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Challenge ~ Dear Diary Challenge 2009 ~ Challenge Finished: WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Diary_Challenge_Sock, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Diary_Challenge_Sock

    Diary_Challenge_Sock Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 23, 2007
    This challenge was created in 2007 by the_wandering_shadow. It was/is such great fun, that it should be done again. Now under a sock to ward of DRL, so if something happens to your current host the thread will go on anyway.:D

    Teh Rulez:

    You have to keep the diary of a character for a whole year. It does not matter if it's canon cast or OC, AU, whatever. Write the diary of a droid, surprise us all. There was a diary of Yoda's Lightsabre last year. Nothing's impossible!:D

    You have to update a least twice a month. You can update as often as you want. Just remember you need to have enough story left for the rest of the year.;)

    The length of the updates does not matter. Write a paragraph, write pages, do what you want. Just do it.

    I'm the keeper of the documents, meaning the Indexer. If you fail to update for a month, I'll send you a reminder and give you another week to update. This means seven days from the missed month update, not seven days from the date of the PM. For example, if your diary was last updated on March 3, and you haven't updated in 31 days - April 3 (NOTE: the number of days is subject to the number days in a given month, so if you last updated in February, it would be 28 days +7), you would have until April 10 to update, regardless if I failed to PM you until the fifth of April. If you fail to update after the extended 7 days, you're out. NO Exceptions! If you want to do NaNo next year, keep that in mind. Do some updates up in front, you'll be amazed how little time to write you might have.

    Make my life easy, will you? PM me when you update your diaries. [face_batting]

    No posting (and writing) until 1.1.2009[face_shame_on_you]
    Think and talk as much as you want though.

    There will be a mini-challenge each month. I will give you a theme or topic to integrate into the diary. It is NOT obligatory, just something to get your imagination running.

    If you failed to update for a month three times, the next time you don't update for a month, the diary will automatically drop out of the challenge. It does not matter if that three times are in a row or scattered across the year.

    If there's any questions left, tell me or pm me.
    I hope we'll have a great time together. :D


    Old Challenge Threads:
    Dear Diary Challenge 2007
    Dear Diary Challenge 2008
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  2. Diary_Challenge_Sock

    Diary_Challenge_Sock Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 23, 2007
    The winner: Dear Tam by DarthBreezy

    The index will be sorted by era and title. The colour coding is as follows:

    Green = within the updating schedule
    Orange = 14 days without an update.
    Red = one month without update, you have 7 days to update, or you're out


    COMPLETED 12/19: Diary of Kaagi Adin, by earlybird-obi-wan

    COMPLETED 12/19: Diary this is, by earlybird-obi-wan

    COMPLETED 12/20: Miscellaneous, by Jinngerbread

    COMPLETED 12/22: The Diary of a Jedi Archivist, by moosemousse


    COMPLETED 12/26: A Year in the Dustbowl, by MiralukaJedi

    COMPLETED 12/31: Army of One Man?, by Corellian_Ale

    Captain's Log, by hyperspace_police, last updated: 12/29

    COMPLETED12/19: Diary of Timo Herefa, by earlybird-obi-wan

    Heart of the Innocent, OC, young boy by Jaidyn_Knightfall, last updated: 12/26

    COMPLETED 12/17: I Am: Diary of a Clonetrooper, by Takianna

    Or, by Pandora, last updated: 6/27/2015

    COMPLETED 12/26: Rummaging through Tool Kits, by MiralukaJedi

    COMPLETED 12/19: Second Diary of Marhin Adin, by earlybird-obi-wan

    COMPLETED 12/29:Study Duty, by MsLanna

    The Very Secret Diary of Darth Vader, Humor by NYCitygurl, updated 12/31


    COMPLETED 12/28: All Things End, OC, Drama, Talonverse by Lilith Demodae

    COMPLETED 12/24: Dear Tam, Jedi AU by DarthBreezy

    Losing my mind, going crazy, whacko, by Ceillean, last updated: 5/26/2011

    Non-Star Wars

    COMPLETED 12/28:Diary of a Free Hork-Bajir, [Animorphs], by DaenaBenjen42

    COMPLETED 12/31:Illogically Logical, [Star Trek] by RX_Sith


    Out of Competition

    My Life as a Stoner, or How I Stalked Talon Intelligence Squadron by Lady Belligerent. Updated 2/26/2016

    A Father's Heart by VaderLVR64. Updated 9/28



    January: Resolutions
    February: Heart(s)
    March: Storms
    April: Foolishness
    May: -
    June: Water /required words: balmy, desiccate, extemporaneous.
    July: Capital/Capitol or Midsummer Night's Dream
    August: -
    September: Army
    October: fall

    Dead Diaries :(

    Where the Land Meets the Sky and the Sea by C1-J2. (Last updated: 1/9)
    Work Smart, Not Hard by Darth_BunnyBuggs. (Last updated: 1/9)
    Behind the Cape and Cowl by Reynar_Tedros. (Last updated: 1/20)
    The Road Trip Letters of Sam Uley by jedi_of_ennth. (Last updated: 1/26)
    That's Wonderful by Padme22. (Last updated: 1/27)
    Slayer by the_wandering_shadow. (Last updated: 2/2)
    The Heart of a Smuggler by The Great No One. (Last updated: 2/10)
    Getting Over It by MeleanaKenobi. (Last updated: 2/12)
    She's Got Games by MeleanaKenobi. (Last updated: 2/12)
    We Were Here by MeleanaKenobi. (Last updated: 2/12)
    Day to Day Adventures - The Diary of Liam Nafeel by Jedi-Gon. (Last updated: 2/13)
    Sith Keep Diaries! by Sinrebirth. (Last updated: 2/20)
    The Diary of Carth Onasi by C1-J2. (Last updated: 2/22)
    Solitude of a Desert Hermit by Obi_Kenobi_Devotee. (Last updated: 2/28)
    The Dark Lady Cometh by The Great No One. (Last updated: 3/2)
    Faithfully by Alexis_Wingstar. (Last updated: 3/7)
    In Sane: Well I think it's funny by The Great No One. (Last updated: 3/8)
    What Songs of the Heart by DarthIshtar. (Last updated: 3/9)
    Diary of a Dark Rogue by XANI. (Last updated: 3/10)
    Statement: I Enjoy Killing by Qui-Gon_Reborn. (Last updated: 3/15)
    In Exile, In Love by CrystalSaber_1. (Last updated: 3/18)
    Putting the "transpari" in "transparisteel"- Diary of a Window Washer by snowspeeder_gunner. (Last updated: 3/19)
    My Name is Shmi Skywalker by CrystalSaber_1. (Last updated: 3/25)
    My Body, His Mind by CPL_Macja. (Last updated: 3/30)
    A Father's Love by Thrawn1786. (Last update: 3/31)
    Eternal Sorrow by CPL_Macja. (Last update: 4/11)
    Experience Outranks Everything by CloneCaptainRex. (Last update: 4/14)
    A Warrior without a cause by CPL_Macja. (Last update: 4/14)
    Thoughts of a Love Struck Jedi To Be by Neon Star. (Last update: 4/15)
    The Sun Does Not Rise by Neon Star. (Last update: 4/15)
    Question Not by Neon Star. (Last update: 4/15)
    "Wilson" or "The Diary of an Astromech Droid" by Darth Muis. (Last update: 5/7)
    Jones, Ianto Jones by mavjade. (Last update: 5/21)
    My Name is Leia Alderaania by Golden_Jedi. (Last update: 5/23)
    Watching the Sun Set by jazjediundercover. (Last update: 5/25)
    I, Obi-Wan by VaderLVR64. (Last update: 5/27)
    Here Today, Where Tomorrow? by mavjade. (Last update: 5/31)
    Border Patrol by DarthIshtar. (Last update: 6/7)
    The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth by yodaminch. (Last update: 6/10)
    For the Republic by Qui-Gon_Reborn. (Last update: 6/11)
    The Secret Adventures of Luke's Hand by Qui-Gon_Reborn. (Last update: 6/11)
    Day to Day by Seremela. (Last update: 6/14)
    Forbidden Love: Obi-wan and Siri by CrystalSaber_1. (Last update: 6/21)
    my journal by CrystalSaber_1. (Last update: 6/21)
    Focusing Lens by brodiew. (Last update: 6/24)
    A Tangled Web We Weave by Specterace. (Last update: 6/25)
    Changes by Alexis_Wingstar. (Last update: 7/5)
    We Serve Our Masters Joyously by Ubersue. (Last update: 7/7)
    A Long Night's Journey Into Day by Specterace. (Last update: 7/16)
    Telos IV Mission Log by Knight Kenobi by Seremela. (Last update: 7/23)
    The Last by VaderLVR64. (Last update: 7/28)
    My Secret Life by KELIA. (Last update: 8/9)
    Mesa Banished! by Lolly_Tolly. (Last update: 9/7)
    Book of Musings by Lolly_Tolly. (Last update: 9/7)
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  3. Diary_Challenge_Sock

    Diary_Challenge_Sock Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 23, 2007
    Dear Diary 2008

    The Winners:

    Freedom in Bondage by Alexis_Wingstar


    A Mother's Journal by BigFatty



    Freedom in Bondage by Alexis_Wingstar Last updated: 11/29

    COMPLETED The Secret Diary of a Padawan by moosemousse Last updated: 12/28

    Those Eyes! by Alexis_Wingstar Last updated: 11/29

    Trials of a Jedi Padawan by silverfighter Last updated: 12/6


    COMPLETED A chick on every planet by earlybird-obi-wan Last updated: 12/27

    A Child of My Own by VaderLVR64 Last updated: 12/17

    COMPLETED A Deserted Hope by RX_Sith Last updated: 12/28

    COMPLETED Diary of a Mentor by earlybird-obi-wan Last updated: 12/27

    COMPLETED Diary of a young healer by earlybird-obi-wan Last updated: 12/27

    Side by Side: The Angel & the Negotiator's Diaries by Alexis_Wingstar Last updated: 11/30

    A Scoundrel's Life by celine Last updated: 12/18


    A Mother's Journal by BigFatty Last updated: 12/22

    Grown and Still Growing by Alexis_Wingstar Last updated: 11/30

    Scribblings on a Datapad by Laine_Snowtrekker Last updated: 12/30

    COMPLETED Start Here by ardavenport Last updated: 12/31

    The Mini-Challenges

    January: Storms of any kind
    February: Giving Up
    March: Green
    April: Explosions
    May: Something New to worry about
    June: At long last
    July: Heat
    August: Vacation
    September: Lack thereof
    October: Flowers
    November: Double-edged Decision
    December: Slipping

    Out of Competition

    The Isolation Log: Diary of a Lost Rebel by Idrelle_Miocovani last updated: 12/20

    The reason I didn't update here... by MsLanna last updated: 12/26. Finished on

    Into Another Day by Jinngerbread Last updated: 11/15

    Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Ceillean Completed 12/16/09

    Dead Diaries :(

    The Great Today by saichen. Last updated: 1/8

    Book of Days by QuigonJecca. Last updated: 1/14

    Generation X by JediXManSerenaKenobi. Last updated: 1/14

    Prisoner of War by KrystalBlaze. Last updated: 1/19

    Stuffed Bantha Cubs by DarthJainaSolo. Last updated: 1/22

    Late Edition by karebear214. Last updated: 1/25

    Tayska's Trails by PadwanKayla. Last updated: 2/1

    My Republic Soldier by DarthJainaSolo. Last updated: 2/3

    Diary of a Space Pirate by C1-J2. Last updated: 2/9

    My Life of Adventure by C1-J2. Last updated: 2/9

    If These Walls Could Talk by mavjade. Last updated: 2/12

    A Life's Uncertainty by mavjade. Last updated: 2/25

    With Swoop and Stylus by Lilith Demodae. Last updated: 2/26

    Act of Contrition by katha. Last updated: 3/6

    Tuur de Tuur, or Day by Day by NiobeAsha. Last updated: 3/8

    Musings of a Jedi Wanderer by SabyneAmberle. Last updated: 3/17

    A Chameleon's Colors by Earwen_Lightrider. Last updated: 3/31

    Diary of a Stupid Cupid by NYCitygurl. Last updated: 4/4

    Arik's Antics by KELIA. Last updated: 5/17

    A Hunter's Journal by lazykbys. Last updated: 6/1

    Snowy, Snowy Night by Wedge_Antilles_Cmdr. Last updated: 6/29

    In absentia by DarthIshtar. Last updated: 7/7

    Diary of a Swamp Thing by DarthIshtar. Last Updated: 7/7

    A Pondering Princess by hyperspace_police. Last updated: 7/11

    The Ongoing Journal of the Great and Mighty Orto Lann of Ortolan by arthurweasley. Last updated: 10/12

    The Time Has Come by Myriad_Daydreams. Last updated: 11/23
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  4. Diary_Challenge_Sock

    Diary_Challenge_Sock Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 23, 2007
    Dear Diary 2007

    The Winner:
    Under Duress by VaderLVR64

    The index

    Alphabetically order by title in each Era.
    Send me pms when you update and I try to keep this up-to-date.

    Green = within the updating schedule
    Orange = 14 days without an update.
    Red = one month without update, you have 7 days to update, or you're out

    Before the Saga

    Under Duress by VaderLVR64 Latest update: 12/03/2008


    COMPLETED Diary of an exile by earlybird-obi-wan Latest update: 12/28

    COMPLETED Diary of Yoda's lighsabre by earlybird-obi-wan Latest update: 12/28

    COMPLETED Diary of a Coruscant Firefighter by earlybird-obi-wan Latest update: 12/28

    COMPLETED Ramblings: The Diary of Jorya Lank by LilyHobbitJedi Latest update: 1/1/08

    COMPLETED Who I Am by MsLanna Latest update: 12/21

    Beyond the Saga

    COMPLETED Broken Promises by Jade_Pilot Latest update: 12/31

    Dear Qahsa - The Yuuzhan Vong Strike Back by Maggy Latest update: 12/4

    COMPLETED Growing in the Force by Alexis_Wingstar Latest update: 12/17

    Room for Me by VaderLVR64 Latest update: 5/8/2009

    COMPLETED The Girl Who Would Be Queen by Jade_Max Latest update: 1/14

    COMPLETED The Keeper of Memories by Divapilot Latest update: 12/29

    Til human voices wake us: Journal of Leela Radian Kyp by iamobiwan1970 Latest update: 12/28


    Out of Competition

    COMPLETED Turning Point by NYCitygurl. Latest update: 11/13

    COMPLETED Fragile Things by Mira_Jade. Latest update: 4/16/2009

    COMPLETED Moonwater Perfume: A Courtesan's Tale by leiamoody. Latest update: 9/16/2010

    Taryn's Guilt by Lea-El Latest update: 12/7

    And Now, Here's Jim with the Weather by slow_dawn. Latest update: 24/4/2008

    COMPLETED Torn between Love and Duty by Farra_Sti: Latest update: 9/30

    Dead Diaries :(

    The Tainted One by the_wandering_shadow Latest update: 1/4

    "The Cries of Luskan" by Kelli_LB Latest update: 1/5

    The Narrow Path: Diary of a Defective Clonetrooper by Rhodna Latest update: 1/6

    Mend Two Broken, Make One Whole by Princess Cambria Latest update: 1/8

    Miscellaneous by Layren. Latest update: 1/9

    Dear Diary by Rebel_Radio. Latest update: 1/10

    Could We Be the Ones? by talkingbanana. Latest update: 1/14

    Sky Blue: The Diary of Seren Andurel by Star-Foozle. Latest update: 1/14

    I'm Worthless by GraySaberFreque. Latest update: 1/14

    Rain of Death by CT-13438. Latest update: 1/19

    Birds Eye View by Aiden_Sanic. Latest update: 1/20

    The Beneficent Utility of Illusion
    by oqidaun. Latest update: 1/20

    All the Emperors Men by Aiden_Sanic. Latest update: 1/20

    Diary of Early Alliance Member #23 - Jobin Mothma by April_Seven. Latest update: 1/20

    Acoustic Light: The Diary of Syfer Helis by KrystalBlaze. Latest update: 1/23

    Of Emotions and War by Alishu06. Latest update: 1/25

    The State Vs.--The Diary of Darth Vader's Prosecutor by DarthIshtar. Latest update: 1/24

    The Journal of Cera Terlon by InyriForge. Latest update: 1/31

    The Journal of Jessi Skywalker by Flowerlady. Latest update: 2/3

    Corellian Prodigal: The Diary of Kylan Sheffield by Commander_DWH. Latest update: 2/6

    Jump by karebear214. Latest update: 2/9

    My Witness to My Descent Into Madness
    , by corellian_ale. Latest update: 2/11

    To Myself by Neon Star Latest update: 2/11

    On Baby Watch by Daenarrah Latest update: 2/16

    A Holocron of No Account by RebelGrrl Latest update: 2/27

    Reporting Live by DarthIshtar Latest update: 3/1

    Unlikely Parenthood by Sith-I-5 Latest update: 3/5

    Capturing the Temple by padawanlost Latest update: 3/5

    The Refugee by PadwanKayla Latest update: 3/6

    The Diary of a Dead Man by Rogue_Pilot_2347 Latest update: 3/15

    Life in My Shell by bmwgurl17 Latest update: 3/17

    Between the Lines by Alley_Skywalker Latest update: 4/3

    Amongst the Overlooked by SilSolo Latest update: 4/3

    A Simpler Wish by VaderLVR64 Latest update: 5/2

    Living with Legends by DancesWithBlasters Latest update: 6/9

    The Emperor's Daughter by Star_Angel Latest update: 7/25

    Kasrit Noyas: To Whom it Doesn't Concern by SpiritofEowyn Latest update: 8/25

    Left Behind by Alexis_Wingstar Latest update: 9/22
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  5. MsLanna

    MsLanna Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 8, 2005
    New Thread new luck! [face_dancing]
    Some of you might already know that I'm stepping down as the host of this challenge for next year. Not that I think you'll miss me much with our new wonderful host Alexis_Wingstar taking over.=D=

    I don't plan to enter this time, but hey, I never did. :p
    So, bring on your ideas and join the madness!:D
  6. RC-1215

    RC-1215 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 28, 2008
    I'm getting addicted to these challenges, and this one seems like quite the task, especially when I would start back to college January 5th...

    I'll still be up in the air about it, but maybe until I actually get an idea going.
  7. Ceillean

    Ceillean Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 13, 2001
    I'll enter again this year.

    I was laying in bed the other night thinking about Dear Diary 2009 and I came up with the funniest idea! Thanks to MsLanna, that is. :p
  8. MsLanna

    MsLanna Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 8, 2005
    But I did nothing!:_|
  9. Ceillean

    Ceillean Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 13, 2001
    You did! :p Because you're all perky and cute and funny and all fluffiness in one! :D :D

    And "The reason I didn't update" gave me an idea too, of course. ;)
  10. VaderLVR64

    VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2004
    Thank you both for all of your hard work! I can't wait to do this one. I've already been working on my 2009 Diary. Bail Organa had better be ready! [face_laugh]
  11. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Chosen One star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Thanks for the keepers of this tread.

    I am in for next year after my NaNoWriMo gave me a plot bunny(s)
  12. RC-1215

    RC-1215 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 28, 2008
    I may need a plot bunny for mine if I write one, and I may even try and get a head start.
  13. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    I was the only dead diary to finish in 2007 and my 2008 diary is dead as well. For 09, I will try again to actually commit to doing something :p
  14. mavjade

    mavjade Former Manager star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 10, 2005
    I failed miserably at this last year, but I think I'm going to give it another go this year!
    Though I don't have an idea yet, so I guess we'll see what happens! 8-}

    Thanks MsLanna for hosing this last year and Alexis this year... I know it is hard work! [:D]
  15. moosemousse

    moosemousse CR Emeritus: FF-UK South star 6

    Oct 3, 2004
    I'm tempted to do this again, although I'm not sure. I actually had some idea of what I wanted to do, but this time I've got nothing.
  16. MsLanna

    MsLanna Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 8, 2005
    :oops: Ceillean. Sorry about that. And [face_blush] thanks. [face_blush]

    RC-1215 - No writing up in advance![face_shame_on_you] this is a bit like NaNo, you can make notes and character sheets and such, but no writing any entries before the first.[face_batting]

    That goes for you, too, Vadey. :p
    And don't you want to finish one of the diaries form 2007 before you start new ones? j/k

    NYC- no worries. I had expected to have less Dead Diaries than in the first year, but actually, in 2008 there were more of them.:(

    Maybe we could have a kind of Idea Pool for those who have ideas they don't want? Then peolpe that would like to participate but have no ideas can have a look and adopt them. [face_batting]
  17. RC-1215

    RC-1215 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 28, 2008
    I wasn't gonna I swear! [face_whistling]

    Hmm, now I'm thinking along the lines of a Star Wars RPG, and perhaps some interesting characters to toss into the mix if I get this going...
  18. Alexis_Wingstar

    Alexis_Wingstar Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 16, 2006
    That's a great idea. :D

    I'll start it off with this:

    IDEA: A guilt-stricken Mace Windu takes up writing a diary after he killed Jango Fett.
  19. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Chosen One star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Idea: Anakin's secret diary

    or Padmé's secret diary
  20. CrystalSaber_1

    CrystalSaber_1 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    I'm so going to do this. It sounds fun!
  21. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Mar 13, 2006
    I might do this again in 2009. The main question would be whether I should continue the diary that I did this year (Obi-Wan's) or do something entirely different. [face_thinking]
  22. RC-1215

    RC-1215 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 28, 2008
    I still may need a plot bunny to get me started, and I have a vague idea who I want my diary to follow and a timeframe for it as well.
  23. Commander-DWH

    Commander-DWH Manager Emeritus star 4

    Nov 3, 2003
    I've tried this twice, and dropped it both times. :oops: And yet... and yet. I'd love to actually finish this challenge. I'll ponder it. Ponder it with my brain. And perhaps inspiration will even strike. :p
  24. ardavenport

    ardavenport Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2004

    I have too many other things to write to do a diary this coming year. But if I did, I suppose it would the diary of one of Qui-Gon's pathetic life forms being dragged along with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon on one of their missions.
  25. CrystalSaber_1

    CrystalSaber_1 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    A question-I'm REALLY new to this, so when the challenge starts, do we post our entries on this board? Do we PM them to someone? Or do we do something else? Sorry if the answer is obvious-like I said before I'm new and I want to make sure that I do this right, lol ;)
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