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MOD The New and Improved Rules and Policies Thread

Discussion in 'Anthology' started by Darth Chiznuk , Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. Darth Chiznuk

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Everyone is expected to be aware of, and to abide by, ALL rules and policies.

    1) Forum policy regarding use of spoilers in avatars and signatures

    Please note that no spoilers for the new SW movies can be used in avatars or signatures by users who post in any of the JC forums.

    Spoilers in avatars would include leaked concept art, spy photos, etc.; any visual image that was not officially released by LFL, Bad Robot, or Disney. An example of new movie imagery that would be allowed would be "Bob", because we first saw him in an officially released video. Please consider the source of the image you wish to use.

    Spoilers in signatures would be any kind of text based information that relays plot points, characters, etc. from the new movies, that has not been officially released.

    Images seen in the official teasers/trailers are not considered spoilers, and may be used in avatars.

    2) Policy on Bootleg and Fake Teaser/Trailers/Movie Clips/Images/Audio Clips

    The following policy will be enforced:

    Absolutely NO bootleg copies of teasers, trailers or movie footage will be allowed. If posted, the post will be removed and the user will be banned.

    Absolutely NO linking to bootleg copies of teasers, trailers, or movie footage will be allowed. If posted, the post will be removed and the user will be banned.

    Absolutely NO leaked LEGO images, videos or text lists will be allowed, nor links to such content. If posted, the post will be removed and the user will be banned.

    Asking someone to PM you a copy of a bootleg/leaked teaser, trailer, movie footage or LEGO content is not allowed and your post will be removed.

    Note that bootleg still images and audio clips are covered by this rule, not just videos.

    Any thread that is made with a fake and/or fanmade teaser, trailer, or movie footage -done with intent to trick others or not- will be locked and removed. ONLY officially released teasers and trailers will be allowed to have their own threads.

    3) "Scoops" and "Insider Info": Unless you can prove it, don't post it!

    Due to the increasing number of people claiming to have insider information without evidence, we are no longer allowing "scoops" without sources. Rumors from sources are, of course, still allowed.

    If you are someone that does, in fact, have insider information and would like to share it, please PM one of the moderators with as much proof as you can supply. This information will be kept in the strictest confidence by the moderating team. Once the mods have received your proof, they will discuss it, and if you have supplied sufficient proof, you will be given permission to post such information.

    Attempts to use your "insider information" without staff approval will result in edits and potential bans. For the sake of maintaining the integrity of the site and of each and every member, we are simply keeping people honest.

    This policy will NOT have any level of negative impact on the flow of rumors, scoops, and information being discussed in these forums. The sole change will be that our site will not be the source of false information. Please also note that this does not actually represent a change in the Terms of Service; it is merely an adjustment in the enforcement of the applicable rules.


    4) Versus Debates

    "Vs." debates between any of the films, trilogies, etc. or bashing/gushing in any combination is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a ban. Discussion on the PT, OT or ST in this forum should only be as it relates to the Anthology series. There are other forums for discussing the PT, OT and ST at length.


    5) Derogatory terms

    The use of derogatory terms such as "Mary Sue" or janitor when referring to Finn are strictly prohibited. If a user is displeased with a character they are expected to articulate why. Any use of a derogatory term in place of an actual argument will result in a warning and could result in a ban for future infractions. While the two examples given are the most frequently used this rule covers any and all derogatory terms that could be used.


    6) Forum atmosphere

    This forum is a place for discussing the films, which means that you think the films are worth discussing. It is not a forum for discussing how much the films are not worth discussing and/or how the actions of Disney, Lucasfilm, etc. have resulted in films not worth discussing--we have a zero tolerance policy towards posts and posters dragging conversation down to that level.

    As a staff our goal is to provide an atmosphere of constructive conversations. Constructive means actually being willing to listen to the other side. If you simply want to be an immovable object and vent your frustration with the films there will be designated areas for that. This also applies to those users who have less issues with the films. We will not tolerate any user attempting to shut down constructive criticism of the films. As always play nice and treat your fellow users with respect.


    These rules are in effect immediately for all New Films forums. As always users are also expected to also follow the Terms of Service which you agreed to when you registered on this site.
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