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Resource The Fanon Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by FanonSock, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. FanonSock

    FanonSock Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 11, 2014
    If you’re one of those fanficcers with tons of notes about the species, planets, organisations and cultures you created...
    If you’re tired of seeing those notes sitting idly on your hard drive...
    If you’re too lazy to rewrite your notes in a wiki format...
    but still would like to share your stuff with other writers...
    ...then this thread is for you!

    This thread will focus on fan-developed content that the creator is happy for other people to use. This means original species, planets, technology, organisations, etc. but also expanding on aspects of canon/Legends material.

    This thread should solely be used for sharing created things with other writers to use, not as a place for keeping your own worlds and story lines for the writer or readers.

    • If you post in this thread, you agree that, once your ideas are posted, anyone can take any or all of it and do whatever they want with it.
    • If you borrow ideas from this thread, you should credit the creator in your fic.
    Specific Rules of This Thread
    1. Each user is entitled to ONE “fanon entry” every month. For the purposes of this thread, a fanon entry is a post where you expose your idea(s) about a species, planet, piece of technology, theme, etc. If your entry is exceedingly long (1000+ words), you may break it into more than one back-to-back post (but please no more than three).
    2. Whenever you post a “fanon entry” here, please PM the sock as a heads-up (and so the sock has a record of things).
    3. There’s no specific formatting requirement for your posts. Remember, this is for people who are too lazy to write a wiki post on the SW Fanon Wiki or elsewhere. Just put a title at the beginning of the post to make the sock’s life easier, will ya?
    4. All users are responsible for maintaining their own fanon posts. The replies you’ll receive or further work on the concept might give you new ideas on the same topic. In this case, don’t start a new post, but go back and update your original post, then PM this sock about your update.
    5. There’s of course no limit on the number of replies or contributions to discussions you can make, as long as you remain within the rules of etiquette of these boards.
    Example: You wrote a fanon post about Wookiee war dances. You got a dozen replies, and you continued working on the idea. You then have more ideas about Wookiee dances, plus something about Ewok war dances. Instead of opening a new fanon post, go back and change your original post to “furry alien war dances,” add the new info, then PM the sock. The sock will make sure your update is signalled to all, while you get to save next month’s fanon post for something else.

    Dos and Don’ts
    1. You may mention and link to fics when relevant, in accordance with the current policy regarding linking to fics. Please read the policy carefully and do not use this thread to promote your fics.
    2. You may link to a post from this thread in your fic. We actually encourage you to do it if you’re borrowing something that was created by another user, but remember, this thread is for sharing, not for maintaining your worlds and story lines.
    3. Story lines developed in fics are not eligible for this thread. If a user wants to continue a story line started by another writer, they should obtain their permission by PM.
    4. If you want to ask for a recommendation for fics that have good fanon elements about topic XYZ, don’t post your question here. There’s a recommendations thread for that.
    5. You may cross-post on the SW Fanon Wiki (or equivalent) or link to it here, but please don’t use this thread just to promote your stuff.
    6. If you’re expanding on something that exists in canon/Legends, please include a link to the Wook (or equivalent) to make your readers’ life easier.
    7. Please remember to comply with the general board rules and TOS. Ya know, take it easy on prostitute droids.
    The Role of the Fanon Sock

    1. The sock will maintain an index of topics at the beginning of the thread so that the info is easy to navigate.
    2. The sock will make sure that additions to the thread are “advertised” once a month (E.g., December update: User X updated his post about species A, user Y updated her post about planet B, user Z wrote a new post about hyperspace lane C, etc.) Therefore, don’t forget to PM the sock every time you update!
    3. The sock will propose discussion topics and challenges. PM us your ideas!
    4. More generally, PM the sock your ideas! That will help this thread become a useful resource for all of us.
    As of 16 October 2015, this thread and this sock are being administered by Findswoman.
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  2. FanonSock

    FanonSock Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 11, 2014
    Fanon Thread Index

    Announcements, News, Etc.
    Gamiel Games Challenge announced!


    Index of Fanon Posts by Topic

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    Index of Challenges

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    Previous challenges:
    The Gamiel Games (2 August 2019–6 December 2019; bonus round through 6 January 2020)
    Fanon Planet Challenge 2.0 (10 July 2018–12 November 2018)
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    Fanon HORROR Challenge (27 Sept 2017–27 Dec 2017)
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    Further Fanon and Worldbuilding Resources

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    The World Builder Society (truncated; partial backup on the Wayback Machine)
    Original Alien Species Index (partially truncated)

    Outside TFN:
    Fictional World Development Sheet (Dropbox link)
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  3. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    I'll bite: My slang word list - made up by existing SW slang, bits and pieces of non-basic SW language, shout-outs to other fandomes I like and some real life non-english words. I should mention that this slang list is created for spacers, not your everyday people, and people who have spent some time in mandolorian space, therefore all the mando’a words
    Spacer slang list
    A-mek = Astro mechanical droid
    Aruetii = [Mando'a] 1) foreigner, outsider; 2) traitor
    Baba = old woman, can be used as a slur or as a honorific.
    Bezoar = A catchall term for any kind of poison detector
    Big Isn't, the = Space
    Birgian = A simpleminded person who lives in the now but can show extreme guile and smarts when it comes to getting what s/he wants, usually food, drink, sex and/or similar. Usually lacks any kind of formal education.
    Birr = Hard money
    Bitey = 1) quick meal, 2) food
    Black box = Deal for technology of a military nature
    Black hole = A deal that has gone so bad that the consequences seem to have no end
    Boo-coo = Many
    Boss-ma’am/-man = Female/male superior.
    Burn sky until we see lines = Fly until you get into hyperspace.
    Burnout = referring the loss of power in a starship's power plants.
    Cargo hold = Spacers' slang for backside.
    Core-lingo = 1) slang for core accent; 2) speaking posh; 3) a way of talking that involves, beside a snobby core accent, lots of references and quotes to famous dead people, classical play/stories/poems/movies/similar, preferably in High Galactic if it was said/written in that language, and the mentioning of all the famous/important people/places you have meet/been to. This is best done before rim-aristocrats or new money so they understand that they don’t belong.
    Entoban = The “name” given to any original homeworld that is lost.
    Esalacha = [Durese] Excellent
    Fattar 'u = Ca. “do you understand/get it”
    Final Jump = A euphemism for death, used by spacers. Usually connoted a peaceful death. Origin is from the jump to lightspeed.
    G-burp = Spacer slang for a sudden surge from a starship's drive system.
    Han Solo = a common male placeholder name and assumed name, sometimes comical, comparable to John Smith or John Doe. Se also Hon Solo
    Haul jets =
    Spacer slang for departing an area as fast as possible.
    Hon Solo = a common female placeholder name and assumed name, sometimes comical, comparable to Jane Smith or Jane Doe. Se also Han Solo
    = see Hyperspace commo
    Hyperspace commo =
    Slang for faster-than-lightspeed communications transmissions.
    Juju = see Mojo
    = 1) beautiful, Durese; 2) slang for nice, good, positive. Used the same way as 'shiny' in Firefly.
    Jackers = slang for starship thieves
    Jelloey = something ornate and dignified, yet confusing
    Jimbo = Bodyguard
    Kari = Animal/person with unpredictable behaviour
    Kis = Kid
    Kisel = Electronic money
    Klirr = Money, usually hard
    Klirr ii kassan = money in the cashbox
    Kori = core worlder, usually found in the south eastern rim.
    Lingo = 1) slang for language.
    Loco = Local
    Luke Law = 1) a lawman; 2) the justice system
    Mandolorian = Vandal
    Mandolised = Vandalised
    Marev = 1) Mando'a for fist; 2) a five mando team
    Maté = Ca. friend or fellow
    Mojo = Non-corporal power. Among the things that counts as mojo are: luck; magic; extraordinary skills or abilities; Force sensitivity and manipulation;
    Mynock = A person of a dishonest profession
    Naa = A person who comes from nowhere; an outsider, a stranger who has not earned the trust of others.
    Nacha = 1) durese for fortune-teller, prophetess; 2) spacer slang for any kind of non-evil mystic
    Nicely dressed = Slang for being blatantly heavily armed
    One-Stop Shopping = theft of a ship whose cargo is intact
    Pison = 1) herglese for thief/bully; 2) slang Imperial official
    Pleness = 1) durese for pure water; 2) slang for clear
    Pocket = to steal
    Qucka = 1) a type of beetle with white shell; 2) slang for stormtrooper. Mostly used in the "northern" part of the galaxy.
    Sa’an’ishar = Supposedly a shorthand for “shields and weapons!” of unknown origin. Used as an order to be ready for action, some commanders use it as general command for attention.
    Shan = 1) herglese for pod aunt; 2) slang for a spacecraft not traveled in.
    Shan-pakk = spaceport, Herglese
    Shep-pakk = homeworld, herglese
    Space = Slang term for killing a person by exposing them to the vacuum of space, usually by launching them out of an airlock.
    Space gas = A phrase apparently meaning "empty talk."
    Space-happy = More or less means insane.
    Star-hopper = Another term for spacer.
    Stylishly dressed = Slang for being discretely armed
    Tjenixen = Greeting phrase
    Trenma = mechanic, Durese
    Umron = herglese for an idiot who is ignorant to his stupidity
    Utinni = jawaese word of unknown meaning, used the same way as cowabunga.
    Warp-lagged = A phrase referring to a feeling of tiredness after traveling in hyperspace.
    Vafalls = 1) what did you say; 2) what is going on
    Vendi = desirable, Durese
    Viridux = spacer, Durese
    Visch, the = 1) Farmland; 2) underdeveloped planets or regions
    Yebo = Yes
    Yabba = a moron, is not etymological related to the hutt name Jabba
    Zad = 1) slang for cyber-addict; 2) slang for somebody who “over pimp” his cybernetics; comes from the common pronunciation of the acronym for cyber-addict:
    Zed = Rhythm slang for dead; used as if it was a name: Do you want to meet Zed = Do you want to die; He is with Zed = he is dead; Will Zed come = Will there be deadly violence; etc

    Krim-lingo = criminal slang
    Breetmal = Blend of breetva and cybermal; an animal with combat oriented cybernetic implants. See breetva below and cybermal in 'Wordlist' below.
    Breetva = Cyborg with combat oriented implants, especially claws or other cutting weapons.
    Krim – 1) a criminal person, 2) criminal activity
    Rick; ricking; ricked = Doing something stupid for noble reasons like love, honour or similar.
    Ripping = removal of cybernetics from a person or a corpse without any thoughts to the biological parts.
    Shadoc = se ‘shadow doctor’.
    Shadow doc = se ‘shadow doctor’.
    Shadow doctor = a black market doctor

    Expletives, curses and insults
    Chongo-longo = expletive
    Haar'chak = [Mando'a] expletive
    Slimesucker = Derogatory term.
    Slikith = “dweller in the dirt"
    Space ape = slang for a lascivious male.
    Space it = An exclamation.
    Somynock = "son of a mynock"

    Art Aeon = SW's Art Nouveau (leiamoody's)
    Cray = A place strong in the Force.
    Cyber-addict = A psychological state were a person feels a need to replace functional body parts with mechanical counterparts.
    Cybermal = Blend of cybernetic and animal; an animal with cybernetic implants, usually enhancing.
    Inwitting = A storytelling art that will, if done right, send the listeners into a shared dream-journey based on the story told.
    Kash ball = Team-sport were you use your feet and fists to move a ball, you are not allowed to carry it, into the other teams goal. Usually played by women.
    Matrix = ca. internet or similar.
    Sax Agaton = A fictional Kiffar guardian inquisitive that is well known within Kiffar space and at least heard of in its near-space. His stories have been told, retold, deconstructed, parodied and reconstructed for over 500 years. He (sometime she) is usually accompanied by August (who in most incarnations is some kind of droid) and his pet (often a dog) Tickie. Comparable to Sherlock Holms for how well known he is.
    Taklah = A secret discussed as a story or a riddle. If you understand one, you have learned something; if not, you weren’t smart enough to deserve enlightening.
    Telharmonium = Ca. synthesiser
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  4. Viridian-Maiden

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    Aug 14, 2013
    Gamiel Ever heard of a group called Zeds Dead? Just curious. And let me be the first to ask FanonSock whether my post is within the spirit of the thread or is this off-topic and discouraged?
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  5. Goodwood

    Goodwood Jedi Master star 5

    May 11, 2011
    Viridian-Maiden: Discussion of users' fanon posts is actually highly encouraged! Even if it's only to ask about inspiration.
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  6. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    No I have not but we probably have the same inspiration.
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  7. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    Wow, Gamiel, that's quite a list you have! I don't have any plans for Mandalorians or Duros for now, but "stylishly dressed" is something I'll definitely borrow. I can imagine stormtroopers using that one :p

    Out of curiosity, from which RL languages did you borrow? Also, having just checked the Wook, I saw that there's a long article about Mando'a, including a vocabulary list. Are the Mando'a words you invented "compliant" with the language principles exposed in the Wook?
  8. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    I suggest using some of the durese if you are going to have a spacer, the thing is that durese is supposed to be the second lingua-franca among spacers after basic but what little we know of it comes from the list in WotC's Hero's Guide that explains what the duros name means. We have no idea about things like syntax and grammar, it is actually a bit irritating.
    That is why I try to adept so many durese words that I could find use for since it feels like if any language should be used to spice up a spacers basic it should be durese.
    mostly Swedish but there is at least one word in Zulu and French and one shortened Japanese word.

    Non of the mando'a words in my list are my own creation, they are just the kind of words I thought a mando, or somebody who have spent time with mandos, would use to spice up his basic. Like how some people in U.S.A. use Spanish words to spice up their English, or the characters in Firefly use chinese.

    The only one I can really give myself credit for is the second use of Marev, “a five mando team”.

    EDIT: I think I should mention that I created the ground for my list by first looking at the existing slang and language lists on wookipeedia and the word and slang lists in my RPG:s and fantasy/SF books and picked the words that I liked, sometime in a modified form.
    Thats not to say that I have not made up many of the words, or at least their use, on my own, I just want to explain how I did it.
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  9. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014

    This section will probably turn into a longer post about the Wookiee family, clan and tribe structure at some point in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future, but until that happens I'll start with my pet invention, the khraashyr (plural khraayashyyr)* a.k.a the Wookiee lineage shield. Given the importance of lineage in clan-based and tribal societies, I thought Wookiees should have a way of expressing that. I settled for the idea that each Wookiee would have an individual lineage shield. The shield's function is to act as an oversized identity card and to signal the bonds of blood and/or friendship between the individual and his/her family/honour family/clan/tribe. Each individual displays his/her shield in a prominent place at home so that anyone who walks in can know where that individual belongs.

    The rules for the shields are as follows:
    1. Shields must be carved out of wroshyr wood from Kashyyyk.
    2. Only adult Wookiees may carve them (i.e. Wookiees who took their Test of Ascension).
    3. No tools may be used when carving a shield. Wookiees are allowed to use only their claws. This is because the act of carving the shield is itself an act of bonding between the adult who carves it and the youngling for whom it is intended.
    4. The shield of a given individual will include an element from the father's khraashyr, an element from the mother's khraashyr, each parent's clan symbol and the tribe's symbol. As the individual grows up s/he may add elements that represent his/her individual deeds and achievements to distinguish him/herself from his/her siblings, since all siblings will start out in life with the same shield.
    I picture khraayashyyr as being heavy, wooden disks about 1m in diameter. The disk itself is a slice of a wroshyr tree branch. Another tidbit I should add here is that I imagine the colour of wroshyr wood as evolving depending on the age of the tree limb. The wood of small twigs is almost white and darkens as the branch grows bigger and older, until it becomes a variety of very dark wood (the bark is always almost black, regardless of age). This means that lineage shields are yellowish in colour, because a 1m-wide branch isn't all that old by Kashyyyk standards.

    * In my interpretation of Shyriiwook, plurals are formed by transforming a word, not adding a suffix (as happens in RL Semitic languages) because I can't imagine a specific growl or bark marking the plural. :p

    I love this idea of puzzle boxes and intend to use it in the not-too-distant future. (Check out the video about RL Japanese puzzle boxes posted by Gamiel here.)
    Other tidbits about Wookiees and their culture:

    Wookiees believe that birthday presents are bad luck. When a Wookiee has his/her birthday, he should treat others to dinner, not the other way around.

    Wookiees have in canon the concept of a honour family which includes individuals (either Wookiees or other species) joined to them by a life-debt. In my personal fanon, they can also adopt a child as a "proper" family member -- usually this would be a Wookiee but there is nothing in the Way of the Wookiee prohibiting a Wookiee family from adopting a child from another species. However this also means that the child would have to comply with all the terms of the Way of the Wookiee (e.g. he/she would not be considered an adult without taking the Test of Ascension), meaning that such adoptions are highly unusual.

    A few Wookiee foods of my invention (based on two canon food items, namely the chyntuck and the wasaka berry, as well as the ubiquitous wroshyr tree):
    • Wroshyr sap syrup -- made from wroshyr sap harvested from the trees themselves (inspired from RL maple syrup). It is diluted in water to make a refreshing sweet drink (like RL barley water)
    • Chyntuck chutney (because I'm a sucker for chutneys in general)
    • Chyntuck-and-topato mash -- an improved Wookiee version of mashed potato and a favourite dish among Wookiee cubs
    • Wasaka berry jam
    • Crystallised wasaka candy
  10. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    Is the khraayashyyr meant to be used in battle or just ceremonial in function?

    Also, why can you not use tools when carving one? It just feels a bit too hard since their claws are not really meant for carving
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  11. Findswoman

    Findswoman Fanfic and Pancakes and Waffles Mod (in Pink) star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 27, 2014
    Well, my understanding (at least from what I've seen of KOTOR) is that one of the primary functions of Wookiees' claws is to serve as tools, and to be used only for peaceful and productive purposes (among which carving a lineage shield would certainly count), and since there's a lot of wood around on Kashyyyk, it stands to reason that that's one of the main materials upon which Wookiees would use their claws as tools.
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  12. Goodwood

    Goodwood Jedi Master star 5

    May 11, 2011
    They also use them for climbing.
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  13. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    I have not played KotOR but to my understanding so did the wookiees, as Goodwood said, use their claws for climbing.
    They probobly aslo used them for combat in primitive times.
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  14. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    I edited the post above to include answers to @Gamiel's questions.
  15. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    May I suggest that the carver can use tools but only what she can find in nature, nothing manufactured, since I can see it rather hard to for example to smoothen any part of the shield only using your hand but if you use sand it become easier.
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  16. Viridian-Maiden

    Viridian-Maiden Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 14, 2013
    Since I like language, is this your interpretation of how Wookiee language works? I like it. One of the things you'll see me occasionally do when I do use language (which arguably isn't nearly as much as Gamiel here) are similar changes with internal word structures. In fact, you'll notice I always use the word Nubian to refer to things from Naboo -- it's straight from TPM of course, but wookiepedia will tell you Nubia is an entirely different planet. I've never had anyone correct me on this so I assume others agree with me (and it is a small point) but I've always though it was quite clear that when Qui-Gonn said the ship was Nubian he meant "of Naboo," and anyone who wasn't able to see that probably isn't familiar with the fact that many RL languages change internal vowels around all the time when forming plurals or adjectives, etc.
  17. Viridian-Maiden

    Viridian-Maiden Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 14, 2013
    I'll take a stab with a device/functional piece of furniture:

    Neuro-lamp: Piece of furniture/device particularly common among Core Worlds and the GFFA Upper Class. Like other methods of lighting, the function of a neuro-lamp is to make things visible in a darkened space, but it does so not by increasing the amount of light within the space but by sending out a pulse of energized particles that bind with present photons to make them more easily perceptible to those in the room.

    Functional Characteristics:
    Neuro-lamps do not actually increase the light within the space but only make the light more effective on the light sensors of the eye (for most species at least.) Unlike loose or base photons, bound photons are unable to penetrate matter easily. Most notably they are unable to penetrate glass. As such, they have a wide variety of uses, including maintaining privacy, in children’s rooms as nightlights (because bound photons were unperceivable with closed eyes but immediately perceivable with open eyes), by thieves/corrupt officials/spies, etc. Since neuro-lamps depend on the existence of ambient lighting, they are most beneficial in urban environments. They also only work in small and enclosed spaces where the energy pulse emitted by them can be physically contained. They are not uncommon, but they are expensive so it’s not usual for even a wealthy family to own more than a few.

    Design Characteristics:
    Because light does not radiate out from a neuro-lamp, it is not a natural focal point in the same way as a regular lamp, but this doesn’t mean their design is less important. They come in several standard recognizable models, but can be designed to fit the décor preferences of the most elite, and can even camouflaged as other kinds of decorative objects. Generally not large, there are one or two models that are highly portable.

    I'm not sure if this description makes sense, but I did my best to give a rough idea of how a neuro-lamp works and how it could be useful. I'm not a scientist, but I studied enough Physics in high school to come up with the idea using what little I know about light and Optics. Basically the idea is that there aren't more photons in the space, but each photon's impact on the eye of the perceiver is increased. Constructive suggestions/questions that would help me hone the concept welcome!
  18. Gamiel

    Gamiel Chosen One star 9

    Dec 16, 2012
    Viridian-Maiden I can see one be highly useful for thieves, spies and similar professions.
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  19. Findswoman

    Findswoman Fanfic and Pancakes and Waffles Mod (in Pink) star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 27, 2014

    Exactly, and not just internal vowels either—like "Cantabrigian" for "from Cambridge [University]," "Oxonian" for "from Oxford [University]," "Norwegian" for "from Norway," or even the rarely-seen-but-still-perfectly-correct "Glaswegian" for "from Glasgow." (Or even "Foucauldian" to mean "having to do with the philosophy of Foucault." :D )
  20. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    It's a good idea but I think I still like the "no tools at all" rule better. When you make something for someone because you love them, it's not supposed to be easy and it should take as long as possible :)
    EDIT: Of course, if you choose to borrow the concept, feel free to modify it at will.

    I updated the post (again!) to include a footnote about plurals in Shyriiwook, but I think that when we have some downtime, Viridian-Maiden Findswoman and I should come up with a joint fanon post about languages, phonetics and plurals in SW :p

    I loved the neuro-lamp concept and I'm saying straight away that I'm going to use it in a scene where I need a night light (oh, and Gamiel's comment about it being useful for burglars had me [face_rofl]). I can't help on the physics -- I took Ancient Greek, ya know? -- but I think it all sounds plausible. I'm curious to hear how you imagine the object itself. Given its mode of operation I assume it doesn't need to look like a lamp? Also, since it's an expensive object, would there be sophisticated designs created by famous designers? Lastly, did you come up with ideas/words to describe various settings for dim light, bright light, etc?
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  21. Findswoman

    Findswoman Fanfic and Pancakes and Waffles Mod (in Pink) star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 27, 2014

    I'd love to! :cool: This discussion's got me thinking about the morphology of some of the Gand terms I've come across and used in my work: for example, the plural word ruetsavii is established in official sources, but how does one refer to just one of those examiners? I'm pretty sure I used ruetsav at least once somewhere along the line, but of course it would be more original to make it more than just a matter of a suffix, wouldn't it? Something like ruetsev or even something wacky like ruetsa'iiv? Much to ponder here, there is... [face_thinking]
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  22. Viridian-Maiden

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    Aug 14, 2013

    Definitely. One thing I haven't decided yet is whether there might possibly be a portable version - similar to a flashlight. I suppose there could be but I'd expect it to be even more expensive. I think it would be useful for any sort of clandestine meeting.

    I have to remind myself often that it probably wouldn't look like a lamp at all. I imagine it somewhat like a small shape (maybe a hexagon or a disk) surrounded by a ring that sends out the pulse, but on second thought maybe the ring is unnecessary. Clearly, light wouldn't radiate out from it like a lamp because it doesn't actually radiate any light, so it wouldn't itself draw attention/be a focal point in the same way a lamp is in a dark room but that doesn't mean it couldn't be decorative. In fact, it might mean they’re more decorative. I guess I see it a little like other functional, but expensive objects. I do imagine there being some variety, and the standard models would of course be the result of an industrial design process, but I would think they would generally all look fairly similar. On the other hand, the very very elite could have a model designed to fit their décor preferences, or maybe even one that’s camouflaged as another decorative item. Being able to camouflage them seems really interesting if we’re talking about corrupt officials or @Gamiel’s spies, I think. :)

    I don’t think they would have more than one setting, though. I suppose they could have settings of different strengths, but I don’t see them as being able to light a room to the same extent as a regular lamp. I think they create a dimness. What I’m not sure about is whether the dimness has any warmth to it – since it’s not adding any light it couldn’t create light of a specific color. I.e. There are no yellow vs. white bulbs to choose from. When it’s on, you just get what you get. So I think they can add warmth to a room, but probably more in a mental or emotional sense than anything. I have a scene in a much much later chapter where somebody wakes up to find the neuro-lamp has been lit and it’s a warm fuzzy thing but probably mostly in the “He lit it for me before he left…” type of sense. ;)

    Happy to contribute where I can. Lol. [face_good_luck]

  23. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Viridian-Maiden of some reason I image the neuro-lamp to look like a lava lamp, shadow professions could be caring it around like an old stile lantern
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    Nov 11, 2014
    Viridian-Maiden Thank you for the post! Could you please cut-and-paste your answers to Chyntuck and Gamiel to your original post, perhaps under a "work-in-progress" heading? It will make it easier for other users if all your information about neuro-lamps is gathered into a single post.
  25. Viridian-Maiden

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    Aug 14, 2013
    Done. I realized after the fact you probably intended something simpler than the overhaul I did to the description, but there it is.

    And Gamiel, I realized that I was already picturing them as being fairly small -- maybe not small enough to carry like an orange but small enough to move easily, so I went ahead and stated that some models were portable. I like the barn lantern visual.
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