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MOD Updated Overview and Rules of the EU Community

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by darthbernael , Sep 6, 2022.

  1. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    Every so often the rules and general overview of the Extended Universe Community (EUC) are reviewed and updated and such a time has come again.

    This Community is for everyone, all who love and enjoy the EU/Legends, whether they have been on the forums from the start or someone who has just joined us. We are an open and inviting Community where discourse and constructive discussions about the various aspects of the EU may take place.

    However, just as with any other areas of the forum, the TOS and Rules of the JCF apply in their full effect. The Moderators, Sinrebirth, darthbernael, and Adalia-Durron are approachable whenever there are questions and concerns and will do our all to ensure this is a fair, welcoming, and issue free community. We recognise that there are disagreements about various aspects of the EU versus the newer Canon. We ask and hope that such discussions remain civil and without strife but will moderate any disagreement.

    Before any other specific rules, it may be good to give a quick overview of the Community itself. There are prefixes that can assist you in navigating the Community and finding areas that you would be interested in joining, taking part in. They are:

    The prefixes under the main banner of the EUC can be clicked on to filter what you wish to search in the community or you can search each thread yourself. As well, there is a search bar under your username, in the upper right corner of your display. That Search is not just for the EUC so results will also show from any other area of the JCC as well.

    Each of the areas of the EU have their own enjoyable aspects for members, depending on what you wish to contribute.

    Social: As the prefix implies this area of the EUC is to meet and chat with other members in a social setting. Currently, there are two Social threads, the Blue Moon Cantina (BMC) which is the main ‘hangout’ of the EUC, and the Rancor Pit which is social but geared toward fun and enjoyable duels between those that wish to do so, following the rules of the thread.

    Fanclubs: As the prefix implies, this is the area where the various groups, such as the Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, etc, can meet and chat and discuss things whether In Character (IC) or Out of Character (OOC). The main ones that are currently active are the Guardians of Light, the True Sith Empire, and the Grey Jedi. However that does not mean that others, such as the Mandalorians, cannot be revived as they were in the past. There is plenty of space for all.

    Games: Games here are of a wide variety from the quick ones that can fly along, like The EU ABC game, up to and including one that has two prefixes, the Rancor Pit.

    Events: Special events will be marked with this prefix. These can include the EUC awards, special short term social threads, or threads commemorating special events of our users like the birth of a child (new Star Wars fan!) and so forth.

    Senate: Currently the Senate is on a hiatus but there are plans to revive it in the near future. The Senate is where you, the citizens of the EUC, can help make the community a better place. Users can act as Senators (elected/chosen by the various fanclubs) and use the Senate thread to come up with new ideas/games/threads to make the EUC a more fun place to hang out. Senate announcements and the Senate thread itself will be tagged with this prefix.

    Discussions: Discussion threads are for those discussions that don't really fit into just a single fanclub. Some of these are just simple questions that can be answered in a post or two. Others are more in depth and discussion can go on for months (or longer). However if you have a question that would fit into a specific fanclub, we ask that you post it there rather than create a new thread.

    And now the rules that may also apply to other areas of the Forum but should be reiterated so that there is no confusion.
    1. There is Zero Tolerance for hate speech of any kind.
    2. There is no prefix for advertising, questionnaires and the like. These are forbidden without the previous authorization of Site Staff, so please refrain from spamming our beautiful boards with such threads.
    3. Double posting is considered a form of spam. We know that sometimes in the excitement of a social thread or in the case of long periods of inactivity in a thread, double posting is unavoidable, but please attempt to refrain from such activity and use the Edit feature to avoid double posting.
    4. Spoilers: With regards to spoilers, please review the Forum's rules regarding spoilers in the Rules of the JC forums tab at the top of the page. In addition, please spoiler code any information regarding characters, plot and the like for a period of two (2) weeks after a new movie is released for the benefit of those who have not yet had an opportunity to view it and would like to remain unspoiled. Failure to do so will result in a mod edit and a warning.
    5. Threads will remain open for responses until they have not received a response within the last 12 months. The mods will check every 3-4 months and lock those threads that have been inactive in that period. Should someone desire a thread locked due to inactivity be opened again they will pm one of the mods (Sinrebirth, darthbernael, or Bardan_Jusik) and we will reopen it.
    These rules are general ones that are expected of us all to enjoy and keep this forum thriving. More detailed rules can be found in the TOS and Rules of the JCC as well. Both are mentioned near the beginning of this and if clicked on will direct you to the relevant section.

    If you have any questions on this or anything else about the EUC feel free to PM myself or other moderation staff. Once again, welcome to the EUC and enjoy your stay!