, the music and rhythm making even the most complex problems go away for a short while. But this was not one of those issues that would go away so quietly.

    Hearing that the Coruscant Senators would return to the Elite League for the first time in almost a dozen years had seemingly been the opportunity that she should have been looking forward to. It was the team that had defined her entire family for going on fifty years, the move by late owner Bill Sazarecki to appoint a young and intelligent Bothan with plenty of business sense but no Limmie experience to a leadership role with a moribund franchise paving the way for five decades of S’rilys in the game. In many ways the stories that had been written in those decades seemed fantastical, almost as if they had been written by the same being who considered it interesting to find different complex objectives to overcome every passing year. No matter how she looked at it, the Senators were in Cecilia’s blood – the Senators were her, and she was the Senators.

    But even years of GMing the Senators in the Premier League had been insufficient to prepare her for the deluge of interviews and expectations which had arisen because of the team’s promotion. No longer were the current Senators her own creation, not when her father’s shadow loomed large over the franchise like a specter, a ghost of years past. There was a reason he was in the Hall of Fame and she was not – and trying to pave her own path with the family business had only led to this. And Cecilia wasn’t happy about it, not when she had to live up to the immortal legend whose quick mind had made the Senators a force to be reckoned with for so many years. The same man whom had given everything to save the team that he loved, the man whom had been oh so willing to sacrifice his own life to spare those around him. One couldn’t talk about the recent history of the Senators without the name of Gark S’rily being the first or second name out of one’s mouth – but was there room for his daughter to do the same? It was her father’s path that she had to walk alongside, and as far as she was concerned, it was a path she didn’t necessarily want.

    Boom. Boom boom. Click. Boom.

    She remembered the conversation from the previous day, her brother Galin in her office as they slogged through a terrible argument. “What do you want me to do?” she had asked her brother, the prodigal son whose professional Limmie career had been capped off with a Galactic Cup championship. He had gotten the title and the girl, had done everything the story narratives wanted from their hero after an arduous journey – he had fulfilled everything he was supposed to. But what about her, the second child? What was her path to glory, or at least to feeling that she was no longer in her father’s shadow? “You’ve always gotten a pass on these kinds of things because you were the firstborn, Galin! But I’ve always had to work harder just to be noticed!”

    “What are you talking about?” her Bothan brother had asked. As was typical, he looked pretty much like their father, making his life easier as far as she was concerned. “I worked hard for everything I ever got, and don’t act like I skated by on name recognition alone!”

    “What about me?” Cecilia asked as she pounded her chest with a fist. “I’ve had to make a name for myself – it wasn’t just handed to me!”

    “What’s this about?”

    “I’m sick . . . sick . . . of everyone comparing me to Dad! Look at this – Can S’rily the Younger Be Trusted to Lead Family Team? Or this headline – CeCe or Can’t Can’t? What about this – Expectations for Senators in 311 higher than tallest buildings on Coruscant! Tell me, Galin – when did you have to deal with this weight on your shoulders?”

    “Only all the time,” Galin said. “I’ve got part of Dad’s name in mine, remember. I wasn’t Junior, but I might as well have been.”

    “So what?”

    Galin’s face turned to concern. “CeCe, what’s eating at you? Tell me – I’m your brother.”

    “You want to know what’s ailing me, S’rily? You really want to know?”


    “You’ve never had to deal with the kind of pressure I do on a daily basis now!” Cecilia explained, her cheeks hot with anger. “You played, Galin, well enough to win a Galactic Cup. But you know what? Dad never played the game.”

    “Well, he technically played in that All-Star Game on Cloud City . . .”

    “That was a gimmick show, and you know it!”

    “So Dad didn’t play Limmie – so what?”

    “But you know what he did do? He was the General Manager – now I’m the General Manager. And now everything I do will be compared to him! You know what it’s like to have your father overshadow everything you do?”

    “Yeah, I kinda do. But how many times does Dad have to tell you that he wants you to pave your own path and just be happy?”

    “It’s easy for you to say that, but not so easy when you’re sitting in my seat, Galin. Every little move I make will be scrutinized – every win, every loss. Every transaction. And that’s just the on-the-field stuff. What about all of the interest in my supposed love life, hm? Or the crude insults from galactic media that I just can’t cut it because I’m not like Dad? You may have gotten the name, but the game took good care of you because you were just like Dad, Galin. And I know that I won’t get the same deference no matter what I do. I’ll never be allowed to live up to his name – to my name.”

    The concern on Galin’s face only deepened. He had seen this before – there was something else. “CeCe, you’re falling apart. You’ve barely slept last three rotations, and aren’t eating at normal intervals. And I’m concerned!”

    “I don’t need your concern, just for you to listen!”

    “Oh, it’s not just me! It’s Mom and Dad, too. And Uncle Dirxx, too. What are you going to tell them, that you’re on top of this situation? Because I’m not seeing the normal you right here.”

    Cecilia just scoffed at the thought. “What are you talking about now? I am myself – this is just what leadership entails!”

    “Remember when I was in college and when I was unsure about something I would call you back home for advice? You were always my confidant when I needed someone to talk to, someone with the voice of reason to keep me even-keeled. And now I’m afraid you’re letting this pressure get to you in a way that’s not healthy! CeCe . . . I’m your brother. I don’t want to see you keep falling apart!”

    “Buzz off, Galin, this isn’t your concern!”

    “Isn’t it? You’re my baby sister – it’s always been my job to look out for you. It was that way when we were kids, and I’m not going to let that end now.”

    “This isn’t something you can help me with, Galin. Because you’ll never understand what it means to be the General Manager of the Senators. And until you do, this seat will just look like your birthright, something you should have taken instead of allowing me to take it.”

    “Who said that?”

    “Only the media . . . all of them. They think I stole this seat from you, the so-called ‘rightful heir’ to the S’rily GM throne. And I’m sick of it!”

    “You know I never wanted it!” Galin protested. “CeCe, you’re the one who deserved this role the most! You don’t know how proud Dad was to see you come back to take on the team when ownership changed hands – how proud we all were. This was your dream . . . and is your dream. Just last season you were so happy to be here. But now I see that this job is tearing you apart from the inside. When will you realize that you need to stop worrying about what the media says and just do your own thing?”

    “I can’t do that, brother. As long as this is Dad’s legacy, I can never be my own being. He’s got the Hall of Fame pedigree – what do I have? Just his familial name, that’s all. I don’t even look like I should be his offspring!”

    Galin just took a step backwards as if he had been stabbed in the chest by a knife. “CeCe, don’t do this . . . don’t destroy yourself out of fear and pressure! You’re better than this! Remember who you are, all you’ve done to get here! Dad’s legacy doesn’t have to define you!”

    “Get out!” Cecilia yelled as she threw something at her brother. “Get the frak out of my office!”

    That was the last time she had seen Galin, and the season was soon to start. No doubt there would be headlines, but she didn’t care. As far as she was concerned, she was on the edge, and it was a long way down.

    Close to the Edge. Close to the Edge. Close to the Edge. Close to the Edgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

    The end of her vocal line led straight into a quick instrumental breakdown before Horstag came back in with his powerful vocals that cut through the room like a knife, and soon Cecilia’s own joined it in a twisted harmony that brought those in the crowd to tears but only further tormented the Twi’lek as her sticks and feet continued to beat the tar out of her drum heads. They said that music was the key to the soul, and this moment was proof that such a comment was scarily accurate. Though no one in attendance knew it, she felt on the edge like she never had before. On the edge to prove herself worthy of the title of GM of the Coruscant Senators. On the edge to prove herself worthy of carrying the S’rily name. On the edge to prove that she was enough just the way she was.

    Her father had always told her that he loved her for who she was. But did even the famed Gark S’rily know what effects his legacy would have on his own daughter, or would his storied Limmie career forever swamp her progress no matter how hard she tried?

    This was a whole new ballgame. This was the Elite League, and there was nothing quite like it in the galaxy.

    GM Approved!

    Name: Cecilia S’rily (CeCe to her parents and siblings)

    Species: Twi’lek (with some Bothan DNA)

    Gender: Female

    Birth year: 277

    Physical appearance: 5’4 – 5’5ish, blue skin with various brown-colored splotches across her body

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Relation to team: General Manager

    Brief biography: Though physically impossible, the Coruscant Senators are technically in Cecilia S’rily’s blood. Her father Gark was the architect for the Senators’ return to prominence starting in the 262 Galactic Cup-winning season and continuing for the better part of two decades, brother Galin won a Galactic Cup as a player, mother Me’lin was the real glue keeping the team front office together for several decades, and uncle and Limmie Hall of Famer Dirxx Horstse is heralded as one of the most prominent players in team history. And that’s not to mention adopted brothers Mykal Oha and Ronny, both of whom played college Limmie before pursuing other career opportunities. No small feat to live up to them.

    As for Cecilia, she could never find the knack to play Limmie but seemed poised to follow her father’s footsteps and become a big-time front office executive for a professional team. Drawn to the Hapes Consortium for college at the Royal Academy and followed up by a stint with the C-Bucs, Cecilia eventually returned home to Coruscant to take the helm for a franchise in flux. Kicked to the Premier League after a shake-up inside the Elite League, interest in the team began to wane as bad team ownership nearly ruined the once-proud franchise and Senator Stadium was half-empty on gameday. Once positioned as GM for her father’s old team, Cecilia tabbed her brother Galin to help her run the operation as she tried to rebuild the roster with players who could bring the team back to prominence.

    After several years of hard work and dedication, the Senators have triumphantly returned to the Elite League and look to shake things up for another magical run. But media expectations are sky-high, something made far worse by the ever-lengthening shadow of Gark S’rily’s legacy as his only daughter tries to forge her own story with the family business. Pressure from outside sources is reaching a boiling point, and Cecilia begins to wonder if she can handle the stress of running the same Elite League operation that shot her family line to galactic prominence . . .

    And re-introducing the 262, 268, and 298 Elite League Champions Coruscant Senators!

    General Manager: Cecilia S’rily (Twi’lek, Female)
    Assistant General Manager: Galin S’rily (Bothan, Male)
    Head Coach: D’ana Themyscira (Mandalorian/Hapan, Female)
    Offensive Coordinator: Veebal (Devaronian, Male)
    Defensive Coordinator: Wizkal (Devaronian, Male)
    Midfield Coach: Rael Pratt (Human, Male)

    The Starting Lineup:

    Goalkeeper: *Jevva Lupi (Cathar, Female)
    Right Corner Back: Wahay Contar (Feeorin, Male)
    Full Back: Jagger Crandall (Human, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Tigal Cressis (Twi’lek, Male)
    Right Half Back: Mikey Salaman (Human, Male)
    Center Half Back: Dragar (Zabrak, Male)
    Left Half Back: **Jammi Wuluki (Keredian, Male)
    Midfielder: Nedia Roomal (Thradian, Female)
    Midfielder: Tempell Bonn (Bothan, Male)
    Right Half Forward: **Lavina Orferr (Mirialan, Female)
    Center Half Forward: Bhootal Crann (Whipid, Male)
    Left Half Forward: **Buck Chambers-Vayne (Human, Male)
    Right Corner Forward: Geena Cusarcks (Theelin, Female)
    Full Forward: Damia Greesht (Halaisi, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Jenko Toolidis (Weequay, Male)

    * - indicates Team Captain
    ** - indicates Assistant Team Captain


    Postis Vangel (Human, Male, Corner Back)
    Tepp Divvel (Sullustan, Male, Half Forward)
    Lisa Schrade (Human, Female, Midfielder)
    Ballas Dergo (Zeltron, Female, Corner Forward)
    Fiszle Grett (Togrutan, Male, Utility Forward)
    Tempest Questt (Human, Female, Goalkeeper/Utility Back)
    Tenga (Talz, Female, Full/Half Back)

    TAG: No One - for now.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM (that's me!) approved
    Name: Quill Penn
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 288 ABY
    Physical appearance:
    Homeworld: Bakura
    Relation to team: Player
    Brief biography: Everyone knew Quill Penn was going to be big in limmie. After all, he made it to the ELL Awards when he was only a few months old.

    To be fair, it was because his dad, three-time Galactic Cup champion Horst Penn, was there to win the League MVP award (and apparently thought there was nothing wrong with taking an infant to—and then on stage in a baby carrier—a galactically-broadcast award show). Horst is one of the great defenders of Miner history, endowed with Agamarian size and strength. Today, he’s familiar to fans as the Bakuran Broadcasting Corporation Sports on-field reporter for Miner games and as a fixture on the wave with his show on limmie.

    So, false positive of infant awards ceremony attendance aside, everyone had a feeling that Horst Penn’s kid was going to be big in limmie—assuming his mother let him play the sport in the first place.

    Trixie Eldred Penn of the Noble House of Trieste is considered among the finest prosecutors on Bakura. As District Attorney of Salis D’aar, where the Miners play their home games, she’s plowed an independent path—mostly by getting under the skin of anyone and everyone of substance, including Bakura’s major political parties. She’s also shown complete disdain for the limmie team her family owns, even when her husband played for them. When Trixie goes to Miner games, she seems bored. Some speculate it started as a way to needle her mother, Regan Eldred, who has periodically served as chair of the Miners and has been a lifelong avid fan of limmie.

    No one is sure if Horst prevailed or if Trixie relented, but their son Quill did indeed take up his father’s trade, down to playing full back, the lynch pin of the defense. His stellar high school and university career culminated in a Bak10 championship in 310 ABY with the UBTV Pioneers.

    Head coach Alana Kirt and GM Lena Cundertol aggressively courted Quill in the wake of the team’s failure to make the Galactic Cup Playoffs. Quill joins Olivar and Kassandra Kirt as current Miners descended from famous Miners. Everyone’s hoping they’ll replicate the success of their parents.

    To top it all off, this season he’ll line up against his second cousins, Dorian and Miranda Lynd. Not only will they be opponents, they play for the Corellia Rebels, the team who prevented the Miners from going to the playoffs last season. And, chances are, he’ll see them at least twice in critical conference games that could decide who makes the playoffs again.

    So, as Quill’s dad would say, “no pressure.”
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    Sep 14, 2009
    GM Approved!

    Name: Princess Josephine Daneher
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 280 ABY
    Physical appearance: (You can use an image or a description)


    Homeworld: Dela
    Relation to team: Owner of the Centran Royals

    Brief biography:

    Even in the Outer Rim the beauty, splendor, reputation, and pageantry of Elite League Limmie has its fair share of influence and charm. The beautiful game at long last has found a home in the Centrality.

    Princess Josephine Daneher, leader of Dela and influential royal member of the Centrality, purchased the Centran Royals in 307 ABY following the completion of the Centran Royals stadium. The stadium was entirely funded by the monarchy, specifically Queen Carley Heraat, as a reward to loyal citizens of the crown for their steadfast support and fealty to the monarchy.

    Josephine, never one to back down from a challenge though knowing very little about professional sports, sent out a team of Centran advisors to study the great Elite League Limmie teams. Teams that were current such as the Bakura Miners and teams that had fallen into the past such as the Coruscant Senators, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, Hapes C-Bucs, and countless others. The information brought back was incredibly useful albeit complicated.

    The last three seasons of owning an Elite League Limmie team have been incredibly challenging for Princess Josephine. As it turns out, for the young princess of 31 years old, there was more to owning an Elite League Limmie team than looking pretty on the field…..

    Team Sheet: Centran Royals


    Home Field: Heraat Stadium, Erilnar, Centrality


    Liaison to the Crown: Nigel Tremayne


    General Manager: Addison Vehn


    Coaching Staff:
    Head Coach: Erin Windreaver
    Offensive Coordinator: Niall Rian
    Defensive Coordinator: Zelena Wiles

    Starting Lineup:

    Goalkeeper: Jenny Taungsday (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Right Corner Back: Krystah Tallav (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Full Back: Juris Hawkens (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Left Corner Back: Tam Midosea (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Right Half Back: Morathi Glam (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Center Half Back: Sair Herand (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Left Half Back: Ronium Sundar (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Midfielder: Bree Helmsfist (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Midfielder: Shayne Jurgen (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Right Half Forward: Graal Lerann (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Center Half Forward: Ubis Clash (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Left Half Forward: Rachel Thorin (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Right Corner Forward: Myn Storm (Human, Male) Contract Year: 316
    Full Forward: Katalana De Res* (Human, Female) Contract Year: 316
    Left Corner Forward: Cora Penarvon (Human, Female)

    *- Team Captain

    IC: Princess Josephine Daneher
    Royals Team Headquarters
    Southside, Erilnar

    Princess Josephine Daneher was a practical woman. Precise, even. Everything always ran on schedule. As planned. No delays. No issues. Her acquisition of the team in 307 ABY had gone like clockwork. All the paperwork had been filed promptly. The money was transferred to the Centran Royal Bank without issue. The matter, for all intents and purposes, had gone perfectly. What hadn’t, unfortunately for the young princess, was the heart of the matter itself: the Centran Royals performance on the field.

    The Centran Royals were a disappointment as far as the league was concerned. Once eyed as the jewel of the new expansion era teams the Royals were now being seen as one more losing season away from getting the boot. Ticket sales and attendance was high, however, as the Centrality was entering a golden age of prosperity now that the dark days of war, famine, and political strife were behind them. There was more disposable income to go around as Centrans found they could move, relatively comfortably, between the various social classes and afford such “frivolous” expenses like going to a Limmie game.

    Josephine sat behind her desk and rubbed her temples. She couldn’t understand why the Royals were not putting out a winning product. Or hadn’t, rather. She had the all-star coaching staff, the power performing front office, it all should have worked out splendidly. To plan. Many of coaching staff had once been respectable, if not great, players for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. In fact the Royals had once been labeled by the media as Nar Shaddaa North, or Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 2.0. Except the reality hadn’t been that way. The defense was nothing of note, the offensive unit couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, and the stadium was hardly feared as far as away teams were concerned.

    Now, to make matters worse, Josephine’s liaison to the crown, Lilly Vehn, had pursued other opportunities in the off season and had been replaced by Nigel Tremayne. Tremayne was hardly a man of the crown. In fact, he spent most of his wealth, accumulated in the ever growing world of real estate transactions, on luxurious yachts and high roller events. Social galas, that kind of thing. From what Josephine could gather, Nigel knew very little about professional sports. He was, as the term had come to be known in the Centrality, a “new man”. One of those who’d made their fortune and subsequently used it to gain influence in spheres beyond their capabilities.

    “He’s here,” Josephine’s secretary said over the comm.

    Josephine glanced in a nearby floor to ceiling mirror and tidied up her hair. She was a princess after all. She had to look the part.

    “Send him in,” Josephine replied.

    Nigel Tremayne, dressed in a fine suit, entered the office and casually strode over to Josephine’s desk where he extended a hand.

    “Nigel Tremayne, liaison to the crown.”

    Josephine stood but did not return the gesture. A heavy silence fell between the pair. There was proper etiquette that had just been ignored. Disregarded. Thrown away like yesterday’s trash.

    Josephine subtly shifted her gaze to Nigel’s outstretched hand reaching out to her as if some sort of peace offering.

    Or subtle manipulation Josephine thought.

    “The proper custom-“ Josephine began before being rudely interrupted by Nigel.

    “Oh, that,” Nigel cut her off, “I’m not a monarchist, I am-“

    “Regardless,” Josephine quickly corrected assuming the high ground in the conversation, “you are to respect my station and title. One does not greet a royal with such common gestures. This is about tradition, honor, the precedence of it all.”

    Nigel didn’t respond. He lowered his hand ever so slowly resting it gently at his side. Reluctantly he lowered his head in a bow as if the weight of the galaxy rested on his shoulders. When his eyes returned to Josephine, they were filled with nothing but contempt.

    Josephine motioned for Nigel to sit down opposite her as she launched a holoprojector in her desk. The image showed the team logo of the Centran Royals briefly before several spreadsheets displaying statistics and overall team priorities for the coming season.

    “The Royals,” Josephine stated, “they-“

    “Need some serious help,” Nigel spoke, “that’s where I come in. I’m your man.”

    “Need some encouragement,” Josephine adjusted, “and time will tell if you truly are, what were your words, my man?”

    “I can see that you distrust men like me,” Nigel stated.

    “Only ones that show little respect where it is properly due,” Josephine replied.

    “I owe nothing to the crown. I took this position purely out of a need to do good,” Nigel said.

    “You took this position to expand your profile. Increase your business interests,” Josephine countered.

    “Certainly not to gain any sway in court,” Nigel admitted.

    “No, I don’t suppose so,” Josephine replied, “but I need to know if you can do the job?”

    Nigel stood and adjusted his suit.

    Can you?” Nigel challenged.

    Josephine stood and pointed toward the door.

    “You’re dismissed,” Josephine acidly replied. She was tired of this new liaison to the crown.

    Nigel gave a brief nod of his head and exited.

    Josephine put her hands on her hips and shook her head.

    This season was already starting off on the wrong foot.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Tanno Kalas

    His heart pounded in his chest, the sound resounded in his head. Nervously he tapped his foot on the floor. He'd been in stressful situations before but this was different. He was on a new team, a team he'd grown up watching and loving. A good impression is what he needed to make to ingratiate himself with the team and the fans. A lot was riding on this, even if it was just a simple interview. Thought calling it simple was a lie, it was very much not simple.

    "Hey and welcome to Scarface Conversations…" The voice of Iris "Scarface" Copin rang over the holo-net connection and Tanno put a smile on his face. Even though no one would see his face he wanted it to sound like he was happy to be here. And he was happy, make no mistake this was a highlight of his life but he was still nervous. He was talking to a living legend, the backbone of the Pirates for so many years dragging good and bad teams to the playoffs and beyond with just her skill and grit. Add on top of that all the listeners that would eventually hear his answers to this questions.

    "And joining me today is the newest Pirate, from V'tal by way of Taanab, and many other teams, Tanno Kalas. Tanno how are you?"

    "I'm good," A lie, he was terrified, "I'm good happy to be back home."

    "And playing for the home team?"

    "It was a long road but I finally made it."

    "How long did it take?"

    "Ten years, 6 teams, and about a dozen houses and apartments."

    "That's a long time, what kept you going?"

    "Love of the game, the lack of other marketable skills, and the desire to not do anything else in the galaxy."

    "Sounds like dedication."

    "Probably a bit of that and hope. Hope that one day I would get a full time spot in the ELL."

    "Now that hope has finally paid off how do you feel?"

    "Nervous but also excited so my stomach is doing flips right now. I've never been this nervous joining a new team. You know it's different when you're joining a team you grew up watching and idolizing. More than hope becoming realized, it's a dream come true. I can wait to take the pitch wearing the Pirate's jersey."

    "I know that feeling, the tingles that run up your spine, the feeling of the jersey against your skin, the sound of your cleats tapping against the duracrete as you walk down the tunnel. It's an almost religious experience. A realization of a dream you've held so long. But, then the real work starts because you need to up hold the honor and glow of that team so you don't let down other kids like you."

    "I…I uh didn't…Didn't think about that." And he hadn't now the nervousness that had been disarmed by Iris's natural charisma, was now back and pulling his stomach down.

    "Well you haven't had your first game yet so now you have some time to think about it. But don't stress about it, I'm sure you'll do fine. I've seen you play, you're going to do great."

    "I know…"

    "Anyway, how are you settling in? You're a long way from Taanab."

    "I finally unpacked the last box, put all my trophies and awards up, and put my posters on the wall. Still not quite home yet but, it is a place to lay my head, I'm sure it'll feel more homey the longer I'm there. It's nice to live in the city, gives me plenty to do on my time off and let's me get used to the city as home, already have a few favorite restaurants and bars. Lots of good bar food around and I'm a simple guy so that suits me just fine."

    "You have a lot of options in the city plenty to try out if you get bored of bar food."

    "I'm sure I'll get around to that…once I've had a burger from every burger joint…"

    "You might be at that a while."

    "Music to my ears."

    "So, you seeing anyone?"


    "Sorry, but the amount of times I've seen our fem players be asked this question made me want to ask it of every guest. If you'd rather not say that's fine. No judgment if you use holo-dating programs."

    "Um…Well" he smiled again thinking back to those posters he put up on the wall. "I'm not seeing anyone currently…but I have had a crush on Talia Lyons."

    "The singer, the top of the charts millions of fans idol?"

    Tanno smiled again an opportunity for a joke, something to add a bit of humor.

    "Talia if you listening, and you want a new relationship to write a song or two about I'm available. Have your people call my people and we can work something out."

    He said these words as a joke, as a throwaway line ment to break the tension and give every one a good laugh. Iris laughed a few listeners laughed it was a good joke…

    Surely nothing would come of this? It was just a joke.

    @Trieste Approved.
    Name: Tanno Kalas
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 283
    Physical appearance: The picture perfect athlete big but not too big, close cut blond hair and a constant 5'o clock shadow.
    Homeworld: Carratos
    Relation to team: New Player
    Brief biography: Born during Occupation Tanno grew up watching the Pirates nearly every week. It was his dream to play for the team. He joined the Juniors and played his heart out, but when he turned 18, there was no call from the Pirates. It was during the hight of Copinmania a lot of junior players weren't getting calls. He ground away in the Premier League, even got a call up to the ELL once or twice to fill a gap. But, never getting a permanent job. But, making some flashy plays to get his name out there. Then Just after this last season, the first season without Iris, he finally got the call. He is finally getting to play for the team he loves.

    Unrelated to his professional career is his crush on the music superstar Talia Lyons. It hasn't come up much in interviews and some fans have found images of him at her concerts, and he's made some posts about not getting tickets for her latest show. Thought all the public knows is that he's a fan, so are millions of others. But even if he publicly admitted his crush on her, nothing would come of it right?
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Quill Penn
    Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “I was much more enthusiastic about this before I talked with your mother,” Miners general manager Lena Cundertol informed Quill Penn.

    Quill got that a lot.

    He fought the urge to apologize. After all, he wasn’t actually sorry. His mom could be unyielding—she’d put away members of crime syndicates as a prosecutor—but it was his mom’s hard bargaining that had gotten him the fat contract he’d signed with his hometown team. For a rookie, he going to be paid well. And that was saying something given how generous the ELL minimum salary was compared to a lot of other pro leagues.

    Beings didn’t just play in the ELL for the chance of winning a Galactic Cup. That, of course, helped. But so the credits didn’t hurt.

    Instead, Quill settled on, “I intend to make all the effort worth your while.”

    Lena was no wilting flower. You didn’t get to be an ELL GM by being a pushover. He hadn’t been part of the contract negotiations, but he imagined that Lena gave as good as she got from his mom.

    But Lena surprised him. “Before we go out there, know that I understand the weight you carry.”

    Right. Of course she would. She was the kid of a Miner great too. Quill nodded, indicating he was ready.

    The door slid open in front of them and Quill didn’t even step even through it before the cameras started flashing.

    “And now, I’ll let our newest Miner share his thoughts,” Lena said, stepping aside from the lectern.

    Quill had done the easy stuff. Standing there with a smile on his face as Lena talked about what high hopes the team had for him, how they hoped he’d sustain the defensive excellence the Miners had last season. He’d held one side of a dark blue Miners jersey with his name and number on the back and posed for the cameras.

    Now was the hard part: the reporters. It wasn’t that he was scared of them. He knew most of them and understood they were good beings who just wanted a good story for the fans who cared about the sport. It was just that there were only so many times you could say the same thing in different ways before it got stale—and he’d said those things a lot in his university career.

    “Good morning,” Quill started. “There sure are a lot more of you here than I saw out in Golden Prairie.” A joke was a good way to break the tension, and it worked, garnering some laughs. UBTV had faded from prominence in the Bak10 until Quill’s third year of play, but they hadn’t had this much media attention last season when they’d won the conference title.

    “I am thrilled to be a Miner. This is the team I grew up watching, the team I always wanted to play for. They’ve been in the ELL for 50 consecutive seasons—the only team that has been. That’s a level of excellence that I want to be part of, and to continue. In particular, the Miners had the best defense last season. That’s a high bar when you join a team, but I’m ready for the challenge.

    “I’ll take a few questions,” Quill finished, wanting to get to it. He pointed at a reporter. He would have called out his name, but Quill knew what was coming next.

    “Kent Trimm, HSN,” the reporter said, standing. Kent always introduced himself at a media briefing, even if the person he was addressing had known him for two decades. “Are the rumors true that your mother is your agent and represented you in your contract negotiations?”

    Quill knew Kent was a straight-shooter, one of the best sports reporters on the planet, maybe in the Outer Rim. He had expected a tough question from him. “Yes, she did.”

    “Those of us in the media are familiar with how tough she can be in bargaining. And yet you only got a three-year contract from the Miners. Far short of the five-year contract Kassandra Kirt got. Were you happy with your contract?”

    “I think I got a fair contract,” Quill stated. He knew he was sidestepping the actual question, but if Kent challenged him on it, he could hold his ground that he’d answered it in spirit. “Three years is the Miners’ standard contract. Veteran defenders like Rose-Lynn and Obi-Sam got three-year contracts this offseason and they have a track record at this level I don’t have yet. I’m not going to measure myself against Kass, because she’s the best midfielder in the game.”

    And because Kent and Quill went back with each other, he couldn’t help throwing the reporter a tidbit he could use in his article. “But do I want to sign another three-year contract when this one is up? No. Because by then I want to show the Miners I deserve a five-year contract like Kass.” He didn’t wait for a follow-up, but moved on to the next reporter. “Kanildon.”

    “You played full back at UBTV, but you’ll be a corner back with the Miners. How much of an adjustment do you think you’ll need to make the transition?”

    “There’s a difference, sure, but the positions are closely related. I’ll have it down after training camp. The Miners coaching staff is top notch and they, plus my teammates, will get me ready. The level of coaching is part of why I decided to sign with the Miners. Avvy,” Quill finished, calling on the next reporter.

    “Rumors are Euceron might get promoted into the League this year. Did you think of signing with them?”

    Quill should have known someone would ask. His dad had famously walked onto the stage at the ELL draft, where the Miners had taken him fourth overall…wearing a Euceron Storm jersey. When asked about it, he’d said he was “sure Euceron was going to take him” and that his “mom had made the jersey for him” and he wasn’t going to take it off.

    Classic dad.

    “No offense to Euceron, and I really hope we see them in the ELL this year, but the Miners were my top choice.”

    “Oooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me!”

    Quill had figured this would happen.

    “In the back,” he said, pointing.

    “Quill, I assume you’ll be moving to Salis D’aar from Golden Prairie now that you’re with the Miners.”

    “Yes, I will,” Quill confirmed.

    “Will you be living at home?”

    Quill decided not to point out that wherever he lived would be home, but he did not want to open that semantic debate. “I’ve decided to take a room in my extended family’s residence in town. My grandparents live there and have offered to provide stability during the season when I’ll be focused on limmie. I think it’d be good for me as I get my footing with the Miners. Though I’m pretty sure they already have a list of weekly chores for me to do.”

    “So if your mom was considering turning your bedroom into a crafting space, that’d be OK?”

    “Yeah, she can,” Quill confirmed.

    “Would it be OK if she went with a holotactics table instead?”

    “She can put whatever she wants in there.”

    “One more question: are you going to be over for dinner tonight? Because I’m cooking rump roast tonight and I need to know how much to get at the store after this.”

    “Yes, Dad,” Quill said.

    Horst Penn, reporter for the BBC, threw his son a thumbs up. “Awesome. See you there.”

    “Looking forward to it, Dad.”

    Most people would think that having your father ask you personal questions live on the HoloNet would be so embarrassing that they’d have to disappear into Wild Space for a decade.

    For Quill Penn, it was just another Centaxday.

    TAG: @jcgoble3 for that old draft nugget (and I believe he enjoyed Kent Trimm’s appearance last season and asked for more)
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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Gio Linrai
    Storm Stadium suite, 310 Premiership semifinal

    Gio leaned into Dad’s side with his noise-canceling headphones and wrapped one arm around Dad’s back as he played with a fidget toy with the other inside his hoodie’s kangaroo pocket. Sitting still for two hours was a Hard Thing for him, and the fidget toy helped him focus on the game action down below. Especially since he was going to have to sit longer now that the game was headed into overtime.

    Gio watched the overtime period kick off and the graceful movement of the players. He wished he could even approximate that. He sucked at bolo-ball even in Little League, and was sure he only got the playing time he did because Little League rules mandated that time for every player. Why did the Force have to gift him lightball skill instead? Lightball season was about to start soon and he was going to have to play it because Mom said so, something about the dangers of specializing in one sport at too young of an age. The problem with lightball, as he saw it, was that there was too much standing around doing nothing. He wanted action. Bolo-ball was nonstop action. So why was he so good at lightball, being voted to all-star teams, while he sucked at bolo-ball?

    Especially because Mom was starting to get questions from the media about it. See, the children of retired bolo-ball players were normally expected to be good at bolo-ball. Gio’s mom was not just a retired player, but had led her team to a Galactic Cup and been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Gio wasn’t sure how his lack of skill had gotten to the media, but he wanted so bad to get better so Mom didn’t have to answer difficult questions about him anymore.

    “Oof,” Dad said. “That’s going to be hard to recover from.”

    Gio snapped back to his surroundings and realized that 12 minutes of the 15-minute overtime had passed while he was lost in his train of thought. The Adumar Aces had just scored a goal to put them up by five and silence the home crowd.

    The 9-year-old watched carefully as the Officers tried to rally, but they came up short, losing by three. Their season was over.

    “Well, Gio, that’s it. What did you think?”

    “I want to be like them!... I wish I could be like them.” The change in tone of voice between Gio’s first and second sentence from excited to dejected was immediately obvious.

    “I have an idea,” Dad said. “I talked with Mom yesterday. Next season, she’d like to integrate you into the team as a water boy. Practices, games, etc. You’d get to travel with the team and immerse yourself, and Mom is going to start traveling with the team full-time next year as well. We’re still trying to figure out your learning style, but maybe just being around the team more often and closer will enable you to absorb something. Who knows, maybe one of the players will turn out to be your style of teacher. What do you think?”

    Gio rolled the fidget toy around in his hand as he considered it. After a few minutes, he spoke up. “I’m open to it.”

    “I’ll loop Mom in on that and we’ll look into setting it up. Also, I should have mentioned it first in case it changes your mind, but I talked to Dr. Zargana and she wants to petition to get back into the Elite League next year.”

    “Oh, now I’m definitely in!”

    Dad laughed. “Cool. It’s the last thing she wants to do before retirement is get another Galactic Cup. Now let’s go console Mom.”

    GM Approved!

    Team: Euceron Officers
    Name: Giovanni Linrai
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 301
    Physical appearance: Blond hair in a buzz cut, blue eyes, short for his age of 10 but with an athletic look. When not wearing a sports uniform, almost always wears a hoodie and cargo shorts regardless of the weather, even in the heat of summer or dead of winter, much to his parents’ consternation. Can often be seen with headphones.
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to team: Fan and water boy

    Brief biography: Giovanni, or Gio as everyone calls him, looks to the uninformed passerby to be a typical 10-year-old boy who likes to play holo games and hang out with friends, and hates homework. He plays Little League bolo-ball and lightball, and to Mom’s dismay, he’s significantly better at lightball than bolo-ball. However, to Gio’s own dismay, he hates lightball and enjoys bolo-ball much more, and wishes he was better at bolo-ball. He also hates calling bolo-ball limmie, which has led to a few arguments with Mom. Dad, for his part, refuses to take sides in that debate, but occasionally calls it meshgeroya solely to antagonize both of them.

    For this season, Gio has been selected to serve as a hydration specialist (i.e. water boy) on the sidelines for the hometown Euceron Officers. Most 10-year-old boys would be super excited to be on their favorite team’s sidelines interacting with the players, but Gio is already well familiar with them. That’s because Gio’s mom is Limmie Hall of Famer and Officers practice coach Tendra Nalo-Linrai, and so Gio has attended many practices with Mom before and has already met several of the players, who in turn already know Gio. Not to mention that the field bears the name of his late grandfather, Marte Nalo.

    Gio’s hope for this season, perhaps a foolish one, is to soak up as much information as possible and try to improve his bolo-ball skills so that his time playing the sport doesn’t have to end when he ages out of Little League, because as it stands, he’s not likely to have a chance at making the high school team in a few years without a massive improvement.

    Mom has tried to coach him, but her coaching style doesn’t mesh with how Gio learns best, and neither have most of his Little League coaches’ styles. He’s had similar issues in school, and late last year, he learned why when he was finally diagnosed with autism. So while he tries to learn from the Officers players, he’s also learning how to navigate life as a neurodivergent individual -- a challenging combination.

    Euceron Officers Team Sheet
    Stadium: Marte Nalo Field at Storm Stadium (Technically speaking, the building is Storm Stadium, but the playing field is specifically called Marte Nalo Field. Official team releases and statements maintain this separation, but it is common and normal for those external to the organization to unknowingly mix the two up, and they are rarely corrected. Most people outside the Officers simply refer to Storm Stadium.)
    Owner: Melkin Tunran (Human, Male) (grandson of Wilrax Tunran IV, final owner of the Euceron Storm)
    General Manager: Dr. Aebatt Zargana (Human, Female)
    Head Coach: Rockta Sparks (Rodian, Female)
    Practice Coach: Tendra Nalo-Linrai (Human, Female)
    (player roster under construction)
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    Jan 29, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Silver Streak, The
    Species: REDACTED
    Gender: REDACTED
    Birth year: REDACTED
    Physical appearance:


    Homeworld: Nubia
    Relation to team: Professional Mascot
    Brief biography:

    Silver has requested anonymity on many personal details due to being stalked by his fans.

    Since his debut in the offseason things have been complete insanity. He has a new sponsor, Flaming Ronto Energy Shots. Why have a whole drink when you can throw back a shot of this hypermatter? It will kick your system directly into hyperdrive.

    Silver drinks his Flaming Ronto Shots moments before every match, and he keeps a case on the side lines to toss to lucky fans.

    He will pose for holos, but please refrain from asking for autographs.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    From HoloNet Sports Network


    If Week 1 is any indication, 311 could be one of the ELL’s best seasons in recent memory
    Kent Trimm

    There were a lot of ways Elite League Limmie could have gone for the golden anniversary of their self-proclaimed Silver Age. Top of the list was nostalgia: teary-eyed tributes to former greats, endless retrospectives of superlative games and players, heritage jersey games to create a—perhaps artificial for the newer teams—connection to days gone by.

    Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard has chosen—and in some cases lucked into—to something better than a marketing-driven, PR blitz designed to sell jerseys.

    He’s brought back some of the biggest names in limmie.

    Coruscant and Euceron are back. Dac and Kashyyyk are out.

    Corellia has brought back one of the dominant players of the Silver Age, now in a coaching role. Bakura is doubling—or should I say tripling—down on yet another scion of their past glory years. Coruscant returns under the leadership of another S’rily.

    Carratos and Nubia, the League’s two most consistent teams of late, show no signs of faltering.

    Reports from Erlinar say that even Centran, the team that seems to have endless second chances in its ELL membership, is bolstering their front office.

    It is the odd ELL season when the reigning Galactic Cup champions look shaky, but limmie watchers widely think Ord Mantell is ripe to be toppled.

    Some could take the cynical view and say that the ELL is leaning into the most lucrative markets in the galaxy. Coruscant brings the largest media market back into the League. Corellia, looking more dangerous than ever, has always been rabid consumers of all things sports, limmie no exception. Euceron and Carratos, while smaller markets, have put in the hard work to win fans around the galaxy over the years. The Republic may not have a trade deal with the Centrality, but the ELL hopes this will be the year the sweet credits start flowing in from the queendom. Nubia’s fast track to excellence has established them in the limmie firmament so firmly that it’s hard to imagine that 5 years ago no one knew who they were. Ord Mantell benefits from a post-championship bounce. And there is Bakura, always punching above its weight (or rather, population) on the galactic stage, with limmie no exception.

    I could be cynical, and some might argue often am, but this time I choose not to be. I believe that, for all his faults, Lokensgaard has more often than not done what was right for the ELL, this season’s lineup included. It hasn’t always worked out. The League has faltered these last few years. ELL games didn’t have the same must-watch feel they used to.

    But one look at this season’s calendar and I admit I am intrigued. Just take the fact the season will start with four straight conference games. That gauntlet will show us who us is for real and who is only hype. Even a team that aces their start could find the usually-precious conference record fail them if they suffer a bad stretch out of conference.

    If you need convincing, look these tantalizing opening week matchups:

    Coruscant Senators at Nubia Silver Streaks

    It’s a classic tale of old guard versus new guard. The Silver Streaks have been the darling of the Solo Conference for the past few seasons, a position the Senators used to hold. A win by the Streaks will show they aren’t intimidated by a team with nine more Galactic Cup Final appearances than they have.

    Euceron Officers at Carratos Pirates

    These teams know each other well from years gone by in the Skywalker Conference. Carratos has consistently been one of the most exciting teams in the ELL since they entered the League 30 years ago—winning 4 Galactic Cups in the process. Euceron is, as their fans are likely chagrined to hear yet again, the best limmie team in the galaxy with the least to show for it. Both teams have much to lose playing each other: the momentum of their return on one side and the vestiges of confidence from the Scarface era on the other.

    Centran Royals at Ord Mantell Scrappers

    The Centran Royals are an idea more than they are a limmie team. While some might see that as harsh, I see the Centrality’s dream: build something their citizens can rally behind. Sports has always done that for beings, for good and for bad. But that dream has yet to materialize on the field. Last season the Royals looked listless, uninspired. In short, the opposite of the team they’ll face out of the gate. Ord Mantell toughed their way to a Galactic Cup. If Centran wants to be taken seriously this season, an opening day win, spoiling the championship banner raiding, is a good way to do it.

    Corellia Rebels at Bakura Miners

    I don’t know anyone who isn’t looking forward to this game. The last time the Rebels were on Bakura, they shocked the ELL by beating the heavily-favored Miners in a two-score win. And since then they’ve arguably gotten better, bringing in one of their hometown heroes, Dawn Solo, with the goal of taking the team even higher than their surprise Galactic Cup Final run last season. Meanwhile, Lena Cundertol raised the Rebels by getting the highest-rated Bak10 defender, second-generation ELL talent Quill Penn this offseason. Not to be outdone, the Rebels re-raised the Miners another Lynd prodigy. The arms race between these teams is out of control, which is only a good thing for fans.

    If you fail to find something that ignites your interest in the ELL in Week 1…well, what can I say? Other than I’m sure there are some very nice blob races you can watch instead...assuming you get HSN8, the Ocho.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Quill Penn
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Even though he’d held a jersey with his name on it and raced through the back passages of the Gardens dozens of times as a kid, Quill experienced an unexpected thrill when he saw his name and number stitched on a jersey, hanging in the locker room. He reached out and rubbed the material between two fingers, as if he couldn’t believe it was really there.

    And then his good mood evaporated when he saw the jersey next to his.

    Of course they’d put him next to Aisa. The great Aisa Arain. The darling of Bak10 limmie for the first three years of Quill’s career.

    The Pioneers had lost to Arain and the Titans in Quill’s second and third years on the team. The media had gushed over how Arain was the reason for Atalanta’s dominance. They couldn’t stop talking about all her experience, playing as a reserve for the Miners, how “mature” she was as a limmie player. During those years Quill had been second in the conversation about best defenders on Bakura.

    And while things hadn’t been strained at training camp, Arain hadn’t gone out of her way to be friendly with Quill. True, she hadn’t been antagonistic or revived their Bak10 rivalry. She’d kept things purely professional. Though when they were in training drills it felt like she went harder, especially if it was head-to-head against Quill.

    That was fine with him. He was here to win a Galactic Cup. He and Arain would need to be good—no, great—to make that happen. The harder they played, the better their chances.

    He sensed a presence arrive next to him.

    “I thought that would have lost its luster for you,” Arain said. “How many does your dad have hanging around your home?”

    There was an entire room for all his dad’s limmie stuff in their Salis D’aar residence. Horst had kept jerseys from just about every important game he’d played. He’d auctioned some for charity, but he still had a lot. Quill had spent his childhood looking at everything. He knew each piece by heart at this point.

    “More than most beings would think is reasonable,” Quill replied, the fabric still in his hand. He didn’t want to get into growing up around the Miners. Not right now; not with her. “Still it’s…” Humbling to see the name PENN on the back of a Miners jersey and have it be his, not just his dad’s. “…something else.” Arain probably thought he was going soft. Right before a big game too.

    “Yeah, well. At least you’ll get to play in your first game wearing that. I rode the bench,” Arain said. “Must be nice.”

    Quill heard the same note in her voice he’d heard his entire life. College, high school, Little League Limmie. From teammates, parents, even some coaches.

    If you weren’t Horst Penn’s son, you wouldn’t be playing.

    Quill’s hand tightened around the jersey as he made a fist. But he’d shown them by playing his heart out every time. He’d sweated, pushed past the burn, spent hours in the gym nearly every day—all to prove he belonged on every team he’d been part of. And he’d been the best player out there every time.

    Except when he’d played Aisa Arain.

    He turned to tell Arain that she knew well that he’d earned this spot, that he’d worked as hard as she had during training camp—and stopped as she was pulling her shirt over her head. Quill turned back immediately. The first rule of the locker room was you didn’t stare at anyone when they were changing.

    Thankfully, her top had been blocking her face and Aisa hadn’t seen him. The awkwardness of the almost-faux pas broke Quill’s anger. Now wasn’t the time to hash this out with her. They should be fighting the Rebels, not each other. He’d almost been an emotional rookie who let his emotions get the better of him. Arain would have never let him live that down.

    Instead, he started undressing himself, facing his stall. “Don’t worry. I’m ready for it,” Quill said. Arain just cared about how well he played anyways. She didn’t need his emotional baggage.

    “So then I’m guessing you know all your cousin’s tricks from your backyard limmie games?” He wasn’t sure if the challenge in her voice was playful or not.

    “One, she’s my second cousin,” Quill started. Today he’d be playing opposite against Miranda Lynd, daughter of another limmie great, his mom’s cousin Vesper. Heck of a way for the two of them to start their pro careers. “And two, we never went hard in the annual family games.”

    The game was a Noble House tradition. Once a year everyone, young and old, would get together at the family home in Prytis, the house they called Kilmainham Brook, for a reunion. Though plenty of the family had played limmie at some level, everyone took it easy since it was a casual game for fun. Though sometimes teams were arranged so some people could passive aggressively work out some old grudges against each other. And sometimes teams were arranged to avoid other old grudges. (Nobody wanted a replay of the hit a 20-year-old Aunt Fiona had laid on a 21-year-old Aunt Kerry in the pivotal Bakura Fleet Academy/UB Salis D'aar game of 240 ABY, not when both of them were in their 90s. Organ replacement might keep them playing into their 100s, but there was no sense taking chances.)

    “You ready for Dorian?” Quill asked in return.

    Miranda’s older brother would be Arain’s mark today. Their mother, Vesper, had played full forward for the Rydonni Prime Monarchs in her day. Of course her kids would take the corner positions to either side. They’d had to split the three of them up at the family game to keep things fair. Though putting their father, Nicholas Arden, anywhere near them usually did the trick too. Quill loved his kind-of-uncle, but he couldn’t take two steps with a boloball without turning it over.

    “I’ve seen the vids, just like you. I got this.”

    Truth was, Quill was glad Arain had drawn Dorian. He had more experience at the pro level. Miranda might be a phenom, but Dorian would play smart. Quill had the easier assignment.

    That made it all the more important he win this battle of rookies.

    Before Quill could reply, an arm hooked around his neck. “All right my nuggets,” Rose-Lynn Hypertravels proclaimed, drawing him and Arain in so they snugged against her body. “You two ready to show the Rebels that we’ve still got their number even with their fancy new head coach?” Hypertravels was the longest-tenured defender on the team, recently made assistant captain, and had been a mother Endorian chicken to the defenders at training camp.

    “We’re gonna be all over them like you and that Pirate boyfriend of yours,” Arain said.

    Quill cocked an eyebrow. He knew that Rose-Lynn and Tynos Taal of Carratos were an item, but did people really talk about that kind of thing openly? A relationship with someone on the other team seemed like a recipe for trouble.

    “That’s what I wanna hear. Get dressed so we can get to warmups and get loose,” Rose-Lynn said, apparently not finding the reference as awkward as Quill did.

    She released them and by mutual and silent agreement the corner backs used the opportunity to resume getting ready. Maybe Hypertravels had sensed the tension between the young players and disrupted it. Intentional or not, Quill would take it.

    He needed to get into game mode. Let everything fall away but the field. There might be a lot riding on his first pro game, but he wasn’t going to let anyone—not Dawn Solo, not Dorian, not Miranda, and certainly not Aisa Arain—get in his way.

    Today, Quill was going to show everyone that he wasn’t just his father’s son.

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    Jan 29, 2008
    IC: Silver Streak
    Nuba City - Tallera Field

    Streak double checked the room directions he’d scribbled on a scrap of flimsi, they told him that his ready room was large enough to work out, and it had a refresher.

    The refresher part was a relief because he practically had to strip off his costume when nature called.

    He located his room, and programmed his entrance code since he couldn’t scan his palm with the costume on. As much as he loved his costume, it did have a few drawbacks.

    Streak walked in and surveyed his domain for a moment.

    There was a large cooler built into the wall for drinks, it was already stocked with Flaming Ronto shots, Red Rancor, and Dewback Drool. The Drool was for hydration and vitamins, the others were for minimum energy. Being a mascot was all about being energetic,

    SS knew everything about being a mascot, except he hadn’t actually done it yet. He had spent the last two months in an intensive mascot camp in the Dune Sea on Tatooine.

    It had been a life changing experience.

    With a deep sigh, SS stowed his personal gear in his locker. He had been chuffed to see the cabinet with 28 extra suits. Those would come in handy since accidents can happen, they covered that at mascot camp.

    He continued to explore until he heard some using the panel to open his door, Streak bolted into the refresher stall. There was a moment of panic when he realized anyone coming in could see his silver boots, he had to react quickly so he jumped up and stood crouched on the porcelain.

    “Uh, sir?” A male voice asked.

    “Silver Streak, Mr. Streak? I don’t know your actual name so you’ll have to tell me what to call you.”


    Karl sighed. He’d been warned that this guy was kind of weird, but he allegedly has moves.

    “Dude, I know you’re in here.”


    “Come on, I saw the silver ankles before you climbed on the throne,” Karl said impatiently, “I’m your handler, slash assistant, slash trainer.”

    SS climbed to the floor and opened the stall door.

    “I’m Silver Streak,” he offered his silver gloved hand, “nice to meet you.”

    Shaking the mascot’s hand, the trainer said, “Karl Pilkington, likewise.”

    He stood waiting for what to call the mascot but the guy didn’t say.

    “What do you want to be called?” Karl asked again.

    “I said I’m Silver Streak,” he answered, “but at camp they all used nicknames. I was called Silver, Streak, SS, and Solar Energy… there were a few others, but I prefer not to use them,

    “Okay,” Karl replied, “Let’s just try Silver for now. Can I get you anything?”

    “Nope,” Silver replied and went back to exploring the compartments in his ready room.

    “Niceeee! Take a look at this,” he said to Karl, “it’s a t-shirt blaster! This will be so much fun.”

    “Um, sure,” Karl looked concerned that this guy had anything remotely close to a blaster in his possession. “Did they teach you how to use one at camp?”

    Silver sighed and looked over at Karl. “We were going to, but some clown was messing around and shot a rock at one of the instructors. After that they took them away and just read over the directions with us.”

    He shrugged and added, “I’ve got this, trust me.”

    Karl walked over to a bench and sat down thinking of how he would be an idiot to trust this dude.

    “Why did you run into the refresher when I came in?” Karl regretted asking, because he knew he should just do his job and not try to get to know the mascot. He didn’t need another reason to wonder about the criteria used to determine who would be mascot.

    “Mascots cannot be too cautious, we learned about that at camp,” he said. “You could’ve been a stalker or a crazy fan.”

    Karl blinked and resisted the urge to ask how he could have a fan because he hadn’t made his debut yet.

    Yeah, he just let it go.

    “What’s the plan, Silver? Are you going to work out or inspect the sidelines?” Karl steered them away from stalkers and back to business.

    “Let’s check out the field,” Silver said, suddenly sounding different.

    SS went to the cooler and started opening and chugging Flaming Ronto Shots. As he finished one he would let it drop to the floor and grab the next one until he had drank ten.

    “Bring a 12 pack of the Shots, and a Drool for afterwards,” Silver instructed.

    Karl was staring at the mascot with an expression that clearly said he thought the man was insane. He managed a single word reply, “sure.”

    The trainer side of him decided on the spot that he wanted an AED installed in the mascot room because this whack job was going to have a heart attack from slamming the energy drinks.

    Silver walked out of the room, leaving Karl to gather the drinks and follow.

    Karl carried a tote of drinks onto the field and sat on the Nubia team’s bench while looking for Silver. He wasn’t on the sidelines, but a blur of silver caught his eye from above. Silver was up in the stands.

    “Mother of moons,” Karl murmured, “okay, I see why they selected him.”


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    Jul 11, 2009
    Tanno Kalas

    It had been weeks since Tanno had his chat with Scarface. He had since put it out of his mind, he'd gone on runs, done workouts, played touch Limmie all the while listening to Taila Lyons songs. It was nice to get some rest before the first practice of the season. Everything was going well. His dream was off to a great start. The sun rose on the day before the first day of practice. Tanno was already awake watching the sun rise from the gym in his apartment building. It was pleasant, greeting the dawn already in motion. It was a habit he'd started when he first started playing Limmie as a child. He didn't have much time afterschool so the only time he could get exercise in was before dawn. He found it a great way to start the day.
    After the workout he headed back to his apartment for a shower, an necessity after working up a sweat. He passed by his mantel, well, a shelf that ran across the back wall of his living room. On it was his trophies and metals, from primary school to a premiership cup (a replica) he'd won just last year. All his accomplishments laid out on a single shelf. Hopefully soon he could add to it, get a few ELL awards to populate the collection. It wasn't necessarily an ego thing, just nice to be recognized for all the hard work one puts into their passion. He ran his hand along the metals hearing them clink together smiling a little to himself. Ok, maybe it was a little bit of an ego thing.

    He got out of the shower drying off with a towel. It was while he was making the short transition from his fresher to his bedroom dressed in only his towel that his comm began to ring. With curiosity he answered.


    "Is this Mr. Kalas?" A very official sounding feminine voice replied to his query.

    "Yes this is he." Tanno answered, furrowing his brow.

    "My employer would like to arrange a casual meeting on Borleias tomorrow afternoon, would you be available?"

    "Um who is your employer? I have a previous engagement, a pretty big one, first day of practice for the ELL season."

    "Ah yes, I represent Ms. Talia Lyons…"

    The world stopped for a moment, his heart lept up into his throat. This couldn't be real.

    "Excuse me?"

    "I am the agent for Ms. Talia Lyons and she would like to set up a…meeting between her and you. She has a tour date on Borleias and has a day off before the concert. This is only time this week she will be able to see you. That is if you are still interested Mr. Kalas. I understand if…"

    "No…um give me a second. This is a lot to take in…You're not joking…tell me something only Talia's agent would know."

    "I'm afraid I can't do that. I have a strict confidentiality clause with Ms. Lyons."

    He thought about it for a moment; he needed to know this wasn't a joke. His head was bowed foot tapping as the gears turned in his head. It had to be something only someone connected to Talia would know, or could do…that was it.

    "Can you provide me with a premium seat to Ms. Lyons Borleias concert?"

    "You're not going to put it up on the Resale market?" The Agent on the other side of the conversation didn't seemed fazed at all by the request.

    "No, I plan to use it…and if I can't I'll give it away. I've dealt with scalpers, not a fun experience."

    "Good, I've sent you a code for a premium seat and a backstage pass just to assuage any doubts you may have."

    He moved over to his terminal checking his holo-net account, right there from Stellar Talent Management. STM was the talent agency Talia used, she just swapped to them before this most recent tour. So that seemed legit. Opening the message he saw two codes, one marked Ticket the other VIP pass.

    "I see them."

    "Now if you go to the Holonet site for the tour you can redeem those passes and that should prove this is not a prank."

    "Just one moment." He went to the official site for the tour and input both codes, and they were confirmed.

    Now the reality set in and he fell back into the chair in front of the terminal. The Borleias tour date had been sold out for months, he'd tried to get his hands on some passes to no avail. No one would just had those out as a joke, it also told him that whatever the offer was it was serious. Was this a date, or was this some complicated cease and desist thing. Did she dislike what he said so bad she needed to tell him to his face? No, that couldn't be it, right? They certainly wouldn't give up backstage passes just to tell him off. It was real…another thing that was real was the fact he had practice his first practice with the team tomorrow. Caught between a dream date, and seeing his childhood dream to fruition.

    His hand shook and his heart pounded in his chest. What was he going to do? On the one hand it was important to make a good impression on his new team, on the other…a date with his celebrity crush. Closing his eyes he let a long breath out through his nose.

    "Mr. Kalas?"

    "I'll do it. Um…I mean yes I accept the meeting." There would be other practices, and he'd work twice as hard as anyone else. This could be his one chance to go on a date with his dream girl, that doesn't happen to everyone. Heck he didn't even think it would happen to him and now the opportunity was in his grasp. Even if this was their only meeting, which in his mind was likely, at least he'd have a fun story to tell.

    "Good she will see you tomorrow." The line went quiet and he was just left staring into the distance still in his towel.

    He had one more call to make…one that made his hand shake.

    "Leigh Cavanaugh." The voice of the first solo Pirate admitted to the Hall of Fame sounded from his comm. Leigh had accepted a position as head of talent relations so it was her he had to call to say he wouldn't be at practice. Something that made the task even more difficult.

    "Hi Ms. Cavanaugh," He swallowed thickly, "This is Tanno Kalas."

    "Hey Tanno, what's up? Excited for your first practice?"

    "Oh um…yeah ah…about that…I just had an emergency come up…" He hoped keeping it vague wouldn't get him in too much trouble. "And I have to see to it so, I'm sorry I'm going to miss practice tomorrow."

    "Oh…I hope everything is ok?" The concern was clear in the legend's voice, it made him feel even worse.

    "Um…yeah it's just…" It's just that he has a hot date and his blowing off his first practice to go to it. "It's just something I have to take care of and sadly it can't wait."

    "Well, alright, I hope everything turns out alright for you."

    "Everything should be ok…and I'm really sorry about this." His heart was aching…he would have to come clean about this eventually…just not today.

    "Just be safe ok…we need you this season…"

    "I understand, I'll be there next time I promise."

    "Alright…I'll mark you down as on personal leave."

    "Thank you so much."

    "Any time but let's not make this a habit."

    "I understand…"

    "Alright have a good day, I hope you get everything sorted."

    "Yeah it should be simple but it's just going to take a bit to do…"

    "Alright, see ya',"

    "Yeah see ya',"

    He hung up and stared into the distance again…

    What had he done?

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    Dec 19, 2017
    IC: Dawn Solo
    Santhe Stadium, Coranet City, Corellia

    Solo stood on the sidelines as the entire squad was on the field warming up before one of their final practices before heading out to Rydonni Prime. The Monarchs invited the Rebels to a Memorial Day Friendly before the start of the Elite League’s regular season. With the restructuring of the ELL and PLL schedules, the Rydonni Prime holiday always fell before the season started. Before Dawn’s departure as Monarchs General Manager she created a home preseason match with the Rebels. This will be the 10th annual Memorial Day Derby.

    “Faster, children! You call those press-ups? My grandmother has more life in her, Force rest her soul. MOVE IT!” One of the few Rebel coaches that Dawn retained was Carie Argo, their Head Trainer. Some say that Dawn was ordered to keep her by the Rebel’s General Manager. But truth be told, she liked her sass. Carie did not care who you were or where you were from or who you were, she was going to tell you how it was.

    Dawn noticed Maggie Adams turn her back on the exercising squad to hide her face. She obviously found Carie’s verbal motivation humorous and did not want to show it in front of the players. As the Rebel’s Offensive Coordinator made her way over to Solo’s side, Dawn’s datapad chirped. The 311 ELL regular season schedule was officially released, “You have got to be kidding me.” Dawn just shook her head.

    “What’s up boss?”

    “Take a look at this.” Dawn handed her datapad over to Maggie.

    “Oh, that’s nice.” Maggie scrolled through the ten week schedule, “So we are not only starting and ending the season on the road, but we square off against the Miners twice in the first three weeks?”

    “Yup.” Dawn sighed and started walking towards the team which had transitioned into a half-pitch scrimmage. Adams walked alongside her, the humor completely removed from her face. The pair stood next to a rack of bolos and watched as Dorian Lynd struggled to find an opening against the Rebel’s Team Captain, Alexia Cady.

    “You’re not really thinking about keeping Dorian on offense, are you?”

    “I wasn’t just thinking about it. His a clear choice.”

    Maggie furrowed her brow, “When you drafted a ninety-pound, undersized defensive back, I just ignored it. I thought ‘What the frak, maybe Dawn is doing Vesper a favor.’ I never thought you would bring him along with us to Corellia.” Dorian was being manhandled by the 15 year limmie veteran. “Then you doubled down and put him across from his seventeen year-old baby sister.” Dorian scrambled around trying to find an opening to no avail. “Look at that. He’s makin’ me cry.”

    Dawn wasn’t even looking towards Dorian as she continued to follow the bolo with her eyes. “I was looking for qualities beyond the physical.”

    “Do you know how long it took to set up our offensive scheme? Of all the meetings I had to have with rest of the forwards?” Aside from Lynds, the rest of the Rebels offense was made up of returning players from last year’s Galactic Cup runners-up team.

    “Yes, I’m well aware of your efforts.”

    “Then throw me a bone. Take another look at the free agent Hodgacca. He’s big, he’s fast, he obeys orders - he’s a forward.”

    “He’s a bully.”

    “You don’t win matches with niceness, Chief. You win matches with guts.” Maggie grabbed a bolo ball off the rack and tossed it towards the scrimaging players. “FUMBLE!” As everyone else started wildly looking about, Dorian pounced like a lothcat on the loose ball and fired it into the back of the net. A grin grew across Dawn’s face. “He’s still small.” Maggie observed as she blew her whistle. “Offense! With me!”

    10th Annual Memorial Day Derby
    Corellia Rebels at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (40-11)


    With the Memorial Day Cup secure in the trophy case on Corellia, it was time to focus on the Miners and then the rest of the ELL.

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  15. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Princess Josephine Daneher
    Centran Royals Team HQ

    “I want him gone,” Princess Josephine Daneher fumed in a private holographic conversation with Queen Carley Heraat. The use of formalities had long since fallen away between the two women who were more like sisters than anything else.

    “You’re the owner, fire him,” Queen Carley pointed out.

    “I can’t fire him. His appointment is approved by the crown!” Princess Josephine said growing exasperated.

    “I didn’t approve any appointment to the Royals” Queen Carley quietly replied, “if I had I certainly would not have picked him.”

    “Well, if you didn’t approve his hiring than who did?” Princess Josephine questioned.

    “It seems you have a mystery on your hands, Jo,” Queen Carley said, “and I am going to leave said mystery for you to resolve.”

    “You’re telling me I’m stuck with this guy for an entire Elite League Limmie season?” Princess Josephine roared.

    “Try and find a way to make it work. We want a title to come to Erilnar. Does it really matter who the liaison to the crown is?” Queen Carley asked.

    “It matters to me if he isn’t doing his job!” Princess Josephine said through gritted teeth as she killed the transmission.

    Josephine reached out and tapped a direct line to her secretary. “Find out how Nigel Tremayne got his position, will you?”

    “At once, your Highness,” the secretary replied.

    One Week Later
    Ord Mantell

    “Best of luck” Princess Josephine said with a grin as she shook the Centran Royals players that were coming out of the tunnel.

    She repeated the phrase, or a variety therein, several times for each players as they took to the pitch to kick off the 311 ABY Elite League Limmie season. She was proud of the team. Proud that they’d forged ahead with their roster despite stringing together a few years of less than memorable performances. Still, there was something to be said for consistency.

    “I see you wore your finest dress, your Highness,” Nigel Tremayne said as he stood near Princess Josephine.

    “I try to dress the part,” Princess Josephine replied barely acknowledging Nigel, “clearly you need a new tailor. That suit looks dreadful.”

    “Come now lets not get into a fight about fashion,” Nigel coolly replied, “and instead lets focus on the upcoming season.”

    “You stay in your lane, Nigel, and I shall stay in mine,” Princess Josephine said.

    “I’m afraid that won’t happen quite the way you imagine in your pretty little head,” Nigel grunted, “you see someone has tried to start an investigation against me. Someone who is in way over their head. Someone who knows nothing about professional sports and certainly nothing about running this team. Unless the goal is to run the team into the ground.”

    Princess Josephine turned to confront Nigel Tremayne who met her gaze. Her voice was shaking with barely controlled anger.

    “You will watch your tongue in my presence, Nigel. I won’t warn you again.”

    “Or what?” Nigel challenged.

    “I’m sure I can come up with an appropriate punishment,” Princess Josephine said.

    “There won’t be any retribution against me, young lady,” Nigel replied in an even tone, “I have the full authority of the crown.”

    “About that-“ Josephine started but was interrupted by the game commencing.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    It's just a full house for opening day bonuses: Bakura, Carratos, Centran, Corellia, Coruscant, Euceron, and Nubia. It's good to see again. :D

    Week 1
    Coruscant Senators at Nubia Silver Streaks (24-2)
    Euceron Officers at Carratos Pirates (6-31)
    Centran Royals at Ord Mantell Scrappers (39-9)
    Corellia Rebels at Bakura Miners (25-40)

    (For recordkeeping purposes, Bakura did get a max-out roll and came up with a 0.)

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Lady_Belligerent @SWNerd11 @Vehn
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Cecilia S’rily


    Though it had taken place several times since both the Coruscant Senator and Chandrila Patriot franchises had landed in the Premier League of Limmie, the so-called Revolutionary War rivalry which had its roots in the Galactic Civil War had not experienced such major stakes in years. That was because the Senators, once the crown jewel of the galactic capital during their Renaissance years of the 260s, were slated to return to the Elite League for the first time in over a decade – a decade which had seen the team in severe turmoil for several years before a charismatic legacy finally brought it back in motion. There had been much to pick up in those intervening years, a roster to construct, and an identity to reformulate, but that had all been taken care of by the descendants of the man whom 50 years earlier had led an improbable rise to power for a dormant giant and had even brought a general loathing of the Coruscant brand into the hearts of rival teams due to their performance and Galactic Cup wins.

    But for these Senators, only two of whom had played for the franchise in its last stint in the Elite League, much of that history was confined to the historical texts and analogues of older generations. This was a team that had been forged in the years of the Premier League, much of its roster the same as the squad which had fallen in the league quarterfinals the prior year but which shown enough spunk to intrigue the Elite League central office. And thus Cecilia had kept it mostly together, though when news of the team’s return to the Elite League became known, she had received a call from longtime neighbor and fellow child of a Hall of Famer Buck Chambers-Vayne asking if there was room for him on the roster. Son of franchise-defining legends in Senator great Polis Vayne and Nar Shaddaa icon Meredith Chambers, the younger Chambers-Vayne had spent a couple years playing for the Senators before leaving when the franchise had nearly bit the dust due to bad ownership. But with a new opportunity in sight, he had returned, along with the hard-hitting veteran corner back Wahay Contar, himself related to Senator greatness from aunt and member of the unit once known as “The Wall”, Shayt Contar. Yet the rest were untested at the Elite League level, and without a robust free agent market like which had once existed in the more static membership decades of the past, the Twi’lek knew that she was basically forced to start the campaign with the roster she had constructed. It was just as her father had done, though the elder S’rily just happened to have multiple Limmie Hall of Famers on his Opening Day 262 roster – he just hadn’t known it yet. Though a similar story was possible for her Senators 50 years after the miracle 262 Senator run to the title, including through the same Chandrila Patriots franchise who held home court for this friendly game, Cecilia greatly doubted she would have the same success right off the bat.

    By all measures, the game was a fine starting effort for a team looking to up its game at the next level. A 22-18 Patriots win, and a hard-contested game from both sides which saw runs of greatness countered by the opposite team. Yet a loss was a loss, even if it didn’t count in the standings. And Cecilia remained very uncertain how such a setback would be viewed when the games did start to count – would she be given the same optimism that her father had somehow stumbled into in those early years, or would the media expect titles from her on the first day? The Elite League had changed wildly in half a century, but expectations rarely waned even over such long periods of time.

    “We played hard, but they just played a little harder than they did today,” team captain and goaltender Jevva Lupi said in a post-game interview, something Cecilia had been present for as she wondered how much the scrutiny would change when it was time for the big leagues. The Premier League was hardly a cakewalk, but this would soon be the Elite League, a league known for taking no prisoners in an outright brawl to the finish. Many franchises would never reach the level of the Premier League, let alone the ELL – just being there was no minor feat. And thus the pressure would reach a boiling point. Cecilia had seen the holovids of when things had gone wrong for the franchise she had grown up a part of – 266, 270, 277, all of it. Was it even the same franchise that it had once been after 270?


    Cecilia sat alone in the uppermost row of bleachers overlooking the small stadium that hosted the Trimfi Royals, a low-level professional franchise whose success in the standings was less important than merely existing and bringing eyes to the world. She had always enjoyed retreating to the picturesque world when she needed to concentrate, when things were just too hectic on the capital to think clearly. It also helped that the ceremonial House of S’rily in the Trimfi royal hierarchy remained as strongly connected as ever to the local population, and the presence of any of the S’rily bloodline was welcomed with open arms. For it had been Gark S’rily to have provided the resources necessary to start the Royals franchise in the first place, a favor he owed to the royal family after they had bestowed ceremonial ranking status to him and the family after saving the main city from bandits somewhere in 273-4. Cecilia had not yet been born at the time, so everything she had heard felt a little less connected than it had for her brother Galin whom had been an infant at the time. Yet the mere fact that she felt secure on Trimfi to work on pressing issues was a relief upon itself, the locals giving her space when she needed it most. On Coruscant often beings did not listen to requests for space, yet here she could spread out her work without being unduly bothered.

    Below on the field was a Royals practice, their bright golden uniforms quite visible even from the furthermost row of bleachers. There were occasional whistles, followed by the completion of individual and team drills. Most of the players were locals, buoyed by the prestige offered on the world to those who played the Beautiful Game, and their fervor for the game was shared by the local populace who would support the Royals regardless of record. On Coruscant the fans were sometimes notorious for not showing up to games that didn’t mean much, though in a stadium of one million beings, even half that capacity could still cause issues for visiting teams. But here the games were cause for celebration even in the event of a 45-0 defeat – the legend of the S’rilys bringing Limmie to the world was ingrained in the culture, and the locals felt forever indebted for that.

    As Cecilia flipped over another page in her search for personnel documents, she heard the rapping of knuckles against the bench and looked up to see her brother Galin standing near one of the many colorful flags which adorned the upper ring of the stadium. “Figured I’d find you here,” the elder S’rily child said as he stared at his younger sister. “You’re more predictable than you care to admit.”

    “What are you doing here?” Cecilia angrily asked as she slid one of the papers aside. “Can’t you at least let me have Trimfi to myself, brother? Go back to Coruscant – I still need you to cover for the front office in any media requests.”

    “For the record, it wasn’t my idea to be here,” Galin replied as he brushed a couple strands of fur from his face. “My judgment was overruled, as it were.”

    “What do you mean overruled? I know that Laseema knows best in your relationship, but that’s hardly enough for you to come halfway across the galaxy . . .”

    “You’re right – had Laseema asked me to be here, I probably would have pushed back on it. I wanted to give you space. But that was overruled by those who I couldn’t refuse.”

    “I don’t care if the Supreme Chancellor tells you to find me, just go away!”

    “Cecilia, that is no way to speak to your brother,” came a voice from the tunnel next to Galin that made Cecilia’s back go rigid. “You should know that by now.”

    “Dad?” Cecilia asked as the recognizable form of Gark S’rily came into view. The Bothan had been enfeebled by age, the wrinkles evident on his entire body and face as he walked into the stadium with a cane. He was a far cry from the spry young man whom had taken on the challenge of being an Elite League General Manager from the boss of his old corporation, a man whom had no knowledge of the game going in but whom had carved out a lasting legacy that had also partially defined the entire sport over the past half-century. “What are you doing here?”

    “I came here to set the record straight on this little spat you two have been having,” the elder S’rily said as he strode over towards his daughter with purpose in his eyes. It was a look that Cecilia knew all too well, one which indicated that the man had important advice to dispense whether the recipient liked it or not. “Galin says you two haven’t exactly gotten along as of late.”

    “It’s a sibling spat, nothing more,” Cecilia said as she turned her gaze away from the older man as Gark took a seat a few meters away. “Nothing you and Mom haven’t seen before.”

    “It’s your mother who was responsible for me giving Galin the ultimatum to come here and find you. Left to his own devices, Galin would still be back on Coruscant as you requested.”

    “How many times do I need to tell you that I don’t need your oversight? This is my franchise, Dad, not yours anymore – why can’t you let me run things the way I need to?”

    Gark just scoffed. “So that’s what this is, then? Running your franchise to the point where you’re running yourself into the ground? I sense a great amount of fear in your eyes, Cecilia – it’s not healthy.”

    “And you’re an expert at that, aren’t you?” Cecilia fired back. “Excuse me, Dad, but aren’t you the one who put your life on the line to save the people here on Trimfi even though you had no reason to do so? And don’t get me started on your tales of Superbothan – I’ve read all the comics, at least back when I cared about that kind of stuff. You always tried to be larger than life . . . and I think you forgot who you were in the process.”

    “How so?”

    “You allowed all of that stuff to take over and it killed your career with the Senators.”

    “That’s an unnecessarily-simplistic view of things, my daughter,” Gark said with a stern tone. “If you read between those lines, I never wanted to be anything more than myself. It was just circumstances that brought all those stories and titles upon me . . .”

    “Then why won’t you just leave me to forge my own path?!”

    Gark just shook his head. “I’ve never wanted to stand in your way – it’s you who thinks I’m trying to get into your head for all the wrong reasons. Why you haven’t figured that out is what’s vexing me. You have no reason to fear my legacy.”

    “But isn’t that what you’ve wanted all along, for me to live up to your name? Look around you, Dad – this whole Trimfi thing only exists because of you and Mom’s actions. Every time I’m here, I am reminded of what it took for all this to become possible, and it’s all because of you – not me. What’s to say that won’t always be the case with the Senators, hm?”

    “You’re equating two very different things there . . .”

    “Really, am I? Then explain how the story of the Silver Age Senators is basically your story, Dad. Just like Trimfi here, your legacy made the franchise what it is, and when you left, it all fell apart. A S’rily has always been needed to keep things focused, but it’s always been you back in the day and then Galin here when the last Cup was claimed . . . never me. When has Cecilia S’rily ever been important enough to make it to that pantheon, when the golden boy, the prodigy, the prime son, is the one who got the glory?”

    “Hey, you leave me out of this!” Galin snapped.

    “And why should I? You’ve always been the one who was deemed to be the special one . . .”

    Both siblings were silenced as Gark slammed the butt of his cane down on the bleachers to alarming effect. “Stop it, both of you!” the elder S’rily exclaimed. “I’ve heard you two fight like this before, but that was many years ago when it was of no real consequence. But this has gone too far. Galin, stay out of this. And CeCe, we’re going to get to the root of this issue before it tears you away from us.”

    “Those are haughty words for a man whose shadow I will always be trapped in.”

    “If you were so concerned about my legacy, then why were you so eager to take over the General Manager role for the team in the first place? You seemed perfectly content in the Consortium with the C-Bucs – why not stay there instead?”

    “Would you have done any different in my position?”

    Gark raised an eyebrow in suspicion. “Try me.”

    “This team has long been in the family . . . Galin dreamed of playing for them . . . and I always wanted to be part of the team in my own way.”

    “Even knowing that you’d be falling into my legacy by doing so?”

    “Yes! But it was only when I got to the pinnacle there that I realized what all it took to play that part.”

    Gark scooted a little closer to his embattled daughter. “It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, was it?” the elder Bothan gently asked. “Being part of a greater entity is easy when you have just one role to define, but it’s not so easy when you’re expected to have all the answers, is it?”

    “Especially when some of those making judgments about the organization say that I’ll never live up to your heights. They make it real persuasive that I’ll be a flop, and that I’m only a child of nepotism and name. What I did in the Consortium doesn’t matter – only my surname does.”

    “And you’re surprised?”

    “What do you want from me, Dad? Why come all the way out here just to pester me?”

    “Because your mother and I are greatly troubled by what’s happening to you. We want to see you return to the way you used to be – intelligent, yes, but also caring for yourself and those around you. If Galin got some of my more boisterous traits, you got your Mom’s personality traits – and she’s the gentlest being I’ve ever met. You used to be like that, too – I remember you and Galin having long chats into the night when he was struggling to adjust back at CorTech. It was you who got him through some of those tough days when he felt he didn’t fit in, and those chats really made him a better being. So why are you turning your shoulder when he’s trying to return that favor?”

    “Feeling alone in a dormitory at college is far different than being an Elite League General Manager, Dad. Don’t even try to compare the two.”

    “You didn’t seem to have any issues when the team was in the Premier League,” Gark said. “This is about the Elite League, isn’t it? And being fifty years since my Cup title win as GM in ’62. The storylines say that the only reason the Senators are in the league is because the Commissioner wants Coruscant playing this year . . . and since you’re tied to my legacy through your blood, you’ll be the scapegoat for why the Senators could be demoted after the season is over and the team’s value is returned to where it was before. You’re feeling helpless and used by a greater entity that provides the franchise with exposure but also brings with it pressure you have never dealt with before . . . so you’re lashing out at everyone because you believe they can’t help ail the reviling emotions inside you. That you’re the only one who is going through that kind of confusion and perplexing madness by being thrust into the spotlight. And you also believe that those closest to you can’t comprehend the pressures because they made it to the pinnacle and thus don’t have to worry about the future of the franchise . . . and that the galactic community thinks you’ll fail to live up to my name because . . . well, because you’re a woman. And they think that only a son of mine can carry on the family name with honor.”

    Galin looked concerned as he stared at his sister. “CeCe . . . is that true?”

    Cecilia shook her head with rage as a hot tear began to descend her cheek. “No! I . . . I!”

    “It’s alright, Cecilia – I am here to tell you that you will always be as important to your mother and I as Galin is, just as Mykal is, just as Ronny is. I want to see you succeed in this role because you were always capable of taking the mantle from me and telling your own story. I’ve always known that . . . so why can’t you?”

    “So all those years when you were at the helm of the team . . . and all those years at CorTech . . . how did you deal with the pressure?”

    “I internalized a lot more than either of you kids will ever understand,” the elder S’rily remarked. “If you think I wasn’t terrified in ’62 . . . you don’t know how stressful that was. And then after you win the title, everyone expects you to do it again, to create a dynasty. By some measures that happened, but if you look into things in only that way, you miss the bigger picture. 262 and 268 were great in their own way, but try strapping on the headset in the year that almost wasn’t . . . 266. You know the year I’m talking about . . . that’s where my legacy seems to have really taken off.”

    Cecilia knew the year well – it was the year that the Senators team had been kidnapped by pirates and held for random, something completely unbelievable by modern standards. As one of the only beings on the staff whom had not been aboard the ship when it disappeared, her father had stepped into the role of head coach without any sideline knowledge. His team had been made up of B-stringers and other castoffs, and yet somehow the team had made it to the postseason despite its star players missing most of the year on sheer willpower and the kind of determination in the face of adversity that had made Gark S’rily a true household name with a clipboard in his hands and a headset across his furry Bothan skull.

    “You’re still not convincing me, Dad.”

    “OK, then. Try 270, then. The year of Calo Mornd.”

    Calo Mornd, one of her father’s business rivals at Andromeda whom had been passed up for the Senators job and vowed revenge. The same man whom had hatched an elaborate scheme to rid the Elite League of the franchise . . . the same man whom had supposedly killed her father in a Coruscanti downpour live on the HoloNet. For a short time, it appeared as though the Senators were done, their coach and savior gone as all Coruscant’s upper levels mourned the loss of their comic book hero.

    “What about it?”

    “Ask me what it felt like stepping into the firing line knowing I would likely die at Calo’s hands . . . ask me what it was like to realize I had the love of my life in my hands and give that up in the name of so many more lives who were at stake. Ask me, Cecilia, what it was like to give everything I ever had and ever would be to the name of a silly Limmie franchise. Because that was the culmination of days when I realized that the team was just a small part of me – I could exist beyond the Coruscant Senators. I could be happy outside of the team’s influence – why can’t you understand that? You can be whatever you want to be, including happy . . . all you need to do is look at this job as what it is – a job, not your lifestyle. You are tearing yourself apart because you can’t differentiate the two, but take it from me – when work becomes your only way to comprehend life, then you miss out on so much. And the pressure also eats you alive. So you need to save yourself from this madness before it consumes you. Please, Cecilia – we don’t want to lose you to your work. You are more than capable of leading this franchise, but also being the daughter and sister you have always been. Don’t lose yourself to this job the way I almost did many years ago.”

    Cecilia sat there in silence for several moments, the constant grunting of the drilling players down below somehow drowned out as she continued to grapple with her father’s words. They came from a man whom had done everything he could to keep the team afloat, but had also walked away when there were greater things at hand. He had known all the highs and lows of the same job which she now occupied, had endured far greater hardships than most beings could ever understand. He had simultaneously been a complete and shattered man for many years, and now only sought to keep her from becoming fractured just as he had.

    Cecilia finally looked back at her father. “How did you do it?”

    “How did I do what?”

    “Any of it . . . all of it?”

    “Fear, Cecilia. Fear was a main factor. But also courage to fight back against that fear that would have other paralyzed me. I learned to trust those around me to make things happen, and you see where it got me? Multiple Galactic Cups and many playoff outings, yes, but it’s also how I saved this franchise . . . and it’s how I met your mother, too. No need for a sitcom there – it all happened because I had the strength to weather the storm in whatever form it came. Honestly, parenting you and your brother well was just as terrifying as coaching in a Galactic Cup championship final, if not more so. Life goes on after the Galactic Cup, but almost seeing your mother die as she was delivering Galin was about as major a gut punch as life can serve you. As long as you keep life in perspective, Limmie will always be just a job, just a passion project. But never let it become the only way to define you. I found that out the hard way, and let’s just say that when I donned the headset again at CorTech, I had a new sense of purpose and enjoyed the endeavor for what it was. And I want you to see things that way, too. Yes this role will challenge you like you’ve never been challenged before, but you aren’t alone. You never will be alone.”

    “That’s right, sis,” Galin chipped in. “You’re stuck with me, and I won’t let you down.”

    “But I don’t understand,” Cecilia said. “How can you be so nonchalant about this role?”

    “Trust me, kid, Limmie isn’t everything. It can bring you riches and fame, yes, but it also brings with it stress and great disappointment. That’s why Tex over at the Diner was always so pleasant to deal with – it was nice knowing that I could exist as just myself rather than as some bigshot CEO-type. You need to find that support system which works for you. I have your mother, Galin has Laseema, and you need to find your own network of close associates who make you feel important. Makes life a lot easier when you have support in your corner.”

    “Easier said than done, Dad.”

    “Really? Remember when you were growing up and the Chambers-Vaynes lived next door? Or Uncle Dirxx also being our neighbor? You didn’t feel alone at home even if you felt alone at school.”

    “That’s different. We were kids then – a lot has changed.”

    “But you’re still a social creature, Cecilia. You need to find those you feel comfortable around and let them help you find that good work-life balance. If you don’t, I promise that you’ll regret it.”

    “You know it’s not that simple, Dad.”

    “Hey, I was a perpetual bachelor who finally found someone who understood him and was willing to shape him into something greater. It can happen. You just need to find that support, in whatever shape it takes.”

    “And the team?”

    “Just remember to enjoy yourself. Let the press worry about the narratives . . . take care of what you can take care of. Be yourself, not what they want you to be. Enjoy your victories, learn from your losses. But most of all, know that you alone define your legacy. Don’t let others do that for you.”


    . . . Greesht takes a pass at the middle-high offensive attack zone from Chambers-Vayne, spins around the defender, shoots and . . . GOALLLL! Three points for Damia Greesht and the Senators, and the assistant captain is swarmed by her teammates after a truly highlight-worthy goal! What a play in this team’s return to Elite League action!

    There were many radio calls like that during the season opener against Nubia, a 24-2 victory over the Silver Streaks that started the Senator season off very well. As Cecilia and her front office staff watched on, Jevva Lupi pitched a shutdown of the Nubia offense, only surrendering two bar points. When the game was over, the gray-clad Senators players celebrated a victory in the franchise’s return to the Elite League. No win was ever easy, especially over a now-entrenched member of the League, so picking up such a big victory in their first outing would undoubtedly boost morale, even for a short time. And despite all the headlines which had shaken her resolve leading up to the game, Cecilia enjoyed herself.

    “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Galin asked as the siblings left their box after the game. “Nothing like an Elite League win to put you in a good mood.”

    “It won’t always be that easy,” Cecilia reminded her brother. “Once the League knows who we are, it’ll get a lot tougher.”

    Galin just cracked a smile. “Then be glad you’ve got me here to help out when the bright lights get a little bit too bright for your tastes. Like Dad said, savor every moment . . . and I’ll make sure you do, don’t worry about that.”

    “And the headlines?”

    “I’ve got you, sis. Always have, always will. That’s what big brothers are for.”

    “You’d better mean it, because I’ll know. Little sisters always know, Galin.”

    “You have my word. Now, I hear there’s some really cool stuff to see here on Nubia, so let’s get this press conference over with and out exploring before we hit the road to Corellia . . .”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Quill Penn
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Keep her outside!”

    If Quill hadn’t been running at full tilt, he might have shot back that he’d been trying to do that all game. That was the plan from this week’s practices. It was probably for the best that he didn’t say anything…even if he really wanted to give Arain a piece of his mind.

    All it had taken was for Miranda to get inside him once early in the first half, which led to a score. Now every time she was driving into the zone it was all Quill heard from the other corner back. It didn’t matter that more often than not he was keeping his body between Miranda and the goal. And was there ever a “good job”? Of course not.

    Moving at full speed, Miranda was better than Quill had expected her to be. Clearly she had held back in the family game these last few years. He’d even go far as to say that Miranda was better than a teenager had any right to be. Aunt Vesper must have shown her a few tricks.

    Miranda wasn’t the only one who was fast. The whole game was fast. Quill had watched plenty of ELL games in person. He’d seen them from the sidelines (his dad had enjoyed Take Your Kid to Work Day more than Quill did). He knew the play was fast. It had been fast in the Bak10.

    But this was fast.

    If Quill hadn’t had size on his side, he would have been in trouble. But he was able to do a lot just by playing tight to Miranda, keeping her from getting the space to hit top speed. But size meant nothing without skill and discipline—just ask last year’s 4-6 Kashyyyk Rangers, relegated to the Premier League. Keeping up with his cousin required quick thinking and good reads. While he wasn’t able to keep her off the scoresheet, he was doing enough to give the Miner offense a chance to stay ahead.

    Kassandra and Olivar led a blistering offensive attack at the other end of the field, involving the entire offense. Unlike Quill, they had history with these Rebels that fueled their play. They weren’t taking it easy, even late in the game. Coach Kirt let them pile up the points, deciding not to rest her starters. It was the first time in two years the Miners were going to win their first game of the season. Coach K wasn’t going to deprive the home crowd of the opportunity to fully enjoy it.

    Quill shook hands and exchanging pleasant words with the Rebels after the game. They might have just been battling it out, but his dad had taught him that when the buzzer sounded, you left all that behind. He made sure to congratulate Miranda on scoring in her debut and Dorian for not working hard all game long (that last bit might have been because he had enjoyed watching his cousin put Arain through her paces). As he headed for the locker room, two thoughts came into his head.

    The first was that he didn’t know if running up the score like that was a good idea. They’d be on Corellia in two weeks for their second game against the Rebels. Quill had a feeling Dawn Solo was a coach who could hold a grudge.

    The second was that Aisa Arain didn’t so much as high-five him before walking off the field herself.

    Fine with him.

    One week later

    Coach K had finished her speech. It reinforced how they’d prepped all week: Nubia was better than their loss to Coruscant, they’d come hard, probably go all-in on offense to build momentum, we need big stops early.

    Quill was ready to get out there. But he was barely on his feet before Arain was offering more unsolicited advice.

    “Stott likes to do fake outs, get you going one way, then reverse.” Quill knew what she was really saying: Good thing I’m here or your shebs would get burned on the first play of the game.

    “Yeah, that’s what I saw in the vids.” Translation: Contrary to your assumptions, I know how to do game prep.

    “He’s tricky.” Translation: However much you prepped, it wasn’t enough, rookie.

    “Seemed it in the games from last season,” Quill replied. Translation: Yeah, you sure did a great job containing him and the rest of the Silver Streaks last season in both your losses to them.

    “One more thing—”

    “Yeah, I’ll keep him outside,” Quill interrupted, pushing past Arain to head for the field.

    Translation: Let’s just play some limmie.

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    Jan 29, 2008
    IC: Silver Streak
    Nuba City - Tallera Field

    Two EMT’s pushed a gurney with Streak laying on it into the room, Karl held the door open. He panicked a moment when he didn’t know if you were supposed to tip the medics.

    Thankfully the idio- mascot didn’t require transporting to a medical center. Karl had warned the guy to ease up on the energy shots, but he wouldn’t listen.

    The door closed and Karl walked over to it on a bench.

    That first hour after a brutal loss was miserable, not as bad as when it’s a shutout loss, but still painful.

    Streak hadn’t moved, but he sighed heavily.

    Karl rolled his eyes and decided that must be his cue. He consulted a note that had been tacked on the wall beside the lockers, it was titled "post game protocol after a loss”. The note pinned next to it titled “post game protocol after a win”.

    He went to the cooler and grabbed a can of Drool, and a beer. Karl realized that he had smelled a distinct odor of beer, yet he hadn't opened it yet.

    The instructions were specific that he wash his hands before opening the drinks, the handler didn’t appreciate how tedious Streak was making things, but the job paid decently.

    He placed an open drink in each of Streak’s hands, and then studied the head of his costume. Was he supposed to open a concealed mouth flap for him?

    At least he found the source of the beer smell, Streak was soaked… in beer.

    “Did that group of dad’s do this?” Karl asked.

    “Yeah, the kriffers threw them on me, cans and all,” Streak grumbled and sat up.

    Karl took a deep breath and blew it out through his mouth before he spoke up, “you need to refrain from giving little kids, no, not just little ones. Don’t give kids those damned Flaming Ronto Shots. Those parents were ticked, so you probably got off lucky.”

    Streak hopped off the gurney and threw the Drool at Karl, “I’m the mascot, don’t tell me what to do!”

    He took a drink of the beer and went into the shower.

    Streak turned in the hot water and stood under the water, still in the silver morph suit.

    He took a handful of scented soap and started washing off. Once the steam was building up he did some vocal exercises that he’d learned at Mascot Camp.

    After his exercises he burst into a chorus of Blue Moon of Vandor-1.

    The singing helped soothe his anger. What were those idiots thinking, throwing beers at him?

    He had tried to calm things down by using the T-Shirt Blaster to launch rolled up shirts into the crowds, but the office had only delivered a couple of dozen to the sidelines. The fans were frantically yelling for him to shoot more free stuff.

    In a stroke of genius, Streak waved aside a hot dog vendor and grabbed some dogs. He shot all the vendor had at fans. The best results were the shot fired to fans in a higher section, those closer didn’t seem to appreciate the food.

    There would be a learning curve, he would get it all figured out.

    Streak grabbed a towel and tied it around his waist and walked back out into the room.

    Karl couldn’t believe what he saw. Streak was still in the soaked costume, and why did he need to wrap a towel around his waist? He was still in the bloody costume.

    He stared as Streak grabbed a dry suit out of a locker and took it into the refresher.

    In the open area at the bottom of the stall, Karl saw that Streak stepped up on the bowl to change.

    Eventually a dripping silver suit was thrown over the side of the stall.

    This dude needs help, Karl thought and rubbed his face.


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  20. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Tanno Kalas

    Tanno was nervous his leg bouncing up and down. He could hear the crowd above him the chatter of a million conversations that filtered down from the stands to the field. Iris was right, this did feel different from anything else. His mind should have been on the game, on the team they were about to face but he was thinking about what happened a week ago…


    "This is your captain speaking," The pilot of the commercial shuttle Tanno had bought a ticket for called out, "We are beginning our decent to Borleias, current time is 1211 and 3 degrees. Thank you for flying with us today." Tanno's eyes went wide, it was spring going into summer in O'Pahz. A sudden heat wave had the limmie player leaving in light pants and short sleeve shirt. Fine for a heat wave on Carratos, but not for fall in this hemisphere of Borleias. He would have to change that, quickly.

    He landed, grabbed his day bag and waited to get out of the packed shuttle. Once he was out he shivered as he walked along the airlock tube. It was certainly chilly. In the spaceport he quickly looked for someplace that sold a jacket…a nice looking one. Thankfully there was no shortage of clothing stores, though a lot of them were high end. With few options and the date time fast approaching he chose a hopefully more mid level establishment and entered.

    "Hello," the young Twi'lek behind the counter greeted him, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

    "Uh…well I'm looking for something casual but warm," He looked at his inclement dress for the current weather outside. "I didn't check the climate here when I left."

    "Yeah a lot of people hear that Borleias has rainforests and assumes warm and muggy." She got up and looked him up and down, "Forgetting that temperate rainforests exist."

    "Well mark me down as one of those."

    "That's ok, means more commissions for me." The sales being looked at him again. "Now what kind of casual are we looking at…business casual or stylish casual."

    "I'm trying to impress someone without looking like I'm trying to impress someone."

    "Business someone or a date someone."

    "Date but, I want to look casual."

    "Let's start with this…" Thus came a carousel of jackets, pants, and shirts.

    He wasn't the most stylish of beings but he knew enough about himself to know what worked for him. A nice nerf hide jacket and pair of rugged but presentable pants. His dark shirt went well with the other pieces.

    "You happy with this?" Tess asked, straightening the sleeves of the jacket.



    He paid up and headed towards the exit wearing his new clothes. Coming down the stairs he saw a being in a dark suit holding a sign with Tanno's name on it. At that moment he felt something brush against his hand. Looking down he saw the price tag still hanging from his sleeve. He wrapped his other hand around it and gave it a tug…nothing happened, he gave it another and another it still didn't break. Getting another grip on it he pulled feeling the string bite into his hand before it finally broke. With time running out he checked himself for any other tags but it seemed that was the only one he missed.

    "Tanno Kalas," an imposing Barabel asked narrowing his eyes at the limmie player.


    "Right this way." He was directed to a waiting dark landspeeder with tinted windows. Getting in the back seat he was quickly flanked by a human that made most defensive backs in the league look small and an average size, but tiny by comparison, pantoran woman. The pair looked him up and down with a slightly miffed expression. They set off from the spaceport in silence. In the quiet Tanno's mind started to turn an idea over in his head. Was this a hit…the dark suits, the few words being said, the dirty looks he was getting from the beings next to him.

    They were going to drive him out to somewhere secluded and put him in the ground. He looked between the two guards wondering if he could take the pantoran before the hulking human could snap his neck. Turning Tanno could see tall buildings around him. Were they taking him to a warehouse to wack him?

    "We're here." The pantoran said getting out of the speeder and gesturing to him to follow. Outside it looked overcast and didn't look like an abandoned warehouse…it in fact looked like a trendy Caf house, the kind of place one would meet a date.

    He got out and before he could move to the door he was stopped by the up until this point silent woman.

    "You will refer to her and Miss or Ms. Lyons, you will stand until asked to sit, and you will keep your answers truthful and to the point, do you understand?"

    The name made his heart skip a beat, this was real now, he was about to meet Talia Lyons.

    "Yes, yes."

    "Now sign this." She presented a datapad with a space for him to sign.

    "What for?"

    "This is an NDA, you will not reveal to any non-approved persons that you had this date or, should the relationship continue, that you are in a relationship with Talia Lyons, until she or her company reveals that information."

    His brow furrowed as he read over the Non-Disclosure Agreement. This was a lot for just a caf, but, if he wanted to do this he would have to abide by it.

    Without much more thought he signed in the box with his finger.

    "Good, and we will be watching." The tone in her voice sent a shiver down his spine. There was a threat in those words and Tanno felt it. He stepped in and all eyes fell on him and it wasn't like customers looking up to see the newcomer. These looks were those of bodyguards looking at a potential threat. He smiled nodding to the first person he saw then his eyes came up to see the being in the back corner. She was wearing a hat and glasses but he could see her blonde curls and distinctive cheekbones. He knew it was her, all the looks from the others faded away.

    He straightened his shoulders and held his head high, it was time to make a good impression. Striding across the shop with all the swagger he could muster. He put a hand on the chair opposite Talia leaning slightly over. His grip slipped from the rounded top of the chair and his balance was off. Acting quickly he brought his hand down on the table harder than he wanted to rattling the glasses already on top of it.

    "Is this seat taken?" He asked, his smile coming back after the stumble. "Though I might get a different chair..this one seems to have taken a dislike to me."

    There was a slight pull at the edge of her mouth, like she wanted to smile but she stopped herself.

    "No it's not taken…"

    He stood up pulling out the chair the words of the pantoran hitting him. "Is it alright if I sit with you?"

    "Go right ahead."

    He sat across from her with a smile.

    There was silence between them for a moment until Tanno couldn't stand it anymore.

    "I just need to get this out of the way…this is like a dream come true. And I thank you for taking time out of your schedule to make it happen."

    "It's fine, today is my day off, get some rest before the big days…Did you get the passes?"

    "Yeah, and validated so I'll see you there." He winked and another pull at the edge of her mouth. "Have you ordered?"

    "No I just got here," She leaned forward lowering her voice conspicuously, "You wouldn't believe how long it takes to clear out a caf house and secure it."

    "I bet, with your idol status it must make it difficult to just go out anywhere."

    "It does but, it comes with the territory. I've been dealing with it since I was a teen."

    "I guess after you've been doing it a while you just get used to it…"

    "I did choose this life, I could have walked away or stayed small but, I do have to admit that I do sometimes miss the days I could just go out without a security detail."

    The server appeared at their table a pretty twi'lek not that Tanno noticed given he was sitting across from his celebrity crush.

    "Would you like something to drink?"

    "Could I get a large siphon caf, the cheese, kale, and roast nerf wrap."

    "Uh… A large caf and a toasted cheese and veg sandwich."

    "How would you like your caf brewed?"

    "Uh…the normal way?"


    "Sure." He nodded his head. Turning his head back to Talia smiling, still happy to be there right now.

    "So, um how's the season going?" Talia asked trying to keep the conversation.

    "Well, we haven't played our first game yet but, we've got a good team together, made better now that I'm on it."

    "How'd you do last year?"

    "Well, I did pretty well won the grand final in the Premier League…a lower league to the Elite League, and that got me noticed by the Pirates. I'd say it was my best year so far."

    "Congratulations, that must be exciting."

    "It is, they are my home team and I've always wanted to play with them. It took me 10 years to get here."

    "That's a long time, you must really love the sport."

    "I do, it kept me going when things got rough. I'm sure it's the same for you and music."

    "Yeah," She looked down taking her glasses off revealing her green eyes. He smiled again.

    "Um I'm sorry," The server started having returned to the table, "Our press is broke so we can't toast your meal is that ok?"

    "Yeah, it's alright."

    They were quiet again looking down and catching each other's gaze every now and then he could feel something there…or was it just his mind wanting something to be true.

    The food came out and they ate going back and forth with more small talk. His upbringing on Carratos, her family back home, and they future goals in life.

    Soon it came to an end, the check was put on the table, he smiled one last time.

    "It was good to finally meet you." He said taking up the check without a second thought, he saw her hand reach out but she pulled it back. "Your security spent a lot of time setting this up the least I can do is cover the bill."

    Then finally she smiled back.

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    Dec 19, 2017
    IC: Dawn Solo
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    A younger Dawn would have been losing her mind on the sidelines at the way her defense was playing. She knew, in spite of the score differential at the half only being 14-21 Miners, that they were not going to be able to pull this game out. So she silently stood on the sideline with her datapad strapped to her left hand and watched the action unfold as Mara, her Defensive Assistant, absolutely went ballistic each time the Miners touched the bolo. As the Rebels defense got systematically dismantled, Dawn would calmly make notes on the replays that were routed to her datapad.

    As the buzzer sounded, marking the end of the opening of ELL 311, Solo strolled over to the Miner’s bench and extended her hand towards her old on-field nemesis, Alana Kirt. It had been what felt like a lifetime since the two of them faced off against each other on the field. Today marked the first time they faced off as head coaches. As their hands clasped, Dawn pulled Alana into a brief hug and simply said, “Good match. See you in two weeks.”

    The Rebels made their way down the tunnel to their locker room in silence. Dawn pulled her assistant coaches to the side. This was a little trick that she learned from Romo when bringing a squad together who was a mixture of two teams. She wanted to see what would happen when the players were left to their own devices. Once about three minutes had elapsed the Rebels’ coaching staff walked in to an absolute powder keg.

    Not one player had started the process of changing out of their uniforms. Fella Teadhors, Liddy Powe, and Javefar Tippet were using whatever energy they had left in their bodies to restrain Cara Kryze in one corner of the lockers as Keena Brynn held K’sha Adelle at bay in the opposite corner. Meanwhile, Miranda held her brother back from Ollie Peel who was trying to get at the young Bakuran through Liam Rhys, B’rel Sivett, and Rucon Ortz. Alexia Cady and Borr Manis were in the middle of both confrontations, trying to act as mediators to no avail.

    Suddenly a datapad smashed into the wall opposite the entrance to the room and exploded into sparks and electronics, “WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE FORCE IS GOING ON IN HERE?!?”

    Every eye turned towards the door to find an enraged Dawn Solo. The one person who had been nothing less than the picture of stoicism in the past few months had had enough. “This is exactly why we lost out there. You are not a team.” She stormed into the middle of the room. “Get those jerseys off.” Either out of confusion or shock, no one moved. “I said take off your jerseys!!”

    Slowly they all took off their blue road jerseys. “Put them all in this bin.” Dawn rolled over a laundry bin used by the equipment crew. “As far as I am concerned, as of this moment none of you are Rebels. So you have five minutes to grab your personal items and find your own way back to Corellia because you are not allowed on the team transport.” She shook her head as she started to leave the room. Dawn paused and looked over her shoulder, “We have practice in two days. If you aren’t there you can consider yourself in breach of contract and expect to hear from the Rebels’ front office.”

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  22. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Ord Mantell

    “Yes!” Princess Josephine roared from the visiting owner’s box as the Centran Royals scored their first goal of the game. Three points under the bar just past the outstretched fingers of the Ord Mantellian goalie.

    The corner forward tandem of Myn Storm and Cora Penarvon high fived as play commenced. Play that Josephine had never seen before in all her short years of watching Elite League Limmie. Play that truly reflected the pageantry and skill of what many fans called: the beautiful game.

    From that point forward the game was all Centran. It was an incredible victory. One of the largest victory margins in the very small history of the Outer Rim team. The few Centran fans who made the long trek out to Ord Mantell were ecstatic at the win and stayed long after to get autographs from the players and coaches.

    Josephine glanced over at Nigel Tremayne and she could have sworn she saw a glimmer of a smile cross his face.

    A Few Days Later
    Centran Royals Team Headquarters

    “That file you wanted on Nigel Tremayne is on your desk,” Princess Josephine’s secretary said as the young princess walked past in a hurry.

    Josephine closed the door and quickly made her way over to her desk. One swipe of her thumbprint unlocked her datapad as she sat down to read all the information on a man who had decided to work against her and the crown rather than with her.

    The only problem, Josephine discovered, was that there was nothing in the file with any real substance….

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Deputy Commissioner GM Post:

    Hello and welcome to another week of Elite League Limmie. Today's been another one of thrilling action! Bonus rolls this week go to Coruscant, Corellia, Bakura, Carratos, Centran, and Nubia! :D:D:D

    Carratos Pirates at Ord Mantell Scrappers (13-14)
    Coruscant Senators at Corellia Rebels (36-2)
    Euceron Officers at Centran Royals (27-24)
    Nubia Silver Streaks at Bakura Miners (19-27)

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Quill Penn
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    It had always been coming. Quill had avoided it last week, but he knew he couldn’t get out of it forever.

    It was time for his first postgame, on-field interview.

    Conducted by his dad.

    “Quill, the Miners have a 2-0 start to the season. Obviously a lot has gone well for the Miners in these two games. What do you think has been the biggest reason for the early season success?” Horst asked on live HoloNet.

    Some beings thought Horst Penn wasn’t that smart (and Quill couldn’t blame them given that his dad once completely neglected his on-field reporter duties to interview fans in the stands), but Quill had been asked a lot of dumb questions during his college career, like “How do you feel about today’s win?” Though some beings might not see it at first, it was an open-ended question that a player could make substantive.

    “I think it’s the offense,” Quill said, sure of where he wanted to go with his answer. “I mean, I wasn’t here last year, but a lot of talk coming into the season was the team wasn’t where we wanted it last season. Improving the offense was a real focus for us at training camp. We thought we had a good front six that was ready to break out, supported by an active midfield, coming in and they’ve been fantastic. They’ve given us some good margin to let us play the kind of game we want rather than chase it.”

    “Has it felt natural to play at to the ELL level?”

    Once again, you could make this a softball or you could lean in. “This is the top league in the galaxy for a reason. The best players out there are in this league. So these two weeks have been the toughest limmie I’ve ever played. But I’ve got good teammates. We support each other and we’re playing well. There are aspects of my game I want to tighten up and I imagine Coach Kirt is going to have some notes for us. But I’m all in on what we’re doing here.”

    “Speaking of teammates, you and Aisa Arain have looked like a natural pair out there. What’s been the key to your joint success?” Horst inquired.

    Quill worked fast to stop his face from contorting into something between disbelief and disgust. Him and Arain? “Natural”? What game was his dad watching? Sure, they’d made some good plays today (though they’d been far from perfect), but Quill could feel the tension between them during the game. It was only a sense of shared professionalism that had gotten them to work together at all.

    “We both know our role in the system. When we run in that, we’re able to keep the game in front of us.” Quill almost left it at that, but then he remembered something his dad often said: There’s always enough credit to share it with others. And even if Arain always thought she knew better than him and thought he’d gotten this job handed to him, she was a good defender and she had helped him. “And Aisa’s experience has helped me make the adjustment to the ELL. She’s seen a lot of these offenses and she’s helped me prepare each week. She’s a big reason we’ve won to start the season.”

    “Next week’s your first road game. You’ll be going to Santhe Stadium for your first repeat matchup of the season. How are you feeling?” Horst asked.

    “Like we’re going to have to play twice as hard. I know if I’d let a team score 40 points on me, I’d come out firing all the turbolasers,” Quill said.

    “Good luck next week, Quill.”

    “Thanks Dad.”

    “Oh before I forget!” Horst said, still live on the air. “There’s a couple packages for you at home. Your mom wants to know when you’re going to pick them up.”

    “I’ll…be there tomorrow,” Quill said. Because of course his dad would ask that while the cameras were still on.

    “Great! One of them is from—”

    “Yeah, I’ll get it soon,” Quill confirmed before his dad could finish. If the package was what he thought it was…well, he didn’t need the galaxy knowing the boxed set of the High-Republic-era Riverton romance holobook series had arrived. He didn’t really care if anyone knew he read bodice-rippers, but announcing it for all to hear was a different matter.

    “That was Miners rookie defender Quill Penn, who I’m not allowed to say is my favorite player because I have to be neutral.” Horst gave a big, obvious wink to the camera. “Back to you, Lun and Aerax!”

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    Jan 29, 2008
    IC: Silver Streak

    He blamed the team.

    Karl kicked Streak in the shin, and shot him a menacing look.

    The blue woman was leaving and then Streak had to make a jab at the team.

    Both men felt a flush of heat that made them wonder if someone had turned on warming units, but it was the expression on her face that told all Karl needed to know.
    Streak too since he shut up and went down on one knee, was he trying to make amends or propose?

    “Never speak to me again,” was all she said before leaving. The truth was her children loved this ridiculous mascot and would riot if she fired him. His mistake was embarrassing her in front of her Bakurian friends.

    Bellorum and the Graul children had spent the weekend as guests of their esteemed friends, and she was not amused by Streak’s antics, Karl had never encountered her… and he had no intention of seeing her again.

    Karl counted to ten in his head, to be sure she was indeed gone, then he rounded on Streak.

    He tried to kick him in the shin again, but Streak fell over and rolled. “Stop!” Streak wailed. “Don’t kriffing kick me!”

    Karl stepped back a moment to try and calm down.

    That didn’t work so he started pacing the locker room.

    “Do you fully grasp what you did today?” Karl asked.

    Streak opened his mouth to blame the Nubian team again, but Karl jumped in, “don’t you dare refuse to accept responsibility for your own actions!” He scowled in anger at the mascot. “That owner woman looked like she was about to disembowel both of us, did you see how pissed she was?”

    Streak glared back at Karl.

    “Give me a can of that Drool crap and I’m going to explain this to you once, and then I do not want you to ever repeat the actions that led up to today,” Karl ordered.

    “You’re not the boss of me,” Streak mumbled, but he still took the drink from the cooling unit and tossed it to Karl. He selected himself a beer and sat several benches away from the kick happy handler.

    “That’s just it, buddy,” Karl said, “I am the boss of you.”

    He let that comment sink in a moment before he started going over what the mascot had done to make the Owner so furious.

    “You are my responsibility, so your screw up is also considered mine too. This is the last screw up,” Karl pointed his finger at Streak asking, “do you understand?”

    Streak gave a surly nod.

    “You will ease back on the energy shots, they make you erratic, and as a result you make bad choices.

    “This brings me to one of those bad choices,” Karl was rushing right into a big problem that he had been considering how to approach Streak before the happenings today. “You will stop handing food and/or drink to minors, and if you aren’t sure of their age you will walk away. I’m not budging on this and I’ve been told that we will start docking your pay check,” they weren’t, but Karl wanted to make the guy afraid enough to believe it.

    “You’re going to get us into legal trouble giving that rubbish to children, that’s why the guy called you names!”

    Streak tried to defend himself a little, “he insulted me.” That was the best he could do because he was not happy that he couldn’t treat the kiddies with his free drinks. He was aware that the label said they weren’t intended for beings under the age of 20, but his dad had let him have all that stuff when he was a kid.

    It’s not like it damaged me, Streak thought.

    “He wasn’t insulting you, he was taking issue that you didn’t respect his request that you stop giving his kid those shots. You even opened them and challenged the kid to throw back a few with you!” Karl said incredulously.

    “You really screwed up by jumping on the guy’s back. That was another bad choice on your part.”

    “I had to stop him, because he was calling for security!” Streak whined.

    Karl groaned and rubbed his face with both hands.

    “You’re probably going to speak to the local authorities anyway since you incited a mob to fight with you,” Karl said. “But, let’s get you up to speed on your mistakes today before you have to give any statements.”

    He tossed the mostly full can of Drool into the trash and went to grab himself a beer from the cooler. “I know a couple of guys tossed beers on you, but you have to stop freaking out when that happens. Pulling hair, and jumping on them won’t work out well for you, and I could’ve left you to get free of those angry fans on your own. That was a nightmare trying to get to you, and if you ever crawl up on a being’s shoulders to get away from me, I swear that I’ll break both of your legs!” Karl was only getting angrier reliving it. Of course it wasn’t helping that he was aching from all the punches he had been on the receiving end of while he was rescuing the foolish mascot.

    “This brings us back to the blue chick,” Karl said in a chilling tone, “I’ve heard stories about her.” He shuddered. “You are going to act right, and stop the nonsense that calls attention to yourself. Be excited for the team, win or lose, got that?” Karl asked.

    Streak nodded and grabbed a towel for his postgame shower. He wasn’t listening to any more of the uppity handler’s complaining. That jackarse doesn’t understand what a mascot does, but he would teach him… or get rid of him.

    Karl watched Streak sulk off to the showers and finished his beer.

    He walked past the door and glanced in just to confirm what he expected, that Streak was showering in the morph suit. Karl rolled his eyes and sat down again on the bench.

    There was a notification that he had a message, so Karl opened the message, fully expecting it to be a nasty rant from his own boss higher up in the organization.

    It was indeed from his boss, but it wasn’t a rant. Karl squinted his eyes reading the message in disbelief. He was getting a rather decent increase in pay!

    The message explained that the owner was grateful for your handling of the mascot today, and she wanted your pay increased since you obviously have a difficult job.

    Karl sat back and smiled thinking that he was glad someone recognized what he was dealing with.


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