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Beyond - Legends Pan and Teilo (OCs, Bail/Breha, Winter/Tycho, AU short stories series)

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Pan and Teilo
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: Mostly 26 years post-Clone Wars and Onwards
    Characters: OCs (Pan/Teilo), and Established Characters (Bail/Breha, Winter/Tycho, Luke, Leia).
    Categorization: AU (legends)
    Genre: Romance, family, angst

    Notes: This is going to be an episodic-serial hybrid vignette/short story series surrounding my OCs, Pan and Teilo as seen in the DDC “Just Pan” and the MMM story “Lover and Beloved.” However, the first few vignettes will introduce the OCs and the AU so you don’t have to have read either. Most of these vignettes/short stories will likely be in a vague order, but each story will have the timeframe indicated.

    There will be some head canon/easter eggs from my Bail/Breha fic "So Much More Than Fairytales" and you could consider this to be a continuation of that, but reading it isn't necessary.

    Summary: In an universe where Chancellor Palpatine was successfully apprehended by Jedi at the conclusion of the Clone Wars, a number of a Galactic Republic Senators led a governmental reform. Senator Bail Organa was elected first Chief of State of the New Republic, a positioned he served for two terms.

    As Chief of State, Bail Organa saw the peaceful re-inclusion of separatist states, all of Darth Sidious’ monstrous acts come to light, and the reformation of the Jedi order. In his personal life, he and his wife, Queen Breha Organa adopted Winter, the ten-month old baby girl of Bail’s late assistant. Then, the miracle happened. After four miscarriages due to a rare bone disease, the queen gave birth to a son, Prince Panimaxander Prestor Organa.

    We are used to seeing heroes walk away from epic explosions or dying in blazes of glory. We are used to dashing princes with genius political minds who sweep ladies off of their feet. Pan Organa is both a hero and prince, but none of these clichés apply.


    Pilot (1 year post ROTS/26 years post ROTS - Prologue-ish/summary - Bail introspection)
    Cinderella Prince (26 years post ROTS - Pan/Teilo meet-cute)
    Falling Apart At The Seams (26 years post ROTS - Pan/Teilo's 2nd date)
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Pilot
    Timeframe: 1, then 26 years post-Clone Wars(/ROTS).

    The neonatal critical care room was dark, save for the glow of monitors displaying numbers and ever-changing graphs illuminating the sparsely furnished room. The window dressings were closed tight to keep distracting Alderaa city night lights out. The room was silent, except for the continual beeping, and Bail Organa’s coos to his newborn son.

    “Are you Daddy’s big boy?” Bail smiled to the tiny baby laying on his bare chest. At 6 weeks old, Panimaxander could still fit in Bail’s hand, but the newborn was gaining weight. Born at 22 weeks gestation, Pan could only be out of his incubation pod for a few minutes at a time, but he adored skin-to-skin cuddling. He’d nuzzle into Breha’s neck or clutch onto Bail’s chest hair. According to the doctors and healers (Bail’s son only got the best, which included Jedi healers) his life-signs always improved when Pan was being held. Pan’s skin was still translucent, he was still drowning in his cloth diaper, but he wasn’t crying. He had wires strapped to his feet and tubes going into his noise, but he looked up at his exhausted dad with such peace.

    Pan’s prematurity had come as no surprise, but it didn’t make it easier. His live birth was a miracle. Pan’s mother, Breha, had a rare bone disease - ostia-phromitia. Doctors had warned her a successful pregnancy would be impossible; she had suffered three miscarriages. Just after the conclusion of the Clone Wars, when Bail was freshly elected first Chief of State of the New Republic; a few months after a tragic accident had taken the life of his assistant and friend; just as he and Breha were adjusting to life with their beautiful adopted daughter, Winter who was just a year old, Breha had found out she was pregnant.

    Bail was ashamed to admit that he wanted her to abort the pregnancy. Their lives were just hectic and they had Winter, who was now Breha’s heir and the sparkle in Bail’s eyes. He knew if they tried for another pregnancy, it would likely end in heartbreak, or possibly Breha’s death. But she had wanted to give the child a chance at life. And it turns out his son was a fighter. Bail was currently sleep-deprived: Neimoidia was demanding far to much as part of negotiations making the system a member the New Republic, Breha was still recovering from the pregnancy and birth, and Winter needed attention. But Bail could survive sleep deprivation because his son was fighting to live.

    “Alright bud,” Bail said, shifting in the gliding chair and sitting up. “Time for bed.” Bail, in order to fit everything he needed to do into a day, meant a very strict schedule and, sadly, since there wasn’t much Bail could do for his son besides hold him, there was little time for his son. Leaving Pan broke Bail’s heart every night, especially when he started to fuss when Bail lifted him. Pan had the most pathetic, pitiful, high pitched cry. His entire face scrunched up

    Bail sighed, settling back into the cushion and setting Pan back down on his own chest, putting the soft quilt back over Pan. Bail rubbed his son’s back with his fingertips. “Okay, okay, you can stay up for five more minutes.” He continued to babble, hoping it would lull the baby to sleep. “Pretty soon you’ll be able to come home, Daddy can’t wait, and neither can Mommy or Winter. I’ll hold you all night long. Whenever you want.” He yawned. “Daddy will cuddle you whenever you want. Daddy loves very much.”

    * * *

    Twenty-five years later Bail found himself in a critical care room, similarly dark and quiet. Pan was a grown man, but that made this no easier on his father. But tonight Bail wasn’t leaving Pan’s side. Bail had no where else to be and this time he could actually soothe his son’s mind, or at least try. Pan’s skin was pale and he had bone knitters sticking out of his pelvis, arms, and legs, never mind all the wires and tubes. Bail couldn’t hold his entire son and swaddle him in blankets this time, but he could hold Pan’s hand and smooth Pan’s black hair.

    Pan was asleep, but Bail kept watch; he had missed his son so much. Bail had retired from his position as Chief of State after two terms and had become - mostly - a stay at home dad. So he would like to think he and his son were close. Therefore, he had understood, when Pan had gone through a nasty break-up with his ex-boyfriend (who had also been a childhood friend and a Jedi) all while Winter was beginning to plan her wedding to her fiancé, why Pan had quit his job in Alderaan’s planetary peace and security force, and joined the New Republic Navy.

    Bail ran his knuckles down Pan’s cheek.

    Pan had never fit in much in Alderaan culture. It was hard living in the spotlight as prince and not being what the people expected from a member of the royal family. So joining the Navy had been Pan’s opportunity to find himself. Bail just wished he hadn’t let his son go and become a star-fighter pilot. It ended so badly. Pan had been testing out a planetary forcefield that had caused his star-fighter to malfunction and crash into an asteroid.

    That had been two weeks ago. Pan had spent a week in a bacta tank, but that had only done so much. It had healed much of the artificial wounds, and the knitters would take care of the bones, but Pan also suffered massive brain damage that would take months of neuro-regeneration sessions to heal. The most severe injury was to Pan’s spinal cord. Bail tried to recall all the technical terms, a C7 incomplete injury. The doctors had likened Pan’s spinal cord to a cununu, a long, soft fruit native to Naboo. The doctors had said it was as if someone took a cununu and mashed it in their fist. It still had some connections, but many messages weren’t getting through. The injury started at Pan’s upper chest, so he was going to have function in his shoulders, arms, and possibly his wrists, but if the past few times Pan had gained consciousness were any indication, Pan wasn’t going to have any fine motor skills or grip. It was heartbreaking to see Pan try to hold hands, but unable to.

    And all this didn’t even touch Pan’s mental health.

    Pan began to stir for the first time in hours. The nurses were giving him some pretty good drugs, so Bail wasn’t quite sure if Pan knew what was going on. Pan winced and groaned. “Dad?” he breathed in pants. “Are you there?”

    “I’m right here,” he said, hovering over so his son could see him clearly. He turned on a light and dimmed it

    Pan’s eyes were glazed over and dazed. “Dad? I don’t feel very well.”

    Pan could still feel pain in certain areas of his body, but Bail had to remember to keep the soft, comforting touches to Pan’s shoulders, arms, and head. “Okay,” Bail said, smoothing Pan’s hair. “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

    Pan had been less than a focused individual even before the brain injury and the drugs. He was an intelligent young man, but his brain had always been in five places at once. Now keeping his attention was impossible. Pan glanced around the room at all the monitors. “Stars, this sucks.”

    “Pan?” Bail repeated, displaying patience despite his tired tone. He knew he needed to only ask one question at a time. “Do you want me to call the nurse?”

    Pan nodded. “My…” he paused to find the right word. He was having problems remembering words. He slowly moved his arms down towards his stomach. “… Feels like pressure.”

    Bail pressed the button to call the nurse. “Someone’s coming; we’ll figure it out,” he said, rubbing Pan’s upper arms.

    “Daddy? I’m scared.”

    Bail leaned closer, putting his arm above Pants head, and holding Pan’s hand tight. “This is nothing I haven’t cuddled you through before.”

    Bail almost believed his own words.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Cinderella Prince

    Timeframe: 26 post RotS

    Part 1

    Pan was tired. That was an understatement. Royal weddings were a production. Planning lasted for months - over a year in this case - and it all came down to one epic day, which included getting ready, the ceremony, the holos, the public reception and dinner, and then the private party. Winter’s and Tycho’s was no different.

    Pan had to admit, his sister’s wedding went off flawlessly, even if he had unintentionally done his best to ruin it.

    Just after Winter and Tycho had gotten engaged, they had asked Pan to be their witness. In Alderaani tradition, instead of groomsmen and bridesmaids, one friend or family member of the couple would stand up during the wedding ceremony and testify to the couple’s love. He had said yes; he loved his sister dearly and had been friends with Tycho even before he had begun dating Winter. And the Pan had gone, got his heart broken by his ex-boyfriend Luke Skywalker, so he had joined the Republic Navy as a starfighter pilot. And then five months ago, he had crashed a starfighter on an asteroid.

    Pan was still healing, though his body would never be the same. He was currently in a hoverchair. His was seat tipped back because he wasn’t used to being completely upright and so he could sit without a brace on. He had been given a rest to put on his hoverchair for the back of his head, something he wouldn’t need on his hoverchair forever. Today had been such a long day he - and his nurses and his care droids - had decided he should be reasonably comfortable. It was also his first full day out of the comfort of his suite in Alderaa palace, having been home for two weeks from endless months in medcenters. Pan wore dark grey dress pants, light orange shirt with a high collar and dark orange scarf. It was his first time in real clothes since his accident, not med-center gowns or pyjamas or sweats. He had woke early this morning to be dressed and his black hair combed smartly to the side. It had made him feel almost normal again.

    Thankfully, much of the day and the wedding guests had been focused on Winter and Tycho - as it should have been - but Pan had still noticed many people staring at him. It was, after all, his first public appearance since the accident. He felt bad taking attention away from Winter and Tycho and if he ever watched the news coverage, he knew he’d regret attending.

    But now the day had progressed into the private party in the main ballroom of Alderaa Palace, so everyone in attendance was either family or friends. There were still plenty of guests, but no holo-reporters or media.

    Pan sat in a corner, on the end of the head table, eating his dinner with his dad’s help. Pan had opted not to each much at the official reception in the grand hall of Alderaa palace. He was still learning how to feed himself with limited hand dexterity and didn’t want the entire planet watching him spill soup on himself.

    “Do you want some dessert?” his dad asked once Pan was finished. Prince Bail Organa was wearing black dress pants, a dark blue dress shirt, and a long black cape. “I was going to grab some molten pudding.”

    Molten pudding was likely much too messy, although he did love it. “If there’s any kzni fruit tart left, get me some.”

    His dad smiled and when he returned, he carried two plates. They ate and watched as the dancing in the middle of the hall continued. The more traditional dances were done at the public reception - Pan had joined Winter for one dance because she had begged him. Guests were now swaying along to much more modern music played by one of Winter’s favourite quintet and singer. Thankfully the music wasn’t to loud and lights weren’t too crazy - they had opted for flicker lights on floating chandeliers. Pan was able to close his eyes and let his head lull.

    He felt his dad rub his forearm. “Just tell me when you want to go back up to your suite.”

    Pan opened one eye. “Daaaad. I can go back up to my suite by myself.” He was a bit tired of his dad babying him. He knew he needed help, but he could direct his hoverchair back to his room and get his care-droid and night nurse to put him to bed. “But I want to stay for as long as I can. It’s been so long since I’ve been around people.” He had been cooped up in a medcenter for so long. Yes, today had been overwhelming, but he had been so bored for the past five months. “More importantly, it’s Winter’s wedding! I wanna be here for her!”

    “Alright,” his dad said, shaking his head. “But I’m going to put you to bed tonight. I had to watch one baby get married. I get to kiss my other baby good night tonight.” Prince Bail gave a heaving, exaggerated sigh as his wife walked passed and sat at his side. “Oh, Breha, my love. Gone are the days when Winter crawled at our feet and we got to hold Pan in his footie pyjamas.”

    Queen Breha was in an elegant silver and blue gown, with intricate flower detailing embroidered over the metres of flowing materials. She wore a simple diadem. “I told you it would happen soon enough,” she said, taking his hand. “Remember all those sleepless nights. You always refused the help of the nannies.”

    “The kids liked me better.”

    “Because you spoiled them.”

    Pan ignored his parents’ banter as he began falling asleep. He then heard someone clearly talking about him. He had been hearing people whisper about him and his condition all day (stupid people; his ears were one of the few things that actually worked). “No, look, he’s asleep, I don’t want to bother him.”

    “Oh, stop being scared, Teilo.” Pan recognized the voice of his new brother-in-law, the new Prince Tycho. Pan opened his eyes to see Tycho, with his pale skin and blonde hair, a stark contrast to his all black formal navy uniform.

    Tycho was dragging along the. Most. Beautiful. Human. Male. Ever.

    The dimples on his cheeks was the first thing Pan noticed about the man. He was on the paler side, but not as white as Tycho. The man was tall and his auburn hair - a bit on the brown side - was amazingly fluffy, though it receded back just a bit. He was slender, but not skinny. He wore a basic black pants and a white collar shirt with a purple scarf.

    Pan toggled the control stick of his hoverchair to allow him a better view of the man. He was so cute! Pan his felt his palm go sweaty and heart beat faster. He used his wrists to grab at his own scarf and tried to subtly put it in his lap. He didn’t want to become too indecent at his sister’s wedding.

    “See, he’s actually awake,” Tycho exclaimed. “Pan, this my friend from university, Teilo Kunsa.”

    Teilo bowed to Pan and Pan’s parents. “Your Royal Majesty.” That was for the Queen. “Your Serene Highnesses.”

    Tycho continued. “Teilo was my tutor for Intergalactic Relations and we ended up becoming friends, then roommates.” He then laughed. “He has the biggest crush on you, Pan!”

    Pan felt his stomach tie itself in knots. This handsome man had a crush on him?”

    Teilo’s cheeks went red. “Tycho!”

    “Hey, it’s Prince Tycho now!” Tycho taunted. “Besides, you told me this yourself years ago! And you were visibly disappointed when you showed up to my bachelor party late and Pan had already gone home.”

    Now Pan was disappointed. He had been well enough to attend the dinner of Tycho’s bachelor party, but had grown weary before the true debauchery had begun, so Pan had gone to Winter’s ’spa night’ with her friends. Some of Tycho’s friends had worked late that evening - evidently this Teilo included - and had joined after Pan had left.

    Tycho continued to laugh. “I was going to make you give Pan a lap dance.”

    “And this is our cue to leave. It was a pleasure to meet you, Teilo,” Bail said, taking Breha by the hand to the direction of the dance-floor. They passed by their daughter.

    Winter looked like the skies on a clear, sunny day. Her wedding dress was a flowing dress made of the lightest blue material, over-laid with delicate white lace. It had long sleeves and an off-the-shoulder neck line. Her white hair was up in a sweeping bun. The dress’ train and her veil seemed to go on for metres. She was the image of tranquility… except for her face. She looked pissed.

    “Tycho! Are you seriously trying to hook my brother up? Just because both Pan and Teilo are gay, doesn’t automatically mean they are soulmates.”

    “Okay, first off, Dear, Teilo is bisexual. Second, no, I’m not that stupid. Teilo is a nice guy and I thought both he and Pan might like to meet. And third, it’s my wedding too! Let me share the love. Pan has put up with so much to be a part of this wedding, I thought he would like to dance with someone other than his mother or sister.”

    Pan was blushing at the end of Tycho’s tirade.

    “Would you like to dance with me, Prince Panimaxander?” Teilo asked, looking Pan directly in his eyes.

    Pan took a moment to finally speak. He didn’t think… all his blood had left in his brain rushed elsewhere. He didn’t remark that he hated his full name or that he couldn’t dance. All he heard coming out of his mouth was an uncharacteristically meek, “Yes.” He saw that his hand was extending of his own accord towards Teilo.

    Teilo smiled and took Pan’s hand and together they made their way to the edge of the dance floor. Teilo’s hands were so soft. Teilo stood facing Pan and picked up his other hand. The tempo of the current song being played was quite fast and upbeat; people around them had their hands in the air. Pan and Teilo just moved their hand together while Telio grooved his hips (it was a struggle to hold eye contact).

    At one point in the song, Teilo set Pan’s hands down (which allowed Pan to subtly rub his sweaty palms on his lap). Teilo grinned as he took his scarf off, hooked it around Pan’s neck, and shimmied it. Pan just laughed. Teilo was so playful and the feeling of the soft material on the back of Pan’s neck felt electrifying.

    The song died down and transitioned into a slower, more romantic, traditional ballad about finding the love of your life. Teilo leaned down. “Thank you for dancing with me. I just have to say, your speech this morning at the ceremony was beautiful and will stick with me. I loved what you said at the end: ‘life is fleeting, but love is everlasting.’” Teilo softy pressed his lips to Pan’s cheek for just a moment.

    It was more than just a kiss. Pan felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. He felt as warm and as fuzzy on the inside as Teilo’s scarf. “Would you… would you like to dance to another song?” Pan asked. He just wanted this moment to last just a bit longer. Maybe it was all a fantasy - after all, who could find a body so broken, appealing - but he felt like Teilo’s touch and soft gaze wasn’t out of comfort or pity, but out of attraction. Pan just wanted this dream to last a little longer.

    “I’d love to,” Teilo replied with a genuine smile that made his dimples even bigger. “Can you put your hoverchair into neutral or something so we move together.”

    Pan nodded and flipped a switch on the controls. They joined hands again and they rested one one clasped pair on Pan’s shoulder and Teilo held the other at his hip. Together they swayed.

    Pan just allowed himself to get lost in Teilo’s eyes. He knew this was pure infatuation, but it felt nice to dream of being in a handsome man’s arms, to not think about the state of his body and pointless life. To believe, just for a moment, that he could have this.

    And then the song ended and the spell was broken. Pan felt a wave of uncontrollable self-pity wash over him. He’d never a wedding of his own, or even just get to dance with a man so amazing again. He felt his eyes welling up with tears; he couldn’t even ask for another dance. He was so bad at controlling his emotions when he was tired, and he was beyond tired. Stupid brain injury was also probably to blame in all this.

    “Thank you for dancing with me,” Pan said, trying not to sob. “It was really was a lot of fun, but I have to go now.”

    Pan made a B-line for the exit. A palace aide palmed open the door. He raced down the hallway, brightly lit and quiet in comparison to the ballroom, and had another aide call a turbo-lift for him. He felt so guilty for leaving the private party in such a hurry, but he’d think of some excuse to tell Winter; something other than he had gotten his heart broken.

    He was crying uncontrollably once the doors slid close. He was so tired. Yeah, that was it.

    Pan looked down for something to wipe his eyes with… only to realize he was still wearing Teilo’s scarf. He looked at the doors. He didn’t want to go back. He was too embarrassed. He felt bad - it looked and felt like an expensive scarf. He’d give it to Tycho once he was back from his honeymoon.

    Until then…

    Pan returned to his palace suite. His nurse got up and turned on the new care-droid. Technically, Pan should still be in a medcentre, but it was agreed that with his security risks and with the fact that nothing was working to fix his spinal cord, it was easier for him to transition to palliative care with nurses in the comfort of his own home. He still had various therapies and appointments almost every day. It seemed endless sometimes.

    Pan set Teilo’s scarf on his nightstand and wished for normalcy, happiness, and to dance again.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Cinderella Prince - Part 2 - One Month Later…

    “What are your plans for today, Pan?” his mother asked him as she wiped her mouth with a napkin.

    Pan was laying on one of the white couches in the sunken living-room of his parent’s suite. He was propped up with various pillows and rolled-up blankets. He was in grey lounge-wear. It was the weekend, Winter and Tycho had returned from their honeymoon few days ago so the family had brunch in the royal suite. The couch he laid on was in front of a huge window, overlooking the city and mountains. It was a clear, sunny day, though the weather was getting colder as the seasons transitioned.

    “You’re looking at it, Ma.”

    She sighed, disappointed. “You should get out of the palace. When was the last time you went out?”

    His father, lounging on Pan’s mother, nodded in agreement. “It’s not good for you to be cooped up here.”

    “Uh, I spent all week in physical therapy,” he said, pointing out the obvious. “And I had a two hour psychiatry appointment yesterday, followed by my… my…” he paused. He had forgotten the right word. It was a side effect of his brain injury. His parents waited for him to find the right word, but he couldn’t. Frustrated, he began hitting his forehead with his fist. “Stupid! Stupid!” His outburst upset his family.

    His sister got up, sat at his side, took his hand and held it. Her pink dress tucked under her. “Stop that. I’m the only one who’s allowed to hit you and call you stupid. I never say this, but Mom and Dad might be right. You need to have some fun.”

    “Socialization will also help with your memory,” his dad added.

    Winter glared. “I don’t think that’s our main concern right now. Pan needs some fun.” She turned back to her brother. “I’m going with some of the girls - Lailani, Aamantra, and Mwren - shopping, then to a theatre show. We are thinking an opera.”

    “I thought you said I needed some fun,” he retorted.

    She laughed and ruffled his black hair, causing him to scowl. “There’s the baby brother I know and love. Tycho is going to hang out with some friends and watch the smash-ball final at some gross, germ infested, establishment.”

    “Oh come on,” Pan groaned. “Are you really going to pawn me off on your husband?” He just really didn’t want to leave the palace and be out in public.

    “I don’t mind,” Tycho said.

    “Yes, you do,” Pan said. “Your wife is making you bring along your broken brother-in-law to some guys afternoon with your friends. Like some tag-along interloper. Just because all my friends are Jedi and always off who knows where, doesn’t mean I can crash your plans.”

    Tycho gave him a doubtful look. “It’s Wedge, Wes, Hobbie… all that gang. They all like you.” A grin crossed Tycho’s mouth. “Teilo will be there.”

    “Teilo?” Pan squeaked. His heart began beating faster.

    Tycho exchanged a knowing look at Winter; Breha exchanged the same with Bail.

    “It’s just… I still have his scarf,” Pan sputtered out. “You should give it back to him.”

    You should give it back to him,” Tycho said. “And apologize to him about leaving so abruptly. He’s so worried he did something to upset you, which I told him that wasn’t possible because he’s just the sweetest guy.”

    Bail laughed, “Yeah, and I saw Pan’s face after that kiss. It told me everything I needed to know about the guy.”

    Pan went red with embarrassment.

    * * *

    Elkay’s Sports Tavern wasn’t as gross as Winter made it out to be. According to Tycho, the establishment was a new favourite of Alderaan’s planetary peace and security force. Seeing that the ‘big smashball finale’ was between the Alderaani Asgnats and the Corellian Dreadnoughts, Tycho’s friends from CorSec had come to Alderaan. The place was dimly lit, decorated in warm colours and dark woods. There was an earthly smell mixed with the scent of fried foods, but there were kifon-nut shells on the floor. The place was packed and everyone was yelling at the viewscreens. The fact that Alderaani Asgnats made the final was somewhat of an anomaly. The planet wasn’t known for their sports. Last time anything like this happened to Alderaan culture, Galen Hudur was named dejark grand master.

    Tycho drove his speeder, helped load and unload Pan, and now walked alongside his wheelchair. “The guys have a table in the back.”

    Pan’s heart started to beat quicker as they passed the bar. At the back there was a long table. Pan recognized most of the faces. He was in the planetary peace and security force for two years with Tycho after graduating school and before he broke up with his ex-boyfriend and joined the Galactic Navy. And Pan knew Tycho’s friends from Corsec, and his other friends, from Tycho’s bachelor party.

    And there was Teilo, in the middle of all the yelling and glasses of ales. He was laughing at something. There were those dimples. He, along with a couple other patrons, saw Pan and Tycho entering, but Pan only had his eyes for Teilo.

    Pan hovered closer to the magnificent human. He had no idea what to say. He had Teilo’s scarf in his lap. He picked it up with his fists. “Hhh…hhh… hi. I’m sorry I ran off with this.”

    Teilo bowed. “That’s okay, Prince Panimaxander,” he said, taking the scarf back. “I was worried. I hope I didn’t offend or upset you.”

    “No, no, no no no,” Pan stumbled over his words. “I was just really tired. And call me Pan… just Pan.”

    Teilo folded the scarf. “I had a lot of fun dancing with you. It was the highlight of that day for me.”

    “Me too.” Pan smiled. He felt his cheeks getting warm. Was Teilo flirting? Pan had no idea how to flirt. His only other boyfriend had been Luke Skywalker and they had been childhood friends because their parents had been friends. There had been no flirting, just two hormonal 19-year-olds.

    Why couldn’t Pan talk with Teilo? Had his confidence just gone downhill? Was it the brain injury?

    “Pan?” Tycho asked, standing on the other side of the table, a few seats down. He had another seat pulled out. “Would you like to sit here?”

    Pan nodded. He would need Tycho’s help to eat. He sat next to Tycho and looked over the menu. Pan couldn’t drink alcohol with his pain medication without falling asleep nearly instantly, but they had a pleasant selection of fruity mocktails. He glanced up to take a gaze at Teilo (Pan couldn’t help it: Teilo was just so handsome and Pan had spent so many months looking at medcenter walls) only to see Teilo looking at him. Both men looked away quickly.

    Throughout the first play of the game, Pan felt his eyes keep drifting towards Teilo. Sometimes Pan would catch Teilo looking at him. Pan would quickly look away or pretend to look past, but everytime they would lock eyes, just for a moment, and Pan’s stomach would flop and his heart would flutter.

    Finally, during the first intermission, Wedge Antilles slammed a heavy glass of ale in the table. “Teilo! Pan! Would you two please stop making gooey eyes through me, over me, and around me?”

    Pan started to go bright red. Teilo suddenly became very interested in his fried nizuli nuggets.

    “If you guys want to get to know each other, there are plenty of tables opening up,” Tycho noted. The game was turning out to be fairly boring and the Alderaani Asgnats were losing, badly.

    “Would you please?” Wedge begged. “Before you start kriffing each other on the table.”

    Wes Janson began to laugh. “Well that would be more entertaining than the game.”

    Pan just wanted to go home and disappear. He was so embarrassed. And the idea of sex just brought up so many insecurities he had now that he was disabled. He knew the guys were just joking around and they didn’t know his mental health status.

    “Pan, would you like to?” Pan looked up to see Teilo’s eager eyes looking so genuine. Teilo laughed, “Eat at another table with me, that is. I’m not one for public sex on first dates.”

    Pan could think of a dozen reasons not to say yes. He didn’t want to get his own hopes up, to get a glimpse of his fantasies come true, only to realize Teilo was just being polite and kind. But one conversation couldn’t hurt him, right? They could just be friends. He could use friends who weren’t Jedi. “Okay.”

    Tycho carried Pan’s food and drink to a recently vacated table. Teilo followed, putting his food on the table and moving the chair for Pan. Teilo sat across from Pan as Tycho slipped off.

    “Shame about the game,” Teilo said.

    “I’m not too knowledgeable about smash-ball, but I knew it was a long-shot for Alderaan, especially against Corellia.” Pan was blabbing. When he was nervous he seemed to swing between babbling and having a pittin steal his tongue. He just hoped he didn’t forget any words and embarrass himself.

    “If your not much of a smash-ball fan, what are you doing here?” Teilo asked before taking a drink of his craft ale.

    Pan shrugged, trying to play it cool, he didn’t want to just blurt out ‘my parents think I’ve been cooped up for too long so they made my brother-in-law take me out to hang with his friends because all of my 2 friends are both Jedi and never have time for me. Oh, and I agreed to come just so I could look at you.’ “To get out of my usual surroundings and have some fun. Uhm, are you a smash-ball fan?” he asked. He just wanted the attention off himself.

    Teilo let out a small chuckle. “It’s kinda hard to come from Dantooine and not be. I heard there were riots when Coruscant knocked them out of the play-offs. Though since living on Alderaan, I’ve really been getting into motosurfing.”

    Pan lit up. He loved motosurfing - gliding on water at such a high speed was an art form. “I am so excited for the galactic co-op tournament in two weeks. I don’t care about the time difference between here and….” Gah! He forgot the name of the above-water city of Mon Cala where the tournament was being held. “There.” He was so embarrassed. He knew he shouldn’t speak.

    “Me too. I know I’m going to be up to 0200 every night and running on caff every day. Have you seen those rookies from Ryloth. Ke’mad and Zo’wu Mena?”

    Pan nodded. “I think they have a future, but there’s no beating the Koa siblings.”

    “Nah,” Teilo said, throwing his hand in a gesture. “Those two are past their prime.”

    “I think they have one more year.” Pan tooka another bite, thankful he ordered something easier to eat. “So Dantoonie?” Pan asked. “What brought you to Alderaan?”

    “It was more like what drove me off of Dantooine.”

    Pan winced. Had he hit a nerve? “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

    “No, no, it’s nothing like that. My family is from a long line of farmers. I know it’s necessary work for feeding the galaxy, but I have six brothers and two sisters to keep on the family land.”

    “Man, and I thought I had it rough with Winter,” Pan said with a laugh.

    “So you know why I joined the navy as soon as I could to get away. I met several of these guys while in there,” he said hitching a thumb towards the members of CorSec. “I eventually got a scholarship for Alderaa University and, well, I just fell in love with the planet.”

    “What did you take?”

    “I majored in law. In the navy discovered I had a talent for negotiating disagreements - I mean, I was the middle of nine kids. I work for a intergalactic negotiating firm now. Mostly business and labour disputes involving multiple planets when neither side don’t want to go to court just yet.” Teilo looked down. “Sorry. I tend to blab about my job.”

    “I don’t mind,” Pan said with a smile. “I like listening to you talk.” Had he really said that out loud?

    Teilo smiled back. “Tell me about yourself.”

    Pan wasn’t sure what to say. He was pretty positive Teilo knew the basics: Pan’s parents, his parents’ careers, his short-lived navy career which crashed and burned. “Uh, I went to Alderaa University too. I was so immature. I took mechanical engineering. How I managed to graduate, I really don’t know. I’m considering going back, getting a secondary degree in celestial navigation and getting into calculations or mapping or something.”

    “Wow. So math?”

    “Well, there’s more to it then that. There’s a lot of physics and knowing popular hyperspace lanes as well as routes and ships that travel along those routes. Not to mention knowing classes of ships and their hyperdrives.”

    Teilo nodded, looking like he glazed over.

    “Do you want to go back to talking about things we both know about, like motosurfing?” Pan asked with a laugh.

    “Yes!” Teilo said. “I want to make a bet.”

    “Really,” Pan snorted. “On the rookies? How many credits are you willing to lose?”

    “Well, not credits, but if you’ll allow me to be presumptuous, if the rookies win, I get to decide what we do on our third date. That is, if you agree on a second before then.”

    “Does this mean this is our first date?” Pan was proud of himself for not being completely awkward.

    Teilo looked around the Tavern, at the view screens (the Alderaani Asgnats were just being pummelled in the third play), at the group of friends laughing loudly at the table behind them, and the sub-par meal. “Well, I guess it’s not much of a first date.”

    “Well, I’m having fun,” Pan said with a smile. “But I’ve also been cooped up like a Bantha during Krayt mating season. So my standards really aren’t that high.”

    Teilo laughed. “Well considering I’m taking out a cultured prince, that really takes the pressure off me.”

    “Cultured? Who are you calling cultured?”

    “Well, I can try. There’s the botanical gardens not a 5 minute walk from here. Will you let me try to salvage this very impromptu first date this has seemingly turned into?”

    Pan blushed. He was on a date with a very handsome, funny guy. “Okay.”
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Falling Apart at the Seams

    Timeframe: 26 years post-ROTS

    Notes: Written for the OTP’s Date Nite Gon Rong Challenge: write a story in which your couple's date or other romantic encounter/moment goes terribly wrong. I got ‘Wardrobe malfunction.’ This story follows the previous story in this vignette series “Cinderella Prince Parts 1 & 2” , but you shouldn’t need to read that or know about the OCs or the AU to understand this fic (though it will really help). I’ve tried to explain all the basics in the first few paragraphs. The muse kinda left this one, but I wanted to finish it for the challenge.

    Pan felt like the luckiest guy alive. Sure he had crashed a star fighter on an asteroid just a few month ago, which led to several serious injuries including incomplete tetraplegia (he has some sensory function below his upper chest, but no motor function in his hands, fingers, trunk, or legs) and a brain injury. But he had a date this evening with a man who warmed his heart.

    It was to be his second date with Teilo. They had been introduced at Pan’s sister’s wedding where they had danced and Teilo had even kissed him on the cheek! Then last week they had both hung out with some mutual friends at a bar and had ended up eating together and going for a walk. They had both wanted to go on a second ‘real’ date and agreed on tonight. Pan had let Teilo pick the restaurant since Pan wanted Teilo to set how serious this was going to be.

    Pan’s guts were flopping around as his father applied some cologne to Pan’s neck. “Not too much Dad! I don’t want to be drowning in it.”

    “Yes, Sir,” his dad said in a mocking tone, setting down the bottle on Pan’s dresser. 26 years ago Bail Organa had been one of the political leaders to reform the Old Republic after the whole Palpatine/Darth Sidious/Clone Wars fiasco. Bail was elected the first Chief of State of the New Republic. Pan had been born - extremely premature - during these hectic times and had his father wrapped around his pinky ever since.

    “Sorry, I just want to smell nice but not overwhelming.”

    “You smell as nice as you look,” his dad said, fixing Pan’s collar. Pan was wearing black dress boots, black leggings and a blue sweater - comfortable yet dashing.

    There was a knock at the door. “Come in!” Pan called.

    A palace aid entered in the traditional white and red uniform. “Your Highnesses, there’s a Mr. Kunsa at the gates. He has Prince Panimaxander’s personal call code.”

    “Let him in and tell him to wait for me in the speeder bay! Oh, he’s early and I’m running late.” Pan looked around in a rush for his bag. He had wanted to be waiting in the garage when Teilo arrived.

    Knowingly, Bail picked up the dark green canvas bag and placed it in Pan’s lap. “I’d bug you about letting me give him a stern talking to about your curfew, but I think you’re responsible enough to be home at a decent hour.” Bail leaned down and kissed Pan’s forehead. “I hope you have fun, and just remember, no matter how this date turns out, Mom and I love you very much. You can snuggle with Mom and I when you get back home. You can even fall asleep in our bed.”

    “Okay, okay, Dad,” Pan said. “I’m not some kid anymore. Can I go now?”

    “Yeah, go. Have fun.”

    * * *

    When Pan reached the speeder bay, Teilo was there, leaning against his speeder. The speeder was a thing of beauty; sleek, blue, with black stripes, covered with a large cargo space. It was almost as handsome as the man with his ankles crossed as he sat on the front. Teilo was in tight black dress pants, a dark red collared shirt, and a black overcoat.

    Teilo smiled as soon as Pan came down the supply ramp.

    “Hi,” Pan grinned as he approached, passing the half-dozen all black royal speeders. “Sorry you had to wait for me.”

    Teilo rocked forward. “Hey. Don’t worry about it. I’m actually early. I didn’t know how long it would take me to get in here.”

    Pan stared at Teilo’s lips as he spoke. Secretly, he hoped for another kiss, like that one at the wedding. “Yeah, I told security I was expecting you,” he said awkwardly. “I uh, like your speeder. Is it a MX-290?”

    “Yeah, it was a gift for myself after I graduated school and got my job.” Teilo had a law degree and was a contract negotiator.

    “It’s beautiful.”

    “Can I help you in so we can get going for dinner?” Teilo said, rubbing his stomach. “I’m kinda hungry. And I got us reservations at Jagurl.”

    Jagurl was nice. This was a serious date. More serious than Pan was expecting.

    Pan nodded, then froze. He hadn’t thought about transportation and transferring into a speeder. They should have just met at the restaurant. He felt like was so much work getting him into a speeder. “Uh, yeah, my repulsor pack is in the case on the back of my hoverchair. I need help putting it on like a backpack.” Teilo just nodded and started the task. “Then, when I start to lift up, I need you to guide my my legs into the speeder, and then adjust my seat back.”

    Teilo nodded and did just that. During the entire process, he was constantly asking if Pan was okay. Physically, Pan was fine, but he was so embarrassed he needed so much help and Teilo would have to do this three more times. He didn’t want to have to have this help. He didn’t want to come off as the spoiled little prince. Pan tried to get his emotions under control as Teilo loaded the repulsor pack and hoverchair in the back of the speeder. Maybe he wasn’t ready to date.

    Teilo got into the driver’s seat. “We ready to go?” he asked with a smile.

    Pan just nodded.

    * * *

    Jagurl was one of the finest restaurants in Alderaa. Teilo had picked it because he was rather intimated about dating a prince, and he knew it was a nice atmosphere for a second date. As he drove through the traffic, they discussed their weeks and what they thought of the preliminaries of motosurfing. Teilo parked the speeder in front of of the restaurant, got out, and got the repulsor pack and hoverchair. Getting everything out had taken awhile. When he opened Pan’s door, Teilo frowned when he saw Pan looking down into his lap. His body language just made his misery obvious.

    “Shavit,” Teilo murmured. “I screwed up. I am so sorry. I don’t know what I did, but please tell me because I feel awful right now.”

    Pan shook his head and looked up at Teilo. “I’m really sorry. It’s not you, it’s me.” He then chuckled mirthlessly. “Sorry for the cliché.” He signed. “I really like you, but I hate how I have to treat the guy I’m really quite into, like a servant. I don’t like being a prince and yet here we are, at an upscale restaurant for a second date and you are caring for me. I know the second part is unavoidable and really something I need to work on accepting. And I just feel like an idiot for bringing the first thing up. I’m so dumb.”

    Teilo crouched down. As he did, he felt the bum of his pants rip. Mortification washed over him. He had picked these pants because they were tight, but evidently they were much too small. But all he could focus on was Pan. “For the record, I’m really into you too. I don’t mind helping helping you out. I’m getting to hang out with my celebrity crush and I’m finding out he’s actually the sweetest guy. You’re not dumb. In fact, I’m the idiot. I should have asked you where you wanted to go and if you just wanted to meet me there. I thought I was doing the easiest thing for you by taking care of it all. Plus… I wore pants that are way to small because I wanted to impress you, and now I’m embarrassed to stand up because they totally just ripped.”


    Teilo stood up, looked at the damage, then showed it to Pan. The seam had completely popped and his burgundy briefs were on display.

    Pan began to laugh. He tried to cover his mouth. “Oh my stars, I am so sorry.”

    Teilo smiled, he loved hearing Pan laugh. “Yeah, so, how are we going to fix this?”

    “I’m sorry, I think those pants are beyond fixing. Cute butt though.”

    “I mean our date, genius, because I get the feeling you don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant with me looking like this.”

    “I don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant at all. I’m just not into that sort of thing.”

    “Okay,” Teilo said. “Since I apparently suck at planning dates, where you do want to go? All I ask is that it doesn’t involve needing pants.”

    Pan quirked an eyebrow. “No pants eh? I know what we could eat without pants.” He then blushed. “I’m sorry. That was crude. I used to be so crude before my accident.”

    “No, I think you used to be bold before your accident and I love seeing that confidence come out.” Teilo laughed. “But I’m really hungry. And no, not like that. Where do you want to eat?”

    “Wanna just grab some fast food and go back to my place and eat it?” Pan had to eat at a table now that he was disabled. Eating in the speeder would be much too difficult.

    Teilo hesitated. “Um, you mean me to go back to Alderaa Palace, with a huge rip in my pants.”

    Pan rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry about it. I spent the ages from 2 to 4 running around that place buck naked. You can just tie my sweater around your waist.”

    “Okay,” Teilo agreed. “But only because I want to hear more about your exhibitionist tendencies.”

    Pan laughed. “Okay. I’ll tell you the tale of when I mooned an ambassador from Muun.”

    * * *

    They had stopped by a Mon Cala take-out restaurant on the way back to the palace and had eaten at a small table in Pan’s suite. Teilo had no issues helping Pan feed himself.

    “Do you like physical touch and intimacy?” Teilo asked bluntly. He then looked down. “Sorry, I’m cuddler and I’ve been single and living alone for so long. I miss physical touch.”

    Pan nodded. “I love cuddling.” He then blushed. “I also really liked it when you kissed me at the wedding.”

    Teilo laughed. “Oh man, I’ve been so embarrassed about that.”

    “Well I liked it,” Pan said again. He then glanced at the large grey couch in front of his view screen. “Wanna cuddle and watch motosurfing?”

    Teilo kissed Pan’s cheek. “Yes.”

    Pan felt awkward, yet awesome. It was the perfect second date.
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Aw, what fun to see these two again! I really like the dynamic you’ve set up between them, with Teilo’s earnest desire to help (and please) contrasted with the very understandable awkwardness Pan feels about having to be helped so much, but all of it with the fun, trademark Briannakin snark mixed in. And Teilo’s little “wardrobe malfunction” happens exactly because of his eagerness to please—and they both ended up getting a laugh or three out of it, as well as a “date night in” that may be even more fun than their original plan! A perfect second date indeed, and thank you so much for sharing this fun story with the challenge! =D=
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    May 11, 2016
    Intresting story, of course not knowing the characters nor the details of the EU I didn´t understood everything but it was still a nice read. Nice to see Teilo so caring about his date/boyfriend, though Pan being uncomfortable at all the things that need to be done for him is defenetly understandable. I glad they had still a rather good date despite the wardrobe malfunction.
    Nice story :)
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Tjank you! I do love writing these guys, even if plot bunnies don't bite often fo them. I love that you enjoy the budding dynamic between them (and the snark!).
    I'm a person who (generally) just laughs when things go wrong and I love that these guys just laugh and roll with the punches and still have a lovely second date.

    Thanks for reading even though you aren't quite familiar. These characters have kinda developed in an odd way and I wish my muse would give a more linear storyline with them, but my muse doesn't work that way.
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    Title: Show You Off
    Timeframe: 7 ABY
    Notes: When I said the WIPurary was giving me plot bunnies for EVERYTHING else besides what I signed up for, I wasn’t kidding. This was written for the OTP Love Letter Exchange. If you don’t know much about these OCs, don’t worry, neither do I. These are far from established OCs, but there’s a bit of a primer to this AU at the beginning of this thread and BASICALLY all you need to know is: Emperor Palps never rose to power, Pan is the Prince of Alderaan and Teilo is his boyfriend. I’ve tried to give as much context without being too explain-y.

    Dear Teilo.

    I’m sorry.

    We just fought and I feel horrible. We’ve had spats before but this felt different, more serious. So I’m writing you this letter in hopes you will come back after your walk and read it because we both know I’ll be asleep. I’ll try to stay awake as long as I can and if you wanna wake me up to talk, please do.

    This isn’t going to be eloquently written, but I want to get my thoughts out for both our sakes.

    I know dating me isn’t easy. Dating as me isn't easy. I’m the gay, recently disabled, Prince of Aldeeraan, and my family just makes things even more complicated.

    But I love you.

    And I’m sorry for pressuring you to come out publicly as bisexual.

    Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have been born and raised on Alderaan - and how lucky we are here that we can be in an open relationship around our friends and my family. And I forgot how scary it is to come out. Yes, I pretty much always knew my mom, dad, sister and friends would love and accept me no matter what my sexuality was. Sure, I had the added complication of being Prince of Alderaan, second heir to the throne. But still, coming out as gay to the public was terrifying (we both know I wasn’t exactly the ideal prince to begin with), and I had my family at my side the entire time.

    And now I want you at my side. I want you to enter with me at all the royal balls I have to be at. I want you to be announced with me as my date, my courtier, and eventually my husband.

    Because I’m just so kriffing in love with you.

    But sometimes I forget you are an immigrant to this planet. Where you come from - Dantooine - isn’t as accepting, and you fear your family will be a part of that. I forgot my own privilege.

    So, again, I’m sorry for asking you to enter publicly with me to my mom’s Jubilee. You feel like that might ‘out’ you and I have to respect that (though I still don’t think you appearing so publicly with me will make it back to Dantooine). I just wanna show you off. Can you blame me?

    I hope, if and when you do come out, you know I will be at your side. Always.

    I love you.


    * * *

    Pan sent the letter he had dictated out-loud on his own data-pad to Teilo’s data-pad. Beside Pan on the bed, a square glowed, indicating Teilo’s data-pad had received the message. At least Teilo had left his data-pad. He’d be back.

    Feeling guilty and tired, Pan used his controls on his bed to lay himself back and tried to settle into his pillow. He felt so alone. “Lights: off,” he commanded to the automated room. “Temperature to 21.”

    Pan did his best to tuck himself it, which was difficult given his injuries. He had movement in his arms and wrists, but not in his hands or fingers. He wasn’t able to pull the green quilt up, over his shoulders. He knew he could voice-activate his care-taker droid, but he didn’t feel like dealing with Beesix.

    He just felt miserable.

    * * *

    A while later, Pan half woke in a daze. The once empty bed beside him now had a figure sitting on the edge. Teilo had his lamp on, was wearing a grey sweater, and was hunched over, reading his data-pad.

    Teilo let out a soft sigh, but Pan knew it to be a happy one.

    Teilo got up, switched off the light, then walked out of the bed chambers. Pan became alarmed and was now fully awake, but saw the light coming from his small communications alcove.

    “Hello, Mom, can you see me?” Teilo asked. He must have holo-commed his parents.

    “Teilo! Yeah, can you see me? You never comm anymore. What time is it there?”

    “Yes, Mom. Sorry I’ve been kinda busy lately, and I wanna tell you why. I’ve found someone special, Mom…” Teilo heaved a breath. “I have something important I want to tell you….”

    Pan drifted off to sleep.

    * * *

    An hour later, Pan woke up again just as Teilo - in his blue underwear - was crawling into bed, next to Pan.

    “Hey hot-stuff,” Pan murmured, “I’m sorry for fighting with you.”

    Teilo leaned over, kissed Pan on the lips, then tucked him in better. “Yeah, it was kinda horrible of you to to pressure me to come out. But I realized I wanna show you off too. I love you and it shouldn’t matter what other people think. So I called my mom and I came out to her.”

    “I hope you didn’t feel pressured, but I’m so proud of you. I love you.” Pan smiled. “How did it go?”

    “Good, I think,” Teilo said, snuggling closer to Pan. “I only told my mom. Dad and the rest of the gang were out in the fields.” Teilo’s family owned a zabuia bean farm. “I don’t think I’m ready to tell them yet.” His voice began to get emotional.

    “Thats okay,” Pan said as he moved his arm so Teilo would hold his hands. “You tell whoever you want, when you want.”

    Teilo took Pan’s hand and rubbed his knuckles. “I’m not sure my mom got the notice on not outing people, but I’m not sure I care. She can be the one who tells my dad. I didn’t tell her my boyfriend is the Prince Of Alderaan; I figured one shock at a time. But she does want us to come visit.”

    “Yeah? We should go!”

    Teilo rolled his eyes at Pan’s enthusiasm. “You clearly have never been to the back-water provinces of Dantooine.”

    “I thought you wanted to show me off.”

    Teilo laughed and nuzzled Pan’s neck. “Yeah, I really do. I love you.”

    “I love you too.”
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Nice to see these two back, and great to see you in the challenge with Pan's wonderful letter to Teilo! That really set the whole scene and kicked off the story in an effective way: their argument, its (pretty darn high) stakes, Pan's feelings for Teilo even so, as well as some things about Teilo's background that I didn't know: his Dantooine origins (wow, yes, that's a very different place from Alderaan! :eek: ), and the fact that he hasn't yet come out (which I didn't realize). That's a pretty fraught and serious issue, and I don't blame Teilo for feeling uncomfortable about the pressure he perceived coming from Pan—but nor do I blame Pan for just being so enthusiastic about Teilo that he wants to show him off, because he's found a real winner in many ways! :D And I love that we learn later on that Teilo really would love to show Pan off, too—I know that might be somewhat more of a challenge, but I hope he will someday get the chance. Once again, great to see you back at writing these guys, and thanks so much for sharing this with the challenge! =D=
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2020
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Thanks for reading. I have a bunch of head-canon with these guys including Teilo's background (if the muse will ever cooperate). yes this is a pretty sensitive issue and you can kinda see both sides. Hopefully the muse will one day let me write these guys showing each other off!
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    Title: Exploration
    Timeframe: 7 ABY
    Notes: Written for the OTP’s “Things you said” minific challenge (out of competition). I drew inspiration from 16. “Things you said with no space between us”. Nothing about the OCs Pan/Teilo need to be known (though there is a bit of a primer in the OP). I just really had the urge to write Pan/Teilo. This is just them early in their relationship. Also, note, while not explicit smut (I didn’t break any rules and I did get some second opinionf from my fellow mods), this does get quite intimate.

    “Is this okay, Pan?”

    “Yeah! I mean… yes, it’s nice…. Is it okay for you?”

    “I told you I love cuddling, so yes, this is wonderful for me. So… uh… and you can tell me to shut up if this is too personal….”

    Too personal? In this position?”

    “Okay, yeah. I’m just wondering where abouts do you lose sensation? Where can you feel?”

    “It’s not that simple. Its not a straight line that dictates what I can and can’t feel or move. Technically it’s about at my armpits, but because my spinal cord was crushed but not severed, my body is just weird.”

    “It’s not weird; you’re handsome.”

    “When someone touches my right knee, I feel it in the middle of my stomach.”

    “Okay, that’s a little weird. I just wanna know how I can make you feel good.”

    “Well… I’m still discovering new things out myself. I haven’t done this since I got injured. Most of my knowledge comes from telling the doctors where it hurts. I can’t feel anything beyond my knees; but I can feel pressure on my hips, so that’s nice. I can feel a lot in my torso - but once again, mostly pressure so, like massages are nice. And my… chest is really sensitive, along with my neck… and I really love it when you touch my ears.”

    “Oh really now?”

    “Ohhh… ahhh. Yes! Teilo.”

    “You like that? How about this?”

    “Yup. Yup. Yessss. Please don’t stop. Teilo! I said don’t stop.”

    “I’m going to give you a hickey.”

    “Is that a promise?”

    “Maybe later. I wanna get some more straight answers from you while you are still coherent. So, in general, deep touches below your chest and light touch touches above it?”

    “Yeah, but have fun exploring -”

    “Oh, I will.”

    “And I’ll let you know if anything feels nice or if I need you to stop.”

    “Of course. Communication is essential for me.”

    “Well, in that case, you gotta tell me, where do you like to be touched?”
  13. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, oh ho, oh ho indeed! :D Definitely a wonderful approach to "with no space between us," with not only all the tenderness of early lovers' explorations but also the added bit of poignancy, even bittersweetness, given Pan's condition. As always I love how gentle and concerned Teilo is—but that doesn't stop him from going all in once he finds that sweet spot on Pan! And I also love that Pan shows just as much concern for finding Teilo's sweet spots, because he too clearly wants to go all in and not let his condition slow him (or really both of them) down. So glad you joined in the challenge with these two—thanks so much for sharing! =D=
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    Sep 10, 2005
    I love this so much! It's so important for people to talk about what feels good and what doesn't, but I feel like even more so in a situation where someone might have very different sensations. And I love that Teilo wants to make sure things feel good for Pan and brings it up!

    This line cracked me up!
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    May 11, 2016
    That's quite a sweet convo. There is defenetly a lot of love between these two. Touching the ears being the most enjoyable reminds me of Intouchables. :)
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