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Library Reference Zalzabar's Journal

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    Zalzabar's Journal
    Upon the beginning of the great saga embarked by our heroes there are many details that need a useful place to find themselves. Zalzabar, always the careful notetaker, has chosen to elect himself as chief notetaker of this little party.

    To begin with I have completed a basic rundown of the kingdoms and rulers of the mighty realm of Regnum. You may assume after your characters meet Zalzabar, that what is stated here is known by your characters. If not, or known only to a select few I will be sure to state as such.

    As we meet new characters and new places I will add entries here for you to reference back to. Below is a table of contents for easier navigation if you wish to revisit parts of the story or are a lurker and would like to read different parts.

    Table of Contents
    The first number indicates the number of updates and the second the number of posts in a given chapter. If it has an asterisk it means the chapter is still ongoing.

    Chapter I: The Trials of Zalzabar (6) (87)
    Chapter II: The Crimson Knights (5) (58)
    Chapter III: The Road to Othos (21) (170)
    Chapter IV: Othos, The City of Kings (16) (119)
    Chapter V: The Battle of Othos (17) (107)

    Tales of Regnum
    A collection of short stories and side vignettes that expand upon the History or Characters of Regnum.

    Above is a map of Regnum. The most notable kingdoms, as of now:

    Xan & South Xan
    Mezar & West Mezar
    South Osatia

    This does not exclude the others from being possible places to explore but I have only fleshed out those above.

    Athas (Atharian)
    The Kingdom of Athas is ruled by Kenrith, a benevolent and kind ruler. He is good friends with Zalzabar, allowing him to construct a castle within his borders. Athas' population is mainly humans with some elves and orcs emigrating from Ziapaoh and Xan. It is a prosperous and wealthy kingdom. It is however locked in a bitter war with its neighbor to the north, Haugun. While attacked often the people of Athas have been able to repel everything invasion thus far from Haugun. Other than their interactions with Haugun Athas hosts many of the major trading ports conducting trade with anyone that is willing.

    Athas has many large ballistae along its coastline, capable of shooting ryujin down from the sky. This has served as a rather major defense line and major stopping block for the ryujin army of Haugun. In addition, the presence of Zalzabar in the realm has served as a major deterrent, the Haugunian armies unaware of his weakened state. After all in his prime Zalzabar would be more than capable of defeating all six crimson knights and Malum Dragonson.

    Haugun (Haugunite)
    The Kingdom of Haugun is ruled by the viscous and cruel Malum Dragonson. Malum is a devoted follower of Sapientis and leads the Crimson Knights, which are the vanguard of Haugun's army. Malum has recently struck up an uneasy alliance with Derius, the Witchking of Taetus, both wish to see the return of Sapientis, thus for now their goals are in alignment. Haugunian's are typically humans with a minority elven population. Malum himself being a human. The Haugun army frequently conducts brutal attacks on peaceful villages along the northern coast of Athas, looting more than invading but there are signs a larger-scale invasion is brewing. Malum is also the brother of Hector Dragonson, ruler of Zafir. Haugun is also the birthplace of Kaynus, his family often in agreement that ryujin should rule over all races. The others do not know of where he comes from and he would be wise to keep his mouth sealed on his origins.

    Ziapoah/Loreth (Ziapoahian or Lorethian)
    Ziapoah is the kingdom of the wood elves and is where Taella Sparrowswift hails from. Ziapoah contains the beating heart of the wood elves. Loreth, the capital of the wood elf kingdom. Ziapoah is ruled by the wood elf king, Miirphys Elyon. Miirphys hates orcs and only mildly tolerates humans. This is due mainly to the ancient and longstanding, on and off war between the elves of Ziapoah and the Orcs of Xan. Ziapoah contains exclusively wood elves.

    Some decades ago Ziapoah was attacked by a powerful Lichemaster named Noxtoten. A small subsection of the great Ziapoah forest has fallen back under his sway, covered in an undead darkness, he seeks to claim of the elves of the great Ziapoah forest and bend them to his sway. He is also a great hoarder and collector of many mysterious and ancient artifacts. His part of the forest borders that with Xan, many a foolish Orc has wandered into his dark realm unknowingly only to be used as an unwilling test subject.

    Xan & South Xan
    The Xan and more specifically the Great Xan desert is a harsh unforgiving landscape, where only the strong survive. It is unsurprising then that this is where the Orc species thrive most of all. The Great Xan desert is where Ne'tar is from. Xan is compromised of loose tribes, each with a chief. They often compete and fight for resources with one another, the main source of food being the large Philacha herds that roam the desert landscape.

    While each tribe is independent all swear loyalty to Xoth'ug'wajin the Chief of chiefs and Warlord of the desert tribes. Xoth'ug'wa is the largest orc in known existence, standing at about well over ten feet tall. He has a particular disdain for ryujin, not being one himself it is impressive he came to rule over such a large landmass. He is well known for his ability to slay ryujin, famously slaying an elder ryujin named Pharax and creating a throne from his skull.

    The Orcs (and humans) of the Xan desert are proud people, their culture built around honor and the right of combat. In Xan might makes right. Additionally, Orcs from Xan have honorifics attached to their names. Below is a shortlist of some examples:

    ‘ug means great one. Chief of chiefs
    ‘ur means chief
    ‘sar means shaman or magic one
    ‘jin means dragon one, indicates an orc ryujin, usually only given once they are an adept
    'wajin slayer of dragons
    ‘wa bloody one or great/hunter/killer
    ‘ar means warrior
    ‘tar means lowly one, halfbreed or outcast

    To use Xoth'ug'wajin as an example the most honorable honorific goes first and so on. Some are connected to status in society while others are to do with achievements they have committed. For instance, Xoth earned 'wajin after he killed Pharax.

    South Xan does not pledge loyalty to Xoth'ug'wajin instead they are a separate group of tribes led by the Ireursar. Ireursar is a powerful orc shaman who has an uneasy peace with their northern cousins. The Orcs of South Xan typically practice magic more and have a higher population of ryujin. South Xan sees the Xan orcs as stupid while the Xan orcs see them as weak and cowardly.

    Zafir (Zafirian)
    The vast kingdom of Zafir is ruled by the mighty Hector Dragonson, a fierce and wonderous king. Zafir is considered to be the greatest kingdom and the beating heart of Regnum. It is certainly the most diverse of all the kingdom's fairies, humans, elves, lizardmen, orcs, and dwarves all call this place home. As such a heavy crown weighs on Hector's head as he tries desperately to keep his kingdom united.

    Zafir is also divided into five major houses, with minor houses also controlling small pockets of land. House Dragonson, Valiullin, Arias, Mithras, and Aeterna make up these five major houses. The head of each House has a seat on the Council of Zafir which serves as a governing body that advises the King of Zafir. While technically the King has all the power in practice this is not the case and has to work at great lengths with the other major houses in order to maintain internal and external balance.

    Zafir is also affectionally called 'The Dragon Kingdom' as it has the highest population of ryujin in the world. As such it is home to many of the famous 'Dragon Schools' centers of learning ryujin travel to enhance and understand their origins, powers, and abilities. Many of these schools have been torn down or abandoned due to the severe unrest within Zafir's borders.

    The kingdom of Zafir is allied with the Mezar, another elven kingdom. Both are in a costly war with the Lizardmen of the Great Jungle which spans most of west Mezar.

    In the north of Zafir lies the ruins of an ancient fairy kingdom, occupied by 'the blind ones', fairies that sacrificed the gift of sight in exchange for great power. They are ruled by The Blind Fairy King. A cryptic and mysterious figure likely behind the fairy uprisings within Zafir.

    Mezar & West Mezar (Mezarian)
    Mezar is a cold, mountainous kingdom ruled and occupied by snow elves. Their queen, Adalaide is a mastermind of politics, forming a strong alliance with Zafir and wanting to expand her empire into West Mezar and wipe out the Lizardmen. Little is known of the inner workings of this elven kingdom, few are granted access, and those that are usually officials from Zafir.

    West Mezar, also known as "The Great Jungle" is a vast jungle labyrinth home to the Lizardmen. Their chief Motztaui cares for little other than war, rituals, and power. Seen as barbaric and backward the Lizardmen hordes have poured into Mezar and Zafir alike, the causes of the war and perhaps more importantly who started it are unclear. Nevertheless, it persists. No species other species lives long in West Mezar, all non-Lizardmen are quickly disposed of.

    South Osatia
    South Osatia is a human/elf kingdom ruled by the heavy hand of William Elwarin, a half elf. Elwarin projects the image of what is good and noble, what is just. But the actions of his kingdom speak otherwise, unplagued by the unrest that exists in Zafir South Osatia has invested into its military and cities, building a massive army in preparation for some unknown plan. Perhaps the rumored rise of Sapientis or some other nefarious plan.

    Taetus (A thanks to @The Jedi in the Pumas for writing this entry)
    Ruled by the Magelord Derius, Witchking of the North, the Kingdom of Taetus is made up of a healthy mix of humans and elves and a small, warrior populace of orcs and dwarves. Derius is accepting of all races, so long as they come willing to work. Taetus has been transformed over the past 100 years from the peaceful Ice Kingdom to a dominant, industrial force in the world. The entire citizenry is divided suited to their skills, but all stand ready to mobilize for the war effort whenever the Witchking calls for them. The Kingdom is allied with Haugun due to Derius' interest in Ziapoah.

    The number of the Taetusian army is unknown and there are unverified rumors that the numbers can balloon whenever Derius needs it to through his use of necromancy. The Witchking is an enigma as far as what he does and how he runs his kingdom, but is unafraid of showing his face when it is time for diplomacy. When he travels, he either travels alone or with his brother, the Sea Serpent Nezzarellium. He is the most powerful mage to walk the realm, capable of battling multiple adept ryujins and some of the most powerful Elder ryujins with his knowledge of his mother's wind magic combined with his dark magic. With his brother at his side, tacitly complying with Derius' moves and directives, Derius does not think that any other Kingdom is capable of standing against them.

    Carldom, The Capital of Taetus

    Derius In Witchking Armor (Ignore the weapon)

    The hellhounds that Derius uses to send and receive messages, spy on other kingdoms, and assist him when battling ryujins. They were specifically created and bred by Derius and his dark mages.

    Risova is a dwarven kingdom, ruled by King Ghiznuk. The Dwarves of Risova, like all dwarves but especially Risovan dwarves, are master craftsmen creating the finest sets of armors and weapons in all of Regnum. As such their wealth is enormous trading with all the human, orc, and most of the elven kingdoms. They are friendly with the Orcs of Xan, forming from a long history of trade and mutual respect of strength. Risova is however wary of the wood elves, having almost no contact with them. Long ago there was a prolonged war between the two kingdoms, now they mostly ignore one another.

    Kathos (A thanks to @Master Vo'Un'Var for writing this entry)
    Kathos, commonly known as the Kathos Wildlands, is a mountainous region found north of South Osatia. It does not fall under the jurisdiction of any formal government and is largely uninhabited save a few frontier hamlets. The settlers of these scattered villages are typically made up of humans, with occasional Elven mages who will venture into this region to experiment with its unusual magical auras.

    The area is filled with dense, snowy forests and looming snow-capped mountains. There is no evidence of any former civilizations, advanced or primitive, in the charted areas of this region, save for several large watchtowers that remain lit by the human settlers.


    The death count in this area is dramatically higher than any other region in Regnum, which has been attributed to a high count of monsters in this area. There has been reports of an unknown tribe'/clan living in the forests near the most northern mountains, but no evidence has been presented to back this claim.

    The kingdom of Vostav belongs to that of the ‘dark elves’. The cunning, dark-skinned elves are ruled by Iodnould Zolzein. The dark elves of Vostav often consider themselves a rival to the snow elves of Mezar, vying for diplomatic and political control with the multi-ethnic Zafir. Vostav is renowned for its stark architecture and cityscapes. They have formed a strong alliance with their dwarven neighbors, buying much of their armor, weapons, and gear from the kingdom of Risova.

    Master of Political theater Vostav will do whatever it takes to make sure it is superior to Mezar. Their deep ties with Zafir and Risova, coupled with their own secretive magic make them a powerful force in Regnum.

    Filled with decadence and misery Essatia was once a thriving nation, and in many ways still is, for those with coin. The aristocracy subjugate the poor, being by far the most class-divided of any country in Regnum. Ruled by the cruel and cunning King Awen, a ruler that will do anything to maintain the status quo. Essatia has long had border friction with South Osatia, their rulers never being able to see eye to eye, a deep mistrust dwelling between the two. Essatia is also famous for their brutal coal mines in the north, they are by far the largest exporter of the substance, one of the few reasons perhaps Osatia has not declared war on them yet.

    The bird kingdom of Seryon, ruled by fierce and stern Birdking Seryon the XII, is a place of learning and magic. Seryon is well known for having some of the best schools on wind magic in all of Regnum, rivaled only by Esenma when she ran her own school. Seryonians are a proud and majestic people, welcoming and hospitable, however, should you upset or insult them they will quickly turn foul and mistrustful. Such is the case with their northern neighbors, South Osatia, whose armies have grown large and strong in recent years. While mainly made up of Aviskin there are plenty of other races within their borders, willing to let almost anyone in if they wish to learn.
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Anaxagore

    Age: Looks 20

    Race: Ryujin ( appears as human male )





    Equipment: *Dark Fire Fang : Great Sword, *Adamant Bulwark : Armor.

    Adventurers clothing, lock picks, Dual Scimitars, Satchel, water skin, gold coins.

    Class: Ryujin Adept

    Adamant Bulwark (summon armor)

    Dark Fire Fang (summon great sword)

    Dark Fire Blast ( fire ball )

    Dark Fire Claws ( Energy talons )

    Dark Roar (Paralyzes enemies with fear)

    Dark Fire Imbue ( covers any weapon in Dark Fire )

    Dark Triage (heals another with an erg of his own energy )

    Somatikos ( Temporarily summon true form strength, agility and stamina )

    Purple Heart ( Revives a fallen comrade with a significant portion of his energy)

    Dragon Form ( Transform into full Dragon )

    Ryukin (1-12 clone copies of himself, usually cast during major battles ) added: 10/15

    Power Arc ( wave of destructive energy released by an imbued weapon or physical strike ) added: 10/15

    Judgement Beam: Plasma Destruction ( Extra Powerful Breath Weapon, usually enhanced by atmospheric ionization ) added: 10/15

    Adamant Form: Anaxagore wields 85% of his Ryujin might in a winged-dragon scaled- humanoid form. 'revealed' 4/1/21

    Personality: Anaxagore is a Grey Paladin. He is brave and daring, one who often speaks his mind, yet listens to reason. He can be a bit reckless at times. Though generally a loner, he understands the importance of teamwork.

    Bio: Anaxagore is a proud Ryujin. He sees himself as a protector of Regnum, a charge left to his kind by ‘The Three’. He is an adventurer who has traveled the Lands in his need to learn of the people, their culture and of course, excitement. He’s taken the rumors of Sapientis seriously and has answered Zalzabar’s call to avert the impending Cataclysm.

    Last Edited: 10/15

    Natures and Affinities:

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    Name: Rebecca Dragon
    Age: 27
    Race: Human
    Appearance (if a Ryujin include dragon form as well):[​IMG]

    Equipment: Plate Armor (Called the Dragon's Scales) Bastard Sword (The Dragon's Talon) rope, torches, rations, waterskin, bedroll, flint and tinder

    Personality: Quiet determined, brave, though with flashes of homicidal rage.

    Bio: A mysterious warrior from South Osatia she is known by many names, The Laughing Butcher, the Crimson Blade, and the Bloodstained Killer. The red pigment across her face is said to be made from the blood of her enemies, and she is known to rub the still warm lifeforce of her foes across her face. A grim visage to face her many enemies. While her surname evokes the creators of this plane she is not of their kind, though she is not entirely normal. In battle, when cornered, or outnumbered she lashes out with unnatural ferocity, and displays incredible fortitude, though it seems to affect her mind, sending her into a blind rage and killing until those that oppose her lay beaten in pools of their own blood. As she stands over their bodies she smiles, tears of joy fall from her eyes, and a deep contented sigh leaves her chest, almost as if she enjoyed the pain and death she had caused.

    These habits have made her a feared enemy on the battlefield, a madwoman that attacks with supreme strength and seems to love the sounds of combat. As a sell sword in the land she has many opportunities to sate her bloodlust in the constant wars of the nations.

    Though there is a tale that she is not unique in her abilities, there was another Roger the Red, that stalked the fields covered in the blood of the freshly dead. They said his blood had been corrupted by dragons, that his bloodline was not meant for its power and it has driven him mad. Could she be the same? A madness in her blood that drives her to kill, to feel life die by her hands?
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    Ryujin: An Analysis
    Ryujin (Rye-oo-gin) are individuals that are capable of transforming into a dragon. The term 'dragon' dates back to the Three Dragon Gods of old who created Regnum and the ryujin. Generally speaking there are four main classifications of ryujin, although these are very broad and only give a rough idea of how powerful a ryujin is.


    Those who have recently discovered they are a ryujin are affectionately named ‘newborns’ as they have been ‘born a new’. Those that are newborn often cannot summon their dragon form on command, and their transformation seemingly happens at random. When they are in dragon form their abilities are limited to say the least. For instance, there is no documented case of a newborn being able to fly, such a skill takes time to develop. Their magical connection is also severely limited, and for even normal mages unimpressive. When in their dragon state they are not much larger than a human, perhaps eight to ten feet tall. It takes training and time to gain control over their new found powers, although some are naturally gift and require less time to practice.

    The only reliable way to transform a newborn is to make them upset or angry. Additionally the discovery of one being a ryujin usually happens during either a traumatic event or during a period of increased emotion or stress.


    After some training, a ryujin is able to gain control over their transformation, summoning their abilities when they will it. While their transformations are no longer random on occasion, they will trigger their dragon state when under great emotional duress. Also, a ryujin’s magic is now enhanced at this stage, only the most powerful non-ryujin mages are able to match their magical abilities. The vast majority of Regnum’s ryujin are at this stage, and most will go their entire lifetime without progressing past it. Adepts are ‘normal’ dragon size that is to say about the size of a house. 'Adept' is also an extremely broad class with a wide range of power levels. The most powerful of this class are the fearsome crimson ryujin that serve as the vanguard of the Haugun Empire.


    If a ryujin is able to reach the elder stage they have been able to unlock the deeper aspects of their power. No longer transforming under emotional stress, these ryujin can grow to enormous sizes and their magical capabilities seemingly endless. Few of these beings exist and when they do, they typically rise to great power. The main separating point in determining an elder from an adept is an elder is able to call forth their 'Elder Form' a far more powerful version of their dragon form. This lost art was rekindled by the dragon Zalzabar who began teaching it to his students, still, the number of elder ryujin is very small only about fifty or so exist in the world.


    Legends speak of a class even above that of elder. These supposed ancients hold unspeakable power, their abilities elder ryujin could only dream of having. How these supposed ryujin got their power is unknown, perhaps it was from the dragon gods or some other benign force. Sapientis is an example of an ancient level ryujin.

    Below is an image that compares well the size difference between and Adept and Elder Ryujin. The White Dragon is the Elder Dragon. (A thanks to @The Jedi in the Pumas for finding the image)


    The Origins of the Ryujin

    According to legend, the first ryujin was Sapientis himself, bestowed with gifts from the three. Although upon further research I believe Sapientis was originally two separate people and was melded into one. Or the dragon gods split his soul after The Great War. Which is the case is still unclear, finding out this information would be useful to defeating him. There are also conflicting accounts he was gifted his power by some other unknown deity but these are most likely fake.

    Regardless the first ryujin were gifted this blessing by the three. Other than the three there are no documented cases of pure 'dragon' ryujin. Such a race does not exist.

    Many scholars have wondered where the source of a ryujin's power comes from, what precisely causes a ryujin to be a ryujin? In my studies conducted thus far it seems their is no particular preference in terms of race, the only exception being the Lizardmen. Lizardmen, elves, fairies, humans, dwarves, orcs, all have been observed to have ryujin. Thus it appears that ryujin transcend race, or is part of something completely different altogether. While it is true the strongest ryujin typically have ryujin parents this is not always the case, for instance, I myself am the child of two non-ryujin parents.

    Ryujin also appear to be more durable, stronger and have greater stamina even in their humanoid form, although this varies from case to case. It seems all ryujin have some magical disposition although sometimes these are my passive abilities such as increased healing and not the user actively casting spells. The only consistent thing about ryujin it seems is that they transform into a dragon, but even then the form of their dragon varies wildly from ryujin to ryujin.

    Powers and Abilities of Ryujin

    As stated previously the powers of a ryujin vary wildly from ryujin to ryujin but there are some common themes and abilities all ryujin share. In humanoid form all ryujin heal at a faster rate than their normal species, they also typically live longer than their species would normally allow., additionally they are typically stronger, faster, more durable and have greater stamina than there non ryujin counterparts. These become more apparent after more studying and practice.

    In dragon form all ryujin (excluding newborns) can fly, breath fire (or in rare cases ice) and have some kind of magical affinity. There is where the similarities end. Some ryujin have wings, others do not. Some have two legs, others four, some none at all. Some are grand mages and wizards others have simple passive abilities. Just as varied and complex each of the races of Regnum are so too are the ryujin.

    The Races of Regnum
    Regnum is host to a vast array of creatures and races, some keep to themselves while others mingle. Below is a brief breakdown of the major races in Regnum.

    Note: All Life expectancies are for non-ryujin, non-magical versions of each race. (Ignore if the race is all magical or all ryujin) These represent an average and are higher for nobility and classes above the common folk.


    Humans are the most numerous of all the creatures in Regnum. Adaptable and crafty the range of humans greatly varies from the proud and snobbish Haugunians, to the wealthy and kind Athasans. Humans typically have more loyal to their nation or kingdom than to their race. If you have met one human, than you have met one human, there is no unifying creed or ideology among them. Humans come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes even being mistaken for other races.

    Humans either fear, worship or stand somewhere in-between when it comes to how they view ryujin. It varies from kingdom to kingdom and even more so from human to human.

    Life Expectancy: 50 years


    There are many types of elves but the three main types are Snow Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves. Elves are seemingly aloof and keep mainly to themselves. The Snow Elves are a little more tolerant, particularly toward humans. Dark elves are similar to the Snow Elves and in many ways are their 'Northern cousins' The main difference between the three is in appearance. All Elves are tall, have a magical affinity, live long lives, and keep mainly to themselves.

    The Snow Elves hail from Mezar, although some live in Zafir most are from Mezar, and even the ones that live in Zafir call Mezar their true home. The Snow Elves while forming a military and diplomatic bond with their northern neighbor are still very secretive, perhaps this is just the nature of the elves, or perhaps their is something more to it. They are often considered to be the most 'noble' of the elven sub-races and by far interact the most outside of their kingdom.

    The Wood Elves all live in Ziapaoh, it is exceptionally rare to see a wood elf outside of their domain, although this does happen. They are very much so closed off from the rest of the world, their only real interaction is the prolonged war with the Orcs of Xan.

    The home of the Dark Elves is Vostav, although there are minority populations in Zafir, South Osatia. Dark elves are considered the craftiest of the elven subraces, as such they are masters of politics. Those that are not are often rangers and spellswords, the dark elves renowned for their mix of magic and swordplay. Dark elves typically have a disdain for snow elves are fond of dwarves, particularly Risovan dwarves.

    All elves have a deep respect for ryujin, seeing them as the purest and most powerful in terms of magical ability. There are exceptions, wood elves still view orc ryujin with disdain for example.

    Life Expectancy: 5000 years


    The homeland of the Orcs is Xan. Although many have emigrated from their over the ages. Orcs are a strong, hardy race, favoring strength of will, character, and muscle. Weakness is not an option, this is not out of cruelty but out of the necessity of the Xan desert. The Orcs of the Xan desert are typically paler and less green than their southern cousins although again this varies greatly from orc to orc. The orcs have no issue with the other races as long as they prove their worth. As ryujin are typically very powerful they are respected by most orcs, might makes right after all.

    Life Expectancy: 150 years


    The Blind Fairies used to rule over all of Zafir. Now they are just regulated to a small northern corner. While most stay inside their ruins some have elected to live in Zafir, turning back on their past. Fairies are typically shorter than humans, with butterfly or insect-like wings protruding from their backs. Fairies are well known for their tricksey behavior and abundant use of illusion magic. While few exist ryujin fairies do exist although most are cast out of the Blind Kingdom.

    Life Expectancy: 2500 years


    The home of the Lizardmen is 'The Great Jungle' also known as West Mezar. Lizardmen are an aggressive, tribalistic species, wanting to invade and expand their hordes. Some Lizardmen have defected from their homeland, coming to live in Zafir although those that do are typically met with strong prejudice. The Lizardmen typically have a blueish hue and have some larger cousins they use as steeds. Strangely Lizardmen are the most likely to be ryujin, in fact it is rare to find one that is not, although most are newborns and do not progress beyond that stage. As such they view ryujin of their own kind with great respect and authority.

    Life Expectancy: 40 years


    Dwarves, also known as 'The Children of Tellus' are master craftsman, having a strong affinity with Tellus, The Earth-Dragon. Their mines go deep within Regnum, harvesting many precious metals and gems. They also create the finest armor, rivaled only by the snow elves. Dwarves are much shorter than humans and elves, although the average dwarf is much stronger than the average human. Dwarves do not typically hate any races, they will do business with whoever is willing. However, Dwarves are particularly fond of Orcs, respecting their strength and way of life. Dwarves are relatively indifferent toward ryujin, some hate ryujin, others love them.

    Life Expectancy: 750 years


    The Mirkin, also known as ‘The Children of Pelagus’ are a nomadic race of ocean dwellers primarily located within the Daru Sea. They are well known and feared for their raids on villages and towns close to the shore and their interference with sea trade. They have no formalized nation or country, but they do have a common ruler they venerate, Umi Queen of the Ocean. The ryujin of the Mirkin are truly terrifying beasts, leading to many of the tales regarding ‘sea monsters’ and creatures of the deep.

    Life Expectancy: 100 years


    The Aviskin, also known as ‘The Children of Caelum’ are a group of Avian humanoid creatures. They are primarily centralized in Seryon. Known for their scholarly work they are warm and open people, trusting to almost a fault. Their capability of flight, even to those not blessed to be a ryujin, make them excellent messengers. Indeed, the Kingdom of Zafir often employs its minority Aviskin population as envoys. The ryujin of the Aviskin are great feathery beasts attuned to that of the Wind and Sky.

    Life Expectancy: 1000 years
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    Name: Esenma Ralinommu
    Age: 553
    Race: Ryujin
    Wind Mage Attire, Elf Form

    Equipment: A bag of old scrolls, food, and medicine. A dagger.
    Class: Elder - Wind Dragon
    Personality: Despite her youthful appearance, Esenma is an experienced woman. In her youth, she was wild and vicious. Now, she plays the role of adviser and teacher. Known to make and enjoy inappropriate jokes, she is an optimistic, caring woman. Wise beyond even her elder years, Esenma only wants to leave the world now a better place than it was when she arrived, so she spreads positivity, encouragement, and her knowledge because she knows her time has come and gone and it is time for the children to shape their own world.
    Bio: Born to a half elf mother and human father on the small island of Frusland, the easternmost of the Taetus Islands, Esenma's origins were humble. Her mother was a mage and her father a great warrior who had retired from the battlefield. They were caring and understanding when her mother realized that Esenma was a ryujin. This was long before the current age. Back then, ryujins that were warriors were less common and were cherished more as advisors and protectors to kings of the Regnum. On her 15th birthday, she was selected to serve the young King of Taetus as his personal ryujin and protector. She accompanied him on decades of expeditions and battles and bore two of his children. They were a devastating northern power. Her ryujin powers grew exponentially and she began to notice that even among power ryujins, she was a rarity. After her boys matured and their father died, she left Taetus to further explore and increase her power.

    She traveled the world to fight and study under noteworthy ryujins. Her master level wind magic combined and amplified by her dragon form to make her, at one time, the most powerful sky dragon of the realm for a short time. She was even called, and self anointed herself the Daughter of Caelum due to her dominance of the sky. At this peak, she ceased traveling and opened a school for ryujins across the realm, no matter their allegiance or who they called king or queen. Many of the powerful ryujin that walk the realm now studied under her at some point. She ran her school for more than a century before withdrawing from the public eye. Some believed that she was retiring to go back to Taetus or the Taetus Islands. Possibly she was returning to the battlefield and merely needed a break from teaching. The truth was much sadder. Esenma's power, as with most elder dragons, was waning. While this can occur in many ways with elder dragons, for Esenma it was due to an incurable illness. For years, she tried to discover a cure, employing her massive network of mages and healers, to no avail.

    While her magic powers are still high level, the time has arrived that Esenma's illness keeps her from activating her dragon form in all but the most dire situations; fortunately, her mage ability and intimate knowledge of ryujins makes her more than a match for most newborns and adepts. The Wind Dragon of the North has not flown for many years now, but she has had an ear to the winds of chaos that seem to be brewing. She feels the shift of the plane and, even though she is no longer what she was, Zalzabar approached her personally to request her help. He told her that the realm needs to prepare to confront Sapientis and protect everyone, even the non believers before it is too late. If Zalzabar, one of the few Elders she respected in the world, was convinced, that was all the confirmation she needed to spring back into the action. Since this world is for the younger generation, as part of the disappearing old guard, she has a duty to make sure it still exists for the young that have come after her.

    She is the mother of the Witchking Derius and Sea Serpent Nezzarellium.
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  6. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Name: Kaynus Allbright - The Dragon of Blinding Light
    Age: 26
    Race: Human
    Appearance (if a Ryujin include dragon form as well):
    Seal of the Allbright Star, A fragment of the Burning Star, Blade of the Heavens, Several contraptions from home
    Class: Noble - Uncontrolled Adept Ryujin of Light
    Personality: Deceitful and cold, Kaynus has had the lifelong struggle of making friends. Anything close he considers a tool or pet. Many consider him delusional.

    I am Kaynus Allbright. I was chosen.

    I am the son of Kybus Allbright. My father, an Elder Ryujin, gave me the strength I have now. My mother, an Adept Ryujin, gave me my divinity. With the Star from the Heavens I was gifted my enlightenment.

    With the blood of these two combined, I was destined for greatness. I was chosen by the gods.

    I now travel, with my goal in sight. I will unlock all my power. I will remove the weak. The unworthy Ryujin. They do not deserve their gift.

    I will be the Judgement from the heavens!


    Kybus Allbright, the son of two Ryujin's, was born in the most northern point of Haugun, in an isolated fortress which had been invaded by his parents many years before.


    In this icy tomb, Kaynus was brought up with the firm belief that he was chosen by the creators of Regnum. The three.

    While this is up for debate, there is no denying the power that Kaynus holds. In his form that he can transform to at will, he is the Dragon of Blinding Light.

    Though, in the most dire of times and at his breaking point, he once turned into something greater. A three headed beast that was dubbed the Son of the Fallen Star. His first witnessing of this was when his draconic form was thrown to the ground by a falling meteor. He changed form and reduced the meteor to dust in his new powerful form.

    His parents, of the firm belief that his power was a gift from the heavens, gave him his title of Blinding Light. However, annoyed that he could no longer transform into this powerful state, his father banished him and swore an oath never to let him return until he honoured them by being able to unlock his 'true' form.

    Now he has traveled to meet Zalzabar, hoping to gain access to his new powers, and hopefully remove a few of the unworthy on his way.
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Character Sheet

    Name: Delsanra Taenya Helestina
    Age:250 (est)Looks early 20 in human years
    Race: Elf/Ryujin
    Appearance: 5'6" tall, slender with delicate elvish features. Pale skin, and the deepest dark of black hair, setting off her green eyes with purple flakes. Favors primal colors, and a black cloak whenever she leaves her land. She always wears a delicate silver chain bracelet on her left hand, that moves down to her fingers. And her lips are always of the deepest shade of red.
    (Ryujin include dragon form as well): Large, white dragon, with purple eyes

    Equipment:3 books, vials, mirror, candles, staff, 4 daggers, a vial of tar, a small box(magical), a slate with a writing tool, a piece of velvet, rope, silver, chalk, salt, and a few other items associated with other mages.
    Class: Mage - Adept
    Personality: Delsanra has lived most of her life alone, but not lonely, for she always had her animals or books to keep her company. Magic was her companion, and when she used to have teachers, she always felt under their scrutiny. She preferred the times when she was with her books and magic.
    Bio: Delsanra has lived most of her life alone, not in the pursuit of power to bend things to her will, but for knowledge. She hopes to find the lost past of Regumn. Of their lost heritage. It has all but forgotten, but Desanra has scoured the realm, looking for items, and piecing them together to gain knowledge. Magic has always come easy to her, but she uses it sparingly, for she knows the power within those words. It was the word from the Ryujin named Zalzabar that caught her attention. Great Knowledge. Let the others have the power and riches. With knowledge, much more was possible. When she travels, she usually calls herself a sage.
    While she seems to be aloof and standoff-ish, she cares for the people around her, and is willing to protect them, should they prove their worth.

    added bio
    She knows that she originally hails from Mezar, which is the land of the snow elves, though her dark hair makes her wonder. She was raised in Zafir, and studied with the high mages. She then was moved to a single teacher, who stayed with her for many years, becoming more of a godmother to her, until she died. And it was from she, Delsanra learned how to deal with her Reyujin abilities. WIth her, they had travelled to many of the Dragon Schools of old, or their ruins, trying to gain as much knowledge as she could.
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  8. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Character Sheet

    Name: Cretaus
    Age: 14
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Equipment: The clothes on his back and Zalzabar’s letter
    Class: N/A
    Personality: Hopeful, yet cynical; Opportunistic, yet kind; Stubborn, yet downcast
    Bio: There was once a boy of little note, who had not much of a life to be noted upon. Fourteen years old and an orphan and cast out street urchin for nine of them. He has done his best to remain hopeful for the future and world in general…

    But that’s understandably difficult in general.

    His position has made Cretaus well versed in the arts of empathy and sympathy for those in similar plights, or even differing ones. Yet if an opportunity comes, he will take it regardless of what needs to be done to achieve it. For they come so rarely. If he can make it up to any he hurts along the way after the fact, he’ll attempt to do so.

    His past was nothing, his present less than nothing, his future bleaker than the rumors of Sapientis. Why worry about such things if he was never going to live long enough to see them resolved, one way or the other, anyway?

    Fate told him why.

    Another unmarked alley he was resting in within the city he had always known in Essatia. Another drunken fight between some unknown knight and a blood mage nearby. He watched silently from his secluded spot. The mage was scarred forever, but the victor all the same. The knight’s body unmoving, lifeless, and his blood flowing along the flagstones. This did not matter to Cretaus. The magic was amazing, of course, but in the end...just another fight. However, one thing did catch his eye.

    A letter that had fallen from the knight’s satchel when he had collapsed to the ground dead. It was a letter from some Zalzabar guy. Spoke of the fabled ryujin and those Sapientis rumors and a lot of other bad omens. Still…it also mentioned riches, glory…

    It mentioned a life worth living in his mind. Taking the knight’s satchel swiftly before other pickpockets or guards showed up, he went through it later and found a map so he could learn where he needed to go. He was astounded by how far away this castle was, but if he was to change his life…drastic measures were needed.

    If he died on the way? So be it, he was dying every day in the city already.

    And so he made his way south to South Osatia, east to the shore and managed to pay for passage across the Great Endrina Ocean with what money the Knight had possessed. He lost the rest gambling with the sailors along the way. Such was life.

    Coming into harbor on Vastun, he waited for the right chance to steal aboard a ship headed to Haugun, then again to Athas. Problem was…He stole aboard the wrong ship and ended up in Ziapaoh. To make things worse, he was chased out of the port town not long after. He also lost the satchel. Thank the Dragon Gods he kept the map tucked in his shoe and the letter in his handmade breast pocket.

    But a future still awaited him! It really didn’t matter what kind at this point, any future would do.

    So he began his lonely trek on foot to Athas. Into the frozen mountains, forging (badly) for food, and naturally losing the map. The snow as well as the general wear and tear of the whole journey had destroyed his shoes. The map, being stored there, followed suit.

    It is at this point that he finally arrives at Zalzabar’s Castle, shivering and hungry, not even sure if he has the right place. He’s starting not to care if it is. Didn’t the letter also speak of trials?

    Oh well. It was all for his future. If he was ever meant to have one.
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    Character Sheet

    Age: 22
    Race: Half-orc / Ryujin


    Large collection of gold, Valorous Falchion - Sword, chain mail shirt, Healing Belt, Armor Crystal (Least Crystal of Adaptation) -- Endure Elements always on, grapple hook, 100ft silk rope, crowbar, 2 waterskins, whet stone, magnifying glass, flint, bedroll, backpack, scented oil, belt pouch, couple antitoxin, signal whistle,
    Liquid Sunlight - bottle of sea water that glows when shaken,Tanglefoot Bags (2)

    Class: Ryujin Newborn

    Personality: He lives loosely by the rules of his parent, priest, and tribe, following this basic tenet above all others: You will do what you have to to survive, and so shall I. Thus is his actions begotten largely, although he does have a softer side that he keeps under wraps trying to not openly let it show. What largely shows though, serving as the wrapper of his softer core, is the fact that he has had a rough life. Being a child of the desert, a half breed, and growing up with all the disadvantages possible to a young warrior he has had to rely on himself and his own strength too often to let his guard down against even those that present as friends. The few magic imbued items he has he keeps concealed, a source of shame despite their need to survive in these strange lands.
    Biography: In the middle desert of Xan were a parched and trying existence for Ne’tar. Although his mother did not want him to know, it was quickly made clear in his earliest memories that he was not like the rest of the tribe. He was different in almost every way, and his treatment by them he felt reflected it. Unlike some half-orcs that he later learned of, he was a Mother’s child as he stayed largely near her unless ordered by elder males or the sheik to other duties.

    His mother died taken by At’ar, when he was just becoming a man, she died from a raiding party the tribe fought off. For several years he stayed with them despite his feelings of inadequacy and separation as he was not like them. Until one day, selling his mother’s camels, and taking a heavy load he left with the merchants, leaving Xan behind to see the world. It was by surprise and gleanings of their written words they left unthinking of his intelligence that he inferred they had not good intent, which lead him to slay them once the green lands were in sight during the night. He took what valuables he found useful and embarked on a new life in the Lands of Many, Many Men and Savage Beasts where he payed passage across the sea. Here he could find honor, wealth, and perhaps someday, answers to his own existence that his mother would not, or could not share in the quiet removed tent of his home before she was taken.
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  10. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Legend Of Sapientis

    The following is an excerpt from a torn page from an ancient tome, much of which was destroyed.
    ...and thus Sapientis was created, champion of the Ryuji. (It would appear older texts spell 'Ryujin' as 'Ryuji' it is unknown whether they pronounced it as we do or the 'n' was later added. Although later they spell it as 'Ryujin' why...?) The Ryuji were united, commanded and led by their champion to defeat the foe of the Three. For he was of silver, master of strength and cunning, devious and in opposition to the Three. (This being of silver has no other mention in any source I could find)

    In time a shard of silver came to be lodged in Sapientis' heart (Unclear what is meant by 'a shard of silver' Jealousy perhaps? Is this in reference to this unknown silver being?), he was the fairest, most powerful and most wise of all the Ryuji. He gathered the Ryuji most loyal to him, bounding them to his will. For now he was as powerful as the Three, capable of bestowing the gift of the Ryujin.

    And thus the Great War began, a war now not of two, but of three. An unholy insurrection against the creators of Aequus (Ancient name for Regnum, still used by the Snow Elves) Sapientis slew many of the Ryuji, storming the gates of Heiligen (Mythical Kingdom that the Dragon Gods lived in) with his denizens of darkness. No Ryuji could stop his wrath, tempered by his cunning, for he was a duality, a being of two. But they were three.

    Tellus, Caelum and Pelagus had poured their essence into holy talismans, enhancing their might in preparation for the Great War. One a Sword of the Earth, One an Ethereal Crown of the Sky and the last a Trident of the Sea. The Battle of the Three and the Two struck a chord throughout all of existence, destroying the Kingdom of Heiligen. Only united were the Three able to spilt the Two. Sealing them away never to be unearthed again.

    The Three did not remain unscathed, their soul's had been weakened unable to take on physical form. They entrusted The Dragon Artifacts to the three remaining Ryuji, knowing one day Sapientis would return.

    This is by far the oldest source that I have come across that speaks to the Legend of Sapientis. Each culture has a varying version, many details are different from version to version. For instance This is the only version that mentions a foe other than Sapientis to the Three. Other sources do speak of the Dragon Artifacts, and some supposed wielders of them throughout the ages. Their current location, to me at least, are unknown. Also the spelling of Ryujin varies depending on the region the source comes from and how old it is. By far the most common spelling is Ryujin, but there is also Ryu'i, Ryu, Ryui, and Ruji to name a few.
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  11. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Name: Taella Sparrowswift
    Age: Taella has seen the passing of sixty seasons in human terms. Time passes differently in the magical forests and she is but a juvenile in terms of Elven age.
    Race: Wood Elf

    Equipment: Longbow, Wychwythel arrows, Elven longdagger, pouch with some amulets, coins, a little food and herbs.
    Personality: Taella is typically scornful of the dwarfish and orcish races. However, unlike the usual tranquil and serene nature of Elves, she can be fickle and fierce and hot-tempered.
    Bio: Taella is a talented scout and pathfinder of the Wood Elf kindreds of the magical deepwood, Loreth. Her kindred keeps watch on the bordering lands, and her task is to run swiftly with warning of any attack – and to confound or repel enemies that dare enter the Elven forest kingdom, whether intentionally or not. It was Taella's actions that foiled the plot of The Lichemaster to enslave all the Elves with his undead hordes.

    However, she became bored with life in the eternal autumn of the deepwood and was curious about the outside world. She eventually left the kindred to explore and find adventure, and with a reputation for trouble-making and mischief in her kindred, there was some relief at this choice.

    When she discovered a threat that affected the entire world – not just the Elves – she offered her services to the only ones she felt could defeat it; the Ryujin.

    Abilities; Taella is a skilled archer and swift and agile warrior – she wields her longdagger with surprising deftness. She is also an adept scout and pathfinder, most useful and attuned to forested terrain. She can even feel the ripples of magic beneath her feet that herald a change in the winds of magic, or the approach of evil.

    The Elves are an intrinsically magical race, and Taella’s particular skills come in the ability to craft arrows. She has prepared a quiver of arrows from the enchanted Wychwythel tree. These include the Hail of Doom – arrows that can split into swarms of missiles to strike down multiple opponents, for when she is chased by entire regiments of soldiers. She also has crafted several Arcane Bodkins, which can pierce any non-magical armour (or thick troll skin).
  12. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    The Grand Zafiran Academy

    The Grand Zafiran Academy, also known as The Grand Academy or just The Academy, is an epicenter of learning for ryujin and mages. It is welcome to all races it serves to teach all that can afford it. The Academy is ancient, dating far back before the unification of Zafir, in fact legends speak that it was founded by the Three. Below is an excerpt from their ‘Introduction to Magic’ textbook.

    Chapter I: What is Magic?

    Magic has existed since the creation of Regnum. Magic comes in many forms, variations and specialties but all magic shares a few fundamentals. There are four components that go into casting any spell: Will, Aura, Nature and Knowledge.


    The source of a mage’s magically ability is known as their ‘Will’ or 'magical energy'. The Will of a magic user determines how extensively and for how long they can cast magic. How much Will a magic user has is determined at birth but can change through study and as one grows older. Of course, vast amounts of will are useless if one does not know what spells to cast.


    The movement or flow of one's Will is called one's 'Aura’. The aura is what manipulates the environment to enact spells. Auras can be detected by those magically attuned, similar to how ryujin can detect one another. In fact, in truth ryujin are just a hyperspecialized type of magic with a distinct aura and nature. (Which is why those magically gifted can detect ryujin)

    Primary Nature and Magical Natures

    The primary nature of an individual’s aura determines one’s natural affinity for different types of magic. For instance, a mage that has a primary wind nature has an easier time learning wind magic. One's primary nature does not preclude them from learning other natures, but it is more difficult depending on how interrelated the desired nature is from the primary one.

    As an example learning any magic that would fall under the Dark Nature would be very difficult for someone with a Light Nature. Likewise someone trying to learn a Fire Nature as Earth as their primary Nature would find it far easier than learning Water.


    The will, aura and nature of an individual are all useless is one does not how to cast a given spell. Spells are cast in one of three ways: spoken words, gestures or thoughts. These are what cause the will to command the aura to enact the desire spell. Often lower lever magic users will have to use words and as they gain experience they can just use movements and finally merely think of the spell.

    To give an example. Take a mage who has trained in illusion magic and has an illusion nature. They will have an easier time learning illusion-based magic. Say this mage was to create a simple clone. The spell would consist of a thought, gesture or a spoken word(s). (Depends on the skill level of the mage) Their aura would then split and form the clone.


    Chapter II: Types of Mages and Magic

    If you have read our Introduction to Ryujin textbook then you would know that ryujin come in three main categories: Newborn, Adept, and Elder. Mages are also categorized into different groups: Neophyte, Apprentice, Adept, Master.

    A mage can have different levels of magic for different natures of magic. For instance, a mage might be a master in healing magic but only an apprentice in fire magic. In fact this is extremely common, mages often dip their toes into healing and negation natures for example. Below are is more detail explaining the different types of mages. Each comes with an example of the upper limits of each level.


    Someone is a neophyte if they only know a handful of spells of a particular nature. Even when they know these spells it often leads to mixed results. Neophyte’s are incredibly common, and most individuals can reach the neophyte level in any given nature. Neophytes must speak the spell they are casting and use gestures. For one’s nature the neophyte stage occurs naturally, with almost no need for formal study.

    Ex (Fire Nature): Ignite a small ball of fire and launch it


    The Apprentice level usually requires some formal training. At this stage, the practitioner has a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the given nature. They can execute the most basic spells almost perfectly, unless their will is depleted, and perform more complex spells with moderate success. Apprentices must speak they spells they are casting.

    Ex (Fire Nature): Create a whirlwind of fire around the user/create walls of fire that stretch several meters high.


    Adepts are truly skilled mages, capable of defeating newborn and lesser tier ryujin. Adepts are able to cast more complex spells with relative ease and even capable of casting some of the most dangerous and complicated spells of a given nature. Adepts must use gestures when casting a spell.

    Ex (Fire/Summoning Nature): Create a fifteen feet tall fire elemental


    Masters are experts of a given nature. It is rare to see someone master a nature they are not born attuned to, as such the highest most mages can go is mastery over one nature. Masters merely need to think of the spell in order to cast it. There are rare cases where people have mastered two. Rarer still is three. According to legend Sapientis had mastery over nine natures, although this is likely a gross exaggeration.

    Below are some examples of natures, recall from chapter one that natures vary from person to person and can overlap. Also this is not an exhaustive list, many, many more types of natures exist:


    The ability to manipulate, alter and create fire. Often has overlap with summoning.


    The ability to manipulate, alter and create earth. Often has overlap with summoning.


    The ability to manipulate, alter and create wind. Often has overlap with summoning.


    The ability to manipulate, alter and create water. Often has overlap with summoning.


    The ability to heal wounds, damage and repair objects, buildings or magical items.


    The ability to manipulate, alter and create lightning. Often has overlap with summoning and wind.


    A loose nature relating to all magic relating to death and the undead.


    The ability to create false images, objects, memories or all many of things. Often has overlap with divination.


    The ability to give objects magical properties. This is often aided by other magical objects or potions.


    The ability to gain or garner information, either from other people’s minds or ‘from the future’ a rather niche nature, none the less in the right hands is exceptionally powerful


    The ability to call forth creatures, elementals or all manner of beings to your aid. Overlaps with the elemental natures and necromancy.


    Protective magic. Includes the cancelling of spells and protective wards. In essence counter magic.


    The ability to increase's ones bodies natural limits far beyond what they are capable of. Such as increased strength, speed, hearing, and healing.


    The ability to manipulate and create sound waves


    The ability to manipulate and create light


    The ability to manipulate and create darkness

    A note on ryujin mages

    It is not uncommon for ryujin to be mages, in fact with have a later chapter dedicated to the subject. However it is important to note that well 'ryujin magic' is technically a hyperspecialized form of alteration magic it is not considered to be its own nature. Ryujin magic and 'normal' magic are distinct and also interrelated.

    Natures also have opposites, for instance say one has light manipulation as their nature they would find it more difficult to learn and cast darkness manipulation spells. Below is a brief list of natures and their opposites.



    Earth/Wind & Lightning



    Enhancement & Sound Manipulation/Illusion & Divination

    Chapter III: Archnatures

    As briefly discussed in chapter II all beings are born with a nature they are most attuned to. Their will determines how much magical energy they have to draw from and their aura is the physical manifestation of their will on the world.

    Natures have a lot of overlap, the mechanics may be different but a similar end result can be achieved between different types of magic. There are two good examples of this healing magic and summoning magic.

    Those with the healing nature can use their aura to physical mend all sorts of wounds depending on what spells they know, but many other natures can also heal wounds. Elemental natures being a good example of this, rather than using 'healing energy' they might use the heat of their flame, or the sooth touch of water, or manipulate the physical body in some way to heal the given wound.

    Another good example is summoning magic. Summoners call forth their given creature, never creating it, as opposed to Necromancy or one of the elemental natures that create the given creature they are calling into being. (Summoners can call upon a zombie to appear, but only if that zombie already exists)

    As there are a vast number of natures they have been broadly been categorized into four main groups: Creation, Reaction, Manipulation and Alteration. These are referred to as the 'Archnatures', as these four main ways auras interact with the world. Now to be clear no one individual has an affinity with an entire Archnature, these are to categorize how auras interact with their surroundings.

    Creation: Creation natures are a specific substance that the user can create and then control with for a desired effect. This differs from manipulation magic which requires the given substance to be present in order for the aura to interact with it. Also creation natures are more 'tangible' than manipulation ones. Example natures include: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, and Poison.

    Reaction: Reaction natures are a response to a particular 'problem' or spell. It is also referred to as 'counter magic' or 'correction magic'. The most obvious form of this is the Negation nature which deals with counter magic and protective wards. In truth it is very rare to see some born within this nature family as these are usually supplementary spells. Healing also falls under this Archnature

    Manipulation: Manipulation natures manipulate a given substance for a desired effect. The substance is often so common it is often easy to confuse this Archnature with creation, but there are some key differences. The main one is without the given substance being present it is impossible to call forth this magic. Examples include: Sound, Light, Dark, Gravity, Summoning, Divination, Enhancement and Treesinging

    Alteration: Alteration natures change the properties of a substance. For instance necromancy alters a corpse into a half alive state. Where as Enchantment gives a particular object magical properties. Examples include: Necromancy, Enchantment, Alchemy

    Not all natures fall neatly into a given Archnature. The Illusion nature being the primary example as it dabbles both in creation and manipulation magic.

    While there is no way to determine a specific nature for a given being one can determine their Archnature. There are various methods to do this but by far the most common is to use what is known as a 'nature stone'.

    Nature stones are a special imbued stone that changes when a user inflicts their aura upon it. It does require some basic know how on how to manipulate ones aura but is often the first step new Neophytes take upon admittance into the Academy.

    The nature stone will do one of five things when the user inflicts their will upon it.
    • If the stone increases in size their nature falls under the creation family.
    • If the stone wobbles violently their nature falls under the reaction family.
    • If the stone contours, flexes, bends or changes shape their nature falls under the manipulation family.
    • If the stone glows their nature falls under the alteration family.
    • If the stone disappears they have the illusion nature.
    Note: The stone gives no indication if the user is a ryujin or not.


    Chapter IV: Ryujin Magic

    As you may of read in our Introduction to Ryujin textbook all ryujin have a special subset of magic, and their own unique nature. This is often dubbed "The Ryujin Nature" although all ryujin have a nature in addition to this.

    Ryujin have their magic greatly amplified while in ryujin form, further more their ryujin aura is closely linked to their magical one.

    There are four things the Ryujin Nature does:
    • Amplify any preexisting magic or nature. The extent to the amplifcation depends on the classification of ryujin.
    • Transform into and out of their dragon form
    • Fly
    • Enhanced physical capabilities whether in or out of ryujin form. (Faster healing, stronger, keener senses, etc)
    For a greater in depth look into ryujin and their magic be sure to purchase and read our book Introduction to Ryujin, now only fifty gold pieces.

    Chapter VI: Dark Elves and their Magic

    Dark Elf mages follow the same fundamental features as described in the “Introduction to Magic”.

    Unlike their cousins the Snow and Wood Elves, Dark Elves have no connection to natural parts of the world, well at least none visible to the mortal eye.

    They are attune to a magical realm none simply as "The Void". Little is known about this so called vast realm of magical energy.

    Dark Elves have a natural affinity towards it their magic amplified around areas known as "Thin Places". A region where Regnum and The Void are closest. Still it is possible these rumors are false as no evidence of this 'Void' has been presented.

    Dark Elf natures come in a wide range, but by far the most common is Necromancy. While considered taboo but many cultures it is a fairly normal and welcomed practiced amongst dark elven circles.

    Another common nature is Darkness manipulation. Little else is known about Dark Elf magic, many unwilling to share their knowledge with the outside world. Any mention of "The Void" to a dark elf is met with a stern gaze and quick dismissal of its existence.

    One interesting piece that has been observed by outsiders is the line of succession for the Dark Elf King of Vostav incorporates a magic duel as one of the three tests of their rather complex succession system.

    As children of Caelum it is also common to find Dark Elves with a wind nature. Although these mages are typically not associated with the Kingdom of Vostav and hail form either Taetus or Zafir.

    Chapter VII: Snow Elves and their Magic

    Snow Elf mages follow the same fundamental features as described in the “Introduction to Magic”.

    Snow Elves have a deep residual connection to the cold places of the world. Their powers, regardless of the nature they are born with, are greatly enhanced in cold weather or conditions. Like the other elven races Snow Elves have a diverse range of natures, extending to all known types. However by far the most common are ice and water natures.

    By far the most famous Snow Elf mage is Gelida, The Ice Queen. Little record is left of her. One ancient tale speaks of her creating the Grand Ice Palace that now serves as the center piece of Kingdom of Mezar.

    "Gelindon" The Capital of Mezar
    While ice, snow and water are the main hall mark natures of the Snow Elves their magical abilities stem far beyond that. There are a large amount of Illusion based Snow Elves, by far the second most common nature amongst their kind. Many a poor Lizardmen has wandered into the Mountains of Mezar only to be become dazed, confused and lost. Indeed this has happened to entire armies, making the stronghold of Mezar near impregnable.

    Always the most fickle of the natures, those snow elves that are illusion based still can draw upon the pool of Will that lies in the mountains and the cold.


    Chapter VIII: Wood Elves and their Magic (A special thanks to @Kurisan for writing this chapter and finding the images)


    Wood Elf mages follow the same fundamental features as described in the “Introduction to Magic”.

    However, their Will is directly linked to the ancient magical energies that reside in the forests they inhabit. In a sense, then, they are tapping into a reservoir of nature’s power and channeling this, rather than summoning their own Will. This means Wood Elf mages are more powerful when near to woods, or rivers or other features of nature that contain residual magic. This greatly amplifies their Aura. When they are far away from such places, their power is weaker. Wood Elf magic can be very powerful, even in the hands of a neophyte, but as a fickle force of nature, it can be easy to lose control. The sylvan mages therefore spend much of their time learning to control these flows.

    Unsurprisingly, their Natures are of life, water, wind, and well… nature.


    One of the most common manifestations of Wood Elf magic is Treesinging; the manipulation of Auras of the trees to entice them to grow into the desired shapes. In this way, the Wood Elves create grand halls deep within living forests, and shield them with walls of leaves, so that would-be intruders could walk past within only a few paces and never know they were there. They may also encourage the trees to open up false pathways, to lead invading armies out of a forest, or to let them wander in ever-shifting circles for eternity.

    There are many legends of questing knights or orc warlords that have charged recklessly into the forests of Ziapoah, only to disappear mysteriously for decades. Then, without explanation, they appear again sometimes hundreds of years later. As soon as they step outside the forest, the years catch up with them and they collapse into grey dust.

    The Wood Elves may also convince a wood to temporarily open up a pathway, to allow their own warriors to escape after a raid, for example. Then the path would disappear and their pursuers are left scratching their heads.

    Many of the tools and weapons Wood Elves use are created using the technique of Treesinging, from living wood. It is said that if one walks through Ziapoah, one can always distantly hear the faint and haunting songs of the Elves, echoing beneath the boughs or from deep shadows unseen.

    Almost every Wood Elf can be considered a kind of neophyte mage, then, for from birth they are raised in this culture of Treesinging and communion with their surroundings and forest auras. The more sensitive amongst them can feel the shifting currents of magic beneath their feet, and will sense their distance from the forests’ auras keenly. But most do not learn to cast any spells other than the singing and crafting of their magical items. Others become truly masters of their craft and leaders of the Mage Council of Loreth.

    Though rare, there are other kinds of mages amongst the Wood Elves. Naieth the Prophetess resides beneath the Crystal Mere. Her magic is water-based and she sees the future in its endless shifting flows. Ranu the Wild is one who can command the beasts to his will, and the wandering Alter Kindred, who magically take the form of wolves or stags or bears, hail him as their lord.


    Chapter IX: The Orcs of Xan and their Magic (A Special Thanks to @Mitth_Fisto for writing this Chapter)

    Xan Orc Mages follow the same fundamental features as described in the “Introduction to Magic”.

    Mages of the Orcs, otherwise colloquially known as Shamans, generally attribute their power to the Three or other smaller divine entity. Although all studies into the matter indicate that this is not a true deviation of Will or Aura as with some of the other rare Mages such as Wood Elves, indicating this is merely a unsubstantiated belief system of the Orcs. It is worthy of note that one would be wise not to correct an Orc Shaman on this matter. Also no matter the level of an Orc Mage one will likely see them performing rituals and chants as if they were a Neophyte - this is not a true nor good measure of the Shaman performing the spell as this is a part of their culture to always perform their rituals no matter their abilities as Shamans.

    Most Orc Shamans are of the Apprentice or Adept stage of being Mages. This is likely a side affect of their violent society, although there are instances in the past when a sufficiently powerful Mage has been able to usher in localized renaissances that has seen a proliferation of Masters. Such as the great Xan Temple of Tel'Cae'Pel, a place of great learning and Orc advancement for an age. A place which now stands abandoned as a way marker in the shifting deserts sands. Sadly these rare instance of elevation are normally followed by a war campaign that sees most if not all of these newly elevated leaders and Shamans killed.

    The magic typically seen in Mages of the Orcs tend toward Enhancement, Earth, Divination and Sound, but only slightly less so is Healing. Any Shaman you question knows at least some Healing, either of neophyte or more commonly the apprentice stage - being a violent culture even amongst themselves no Shaman is without an appreciable means of practice for the healing arts.

    Some ways that these are expressed uniquely in Orc culture and viewed in Orc culture follows:

    • Divination: In Orc cultures, not merely those in the Xan, but most commonly in the Southern Xan - this is seen done through the casting of bones. Depending on the specific Shamanistic line these may be plain, random, or special bones. Some have sets of bones that have been passed down for centuries with special etchings whose only meaning are seen by the diviners.
    • Earth: One of the more famous gifts of the Orc Shamans are those of Earth. They have the choice to either be great builders of their villages and military strongholds, or known as warriors that fight with earth and lay low enemy defenses. Most famous was the Shaman Earth Master Warrior Shaman that made the Temple of Tel'Cae'Pel in honor of the Three. As a site infused with magic and history of power over others, most Earth Shaman's of the Southern Xan will make a pilgrimage to the site and try to blend their own power and reinforce or add to the structure. A way to try and please the Three to better their blessing and as a way to show their power to others of the same power.
    • Sound: Orc Shaman's of sound are typically only of note if they use their ability in campaigns or raids. This is either through masking the war parties noise or amplifying it or other uses during combat. These Shamans are typically seen as lowly but still respected members of their orders.
    • Healing: One of the lowest and most common abilities are those of healing. As mentioned every Shaman knows basic healing cantrips and chants, and is a highly used ability. Due to the Orc obsession with Power and status Healing is seen often as a disgusting but necessary ability, one that often would rather be ignored by most of Orc society unless they have dire need of it.
    • Enhancement: Perhaps the oddest form of Magic alignment as those gifted with it often are not considered Shamans, these are often merely considered warriors blessed by the Three. Considering Orc culture, especially in the Northern Xan as of late, this is the more socially desirable situation and more direct expression of Power. Also of note is that many Orc war chants and battle cries are actually based on if not actual spell chants for this school of magic.
    The Orcs of Xan being a heavily honoristic and violent culture respect their Shamans well, for anything to give the edge in the ever shifting sands of Xan is a welcome boon to any Orc Warlord or Chief. Being the children of Tellus it is only natural that their magical affinities most closely align with his.
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    Moved Elsewhere: Keeping Place Holder for now
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    The following passage is penned by an ancient hand. I came across this during my time in great libraries of Seryon, tucked away and forgotten. Whether it is authentic or not is another story. At first glance one may think it was written by a bored college student, trying to find a way to pass the time, but under closer inspection there is a deep, ancient magic baked into this page. It is commonly accepted the part of which races the Dragon Gods created, with the exception of the humans, who most believe were made by all three.

    In the Beginning there were Six Beings. Three lost to the ages, forgotten and unknown. Three were ‘The Three’, The Dragon Gods. Two were known simply as ‘The Two’, a Brother and Sister, beings of equal power to the Dragon Gods. They were opposites, enemies since the dawn of existence.

    The sixth being, described as a tall slender figure, shrouded in darkness, their silhouette indicating a being of eight heads, eight arms and eight legs. They were the peacekeeper, guardian between The Three and The Two. They fashioned a vast, flat, plane of magic, known as 'Aequus'.

    After this work The God of Eight went into a deep slumber. And thus the Primordial War began. From their savagery and carnage Aequus was molded, creating the mountains, plains, deserts, oceans, rivers, valleys, and all the natural wonders of existence. This is why the mortals only know war, they were born from it.

    The Three begot Nine. The Two begot Four.

    From the dirt Tellus crafted the Orcs, from the mountains he carved the Dwarves, and from the forests he grew the Wood Elves.

    From the swamp Pelagus molded the Lizardmen, from the depths of the ocean he fashioned the Mirkin, and from the snow he sculpted the Snow Elves.

    From the darkness Caelum called forth the Dark Elves, from the heavens he devised the Aviskin and from the hidden places of the world he birthed the Fairies.

    The Two created the Humans. Beings able to live in every nook, crevice and corner of the world. The most ingenious and hardworking of the races.

    And thus, the Primordial War continued, lasting eons, an unending struggle, a cycle of death and rebirth. The mortals were blessed with gift of the ryujin, becoming warriors of the Three. In time the war ended, Sapientis, Champion and heir to the Three defeated the Two, casting them to the depths of darkness, along with their children.

    Only they humans were sparred, as some had become crafty, taking the guise of elves to be blessed with the power of the ryujin. Ten generations passed, the mortal realm became at peace, ruled by Dragon Gods. The Two stricken from the ancient texts. The humans came to forget, believing to be descended from the Three.

    One may ask how I came to know this, some future scholar asking, who is this individual that knows this hidden history. In truth I know little, much of my memory has faded in my old age. One thousand years have passed since the fall of Sapientis. This is for you, my child of knowledge, for only with knowledge can the mortals stop Sapientis. For he wields the power of the Gods, begotten by the them but stronger in his true form. His mind poisoned by the weakness of the heart. He will offer power to the future rulers, tempting their lust for power with his honey tongued words from the void. Make no mistake these are lies, he offers nothing but decay, hardship, sorrow, death, subjugation and misery.

    I know this because I was there.

    Seryon the I, Son of Caelum.
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    Guest CS

    Character Sheet

    Name: Solis Kayne
    Age: 410
    Race: Human
    Sword of the Winter Court, Armour of the Winter Court, Mask of the Winter Court, Crown of the Winter Court
    Class: Elder/ Master of Light and Dark Manipulation
    Personality: Politically savvy, cruel, cold, arrogant, insanely confident
    Bio: Solis Kayne, Lord of the Winter Isles and Hand to the King, Dragonson. He is married to another Ryujin, whom he keeps in complete privacy and her identity is unknown to any soul.

    Solis Kayne was nearly a Crimson Knight, before Dragonson noticed him and chose him for his political skill. Solis Kayne still holds close ties to the Crimson Knights.

    Lord Kayne's two generals, August Bile and Ulfric Mordenheim, are his closest allies and his bodyguard. He is never seen without them, as he is considered to be one of the most hated beings in Regnum, coming close to Malum Dragonson and even the Legendary Sapientis. He is a powerful mage, claiming the title "The Lich King of Winter" and was trained under the most powerful dark mages of Regnum. He is human, holds no heirs and is 410 years old, extending his typical human age through dark magic and his Ryujin blood. His army is a mixture of the living in the dead, compromising solely of human-ryujin/pure human bodies. He considers other races, especially orcs and elves inferior.
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    OOC: This information is not known to the group and is not a true entry in the Journal. Even Zalzabar doesn't know who these people are. In time this will of course change and I'll let you all know when that point is. Also a thanks to @Master Vo'Un'Var for writing the vast majority of this 'entry'
    The Winter Court of Haugan
    ~Rule with Fire~
    From left to right:
    August Bile, Right hand of the Sun
    Lord Solis Kayne of the Winter Isles, Keeper of the Sun
    Ulfric Mordenheim, Left hand of the Sun

    The Winter Court, Keepers of the Winter Isles and Servants of Malum Dragonson, are the watchers of the North and Winter Isles. They are led by Solis Kayne, Lord of the Winter Isles and Hand to the King, Dragonson. He is married to another Ryujin, whom he keeps in complete privacy and her identity is unknown to any soul.

    Solis Kayne was nearly a Crimson Knight, before Dragonson noticed him and chose him for his political skill. Solis Kayne still holds close ties to the Crimson Knights. Indeed while the Crimson Knights are well known, their legend having spread all over Regnum, the Winter Court remains a well guarded secret, and by Malum held in much higher favor then the Crimson Knights who have become, in Malum's view, fell from grace since their glory days.

    Lord Kayne's two generals, August Bile and Ulfric Mordenheim, are his closest allies and his bodyguard. He is never seen without them, as he is considered to be one of the most hated beings in Regnum, coming close to Malum Dragonson and even the Legendary Sapientis. He is a powerful mage, claiming the title "The Lich King of Winter" and was trained under the most powerful dark mages of Regnum. He is human and is 410 years old, extending his typical human age through dark magic and his Ryujin blood. His army is a mixture of the living in the dead, compromising solely of human-ryujin/pure human bodies. He considers other races, especially orcs and elves inferior.

    August Bile, Right Hand of the Sun, Archmage of Haugun is a formidable and powerful sorcerer. His magic remains relatively unknown as he so rarely uses it, but is known with Haugun for his signature staff that contains magical properties.

    Ulfric Mordenheim, Left Hand of the Sun, Champion of Haugun is a cunning and ruthless warrior. He is also gifted in magic, responsible for the creation of much of Haugun's undead hordes.
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    Name: Zalzabar "Zalzy" [Redacted]
    Age: 898
    Race: Human


    Zalzabar's Journal. Various magical orbs. A nature stone. Leather satchel.
    Class: Elder Ryujin Master Level Lightning
    Personality: A rather peculiar individual, known to go into large, long rambles and veer easily off course. He is also able to quickly switch to a commanding presence. He has a fatherly attitude towards the group and the Knights of Illusion.
    Bio: [Redacted]
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    It will become apparent as time goes on that maps will be very useful for keeping track of events, countries and where everything is relative to on another. I'll include everything in spoiler tags so as to keep it neat as more maps are added.

    Red Lines = Border
    Orange Dot = City of Othos
    Blue Dot = Zalzabar's Castle and Aftermath Location
    Green Dot = Where Solis and Derius Met
    Red Dot where Delsanra Teleported Everyone and roughly where we were attacked by the Ruberot Goblins


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    The Enemies of Zalzabar and Co.
    Below is a list of all NPC's that act in opposition to the group, this will of course be expanded upon once we meet new baddies, I'll also sort them into categories as best I can and there will likely be rearrangement in the future. Will be roughly in order of when the main group meets them for the first time.

    Ruberot goblins are an extremely common type of goblin that are found all over Regnum, although they are particularly common in mountainous or rocky regions. Almost all have an earth nature, with fire being the second most common. There are three key stages to the development of Ruberot Goblins and a number of subspecies as well.

    Child Ruberot Goblin
    Ruberot children are born deep within the dark lairs of the goblins, as a child, they spend almost all their time underground, rarely coming out, as such the children often blind and particularly sensitive to sound being their primary sensory input. While parts of their skin begin to harden their flesh is much weaker than their adolescent and adult counterparts. Child Ruberot's have a natural affinity for moving the rock around them using their aura, allowing them to travel underground and surprise their opponents, their magical abilities almost never progress beyond this stage until they get older.

    Teenage Ruberot Goblin
    The teenage Ruberot Goblin is bigger and more durable than their child counterparts, often these Ruberot's are faster than their adult counterparts, although weaker. As such most often teenage Ruberot's are scouts or are the ones that go on raids. Their eyes have also now fully developed allowing them to see, they are still susceptible to loud noises just not to the same degree.

    Adult Ruberot Goblin
    The adult Ruberot is slower than their teenage counterpart but more durable and generally speaking stronger. Their claws have also fully grown out diminishing the need for weapons. While cowardly and relatively weak to most other humanoid warriors in large numbers they can quite easily overwhelm an unprepared opponent. The adult stands at little under five feet, although if they stood up straight, which they almost never do, they would be much taller.

    Yellow Ruberot Goblin aka Mage Ruberot
    The increased will and aura in a Ruberot goblin cause its skin to turn a more yellowish color resulting in the yellow Ruberot, their larger magical will also stunts their growth making them weaker and less durable than their red siblings. This weakness is more than made up for with their magical abilities which can indeed be quite potent. Like the rest of their species their magic falls primarily under the Earth and Fire natures.

    Ruberot Dragon
    Exceptionally rare there do exist ruberots that are ryujin. They have not been documented before the parties encounter with them outside Zpa village. It is possible that they are a recent phenomenon. Ruberot Dragons are easily the most powerful goblins that have currently been encountered, save for King Zikki. With increased strength, speed, durability, their thick hides make it difficult to pierce along their back and neck. Their head is also hardened and a common attack is to use their heads as a battering ram, smashing into their oppoenets.

    The Crimson Knights are a group of six powerful Knights clad in red that serve Malum Dragonson. They are well known in the kingdom of Athas and their legend has spread to other areas of the world. Although they are mostly regarded as a myth outside Athas. They are also worshipers of Sapientis, although this is not known to the world at large or to our adventurers...yet. They have a creed they recite, hoping the ancient ryujin will grant them power.

    They used to be led by the infamous Roger the Red. This may come as a surprise given he is not a ryujin and yet once led the vanguard of an almost staunchly exclusive ryujin army. While he lacks the blessing of the Three, he is 'gifted' by a blood curse that enhances his capabilities far beyond that of the normal man, having fully given in and embraced this curse he is a warrior with no equal. Roger is a towering individual, standing at almost seven feet tall he is a strong, capable, bloodthirsty warrior.

    Another prominent member is Elizabeth the Fire Witch. She is a master level fire mage, known for her frequent use of teleportation during combat. A tricky and conniving woman it is not below her to simply teleport behind her opponent and behead them. To underestimate her is a fool's errand, her capabilities extending far beyond mere teleportation. She is also quite a capable ryujin. While in this form her magic becomes greatly increased, although she still has great weaknesses to water and wind natures. Although if a wind mage is not careful or is supporting her it can actually greatly increase her power as the excess air can give her fuel to strengthen her fire magic. Her fire magic also allows her to serve as the chief of communications for the knights as she can summon various fire elementals to relay messages.

    It would seem however since Elizabeth's capture by the hands of Derius that she has been replaced by a new member named 'Arkon'

    Sonus the Sound Dragon is one of the founding members of the Crimson Knights, back when it was exclusively ryujin. His specialty is sound manipulation both in and out of ryujin form. His screeches are capable of paralyzing people, allowing himself or another one of the Knights to make quick work of the target. Sonus is their detection and tracking expert, his sound magic allows him to hone in onto noises several miles away, coupled with the fact he has the greatest control of his will and aura makes his detection abilities unparalleled amongst the crimson knights

    Bellus Dragonson

    The Crimson Knights are now led by Bellus Dragonson, the daughter of Malum. She is often considered the most powerful of the Crimson Knights and the most powerful adept level Ryujin in all of Haugun, perhaps in all of Regnum save for perhaps her Uncle Hector Dragonson. Bellus has an extremely high skill set with her signature red lightning, her ability to teleport, and create large arcs of lightning from her sword and body have been devasting against the armies of Athas in the past. She is notably the only Crimson Knight (before the start of the Saga of the Ryujin) to come in contact with the Knights of Illusion, fighting Audacia and Veritas.

    Sanguis the Blood Moon Dragon
    Sanguis is another one of the founding members of the Crimson Knights, although apart from centuries-long ago she has historically rarely seen combat. So other than the fact she is a Wood Elf and that her nature is Blood. Very, very little is known about Sanguis. It is rumored she fled Loreth some centuries prior and somehow came under the employ of Malum. Whether she is a Lorethian Elf or perhaps a Zafirian Elf who came with Malum after his departure from Zafir is unknown.

    Kharvas of the Waterblade
    Kharvas of the Waterblade is the other non-Ryujin among the ranks of the Crimson Knights. He is perhaps the most technically gifted swordsman of the group, only outclassed by Roger by sheer physicality, or so he will claim. Kharvas is infamous among the northern coasts of Athas, for he has led many raids along the coast creating devastation and pain everywhere in his wake. He is famous for his combination of fusing the way of the blade and his keen sense of water magic to make for a deadly warrior. What a Mirkin, who were a traditionally very reserved and isolated species, was doing among the Crimson Knights remains unknown.

    Arkon the Summoner
    The latest of the Crimson Knights, replacing that of Elizabeth the Fire Witch. Information about him is largely unknown.

    King Zikki, the self-claimed 'Son of Sapientis' is a goblin, Elder level Ryujin of great power. His primary nature appears to be that of Fire, but it would seem he has also mastered Earth magic as well.

    While exceptional strong I would only classify him as a low-level Elder, which one would find surprising of the Son of Sapientis. The mystery also remains what he was doing in the mountains of Athas. Waiting? Acculmating power? Hoping his father would return? Whatever the case the fact that this being is the mere child of Sapientis does not bode well for the future.

    Zikki is also capable of creating powerful fire/earth elementals as seen in the form and possession of his goblin comrades.

    More powerful than the traditional Ruberot adult it would seem they have an extreme weakness to water, quickly hardening and become brittle as a result.
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    Locations and Organizations
    The Banking Guild


    The Banking Guild is a multination organization that dates back over three thousand years old. Formed by a group of rather capricious Aviskin, the Banking Guild serves purely to enrich its own investors. The headquarters of the Guild are located in central Seryon but branch offices can be found littered across Regnum including: Athas, Vostav, Zafir, Mezar, South Xan, Seryon, Essatia, South Osatia and Risova. The many exceptions are Haugun, Taetus, Xan, and Kathos. Haugun and Taetus do not due to their rather insular nature and having developed unique currencies of their own. The brutality of Xan mixed in with numerous cultural differences have resulted in nothing but futile attempts to expand the Banking Guild into the harsh desert. The rural nature of Kathos leaves little incentive for any kind of formal expansion.

    The Banking Guild does mint its own currency this is due in large part to predating many of the established kingdoms of Regnum. The main exception would be the two grand elven kingdoms of Mezar and Vostav which required a greater amount of persuasion for the Banking Guild to enter their borders and in both cases only on a limited basis. One key reason the Banking Guild is so ubiquitous is due to the currency being tied to precious metals, giving an intrinsic value regardless of the Kingdom.

    There are three main coins that are accepted by the banking guild, although it will also except an equivalent weighted amount of the same material after undergoing a few tests.

    The most common type of coin is the bronze coin. A decent meal costs between three to seven bronze coins.

    Four bronze coins are equivalent to one silver coin. A stay in a decent inn will set one back three to eight silver coins.

    Four silver coins are equivalent to one gold coin. An expensive meal for two would cost about one gold coin, a horse in its prime is about thirty five gold coins, although this varies greatly on the region. A full set of steel armor would cost about ten to twenty-five gold coins.

    Zalzabar’s Castle


    This immense structure was built over five hundred years ago at the request of Zalzabar as part of a negotiation to help protect the people of Athas. Buried deep within the heart of the central Atharian mountain range it was hidden for centuries until Zalzabar foolishly sent out instructions to its location.

    This is also the home to the Knight’s of Illusion, three powerful elven knights taken in by Zalzabar one hundred and fifty years ago. The castle was filled with secrets, most of which have been lost in the rubble when Esenma’s powerful elemental destroyed the castle in an attempt to fend off the Crimson Knights.

    As part of the defenses of Athas, Zalzabar's castle used to be filled with a large number of elite Atharian soldiers, these were commanded by the Knights of Illusion and would serve as a forward operating base when potential invasion strikes were sensed from Haugun. In many ways, it was the main bastion to keep Haugunite forces away from Othos, with it gone a key obstacle for Malum, and Derius is no more.

    The castle was home to one of the largest libraries of Ryujin knowledge and magic, in fact, the other swells of knowledge greater than this were the feather filled halls of the Grand Library of Seryon, the lost and run down Grand Zafir Academy Library, and the hidden depth of knowledge buried deep within the mountains of Mezar. Of course, now that information is lost, ripped, and torn apart by Exalos.

    Zpa Village


    Located in the middle of the central Atharian mountain range this village is frequent rest stop for Zalzabar on his many zany adventures. Home to the famous ‘Zalzabar’s Zpa’ the village is famous for its relaxing baths and exotic food, including the consumption of ruberot goblins which non-locals often view with many a raised eyebrow and outright disgust. The village is well over three centuries old, and was cultivated in large part as a stopping off point for Zalzabar when he would travel down to the Atharian capital. The residents of Zpa village are far more friendly to Ryujin than the rest of the general Atharian population, due in large part to Zalzabar’s and Dominus’s frequent visits.
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    Below is a timeline of major events in regards to the world of Regnum. The year system is based around the founding date of the Kingdom of Zafir. 'BZ' stands for Before Zafir. 'AZ' stands for After Zafir. The Saga of the Ryujin begins in the year 3733 AZ.

    8675 BZ – Estimated End Date of the Primordial War

    5675 BZ – End of the Holy Civil War resulting in the defeat of Sapientis

    5600s BZ – Estimated time period the ancient civilization found in Ahmound fell.

    ~300 BZ - The time period in which 'The Saga of Sarathai' takes place

    38 BZ – The Blind Fairy Kingdom declines in power and falls into obscurity

    0 AZ - Founding of the Kingdom of Zafir

    132 AZ – The Grand Zafirian Academy is founded

    1482 AZ – Mirphys Elyon ascends to the throne of Loreth at the age of 333

    2163 AZ – Adalaide ascends to the throne of Mezar at the age of 583

    2436 AZ – Pharax Aeterna is Born

    2816 AZ - Iodnould Zolzein becomes the ruler of Vostav at age 409

    2835 AZ – Zalzabar is Born

    2880 AZ – Hector Dragonson is Born

    2887 AZ – Malum Dragonson is Born

    2934 AZ – The Great Orc Temple of Tel’Cae’Pel is erected by Orc Shamans, it is abandoned after a few centuries

    2995 AZ – The First Lizard War begins between the Lizardmen of the Great Jungle and the Snow Elves of Mezar. The war ends in a stalemate and last one hundred and thirteen years.

    3028 AZ – After a succession crisis Hector Dragonson ascends to the throne of Zafir

    3029 AZ – Zalzabar leaves Zafir to explore Regnum

    3138 AZ – Zalzabar discovers ‘The Path of the Ryujin’ while traveling through Ahmound

    3180 AZ – Esenma Ralinommu is Born

    3186 AZ – Zalzabar successfully translates ‘The Path of the Ryujin’ and begins training to unlock his Elder Form

    3207 AZ –The Kingdom of Haugun is founded

    3210 AZ – Unification of Athas

    3213 AZ – Construction on Zalzabar’s Castle Begins

    3215 AZ – Athas expands trade with Risova and Vostav

    3232 AZ – Zalzabar rediscovers the Elder Form

    3242 AZ – William Elwarin ascends to the South Osatian throne at the age of 36

    3240 AZ – The first Ballistae is created along the coast of Athas

    3268 AZ – August Bile is Born

    3323 AZ – Solis Kayne is Born

    3335 AZ – Derius Ralinommu is Born

    3358 AZ – The Banking Guild is established

    3386 AZ – The Crimson Knights are founded. Originally there were four members, and only one of them is still part of the current team.

    3397 AZ – Tempus Aeterna is Born

    3400 AZ - Nezzarellium Ralinommu is Born

    3402 AZ – The Second Lizard War begins between the Lizardmen Hordes and the Kingdom of Zafir. Zafir ultimately proves victorious but is unable to destroy the Lizardmen, merely thinning there numbers to less than one hundred thousand. The war lasted thirty years.

    3483 AZ – Approximately when Delsanra Helestina is Born

    3532 AZ – Approximately when Taetus is united under the rule of Derius Ralinommu.

    3533 AZ – Anaxagore is Born

    3548 AZ – Anaxagore begins his formal studies at the Dragon Monastery located in Zafir

    3564 AZ – Athas and Zafir sign a formal trade treaty expanding the connections between the two Kingdoms

    3572 AZ – Bellus Dragonson is Born

    3583 AZ – Zalzabar and Derius fight in Kathos, Ulfric Mordenheim is Born

    3584 AZ – Dominus, Audacia, and Veritas are taken in by Zalzabar

    3621 AZ – Sonus the Sound Dragon is Born

    3651 AZ – Roger the Red is Born

    3654 AZ – The Kingdom of Zafir and the Kingdom of Mezar become Allies

    3656 AZ – The Third Lizard War begins along the outskirts of the Great Jungle

    3673 AZ – Approximately when Taella Sparrowswift is Born

    3675 AZ - ‘The Great Cleanse’ begins, a process where the South Osatian monarchy tracked down and imprison all non-human and non-elf subjects. To this day non-humans and non-elves are not welcome within its borders. The exception is also made for Aviskin but are met with a large amount of prejudice and suspicion.

    3684 AZ – Veritas and Audacia battle Bellus Dragonson, King Lucas ascends to the throne of Athas

    3690 AZ – The Elder Ryujin known as Pharax Aeterna is slain by Xoth’ug’wajin

    3707 AZ – Kaynus Allbright is Born

    3706 AZ – Rebecca Dragon is Born

    3711 AZ – Ne'tar is Born

    3719 AZ - Cretaus is Born

    3721 AZ – King Kenrith ascends to the Throne of Athas

    3725 AZ - Ne'tar's mother is killed by a raiding party

    3727 AZ - Ne'tar leaves his tribe in Xan to explore Regnum

    3732 AZ – Zalzabar begins to send out invitations warning about the return of Sapientis, Gelida also becomes freed having been buried underneath the Xan Desert

    3733 AZ – Zalzabar's Castle is destroyed and the start of ‘The Saga of the Ryujin’
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Arc
    Age: Indeterminate
    Race: Doubly indeterminate, but originally, lets say human
    Appearance (if a Ryujin include dragon form as well): [​IMG]


    Cloak! Wit! Charm!
    Class: Classy? (He's an adept, with a specialty in Magic, of course, and a dabbling in one or two others)
    Personality: As a human? Snark personified. As a dragon? Mild desire to destroy everyone. Apologies.
    Bio: Well, I'm from the distant lands of over there, probably the horizon. An island in the sea, I'd say. (See: Continent). I've kept to myself for a while, but I have an axe to grind and people to meet - I'm in Othos because, well, why not? Isn't Zalzabar here?
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    Name: Sven Valenthyne
    Age: 137
    Race: Dark Elf
    Adept Mage (Sound Manipulation)
    Equipment: Dagger, Lute, and a Flute!
    Personality: A gleeful, whimsical free spirit who loves a good hardy laugh! Got a tale? He'll buy you mead as he plays an appropriate tune on his flute. Got some mead? He'll play any song you want if you give him some. You'll seldom find Sven in a committed relationship, as promising himself to another doesn't make sense, especially because of how vast the options are!


    Sven grew up in the kingdom of Vostav, and ever since he was young, Sven wanted to travel the world as a Bard; however, due to the serious and combative nature of the kingdom of Vostav Bard Colleges was non-existent, so once Sven reached of age, he left his kingdom and stowawayed on a ride to the Kingdom of Athas and attended a Bard College they had there. Sven found out real quick that the Bard college of Athas was too expensive for him as their exuberant rates would even put a dent in the richest noble's pocketbooks. Luckily for him, Sven courted a desperate widow of wealth who lacked family due to her late husband's death; her name was Gwendolyn Stuten.

    (Gwendolyn Stuten)​
    This would by far be Sven's longest relationship as Gwendolyn essentially paid for Sven's entire college attendance. So imagine the heartbreak Gwendolyn felt after 5 years of paying for Sven's tuition, being consumed in a passionate whirl of a romance, and seeing him graduate only to wake up the next day after a night of what appeared to be consummation found a Dear Jane letter on her nightstand.

    How do you think this tale ends? Do you think Sven got away with scamming a grieving widow of both her time and money?

    Well, maybe Sven would've if she wasn't the court wizard of then ruler of Athas, King Alexander.

    Sven, needless to say, was hunted, tracked, and thrown within the Spire. In all of Athas, the highest security prison, no one enters or leaves without direct the King hearing of it, even the corpses.

    The Spire

    The spire houses three different levels, each one more gruesome and treacherous than the last; prisoners are put to these levels depending on the severity of the crimes or who they made enemies with. For example, Sven was put in level three because he angered and manipulated a high-ranking court wizard.

    Level 1- Blood games


    The prisoners that consisted here are low-level criminals that happened to aggravate and inconvenience royal officials. Here the criminals are chased by wild animals as the wardens look on in amusement. The trees and grass have sharp needle-like properties, so prisoners must take care not to run too fast or fall lest they be skewered. However, many prisoners fail to pay attention, and as a result, the trees and grass are now so soaked in blood that the colors have become a genetic trait of sorts. Petty Criminals who survive 5 years here are let go but watched closely by Athan spies; however, this rarely happens as most get skewered or eaten.

    Level 2 - Blood pits


    From here on out, prisoners are essentially told that they will never see the outside again. As for a prisoner to be locked up in this area means they have committed an offense that greatly angered an official of the royal house. Here prisoners must toil away and fight other prisoners for the amusement of the wardens. If the prisoner refuses to fight their opponent, they will be beaten to death by them; however, if both opponents refuse to fight, the Wardens make examples of them and skin them alive to prevent their victims from dying, letting them slowly rot and perish from infection.

    Level 3 - Dark cages


    Prisoners here are subject to pure darkness with no way out of their cells, effectively cut off from all communications with the outside world and other facets of the prison. However, that's only what the warden thinks; there used to be a group that moved freely throughout the entire spire; however, this group is not well known, and all members may have already perished since the rebellion. Or have they?

    Seemingly forced to be tortured there forever until the day he died, Sven was at first content with his fate as he learned how to take out his frustration by seemingly seducing even the toughest of prisoners to give in. Thus Sven discovered another thing he liked to add to his proclivities; romance wasn't just fun for him; it became a means of power, and during the many decades of his imprisonment, he rose through the prison hierarchy and eventually led a rebellion against the wardens of the Spire during the reign of King Alexander's son King Lucas.

    The rebellion was a complete failure for everyone except Sven, as he was the only survivor of the outbreak, using his unwitting followers as pawns, meat shields; basically, a means for him to escape. Now counted among the dead, Sven is free once again to wreak havoc and have fun! However, Sven still roams around Athas, and now he has a band of merry followers that he calls the guild of sparrows. On the outside, the Guild of Sparrows appears to be a disorganized group of merchants, but in reality, that is their facade; they are a group of thieves and assassins willing to do any job if the price is right.

    So far, no one except the Guild of Sparrows knows of Sven's survival. Will that change?
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    Named NPC List and Guide (In Order of Appearance)
    Audacia, the Knight of Courage

    Audacia was one of the three Knights of Illusion. He was taken in and adopted by Zalzabar at a young age. He like his brothers spent much of his life serving time in the Atharian military. Trained and capable with the sword Audacia was however more of the mage of the group. He focused primarily on his Earth-based magic, usually creating black spikes of earth or metal that he would fire upon the enemy. He was also a capable illusion mage, although not as skilled as Veritas.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Earth
    Age: ~149 (Deceased)
    Affiliation: The Knights of Illusion, Zalzabar's Troop, Atharian Military

    Veritas, the Knight of Integrity


    Vertias is another member of the Knights of Illusion, like his 'brothers' he was adopted by Zalzabar as an infant, also serving a long service in the Atharian military. Veritas was the most skilled with the blade, and very skilled with his teleportation magic to surprise opponents with various attacks. In conjunction with this, he was the most powerful illusion magic of the group, and the only one to actually have illusion has his primary nature. He was also the most 'goofy' of his brothers, frequently referring to Zalzabar as 'Zalzy' or 'ole Zalzy' much to the annoyance of Audacia and Veritas

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Illusion
    Age: ~149 (Deceased)
    Affiliation: The Knights of Illusion, Zalzabar's Troop, Atharian Military

    Dominus, The Knight of Power

    Dominus is the last surviving member of the Knights of Illusion. He is highly skilled close combat fighter, capable of extreme body modification and healing. His healing factor is incredibly high, even for that of a Ryujin. As an example, if he was decapitated his entire body would regrow (as happened when Arc did so). He is also capable of hardening his limbs like that of steel allowing him to fight sword users without fear of injury. The combination of his Ryujin blood, his high skill at Enhancement magic, and his mastery over hand-to-hand combat make him a formidable fighter, not to mention him his own adept Ryujin form.

    It is a wonder then why he has not yet achieved his Elder form while under the tutelage of Zalzabar for so long.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Enhancement
    Age: 212
    Ryujin (Adept Class)
    Affiliation: The Knights of Illusion, Zalzabar's Troop, Atharian Military


    Julius is the owner of 'Zalzabar's Zpa' in the little village nestled with the mountains of Athas. It seems that he and Zalzabar go back a long way. Indeed Zalzabar has known him since he was a young boy. Zalzabar would often stop by the village during his travels and grab a drink with Julius whose family had been running the spa for centuries. Zalzabar frequently rambled about Julius's ancestors from several generations prior, much to the amazement and joy to Julius's ears.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: N/A (weak magical ability)
    Age: 63
    Affiliation: Zpa Village, Atharian Citizen

    Ajax, the Bear of Athas


    Ajax, known as 'the Bear of Athas', is a commander of the Atharian military. A supreme master bowman, he is an adept and capable warrior. As a non-Ryujin and with not being gifted in magic he had to prove himself greatly with just his raw skills and innate human skill.

    Ajax in his youth fought beside Dominus, Veritas, and Audacia, although due to their service time they all ranked higher than Ajax. In the modern-day (3733 AZ) Ajax is responsible for safeguarding the grand capital of Athas, Othos, safe from foes both internal and external. He has been called the greatest non-ryujin, non-magical warrior of Athas. He is a man that strongly embodies what has been come to be known as the 'Will of Athas' a proud, unspoken Oath that binds every citizen of the proud nation, instilled from their yesteryears. To them, it represents their greatest strength, that no matter the odds or the foe they will never back down or surrender.

    Tempus Aeterna


    The grandson of Pharax Aeterna, Tempus of House Aeterna is known as the 'Time Ryujin' or the 'Time Mage'. He was, up until Cretaus was discovered, the only one currently alive with a time nature. As his abilities are so rare, and he rarely interacts directly with the world much of his abilities remain unknown as a whole, to the point that many are unsure if he is a highly skilled adept Ryujin or an Elder Ryujin.

    The Aeterna House has also fallen into much decline over the last few centuries, and save for a few other remaining members of the house Tempus appears to be the major remaining member of house Aeterna. It used to be one of the great major Zafirian houses that rivaled that of the Dragonson, Valiullin, Mithras, and Arias noble houses.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Time
    Age: 336
    Ryujin (Elder Class)
    Affiliation: House Aeterna, Zafirian Subject

    Argus the Armorer


    The master craftsmen of Othos, and said to be the greatest weapons maker of Athas, Argus is a man of great skill and ability. A stern, professional and serious man he takes his business very seriously, responsible his workshop responsible for much of the crafting of the Atharian military armor and weapons. His true skill however lies in his enchantment magic, taking a master-crafted piece of armor or weapon and elevating it to a step beyond what was thought possible.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Enchantment
    Age: 37
    Affiliation: Atharian Military, Atharian Citizen

    Helen, The Hero of Athas


    The daughter and heir to King Kenrith, Helen is the very pinnacle of what it means to call oneself an Atharian. Wise, powerful, and strong-willed, she is perhaps the greatest warrior Athas has produced. Athas has never produced an Elder Class Ryujin, Helen being the closest thing to achieving such a power. Her healing magic is capable of healing entire battlefields, and her skill with her spear is second to none. The burden, and future of Athas weighs greatly on her, seemingly one to take everything onto herself and shield the pain and suffering of her people.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Light
    Age: 32
    Affiliation: Atharian Royalty, Atharian Military



    A most mysterious man that seems to have ample supplies to sell in relation to magic. Where he comes from and who he exactly is a mystery... and while he goes by the name 'Keeper' it seems unlikely that is his actual name. Whatever the case he seems very gifted in magic, and a hoarder of the extreme kind.

    Important Information:
    Primary Nature: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Unknown if Ryujin or not.
    Affiliation: Other than himself, Unknown
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