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Saga - OT EP's Neck of the Woods | One-shot/vignette thread 2015-2017

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Ewok Poet, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Jul 31, 2014

    Hi everybody, I'm Ewok Poet and you may know me from non-sequiturs in multiple threads or from Snowed In. I most likely hail from the Wolkenkuckkucksheim.

    Chak, I have a fascination with a particular character, but I also have a fascination with a lot of real-life things, so yeah. This thread is a playground where I will (eventually) explore the SW universe beyond just what I'm familiar with and take part in some writing exercises, which I never did before.

    TL;DR This is a thread for idea bits, drabbles (if I ever dare to do one), one-offs and challenge responses.

    Note regarding the prefix: I will be updating it according to the era the latest of the stories belongs to.

    - It Burns! [Saga - OT]
    - Dear Father [Saga]
    - Nuv [Saga -ST]
    - She's Gone [Saga - PT]
    - About a Boy [Saga - OT]
    - Nolevorution, Of Course! [Saga - OT] *
    - My Tooka [whatever era, listed under Saga just for pedantic purposes]
    - Radiophonic Heart [Saga - PT]
    - Emerald Wine [Saga - PT] **
    - Two Sides to Every Story [Saga - OT]
    - In My Dreams [Saga - PT]
    - Procrastinating His Hair [Saga - OT]
    - Before the Fall [Saga - PT]
    - After the Climb [Saga - OT]
    - Not Just Talking Body [Saga - PT]
    - Raissa Baiard Loses Them All! Juicy Blabber Exclusive by Yilda Lami [Saga - PT] **
    - Chancellor & I [Saga - PT]
    - Drops of Mustafar [Saga - PT] [Beyond the Saga]
    - Kylo vs. the Ghosts of SNARK! [Saga - ST] ***
    - Echo Bounces [Beyond - Legends]
    - Hell in His Head [Saga - OT]
    - Another Night to Live, Another Night to Die [Saga - PT]
    - Seeker*** [Saga - OT]
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    - Some Suave Dance Chop(per)s [Saga - OT]
    - A Stranger in Someone Else's Dream [Saga - OT]
    - Get It While It's Hoth!™** [Saga-OT]

    Unless explicitly stated, none of my stories take place in the Legends continuity. Therefore, as per my understanding, none of them fit into the "Beyond" category.

    *in a different thread, since it was a part of a collaborative wedding gift
    ** in its own thread, since fic-gifts and dare challenge responses go in their own threads
    *** in its own thread in order not to spoil the story for anyone
    The crossed-out story has been removed, because it contradicts what I eventually wrote in a longfic.

    - A Rough Trade [Saga - ST] (WIP)
    - The Map of the Dead [Beyond the Saga] (WIP)
    - The Brightest of the Stars (When Teebo Met Latara) [Saga -PT] [Saga - OT] (Complete)
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    - Doaba Ke'demii - The Diary of a Young Comradette - Dear Diary Challenge 2017 [Saga - OT] (complete, still posting)
    - The Blind Chart The Stars [Saga -OT] (sequel to all others and more, WIP)


    - My Prolific Writers' Index Entry - The above lists in a chronological format
    - My OCs (original characters)

    - Sacorria and the Saccor system
    - Vagran and the Vagran system
    - Sev-Ersk and the UR-1060 system
    - Ewoks and astronomy
    - Astrea, Astraali and the UR-9353 system
    - Ewok wedding traditions
    - Ewok food and beverage list

    It Burns!

    This is my response to Block Breaker 1 from the Writer's Block Discussion and Challenge Thread.

    Genre: Character study, humour
    Characters: Han Solo (also referred to as Genersolo), C-3PO, Luke Skywalker (or Mastalook), Chewbacca, R2-D2 (or This Little One), Leia Organa* (or Lee-Uh) and a bunch of others whom I didn't name because I want you to guess who is who.
    Timeframe: Saga - or, more precisely, the day before the Battle of Endor.
    * mentioned only


    I used everything but the picture from the block breaker post.

    I don't have a problem with Han Solo in the "who shot first" scene with Greedo from A New Hope, but I really, really do have a problem with the "Point that thing someplace else" scene from Return of the Jedi. You just don't point a blaster at the head of something far smaller than you. I thought I'd set up this scene as an internal conflict for each of the characters and explore what goes in each of their minds during the day before the Battle of Endor. This short also serves to imply the numerous differences between the species involved, sense of duty each of the protagonists has, as well as their fear from each other, manifesting in different ways as they are characters on the opposite sides of the spectrum in many ways.

    This might be the beginning of a long story or just a preliminary draft for one of its chapters. Or none of those.

    I tend to parody things at the same time as I'm infusing some valid and legitimate issues into them - therefore, do not be surprised by the tone of the story going from bizarre to serious and back.

    Each of the bits is narrated from a different point of a view and scenes rely on both ROTJ and its novelisation. This may or may not be a crack fic.

    General Han Solo was not really in the mood for paying attention to Threepio, who was describing their adventures to a bunch of wide-eyed tree-dwelling critters. He had had a hard day and he was hoping for something to snack on and a warm bed to sleep in. What were the nights like in this backwards place, anyway?

    Moreover, it was really hard for him to follow Goldenrod when he was this tired. Threepio had so much to say, his gesticulations would get annoying after a certain amount of time...or so the former smuggler thought. Right now, the droid seemed to enjoy storytelling way too much, adding various special effects to it and the tree-dwelling creatures seemed to be impressed by it, apart from a weary-looking one sitting in a large chair, presumably a throne. That one was still largely bemused by the Rebels' cause and adventures and the tiny white one near him had to poke him multiple times, to make sure he, if it was a he, is still paying attention.

    The Rebel hero then looked at "the kid". The young Jedi Knight was standing next to what he considered a walking, talking anomaly. Unlike the creature that was currently humping his own leg and purring, this one next to Luke wasn't cute. While the others were affectionate, this one seemed vicious. Most of them were barely reaching a human's waist, this one was the size of a larger child and it could easily knock somebody down. And what did just die on its head? Has it ever heard of tooth braces? Has it ever seen itself in a mirror? Han was pretty sure that the creature would've flung an axe at its own reflection. Yet, Luke did not seem to mind the creature's presence. Not at all. And that was not the first time it happened. He was so close to gunning that thing down earlier that day, pretty sure that it would have stabbed him otherwise, but Luke put his black glove-clad hand on the blaster and told him that it was going to be all right. That Luke...He just does not take offense to anything, for some reason; maybe it's a consequence of his many delusions?

    And the creature itself did not learn anything from that encounter. Perhaps it was delusional as well?

    The cuddly little thing clinching to his leg suddenly jumped and tilted its head to Threepio, which prompted Han to snap out of it and take part in the debate.


    After the three humans left the hut, the whole group jumped onto Chewbacca. He was so soft, he smelled so good and his growls were so warm! A bunch of Ewoks were rolling on the floor with the Wookiee, stroking his dense fur and occasionally hitting and kicking both him and each other. Suddenly, one of them screamed out loud.

    "Do not touch me there, it burns!" He warned his friends.

    "Aaaauuuuuueeergh!" the casual flyer of earlier that day was concerned if he hurt one of his new diminutive friends. He picked the one whom he thought was screaming from the pile and recognised him as the one the others pushed ahead to deal with the group upon their first encounter. Been there, done that, he thought to himself. How many times did he too have to put himself out there just because he was bigger than the others?

    The seemingly uninterested wise elder got off the throne and approached the group.

    "What is going on there? We're supposed to discuss how we're going to help these outerworlders tomorrow. Which one of you is trying to outscream this noble servant of the Golden One?"

    "I do, my chief! I have a proposal for the Elders."

    "I'm listening, Teebo..."

    "Can we talk about this little one and my rear end?" The large Ewok pointed to R2-D2 who was playfully whistling at the smallest of the bunch, the one with an orange hood. "I did...I did not do anything to him!"

    Everybody giggled, expect for Chewbacca and the droids. The Wookiee had no idea what was going on, and it's not like he could giggle. Threepio was too confused and did not think of translating this bizarre conversation.

    The great leader of the tribe eventually managed to utter a single word in between giggles. "W-what?"

    Teebo was determined to repeat his plea from start to finish. "Honorable elders, can we t..."

    "No, we can't. Not this time. You've had quite a day. Go home, have somebody help you treat that, uh, injury; and remember that we're gathering here after the sunrise, so make sure you get enough sleep."

    "But there's also that one who wanted to kill me, that Genersolo one.” Teebo tried to make a lopsided grin, but he failed miserably. “I only realised this now, he had a firestick and..."

    "You really, really need some sleep; you're not making sense right now!" Chirpa dismissed his warrior’s concern.


    Later that evening, Teebo and Latara were walking on the boards of the Bright Tree Village’s main square, as they always would. But this time, it was different.

    "Are you going with them in the morning?" she asked.

    "M-hm. We have a plan that we didn't get to tell them about. Mastalook went away, Genersolo is still there and I think he's upset over, may the Golden One help me tomorrow...oh, wait, he's here with us and going with us."

    "You say that this Genersolo aimed a firestick at you because you pointed a spear at him. Had I been there, I would've aimed a firestick back at him!” Latara shook her fists. “Speaking of where I was at the time you encountered the Golden One and his servants, did you see how they both went after Lee-uh after the Elders initiated them? Did you? Maybe they really, really like the dress I made for her and they want to ask her where she got it. Then I could make them dresses, too! They would look great in dresses!"

    As Latara babbled on and on about how the dresses for Mastalook and Genersolo should look like, Teebo began questioning his fears and wondering if he was really up for the challenge. It’s not like he ever wanted to be a warrior, but the times were calling everybody capable of combat to show their love for the tribe and defend the forests, the only home they ever had. Different things mattered on an occupied Endor, with so many friends, and enemies alike, having been into slavery or slayed. There was no poetry in the foxholes. How can you sing of something the size of which you cannot even grasp? How can you grasp that there’s another moon in the sky, that it appeared out of nowhere and that it never goes down?

    Another thing he could not grasp was that Genersolo and his uncanny, lopsided grin. What a strange creature that was! While Mastalook was filling him with reassurance and warmth he could not explain in words, there was no single colour or wave coming from Genersolo…as if he were a wall.

    Then, for no particular reason, he wondered if Genersolo had a girlfriend who comforts him every evening before bed time, a girlfriend who would fire from a firestick back at whoever threatened him…wait, was that a vision or just a thought? He was never capable of making the difference, which led him to trouble more times than he could even remember…

    …perhaps it would be a good idea to keep that thought for himself this time. He had to get some sleep, anyway.

    Latara yawned and stretched. "See you tomorrow before you head off, then?"

    "Chak. Goodnight."

    "Goodnight, honeydrop...wait, aren't you forgetting something?"

    She leaned in for a kiss and a hug. Being good 30-40 cm shorter than her boyfriend and not being able to reach his shoulders, sometimes even the waist never mattered least not until tonight.

    "Do not touch me there, it burns!" Teebo screamed.

    A bunch of scared rodents scattered and night birds flew up to the sky. Some angry villager yelled out that whoever is the lurdo trying to sing at this time of the night should “k'vark keep it down, for the love of the Great Tree”. The gigantic furry stranger, a servant of the Golden One popped up on a nearby hut's window and let a mighty roar towards the pinkish planet that looked as if it was about to fall on everybody's heads, then he roared at the tiny moon beside it. Multiple roars followed, one for each of the constellations visible that night...

    ...or maybe he was just stuck in there, crying for somebody to get him out.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Fun stuff Poet! =D= [face_mischief]
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  3. JadeLotus

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Lovely insight into the Ewoks - I particularly liked all of the names for our heroes.
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  4. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Awww, Artoo... *melts* You'll always get me with a fic where Artoo makes an appearance.

    This was such good fun! I watched this thread and I'll be keeping an eye out for more mini-fics :)
  5. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Enjoyed this, EP! :) Fun and instructive to see the heroes of Endor through the eyes of "the big-hearted friends who were only one meter tall." Wonderful to see that gentle giant Chewbacca hitting it off so well with them too.

    And now I know where Leia's brown Endor dress came from. I heartily second the idea of sewing similar attire for her companions! :D
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Wonderful story Ewok_Poet!
    It's not often we get to read from the POV of the Ewoks, it's fun to see this part as they would! I love the names they called our usual main characters!

    Maybe they really, really like the dress I made for her and they want to ask her where she got it. Then I could make them dresses, too! They would look great in dresses!"
    Love it! [face_love] I think someone with drawing talent, needs to draw this! [face_praying]

    I also really enjoyed your voice for Han! It was spot on!

    Thanks for using the Block Breaker prompts!

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  7. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014

    Thanks. :) I believe you were the only person who read it before I edited out some bits, so you might have missed the ending. Now it's even there a word for this?

    Thanks. :) You can tell I kinda adore them.

    And they heard the GOD himself say those names, so those MUST be correct. :eek:

    I didn't give Artoo all the attention I should have here, as he caused that injury, but yeah, he needed to be there and pointed at.

    And thank you, I hope I'll manage to deliver another what-the-heck-is-this-i-can't-even next time around. :D

    Check the third picture, I didn't have to make much up.

    And yup, I want to see Mastalook and Genersolo in their own Endor dresses. A WHOLE ENDOR FASHION SHOW, FTW!

    That's what I wanted to tell through humour, so I'm glad the message is there. Thank you. :)

    I do plan to write the whole of ROTJ from the Ewoks' viewpoint, but I wanted to get some of it out there, and your prompts were perfect for this, so thank *you*. :)

    As for Han, that wasn't hard. :p
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Dear Father

    This is my response to Block Breaker #2 from the Writer's Block Discussion and Challenge Thread.

    Genre: Angst
    Characters: Doria Vorr (OC), Eleksandre Vorr (OC, addressed to only), Maris Vorr (OC, indirect mention only), Gredda (OC, mention only), The Triad (mention only), Zana Da-Yurk (random OC, mention only), Tendra Risant (mention only), Mungo Baobab (mention only)
    Timeframe: 3.5 ABY

    A/N: All of this is brand new. Doria is a 17 year-old female from Sacorria and Sarcophagus is...a very interesting place. And yes, canon in the Legends community. o_O

    The story has been removed because I changed some things for the epic that followed, The Black Star. A re-hash of this scene MIGHT appear at some point and it certainly won't take place on Sarcophagus. The dad certainly never had traces of Force-sensitivity, but he was a huge braggart, get the idea.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Hooray, another EP Defense of Creativity! :D There are few more classic methods of emotional catharsis than a poison-pen letter that is never sent. Cool mixture of fraught family dynamics and political intrigue, pervaded by Doria's very deep loneliness at being pretty much forsaken by her family; I hope her plans for Roon work out, since it sounds like a nice place.

    Though now I'm going to have to make myself a "fool for five minutes" and ask who it is that Tendra is supposed to be. Is it by chance...

    ...a certain redheaded Imperial assassin who much later marries a certain farmboy-turned-Jedi-Master? ;)
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  10. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Excellent blend of vitriole and barbs and political intrigue. You can tell Doria feels like the lost/invisble one in the family. =D=
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  11. JadeLotus

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Very interesting! I really lived the moment image of spitting on the flimsi and then burying it.

    I love Tendra, so always nice to see her name-dropped.
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  12. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    O-ho. I sense some "because Balkans" creativity at work here -- what with the occult Triad and the inverted commas around "government" :p

    But seriously, this is a very well-written piece of angst. Doria clearly feels so... alone.

    Are we going to find out more about her, the machinations that led to her situation, and what will happen to her next? I'm pretty sure that someone saw her when Gredda was taken away, but she doesn't know it yet.
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  13. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Thanks. :)

    I explained you the later in meantime, and then I updated my author note. :)

    Roon is a weird place, hard to get to, as it lies in the Cloak of the Sith. Twi'lek had a semi-suicidal route to it. Mungo Baobab from Manda, the exact person Doria mentions in the letter established a less dangerous road, with C-3PO and R2-D2 by his side.

    And yup - nobody gets Doria; but it's not just classic loneliness, it's also her age. As she matures throughout the upcoming stories, she'll hopefully manage to differ one from the other.

    Thanks. :)

    The intrigue will be a whole mess, once she uncovers it.

    Thank you. :)

    That moment was kinda...histrionic.

    As for Tendra, I can imagine that, growing up on such a strict planet, yet be privileged, she wasn't a kind teenager. So, my depiction of her may vary.

    Thank you! :)

    Yes, yes, yes. Sacorria seems very Balkans-y. There is a country it perfectly corresponds to, even; not sure if the author of Corellian Trilogy was aware of's almost scary.

    Yes to finding out more about Doria.

    No to anybody seeing her, but you're close to...something.
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    Jul 31, 2014

    This is my response to the Valentine's Day challenge, out of competition. I wanted it to be a story on festivities and winter, but I fell asleep that day.

    Genre: Humour, Family
    Characters: Luufi and Talthuk (OCs), Malani, Teebo, Kneesaa, Weechee, Widdle/Willy, non-speaking appearances by some others, including Wicket
    Timeframe: 24 ABY / 20 ABE
    Rating: PG - brief mock sex between two ugly non-sentient monsters in this. Allay loo ta nuv!

    Many thanks to my friend glitteryboots for correcting some inconsistencies with tense.

    The Festival of Love had got to have been worst thing in the world she knew; and she knew much more of the said world than her parents did at her age of thirteen snows, more than most of her fellow friends - if she could call them so - could ever imagine.

    The Festival of Love was worse than skill tests, worse than using a dry brush on particularly fresh parchment (not that parchment was a good thing after all that flimsi she brought with her and eventually used up!), worse than being out on the platforms alone - without her brother, parents or aunt.

    The Festival of Love was all of that…at once!

    It was one whole day, eighteen standard hours of what she clearly saw as agony: all those irritating stories about Kyoopid and how he will bless you with love if you find him and give him a chak card, all those stupid notes sweeter than the sweetest of the honey melons and those wild dances where everybody was expected to mingle with whomever they like. None of that was for her. She wanted to spend the day at home or at the Trading post, the only place with any technology available in the radius of…whatever.

    At her age, mom and dad were already flirting; they would occasionally brush against each other, smile or giggle. When she would ask them about it, she would get different answers about how that used to be, who noticed whom first and there were occasions where she wasn’t sure if this was the same story they were telling, or the story about the two same lovers at all. From mom’s point of view, everything was incredibly wonderful, from dad’s it was like a nightmare. For some reason, she went with what he was saying, and figured out that love is too much of a Phlog dropping to be bothered with.

    Maybe if she was to lie in her hammock all day, nobody would figure out that she’s not at the Council Hut? It’s not like anybody would notice that she was gone – Talthuk and Grael bully her at every single occasion; Theesa is at the Place of Sickness with a nasty throat infection. Without her best friend around, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. And it’s not like her brother would care to help her out – all he ever does is try to get attention, fail at whatever he is trying to prove, and then claim that his life is “ruined”.

    So, she sat there, curled up in her little hammock in the corner, with her blanket over her head, stuffing its ends into her ears, as the Council Hut was pretty close and the giggles, singing out of tune and occasional rattling of more trinkets than Ewoks present, were driving her mad.

    And then somebody lifted the blanket.


    “Luufi? I didn’t know you were here, I thought you were already at the party. I almost thought that a small predator found its way into your hammock and I didn’t know where my axe was. What would have happened if I found it and…err…what was I about to say…why did you sneak back in through the window?”

    Teebo lost his bordok cart of thought again.

    “Um, dad, windows can be closed when it’s cold now, remember? I wasn’t even out. I just sneaked behind your back while you were cleaning your ceremonial drums and decided to…have an early night.”


    Luufi then did what she was best at – responding to a question with a question.

    “Daddy, how was your first Festival of Love?”

    “Let’s not talk about it.”

    “Impossible!” Luufi thought to herself. Daddy always wanted to talk about everything, except maybe his and mommy’s first kiss and that one occasion where mom rejected him and came up with names of much older Ewoks, one of whom apparently didn’t even exist. After a minute of two of awkward silence, her father continued onto the previous conversation, as if she had never asked him anything.

    “Chak, the drums. Why don’t you come with mom and me? We were asked to play a couple of numbers and we can’t say no to our Great Chieftess.”

    “Great Chiefess Kneesaa would be even greater if she had the time to take care of her sons, two miserable lurdos who won’t give me peace!” Luufi thought to herself, but she smiled instead.

    “All right, dad, I’m going. I’ll stick to you.”

    So they crossed the main square to the Council Hut. She greeted the Great Chieftess and proceeded to hide behind her parents, as they were getting everything ready for their performance. She took a glass of chak juice and sat at the window. For a while, she was looking in the direction of the Trading post.

    “What’s the matter, Luufi? Munyip got your tongue, huh? Did Kyoopid hit you?”

    That was the last voice she wanted to hear. She turned around and saw Talthuk. He was holding a whole bottle of chak juice in one, and a bunch of messily-formed meat buns in bread in another.

    “No, he didn’t.” she responded and thought “But whoever he is, he should hit you, as many times as possible.”

    “That’s strange…with everything you know about fancy life on PooPoo, one’d think you found yourself a suitor by now.”

    “Arandee, my early life was not ‘fancy life’ on ‘PooPoo’, for your information. It’s not my fault I was not born here. When will you get over it?”

    “By the Father Tree, the only thing anybody has to get over here is you...get over yourself…you sound like your mother!”

    She knew she didn’t. As a matter of a fact, she knew she did not want to sound like her mother. Could it be that she was imitating her to a certain extent?

    “And you, you sound like your father. Mom said that she wanted to fight him a couple of times when they all were our age. Also, if you’re so offended by off-world stuff, why are you eating those SLIDERS? Don’t you know where they were invented? At a diner on, as you say, PooPoo!”

    He looked at the pile of sliders on his plate. He was not going to throw food away regardless of where it was from; after all his great aunt made it and dad once said she was quite dangerous back in the days. He had to change the subject.

    “What’s a ‘diner’?”

    Luufi giggled.

    “He doesn’t know what a diner is; he doesn’t know what a diner is!”

    Talthuk frowned. The older they were, the harder it was to annoy Luufi. Maybe he should ask his father about what else girls are for, other than to annoy. Or maybe Sunee, Sunee knows everything.

    Pleased with herself, Luufi headed back to the window, only to see her aunt Malani take her spot.

    "D-did you see that?"

    "Chak...and I am not sure if that is how I would handle it."

    "Why? Talthuk has been bullying me for a long time. He needs to know whom he's dealing with. What a simpleton!"

    This wokling was so strange. Sometimes she was like her father and that's when they were attacking her. Sometimes she was like her mother and that's when she was attacking others. But most of the time, she seemed lost. In this case, it would probably make sense to remind her that everybody used to be a “simpleton” come twenty snows ago, but would that even get under this self-righteous kid’s green hood?

    Malani shook her head. "It's the Festival of Love, Luufi. Be kind to others."

    On the other side of the hut, Taltkuk was getting advice from his uncles.

    "Other things girls are for, other things girls are for...not sure.” Uncle Widdle was almost puzzled. “We weren't teasing them when we were younger, anyway; your dad was a far better target. And then he'd go and ignore Luufi's aunt, regardless of how much she would try to comfort him."

    Uncle Weechee had a somewhat different take on things. "Chak, but it's not like he was much better to your mother, either. A lot like you right now, with one difference: you are avoiding being friends with a girl just because you're afraid she's too smart for you. He knew your mother had a crush on him."

    "She had the life I can only have in my dreams..." mumbled the youngster, not denying any of the the accusations, to his uncles’ surprise.

    "But does she really, really remember it that well?” Weechee put his index finger on the boy’s forehead. “Or is half of that just what her parents told her? I’ll tell you what: why don’t the two of you stop acting like miserable lurdos and join the other woklings and young Ewoks in search of Kyoopid instead?”

    “Whatever…” Talthuk was looking at his uncles, angry that he complained to them in the first place. As he stepped to the centre of the hut, Luufi was heading in his direction, similarly unhappy after a conversation with her aunt.

    “So…goopa.” they spoke at the same time.

    “Would you like to go and look for Kyoopid?” Luufi asked Talthuk “I was just told not to act the way I do, at least I not today, so…”

    “…chak, I would. Whatever the point of that is.”

    The two approached a group of excited woklings and their fellow adolescents; who – while not as enthusiastic as the bare-headed little ones – seemed to be genuinely interested in Kyoopid. They all stood in a circle around a blue-hooded female Ewok who was to lead them - a happy, young-at-heart soul they all knew as Luufi and Yehan’s aunt, Malani. She clapped her hands and blew the little whistle she wore around her neck.

    “Arandee, youth of the Bright Tree Village! It’s the Festival of Love and we know who likes it the most. No, I’m not talking about the loving couples and those who are hoping to romance somebody they’ve had their eyes on for a while.” She winked. “I’m talking about you! The time has come! You know what to do – search the grove and find Kyoopid.”

    “Kyoopid, Kyoopid, Kyoopid!” The woklings were clearly excited and the designated nanny had to tell them to keep it down.

    “I’m so not taking part in this!” Yehan shook his head in protest. “I love my aunt, I love the tradition, but this is too silly.” He left the group and went to check on his adoptive parents.

    “T’hesh, Yehan, why do you have to spoil everything?” yelled Luufi. Then she bit her tongue, realizing that she was close to spoiling it all herself, together with the other usual suspect, Talthuk.

    The group leader coughed and looked at her niece, who grinned and stopped talking.

    “Remember, certain places are off-limits: the Trading Post, the river banks and the abandoned single huts. Kyoopid can be pretty much everywhere else. You have until the sunset to find him. He will hand over all the chak cards he was given to me and I will draw the winners.”

    “The winner…s?” One of the adolescent Ewoks was suspicious. That didn’t sound like the old Kyoopid chases.

    “Chak. To make it more fun this year, you’ll be going in groups of two. This is also helpful, because you’ll learn how to work together.” Malani clapped her hands. Most adults were close to giggling at their little ones – the awkwardness of collaboration with others, one of whom may be your secret admirer was no longer bothering them and they found their children’s approach to it funny.

    Malani started handing over the chak cards. “There you go – Grael and Lefti, Theesa and…I’m sorry, I forgot that Theesa is not here, Rabin and Da-Naa…”

    She was listing pairs one after another. Most were of mixed gender.

    “…and the last pair would be…Luufi and Talkthuk.”

    She turned around and winked to the Great Chieftess, her husband and the band. Then she turned to the two belligerent youngsters. They both shook their heads and dragged their feet towards Malani to pick their chak cards.

    Luufi and Talthuk were in the woods, wondering how and where to search for the Ewok dressed as Kyoopid. The truce they agreed to in presence of their aunts and uncles was nowhere in sight after three clouds’ runs of search.

    “Great.” Talthuk rolled his eyes. “I’m stuck here with you, looking for a lurdo wearing a giant diaper.”

    “And I’m stuck here all day, while I could have been surfing the HoloNet at the Trading post.” Luufi stuck her tongue out at him.

    “Stop that.”

    “No, you stop that.”

    Another couple was going back to the village, with no chak card in sight. Luufi had a thought.

    “Do you see it? Everybody who’s already handed over a chak card seems to be arriving from the same corner of the forest! If we go there, we’ll find Kyoopid. It’s simple.”

    “Nonsense! That would be too easy. Kyoopid’s got to be going from one place to another and we need to use the scouting skills we learned.” Talthuk quickly dismissed the idea. “Are we meant to grow up proud warriors or not?”

    Luufi was more or less sure that Talthuk was taking this too far; but had she complained, they would be arguing about where she came from again and she wasn’t up for that. Instead of it, she just nodded and let her friend drag her to the dark, hollowed out tree nearby.

    “Here? Why would Kyoopid be hiding here? And why does the snow look so strange around this tree?”

    “It’s like you arrived to Endor yesterday…you just don’t understand nature, Luufi. K’vark, it’s been ten snows! One would think you’re the adopted one, not Yehan!”

    “T’hesh!” snapped Luufi and stuffed Talthuk’s mouth with the front bib of his hood, as he stood there, not sure what has just happened, “It’s not nice to use the k-word, either I will tell Wicket and Kneesaa!” She turned around, for a little victorious smile that he was not meant to see.

    “Mmmmmph mmmmph!”

    “There is no use sighing, Talthuk!”

    Talthuk pulled out the fabric out of his mouth. “I am not sighing!”

    “And get that hand off my back! If you’re out to scare me, this is not the way to do it. Hollow tree, scary noises…you’re too predictable.”

    “Both of my hands are here, Luufi…I am trying to light this lantern.”

    Talthuk swallowed a lump. The sighing was getting louder. Luufi muttered something about high mortality rates in the past, and pulled out a thunderlight. As she illuminated the walls of the hole, the sight of two hanadaks, one on top of the other, came to life.

    “Aaaaaah!” Luufi screamed, dropped her gadget and ran as far as her little stubby legs were carrying her.

    “Wait for me!” cried Talthuk, following her out of the hollow tree, dashing through the snow as if his dear life depended on it.

    Had they looked back, they would have seen one of the beasts pick up the thunderlight and stuck it in its mouth; and the other, apparently angry, slapping their partner upside their face, until they swallowed it.

    At the Council Hut, the Ewok dressed as Kyoopid was handing the chak cards over to Malani.

    “I found this one on the boards outside; all the other cards were given to me by participants.”

    She observed the spare card from all possible angles, as if that would help her determine who lost it. Just then, Luufi and Talthuk ran inside, panting.

    “I lost my thunderlight to some beasts in a hollow tree!” Luufi was crying and stomping her feet. All her hairs were up.

    “It was the hanadaks! They were playing leapfrog!” Talthuk added and finally stopped to catch a breath. It was not raining outside, yet he looked as if he had just hid from a downpour.

    Everybody laughed. Luufi’s dad raised his hand to say something, but the Great Chieftess gave him a look of utter disapproval and he took a step back.

    Nuv means "love" in Ewokese. Festival of love, chak juice, camby berries and Kyoopid were previously introduced in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. Chak cards would be my fanon, a more contemporary take on chak hearts.

    Thunderlight is my fanon name for what I think the Ewoks would call a plain flashlight

    Arandee: listen, k'vark: a four-letter word.
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  15. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    "Great. And now I'm stuck here with you, looking for a lurdo wearing a giant diaper."

    Yes, what a way to allaylu ta nuv! [face_laugh]
    (Incidentally, you might be interested to know that "lurdo" autocorrected to "Luufi" when I first typed that.)

    I really enjoyed meeting Luufi and her other generation-mates (and her Aunt Luufi, too). We get some very interesting hints about her early life and experiences (PooPoo! :D ), which has me eager to read & learn more. I enjoyed the repartee with Talthuk; he's a real tease at his best, but at his worst he knows how to hit hard with words! (Remind me, is he an OC too?) And of course I always enjoy a good story about alien customs, established or otherwise.

    Finally, I can't help but remark how nice it is to see that Luufi's folks are still keeping up their musical and poetic careers. ;)
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  16. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I costume "Aunt Luufi" is a turnip or an autocarnage fajita? :eek:

    (Typing the rest of my response up, will edit this post, but I HAD TO DO THIS after my typo provoked Jonathan's story into existence.)

    It makes sense, as the other Luufi will be nicknamed Lurdii by...some folks. You'll see.

    Yup, Talkthuk is the younger son of a very popular character. As for PooPoo, well, you know what it is now, but may it remain a secret for the others.

    Of course. Once an artist, always an artist. :)
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    Jul 31, 2014
    She's Gone

    This is my response to Poetry Inspiration Challenge - an awesome idea by Findswoman

    Genre: Romance, Angst
    Characters: Guess!
    Timeframe: 19 BBY
    Rating: G
    Summary: Everybody can love. Right?

    A/N: This is the poem I was given, #3. I was hoping it wouldn't be a romantic quote, but once I got it, I immediately had a pretty strange idea on what to do with it. I gave myself precisely 45 minutes to write what I felt it should be about, inspired by the way hollywooddove just puts their poems out there. Therefore, this is unedited, stream-of-consciousness and raw.

    “She dwelt among the untrodden ways,” by William Wordsworth

    She dwelt among the untrodden ways
    Beside the springs of Dove,
    A maid whom there were none to praise
    And very few to love:

    A violet by a mossy stone
    Half hidden from the eye!
    —Fair as a star, when only one
    Is shining in the sky.

    She lived unknown, and few could know
    When Lucy ceased to be;
    But she is in her grave, and, oh,
    The difference to me!


    Someday I am going to lose it.


    Great. He's gone. WELL, I DO NEED SOME TIME AWAY FROM HIM, DON'T I? This is not the best moment for contemplation, but even the most reliable of us (say: me) could use some alone time every now and then.

    If only he could grasp what I actually said to him five minutes ago. Then again, it's not that he would care. All he thinks about is himself. At this point, I firmly believe that nobody other than me has realised how alarming this is. He is going to lose his wife, he is going to lose his wife, he is going to lose his wife. Like, please don't, the idea of remaining with the one who has less respect for me is terrifying.

    He’s gone. But she’s gone, too. For real. Forever. Has it occured to him that I just lost someone? Someone nobody noticed I was fond of? To think she met her demise like that is making me feel uneasy. Take "feel" and "uneasy" whatever way you like. He saw what happened to her, didn't he? It happened right before his eyes.

    I wonder, how come I am the one who made it alive and who is standing here right now, when I was the one spending time with an unhinged daredevil? There were so many occasions when I was absolutely sure that I would have to say goodbye to her because it was likely that we would not come back, but this thing they call "life" is beyond ironic sometimes. To think that I am still here and that she is not is beyond me.

    Someday I am going to lose it. Someday I am really going to lose it. When everybody around you is, to some degree, an idiot, that is what eventually happens. This is not to say that, if I make it through this, I sense that I will spend the rest of my time with an even bigger idiot than all these idiots. You know, the idiot-idiot, the...kriffslider who pats me on the head and tries to reassure me that everything I righteously claim is just my imagination...

    THEY ARE COMING. Oh, no, you are not going to get the best of me. No one ever did and no one ever will. And today I am more determined than ever! This is for my friend! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  18. hollywooddove

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    ""Oh, no, you are not going to get the best of me""

    An absolute nucleus. Great job.
  19. Findswoman

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    OK, having taken a closer look at the date and having read through this several times, I think I begin to see who the characters might be. Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong, you certainly crafted a very dense and powerful piece in response to the Wordsworth poem about this the mysterious "she" who's gone now even though nobody noticed. =D=

    EDIT: OK, looking at it again, maybe not... but all the same, I love guessing games! Would love to hear others' guesses too... :D
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  20. JadeLotus

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    At first I had no idea, but on reading closely in the way it's written and the timeframe specified.... guess is Artoo, talking about Padme?
  21. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    The speaker IS Artoo, yes.At this point, Padmé is still alive, so it cannot be her. We're in the middle of the Battle of Coruscant, the point when they got onto Invisible Hand.

    The most bizarre answer is the correct one. But it is also the most logical answer.
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  22. Pandora

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    I'm going to guess that she is R-4, Obi-Wan's astromech?

    I don't know if that is a bizarre answer or not.
  23. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Yes, it's her. :) :) :)
  24. AzureAngel2

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    R-4, Obi-Wan´s little helper, is the secret love of R2. Who would have thought!


    I have little time reading these days, but racing to your stuff with my eyes gave me a great time!
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    AzureAngel2 ...I think you accidentally deleted some of your post and I would love to see what you said...
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