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Beyond - Legends Reunion Version 2 AU

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by newdawn12, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Ch 1 This srory comes out of Ch 22 of "Alter of Waru" by Jedi_Lover"
    It is also based on Ch 1, of my Fanfic "A New Start"
    This time following the older Luke Skywalker
    Please leave reviews, and suggestions, this is Canon Luke, the one who never went through Waru

    46 ABY

    Luke climbed out of the dark side cave, and he had no idea what had happened.

    The mossy swamp smelled the same, he could hear, and see the life that thrives on the

    marshy, dank swamp of Dagobah. He'd been looking for a new path after his retirement as

    head of the Jedi Order, seeing worlds that he had never had the chance to see during the wars

    he had fought, and after the losses,

    he'd experienced, his mother Padme who he only knew from Artoo, and his family on Naboo,

    his Aunt, and Uncle who had raised him with love, His masters Obi Wan, and Yoda, friends, his

    nephews, and his beloved wife Mara.

    Something in the force called for attention, a familiar presence, that was slowly emerging as if

    from a slumber, he followed it, going deeper into the swamp, then he saw a blue light slowly

    coalesce into a being of color, as if a body was fading out of the force, then as he moved closer,

    to the body laying on the marshy ground, he saw

    his wife Mara Jade Skywalker he could sense confusion, and worry, so he reached out with the

    force, giving her his love.

    Her mouth opened, with confusion "Luke, where am I? How did I get here?" She looked puzzled,

    "the last thing I remember was fighting Jacen on Kavan"

    Luke scanned her mind, she had no memory of dying, or of her time in the Netherworld, of the


    He knew this would take time, and patience, he felt a joy, he hadn't felt in two years, when he

    had courted another Mara Jade, during an experience he still didn't understand. "Mara, take my

    hand, and let's go to the shuttle." "alright, but I want to know exactly what happened."

    Luke knew just where to take her.

    After sixteen years, Chandrilla had been recovering well, after accepting thousands of refugees

    from the Vong war, The Squilla still roamed the cities, the Crystal Canyons

    were again receiving visitors, Luke had made arrangements to stay at the Dacha of Mon

    Mothma, the honored former leader of the New Republic, who had passed many years before.

    It was on the shore of Lake Sah'ot,the people of Hanna were more than happy to open their

    world to the former head pf the Jedi Order. He heard Mara looking around the shuttle,

    her curiosity finally getting the better of her. "where's the Shadow, Artoo, my Lightsaber?, and

    why aren't we going to Coruscant?" "I'll tell you, when we get to the Dacha" Mara

    could feel him shielding his thoughts from her, she had many questions for him, her memories

    of fighting Jacen, had vanished, her last memory now, was of her Stealthx being shot at,

    and then nothing. She looked out of the viewport and saw the shining world of Chandrilla looking

    beautiful against the darkness of space. "Why are we coming here, you've never been here


    "Since I'm retired, I've been exploring, but Chandrilla, has a special charm for me." He retired,

    Mara couldn't help wondering why, he looked older, then the last time she'd seen him, which for

    her, it had been yesterday.

    Ch 2.

    It was a beautiful morning at the Dacha, on Chandrilla, and you could hear the waves crashing, on the beach, as the Sea birds, looked for prey in the waters,

    of the lake, the green protocol droid was cooking a morning meal, of local breads, and native fruits of various textures, and colors, for the Skywalkers.

    Mara woke up disheveled, disoriented, and feeling a little scared, she now remembered, feeling dizzy after her fighter had been shot, and then waking up on

    Dagobah, what in the Force had happened to her, and why was Luke treating her so protectively?. She went to the fresher, to find it stocked with her favorite

    toiletries, soaps, and bath oils, She knew Luke had arranged for some deliveries, the night before from Hanna, she also found some beautiful outfits, and she

    knew it must have taken him all night to arrange all this. Luke Skywalker was sitting on the beach, contemplating fate, and the Force, and his wife's return,

    when he noticed an Aing Tii monk approaching him. "greetings Master

    Skywalker, I hope you appreciate my gift." "How did you bring her back?" "What you, and Jacen learned from us, is equal to one of your padawans lifting a

    pebble, we simply took a second of her life, and placed it in a Temporal force cocoon, till the time came, and the force were at a special point."

    "A special point?" "the Dark side cave, when you entered, we used the cave's energy to open a doorway and we used to to return

    Mara to this timeline, and since her body was living, and her Midi Chlorians functioned, her Force presence reintegrated itself with her

    body." "Luke found this incredible, the Aing ti had hidden this kind of power from the galaxy, and he felt like a he was back in Obi Wan's Hut hearing about the

    force for the first time" "Why?" "I have my reasons, Master Skywalker" "Why?" " she was needed on the other side to aid you in your

    battle with Abeloth." "You will need her here to face a future challenge together." with that, the monk vanished, as if he'd never been there.

    The Aing Tii had left another gift, his scars, and aging from the past six years had vanished,

    better than any Bacta treatment, or healing trance. He knew he'd have to tell her everything, it

    would be like she had been in a coma, or as if she'd been frozen in Carbonaite.

    Ch 3

    Mara jade walked through the Dacha with her head held high, her back straight, and a look of determination on her face.

    she wanted answers from her husband, she had questions, and she felt that he knew the answers in a tone she hadn't used in years, she yelled out.

    "SKYWALKER!!!", what the kriff is going on?, her husband rushed inside from the beach, looking at her with concern, and understanding, and he motioned her

    to sit down, on the couch in the lounge. he looked solemn, and explained to her, that to the galaxy, she had been dead for six years. "I died?" On Kavan.

    he explained to her, how Ben had found her body in the caverns, and how the rest of the family, and the Jedi, had felt her death. She looked down at her hands,

    her eyes closed in thought, he then told her how Ben, Jaina, and Jag, had found the evidence pointing to Jacen. She felt pride in her son, and her apprentice for

    what they had done, she wondered where they were, and what they were doing. He told her about Jacen becoming "Darth Caedus". and the atrocities he had

    committed, and he told her about how he had beheaded Lumiya, in revenge for her death, Mara felt concern for her husband

    "oh farmboy" she whispered, he told her about the defeat of Caedus, and Alema, the election of Daala, and he broke down his shields, and reopened

    the Force bond", and then she slugged him "You kissed Callista, in front of our son!!!" "I deserved that Love, I think I was under Abeloth's influence,"

    so I released her into the force." "I know that Luke, I was in your head, so the Aing Tii, brought me back?" "Yes"

    "The Jedi, don't need us anymore, Ben's an adult, i'm sure every force sensitive in the galxy will know i'm back."

    "so" "let's go to the bedroom before the Sith decide to interrupt our retirement."

    Ch 4.

    Mara turned to her husbanfd "what do we tell people, when they ask us, how I'm here?" Luke pondered, no one except the Jedi

    would believe, she had come back through an Aing Tii technique. "We could tell them you were cloned by the Hapans, and given as a

    retirement gift." Mara flung a pillow in his face, with the force "then people will ask" "why didn't you get the younger model?". "I have a thing for the

    older model" Luke chuckled "farmboy, this is serious!!". Just then, a delivery droid, came in with a package, and Luke gave it to Mara tenderly, she

    slowly took it from his hands, and gently unwrapped it with her fingers, and she opened it up slowly, inside was a beautiful Jade colored pendant,

    with clear diamond Studs, and a Jedi Symbol for peace, she hadn't seen it since their wedding, it had been a gift from Luke, that she had hidden on MyrKyr before the Vong War.

    thirty six years. She bit her lip, and gently closed her eyes. "how?" "why?" "you know the answers to both, my love."

    "We'll be going to the Jedi temple, in the Hapes Consortium tomorrow., he may be a twenty year old Jedi Knight, but I think Ben will

    want to see his mother again." "For me, he was just a kid, my kid, when I went off to confront Lumiya, and Jacen by myself, like

    I was an idiot, after lecturing you about facing Palpatine by yourself." "You already apologized to me, and Ben."

    "I don't remember that." "You're peobably not supposed to have any memories from the netherworld, we should concentrate, on making new ones."

    With that they went to sit, on one of the lounges overlooking the lake, and wondering, what the days ahead would bring.
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    Was there another version of this? I swear I left a comment on it. Or am I having a blonde moment? LOL
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    Cool parallel to the other "Reunion" =D= Both Lukes deserve their own Maras :)