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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Protege-of-Thrawn, May 1, 2003.

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  1. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    Official rules for Role-Playing

    These are the modified and updated rules originally submitted by DarthAttorney at the dawn of this forum. Kudos to him for providing the basis from which these Rules were written.

    1) All normal rules of the JC apply: no flaming, no trolling, no spamming, no spoilers, no innapropriate sexual content etc. For the record, the current policy on sexual content prohibits sexual scenes of an explicit nature. Recruitment for off-site games is also prohibited. Any occurances of such behaviour (in or out of character) will be dealt with by a mod. For any questions regarding JC rules, it is important to be familar with the JC Forums Rules and Terms of Service, Allowable Content, and if issues are still not resolved, users are advised to send a PM to the forum moderators, Penguinator, Sinrebirth or any other available Mod for clarification. Users may also choose to report a post with an unambiguous rule violation - i.e. solicitations, unacceptable language, explicit images, etc.

    2) All thread authors are considered to be the initial Games Masters of their scenarios. They should make sure to include, at a minimum, a story, rules, and character sheet in the first post or first few posts of the thread. They set the scene, guide players during it, and make decisions as to the outcome of the game. These authors may relenquish their right to the thread and game therein if they i) appoint another person the GM of their RPG/thread, ii) are away for an extended period in which a new GM is appointed by group consensus and sanctioned by the forum Mod.

    3) Moderators are cautioned that if they wish to partake in an RPG, they do so as a normal user and are not to overstep their jurisdiction, nor use their powers and/or privelege to cheat, modify the RPG or unfairly disclose the identity of anonymous users under alias/socks etc.

    4) All Role Playing in keeping with the Star Wars Universe (EU inc.) is freely allowed, and may be created and posted in a thread at the discretion of the author. No authorisation is required. Crossover games are also freely allowed.

    5) All Role Playing incorporating exclusively elements other than Star Wars, is allowed, but may not use the Star Wars prefix tag. With specific regards to non-Star Wars games, players are not limited by canon, only their imagination. In the interests of fairness, pre-existing characters may be used, but players are encouraged to use one character class or type per scenario. (eg: A gamer who uses Hercules might refrain from using Xena, and a person using King Arthur might not use someone like Aragorn, just as a player that uses Merlin might want to hesitate before adopting Belgarath or Gandalf.) This rule is meant to ensure all users are given a chance to Role Play as their favourite "core characters"; and no select group manages to create a monopoly on gameplay here, thus stifling growth and overall creativity and enjoyment.

    6) Players are restricted to using one user-name/account per game, unless given explicit permission from the GM. The second account must be publicly disclosed as a user's sock, though no specific names need be named. This is to serve the purpose of accurately reflecting the proper amount of people writing for a specific game.

    7) Each RPG is allowed one thread for the purpose of gameplay. Additional threads are awarded only by Moderator authorisation, on the basis of need in the cases of High Traffic RPGs. If you believe your RP has achieved such a criteria, PM the RPF moderators, Penguinator and/or Sinrebirth

    8) Everyone has a right to launch their games uninterrupted by comments from players not within their games. All players in the RPF are advised to state within their games whether Out-Of-Game (OOG) comments are or are not allowed. For players not specifying a preference, it will be assumed that their silence is consent unless or until informed otherwise. Punishment for violating a restriction on OOGs will be a warning, followed by a ban on a subsequent offense, to be doubled with each offense per standard policy. Those GMs which wish to prohibit in-thread OOG discussion are encouraged to start discussion threads for their games in the RPR.

    9) Please Note: The above Rules are Forum specific, and will all be moderated in the RPF as would the normal TOS elsewhere. Infringements will be treated as any other infringement, and may lead to bannings if not adhered to.

    Also, the above rules are all subject to modification or expansion without notice, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

    Thank you, and I hope everyone enjoys. :)

    If there is any drama, please feel free to PM either moderator.


    Kane, RPF Manager (Ret.)

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    Ramza (Ret.)


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  2. Lady_Belligerent

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    Retiring this version of the RPF rules for a updated version.
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